The #WyrdAndWonder Challenge | Lean into Jorie’s Swept Away Straits!

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We LOVE challenging each other during #WyrdAndWonder with prompts which inspire responses which can be taken literally by the words of the prompt itself or become explored more creatively by what sparks a response from the reader, blogger or social Fantasy lover to share with us during the month of May. This year, I’ve decided to post complimentary discussions featuring the prompts I am responding to via Instagram on our @WyrdAndWonder feeds. As it was a goal of mine last year but not one that I could fulfil properly.

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

By the third day’s prompt, there was ONLY one series in particular which I felt best befit the category of choice – as it was meant to be focused on a narrative and/or characters’ arc you simply did not want to remove yourself from and thereby, make either an immediate return or revisit it as oft as you dare shortly after having concluded your stay within the story or stories. For me, the bar was set especially high by the writerly wisdom and clarity of serial arc within this narrative by Nightingale herself. There are other series out there where I have felt an equally strong affection for and oft return inside multiple times to carry-on with the rhythm of their tales and the adventures of their characters – but for me, in particular, this series is quite the special experience and I felt was celebrating the theme of being ‘swept away’ into the straits of Nightingale’s imagination and not quite knowing if I knew the way back into our own world by the end.

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A #WitchyWednesdays Discussion | Jorie has a slight addiction to #WitchyReads!

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#WitchyWednesdays is a curated collection of #WitchyReads this Wyrd And Wonder on Jorie Loves A Story. I have long held a fascination with Paranormally inclined stories involving witches and wizards as well as magic schools. I read either Contemporary or Historical releases as well as completely fantastical worlds featuring a Witchy premise and storyline. This year for Wyrd And Wonder, I’m focusing on specific stories I’ve been wanting to share and discuss either during our annual event in May OR our sister event #SpooktasticReads in October. Every Wednesday there will be a new Witchy story to discover as I share my readerly adventures into Witchy Fiction this month. I am considering keeping this a mainstay of focus both during May & October for our events for Wyrd And Wonder.

In regard to the name I chose for this showcase of reviews, I sort of stumbled onto the name when I was deciding which day of the week I wanted to feature Witchy Reads this year. I thought it was original until I ran a search online, I saw others use the #WitchyWednesdays tag however, I did not source an origin of the tag – only a collective recognition for it attributed to different creative projects or venues whilst I didn’t find an actual meme origin for it on a blog or website. If someone knows who started it – kindly let me know so I can add attribution.

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

I am choosing to expand on my curiosity for #WitchyReads this seventh year of Wyrd And Wonder and use my first #WitchyWednesdays to showcase the Witchy stories which encompass my #stackofdoom! Meaning, I have a rather LARGE stack of books which befit this category of Fantasy – and despite my earnest attempts to whittle it down every year, it seems to continue to grow into a much larger list of #mustread stories and/or series!

For me though, I don’t oft look at things in a negative way – so although the prompt does stipulate a ‘stack of doom’ for me it’s more of an encouraging list of #nextreads that just happens to be a bit of a mile long and involves multiple series and authors! Laughs. Sometimes our stack of reads can become quite all-compassing and consuming but this particular list for me has been one that has become a bit self-motivating and self-directing to seek out a particular styling of Witchy Fiction.

I thought it might be a good segue into the month, as this day marks the beginning of Wyrd And Wonder – to not only show the selection of stories on my mountain of Witchy fiction yet to be consumed but to discuss a bit about what drew me into these particular stories, series and the world-building allure of their authors. It would be brilliant if throughout the month visitors and readers alike could offer a few selections of their own musings and wanderings – as I could use those as a footpath and guide into future reads of my own.


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#WWWednesday No. XIX | Jorie’s Short Stack #WyrdAndWonder TBR and why she selected these stories to be read this May!

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I ♥ the premise of this meme {WWW Wednesdays} due to the dexterity it gives the reader! Smiles. Clearly subject to change on a weekly rotation, which may or may not lead to your ‘next’ read providing a bit of a paradoxical mystery to your readers!! Smiles. ♥ the brilliance of it’s concept!

This weekly meme was originally hosted by Should Be Reading who became A Daily Rhythm. Lovingly restored and continued by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words. Each week you participate, your keen to answer the following questions:

  • What are you currently reading!?
  • What did you recently finish reading!?
  • What do you think you’ll read next!?

After which, your meant to click over to THIS WEEK’s WWWWednesday to share your post’s link so that the rest of the bloggers who are participating can check out your lovely answers! Score! Perhaps even, find other bloggers who dig the same books as you do! I thought it would serve as a great self-check to know where I am and the progress I am hoping to have over the next week!

Join the Convo via: #WWWWednesday

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the annual event which makes me wicked happy has returnt,
join me as I dive back into reading via #WyrdAndWonder!

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About: *Wyrd & Wonder*

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This year, we’re all celebrating the Comforts of Reading Fantasy – whether the routes you take within Fantasy are your regular comforting zones of readerly blissitude or if you’re a wanderer of paths unknown and unlock your own fantastical adventure one story at a time without limiting where your path will take you. I’m still sorting out how I want to respond to our prompts which are meant to run on Sundays on our respective blogs – however, most of this month of May will be aligning a bit topsy turvy on Jorie Loves A Story – just consider me bending time and posting out of sequence with the rest of the book blogosphere! Laughs. Having said that – one of the beauties I decided to grant myself this seventh year is a bit of peace of mind!

Reason being?

I gave myself licence to post a short stack TBR and I couldn’t be happier! I don’t even have the goal of consuming ALL the books in their entirety this year – as let’s be frank, my downtime is short and my ability to devour stories as I had in the past isn’t quite working out very well for me over the score of the last year since I undertook a second job that is quite taxing and quite rewarding in other respects all the same. I just can’t lay claim to having a lot of personal time as a result of the hours I’m working week to week between all (three, cough!) of my jobs. Blessedly one is a moonlighting gig and the other two are the mainstays – evenso, a girl needs a bit of space to unwind and just ‘chill’ outside of work. For me, the comfort has always been STORIES and reading – when I’m not akin to following in love with a tv serial or film. Stories whether written, narrated by audio or set in motion (by film or serial) have been quite the affinity and mainstay of my life.

This lovely graphic describes the Sunday Five topics wherein everyone is encouraged to respond on Sundays (or any day which works best for the blogger) to carry-on the discussion of what makes Fantasy our zone of Comfort to read and explore. Those posts of mine are still in the WIP stage but they will be arriving at odd intervals throughout May all the same. I felt I should include them with this post as I’m announcing what I’ll be reading and thereby, also discussing as well.

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What Jorie is currently reading:

Jorie's Short Stack TBR for Wyrd And Wonder photo collage created by Jorie in Canva. Photo Credit:

It wasn’t hard to select my #shortstack of books this Wyrd And Wonder : Year 7 because there were a few stories on my shelves where I knew I might find myself drawn to read quite immediately. I had hoped to dive straight into these lovelies as soon as May began, but now 12 days into the event and still editing my drafted posts to run during our first fortnight, some might say puts me at a disadvantage but for me, this year is more about the journey I’m on that the end results. Most years, reading one story after another was quite fulfilling but when your work life feels overwhelmingly exclusive of your TIME, just to draft and write and blog again feels like a milestone of an accomplishment! Smiles.

The Lemorian Crest is actually the sequel to Uncovering Cobbogoth (see also Review) which I fell in love with years ago now. The author and I were in touch for a short bit, and I had meant to follow up with her afterwards as she was going to writing another installment of this series but then, I noticed as the years progressed forward – a new story didn’t emerge but other projects of hers did. I also noted that she re-released the original first story of Cobbogoth but under a new title and new publishing house which I understood as I knew she was leaving Cedar Fort. This series goes back to my 1st Year as a Book Blogger and so, it holds a special place in my bookish heart. I’ll be re-reading through the first novel – jogging my memory and re-settling into the storyline – as despite the fact there are echoes of memories from having read it the first time – 2014 and 2024 is a decade’s worth of living between readings!

I will be thrilled just to be on the FRINGE of reading the sequel by May’s end and continuing to finish it as Summer takes hold. Though by all the crazy wicked weather we’re having stateside, most would argue Summer is already here and deadly chaotic to which I would heartily agree!

For those who might not know anything about this series – here’s some parting thoughts from my first reading:

Uncovering Cobbogoth is an adventure you know you can handle, but it keeps you suspended between the pages as much as the living story within its chapters is a suspension of time. Science was always a ready interest of mine growing up, as I had half a step inside the worlds of art and science within my childhood hours. I was drawn into the dimensional theories of Quantum Physics as I grew and examined different quantum realms on my own by my early twenties, because of the curiosity they engaged my mind inside. The theory of super-strings, hidden dimensions, black holes, and galaxies hidden within a space of a seed were an exciting read for me! I need to re-take up where I left off as I only just brushed the surface of what I wanted to study, but within that pursuit, I have noticed that the science within science fiction that enlightens my mind the most contains elements and theories woven around the concept of space-time dimensions and/or the continuum. This is not the first foray I have ventured on this year to read a story with time travel or the bending of time (as we see it peripherally) as its core center of scientific thought. The Skin Map uses the theory of ley lines whereas Cobbogoth is using the theory of hoption holes. In each of their own ways, they are breaking down a theory of how humans of any age can travel through ‘portals’ within the space-time vortex of dimensional space. And, I personally find that exciting!

Clark has a deft hand for writing the most scientific principles of the novel in a way that is not only easy to digest, but gets you excited to learn more than what has already been provided! The curious illustrations her sister, Ms. Shakespear contributed to the story’s element of past and present gave a visual reference for the sub-stories that draw out the focus on Cobbogoth itself rather than the story set in and around Cobbogoth on a whole!

I would say that due to the nature of the high-octane adventure and action sequences, as well as the brief passages of violence which take place as Norah’s life is thwarted by more danger than you could blink through, I do believe the classification of this novel as ‘YA Fantasy’ is rather apt. It would be a great story for a teenager to sink their teeth into because it is on the verge of leaving the formative years behind and entering the world on your own merits. Lessons of courage and fortitude of spirit are organically woven into the texture of the story itself. If you watched the motion picture “The Dark is Rising: The Seeker” you will not have any trouble reading this novel! At some point, I’d like to read the novel the forementioned film is based upon!

-quoted from my book review of Uncovering Cobbogoth

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#WyrdAndWonder Year 7 | #EnterTheFantastic this MAY and celebrate COMFORT ZONES with us!

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!!

You might be a bit confused by how my #WyrdAndWonder24 posts are arriving on Jorie Loves A Story this year – as generally speaking, I usually have my bookish blog kicked into high gear before and during Wyrd And Wonder! However, this year in particular, I’ve had a hard restart to my blog – I’ve been fighting for both the mental space to focus on it and the time required to write the posts for it. Both my jobs tax my energies and my stamina, as I have two jobs I work five days a week (ie. one is days, one is nights) but blessedly, recently, I spoke to my boss at my day job and requested a schedule change: one that would allow me to have a full day off and/or two full days off (from both jobs) and that has been making a marked difference! Both in my health and my outlook overall, as it would oft-times feel as if I’m working more than I am living outside of both jobs! Oyy.

This year, I knew I wanted to pair down what I wanted to commit to reading, which is why via #bookstagram when we launched our feeds for Mount TBR this Seventh Year, I revealled a short stack of books I wanted to focus on. I knew in my heart, that I’d love to spend HOURS doing nothing but reading or listening to fantastical audiobooks, but in reality, I don’t have that many hours to spare on such things anymore due to my work life. Ergo, I decided to hone in on what was speaking to me this month to read or explore via audiobook and that became my passage into Wyrd And Wonder. Some of the stories I was earmarking didn’t make the photo as their still a work-in-progress and others, will be revealled as the month shifts forward. Overall, I wanted to keep this year’s event a bit stressfree for me but also inspiring to realise I could focus on certain stories and authors and still find enjoyment out of the event, even if my downtime is more limited than in years’ past.

Also, new this year for me will be my #bookstagram feeds via @joriestory3 where I will be posting more content (especially the bookish variety!) throughout the month! I’ve been a bit stalled in exploring my feeds on there and have only had a few scant update posts instead! Oy. All good things come to those who are patient and my patience has been a bit thin of late since most of my ideas go sideways. I’m still hopeful for what I can do on there this May as well as continue the legacy of joy I’ve had in presenting content and images for our main @WyrdAndWonder Insta feeds, too.

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As previously disclosed last year: One series in particular I’ve tried to read and dive inside is Night’s Edge by Julie E. Cznerneda. For those who have been following my blog throughout the years – you might remember how wicked happy I was to be on the latter novels blog tours for her Science Fiction Space Opera series #theclanchronicles and the journey I took inside that particular series (as I read and reviewed the series by order of the Clan).

I received the first two novels in her Night’s Edge series closer to the time I was concluding my visit within The Clan Chronicles. However, as I was soul-attached inside the other series, I found my transitions into her Fantasy world a bit difficult. I no longer have those issues with transitioning series but as I attempted to dive back into this last year (2023) without success, I’ve decided to break it down a bit easier on myself this year and focus on chapter readings and then, moving into longer spurts of reads within the novel in order to find a rhythm of the story rather than focusing on the fact its a lovely HUGE read which generally I would devour in a few sittings rather than over the course of a month or two like I believe it might take me now.

Part of why I have wanted to focus on this particular series because I knew there was a third novel in the series that would be announced as some point, too. Blessedly, that year has finally arrived and the new novel is called: A Change of Place and will be released in September, 2024.

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→ I’ve been hard at work sorting out books to borrow from my library this week, as I wanted to include books I haven’t yet read and stories I’ve been murmuring a curiosity about to read as well. I’ve found inspiration from the challenge prompts this year – as certain topics spoke to me moreso than others and I’ll be hosting those prompts via our main Wyrd And Wonder feeds. For those who might be eager to know which topics I’m focusing on ahead of time, they are as follows:

  • Swept Away Straits : which featured The Tales of Tarya by Rachel Nightingale – you might recollect my review for Harlequin’s Riddle.
  • Hero’s Journey : featuring Quest Fantasy novels : 12th May
  • Cosy Cottage : featuring the cosier slice of life fantastical novels : 14 May
  • Standalone Isle : one-off Fantasy novels : 16th May
  • Dragon’s Pass : all sorts of stories of Dragons! : 18th May
  • The Waters of the Past : Historical Fantasy novels and stories : 27th May
  • The Hidden University : magic schools and their environs : 28th May

Which of these prompts inspires you as well as reader!? Do you have any books or authors you’d like to recommend to me? I have been enjoying the discovery process as much as I’ve been enjoying re-finding the stories which befit the prompts, too.

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→ One BIG change this year is that I am NO LONGER on Twitter and sharing my bookish life on that platform, so I won’t be hosting chats with authors and chattering via tweets anymore. I left my feeds where they were of course, and if things ever change for the better on there I might reconsider being active again (as I was one of the last hold-outs of my circle) – but for now, its my blog and Insta as well as whenever I sort out BlueSky, too! Laughs.

May has always held a special joy for me as a book blogger and social reader. I am wicked thankful that our community of Wyrd And Wonder continues to grow and encompass so many different routes of exploring the genre of Fantasy and celebrating what gives us such a fantastical presence in our lives. From books to films to games to music and everything else inbetween.

Are you ready to start the fantastical celebration?

What do you want to do this Wyrd And Wonder? And, will you join us?!

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Fantasy truly is much more than a genre – it is an exploration of hidden worlds & themes which are universally appealling to a wide audience – crossing through all boundaries and uniting everyone together who finds a niche of Fantasy their jam. This is why we wanted to create a happy space to celebrate this wicked wonderful section of Speculative Fiction – to find the joy in what others are finding for themselves & uniting together to highlight every which way to Sunday Fantasy gives us a burst of #randomJOY and lifts our souls!

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#TheSundayPost XVIII | Goodbye 2023, Hallo, Hallo 2024! And, a Happy Saint Pat’s, to you, too!

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[Official Blurb] The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog. This is your news post, so personalize it! Include as much as you want or as little. Be creative, it can be a vlog or just a showcase of your goodies. Link up once a week or once a month, you decide. Book haul can include library books, yard sale finds, arcs and bought books..share them!

  • Enter your link on the post-
  • Sundays beginning at 12:01 am (CST) (link will be open all week)
  • Link back to this post or this blog
  • Visit others who have linked up
  • Read this week’s #TheSundayPost!

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

And, what a wonderful New Year it is going to be!

I have taken a bit of an unplanned absence again from blogging regularly on Jorie Loves A Story – especially during the last several months – as reflective on how irregular my posts have become recently on my blog. (2023) was a bit of a difficult year for me as a book blogger – time was not a luxury I had a lot to spare and for whichever reason, whenever I did carve out space and time to blog – it either felt a bit rushed or more taxing than enjoyable to do. A lot of that stemmed from the fact my eyes needed the assistance of Progressive glasses – which I’ve mentioned previously during this series of updates and posts for #TheSundayPost.

Blessedly, for about a week and a handful of days now, I’ve been finding my life completely changed for the positive since they’ve arrived! (this was in late January!) If it weren’t for a co-worker who told me about Zenni Optical, I wouldn’t have them right now as the prices for glasses has escalated to such an extent that they are no longer affordable by any means. Zenni was a great option for me, as I ended up purchasing two pairs rather than one – as the secondary pair is for reading, blogging and knitting or anything up close and crafty! I am wicked thankful my co-worker took the time to tell me about the website and their services. Thereby, if your stateside and need glasses, I highly recommend them! I believe they shipped within a week of purchase, too.

So, that is the best news I can share – as it was a real struggle for me to read throughout (2023) as my eyes were just failing to see the words on the pages. It didn’t matter if I was reading large print either – as it just felt like my eyes were constantly out of focus and unable to discern what I was reading. It was proving to be very frustrating and of course, led to more than a few migraines as I was not accomplishing much at all except to over tax my already tired eyes. Yet, I missed reading and getting lost in the stories – so, I tried to read in smaller bursts of moments and still felt like I was treading water with futility to even attempt it. Thereby, as I was settling into trying to read some Sci Fi for #SciFiMonth this past November, I finally gave up the ship! It just wasn’t worth it anymore – and despite trying to write a few Sunday posts between November and January, to be honest with you, I was either too fatigued from work or too frustrated with the inability to see properly to even compose the posts themselves. This is why I took an unexpected absence and have only now just returnt online – both on my blog and on #bookstagram as well.

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In regards to my life behind the blog:

I would not consider myself a workaholic but I am quite sure if I were to reveal the hours I’ve worked since Thanksgiving, that might be the impression others might have of me. The truth is – I worked more hours over the Christmas holidays for one simple fact: there was NO ONE else to call in when quite literally EVERYONE called out. Even on the ‘managers only’ will work on Christmas Eve, guess who was called in? I knew it would happen though – as wherever you work, you know how things will go before they even happen if your in-step with your co-workers and their habits. I didn’t mind working over Christmas – as to be truthful, I’ve worked the last 3x Christmases and New Year’s and my Mum worked the 5x before mine, so in retrospect, we’re a holiday working family! And, that extends all the way back to my father who worked a LOT of holidays himself.

I spend a consider amount of time THINKING about reading, blogging and being socially bookish – whereas the amount of TIME I have to do those things is quite sproadically chaotic at the moment. I don’t have a dedicated day off – I have ‘half days’ off wherein I might work a partial day at one job or the other, and/or I could be double-stacked and work both jobs (spilt between day and night). Either way you slice it – I am working more than I am not working and sometimes, I admit, that does weigh on my heart and mind. I’ve missed having downtime to just unwind and chill.

Those were the days, eh?

And, yet, with 2024 just dawning into view (as I was writing this ahead of the New Year), I still remain hopeful I will be able to carve out a better work-life-balance as the months unfold forward. Now, if you were to tell me I relocated last year at the end of MARCH on the day I was meant to celebrate my 10th Blogoversary, I wouldn’t dare believe that that anniversay is nearly here ALL OVER AGAIN. Except, it will be the start of my 11th Year as a book blogger and it is just as wicked to celebrate as my 10th. In fact, moreso, as I am hopeful I can do a bit more this year as a reader and as a blogger than I could give to those passions throughout 2023. As I feel, last year was the year of angst and stress and time lost trying to sort out the balancing act of actively working 3x jobs and failing to find any proper time for myself and a way of living which didn’t involve work.

A few things have changed already – we have CATS again! Yes, we took the plunge and found a local rescue who allows you to visit with their cats and see if you can find a connection. We were going to visit with a mother and daughter but neither of them liked us (or you would be lead to believe when we were there by their reactions!) and that led us to our duo, our boys – a lovely black and grey tiger tabby and a big fluffy Garfield orange tabby – a bonded pair and the two cats we weren’t expecting to adopt but the two cats who found us and thereby said “Take us!”. It has been a strong learning curve as both of them have WAYY more energy than your typical 3 and 4 year old cats – but we think it might have to do with their previous lives and how they weren’t as free as they are with us now. They can be themselves and have the way of our home – whereas I think before they were severely restricted by where they could go and what they could do. We’re still sorting each other out – but their very loving cats and my anxiety and stress levels greatly reduced having them round. Except of course when they try our patience or become so naughty, you wonder how you can live with them as they get into different kinds of mischief and mayhem than our previously four cats did combined!

Laughs. So, there’s that – we’re cat people once more and we’re happy for it.

I’m also sorting out life wearing Progressive glasses and using readers for being crafty, reading, and blogging – which is an adjustment of its own kind and making. The biggest surprises have been just how much of my vision field was affected previously vs how much I can readily see and understand by sight nowadays! It is quite incredible and I am grateful for the change to have come at the start of a New Year, as it paves the road for 2024 to be a wicked good New Year for me and my vision.

Another reason I was offline as long as I was was due to my Dad. He had a lot of harder days than good – especially from November to December and extending through January and February, too. It is hard to put into words – but those were harder visits than anyone would want to have themselves. I keep holding my memories tight to mind but try to let those go as well when I’m round Dad. He’s different now and I understand that but sometimes the heart and mind don’t exactly know how to reconcile the differences. I do try to just take him where he is the day I’m with him and see where it goes from there and let it be as otherwise, it is just more emotional than it needs to be as I am sure you can imagine. For his part, he’s doing well – he’s in a good place with nurses who look after him and take care of his needs and that is a better place than he was a year ago. Time sometimes feels like it stands still with my Dad and other times, I feel like its passing us all by too quickly if that makes sense?!

In another revelation – I woke up knowing I was working today, as I always work Sundays, but without the knowledge of ‘which’ Sunday this particular Sunday is to the rest of the country. I only learnt it was Super Bowl Sunday as I was about to leave my shift and my boss said “Do you think we’ll all have a peaceful night knowing its the Super Bowl?” I just stared at him and said, “Huh? Oh, its that Sunday!” I could tell I landed on my face on that comment but really, it was the farest thing on my mind and even as I started to edit this post (so you can tell the longevity of this post and how long its been on EDIT and PAUSE), I had no intentions of seeing if you can stream the game as I find them boring and disappointing half the time I’ve bothered to search for them over the years. I remember watching one of the last Super Bowls with my Dad and we were both so annoyed with the teams – one seemed to be throwing it away with each missed goal or pass and the other team made it look too easy and there was no drama or tension, just goal after goal. The halftime show failed to intrigue us and we finally gave it up before the end and were equally disappointed in the final score the day after as it just felt like it was all foretold by the end of the first quarter!!

That was less than five years ago so if you watch these games, you might already know which one I’m referencing as it was painful just to watch it and realise that neither team really felt like they were into it at all. It felt more like a rite of passage rather than a ‘big final game’ and just something they had to do but not something they were passionate about playing. If that makes sense? Hopefuly this game tonight will be of years past where the teams give the people something to chew on and hold onto before the final quarter and make it a nail-biter of an ending like it always should be than something you can predict before half of the first quarter is done.

I have some other news as well but I’ll piece that out a bit slowly as I want to have future posts I can write and share and not just reveal ALL in one Sunday Post so to speak! Laughs. This does mark my return and I am wicked happy I feel more comfortable blogging now with new glasses and a new outlook on my future (as some of that has to do with other news not yet revealled) as things are in the mix this Winter and Spring. For now, just know I’m the bookish geek who is finding her way back into books and sorting out how to be more bookishly social once again.

And, that brings us to St. Patricks’! (let’s skip over the fact I worked that day!) I wasn’t sure how that particular Sunday would fare but it turnt out rather well all round! Especially as I did not have to go into OT (ie: overtime) and my Mum told me Dad was having a good day that day and I told my boss about that and just as I was meant to clock off, he said I could wind down early and get out on time — I was overjoyed! That doesn’t happen often and I, of course, took him up on his kindness. He understands about having elder parents and the changes that go with different stages of life – he also hoped I’d find Dad in equally good spirits as Mum had herself. Off we flew to the nursing home and guess what?! We were able to visit with Dad and he felt more like himself than I’ve seen him in a long, long time. We even celebrate Saint Pat’s as they had a bit of an ice cream social happening and they allowed Mum and I to join in which isn’t the norm! It was a smashing ending to a long and hard day — felt light as a feather that night and into that Monday, too!

On that front, Dad is getting more talkative and is responding a bit more too with our conversations and understanding the differences between our lives now, too. We were withholding quite a bit of information about what had changed as wells, he had more important things to deal with and that seemed like more burden than something worth sharing. He’s caught up to speed now and I’m grateful all the secrets are revealled as it was a bit stressful not to let things slip here or there. Also, it is just good to have Dad responding and feeling as if he’s more present with us, too, during those moments we’re there. I’ll admit, Mum sees him far more than I do and that has weighed heavily on my mind/heart/soul these last months but at the same time, I can’t go as often as she can because sometimes I’m so exhausted to the point I fall asleep after work on my ‘off half days’ that I just can’t go an inch further than it takes to get home.

That’s also why seeing him on Saint Pat’s was special. I wasn’t overly exhausted. I wasn’t stressed out and it just felt like everything aligned. I’m hoping to have more days like that one, too. As I have to remember not to work so many days all together at my day job as my regular shift is 8 hours and if I go into OT that stacks up the hours *but!* if I go in on my days’ off, that offsets my total hours and sometimes that just is overkill so to speak on what I can handle and not handle health wise. So, I’m being kinder to myself in that respect and trying to say “No.” more than “Yes.” Thankfully my bosses agree and already told me I volunteer more than my co-workers and that its okay I skip coming in on a day off rather than just extending an hour or so after my regular work days. Don’t get me wrong – I love my job, but we all have to have time away from work, too.

That same night, we had another meet-up with our mutual friend who likes crochet and knitting – plus, watching films and just having a girls’ night in. We’ve been slowing moving through the Jurassic Park/World films – she re-watched the Park films but those were still evident in my mind as I watched them with my Dad. It’s a whole thing we shared together and I’ll be diving into that in a future post (most likely the weekend after I finish seeing Jurassic World 3) but for now, I just wanted to say that those Sundays have become a bit of a balm to the soul for both Mum and I. It is lovely just have something in our lives that isn’t totally scheduled and is just a fun evening with a friend who likes the same things we do. Plus, there is a LOT of laughter and sharing of memories, too.

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