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Jorie Loves A Story, is an idea that began to percolate inside my mind, whilst noticing that I have the tendency to share quite a heap about books, authors, bookish blogs, and everything inter-related to a life filled to the brim with the creative voice erupting through the written word. This blog is not only a testament to the creative works that I discover, but an evolving revelation of where I go as I walk through the passageways of novels and the literary realms.

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Short Biography of Jorie:

I am self-educated through local libraries and alternative education opportunities. I am a writer by trade and I cured a ten-year writer’s block by the discovery of Nanowrimo in November 2008. The event changed my life by re-establishing my muse and solidifying my path. Five years later whilst exploring the bookish blogosphere I decided to become a book blogger. I am a champion of wordsmiths who evoke a visceral experience in narrative. I write comprehensive book showcases electing to get into the heart of my reading observations. I dance through genres seeking literary enlightenment and enchantment. Starting in Autumn 2013 I became a blog book tour hostess featuring books and authors.

In December 2013, my path crossed with Rosy & Hollie (of Books on the Underground & Books on the Subway) via Twitter whereupon I was encouraged to play an active role in promoting their bookish mission. I conceived the idea of an exclusive feature entitled “Booking the Rails” to showcase the books they leave on the trains in London & NYC thinking this would create a social conversation. The first featured review was of Wonder 22 March 2014 to coincide with my third appearance on The Star Chamber Show. *Despite my best intentions, I could not keep up with the releases by borrowing them through my library from 2014 through 2016.

Subsequently, I discovered the Indie Publisher ChocLitUK in late 2013, by January 2014 I created a niche of an exclusive blog feature entitled: “ChocLitSaturdays”. On select Saturdays, I review books from the ChocLitUK catalogue (both frontlist & backlist) whilst endeavouring to bring supplemental extra features as oft as I can to run parallel to the reviews. On 26 April 2014, I hosted my first #ChocLitSaturday chat (housed on a Twubs channel) where I merged the principles of my feature’s subtitle: chocolate, tea, and romance! In April of 2016, #ChocLitSaturday* (the chat) celebrated it’s second anniversary! (see also @SatBookChat) I am constantly amazed at where my journey as a book blogger leads me to explore new horizons and engage with a multitude of bookish souls!

NOTE: Starting in 2018, @ChocLitSaturday became known as @SatBookChat. The feature #ChocLitSaturdays on my blog was discontinued in 2018 as well. In Autumn 2018, a new Saturday feature entitled #SaturdaysAreBookish replaced it which encompasses all routes of publication for Romance & Women’s Fiction stories whilst remaining inclusive of all genres therein as well as both mainstream and INSPY stories. In 2020, I decided to re-direct @SatBookChat once more to not only focus on the roots of what I established (ie. Romance & Women’s Fiction) but to become all-encompassing in regards to strong female characters & Feminist Fiction across genres of literature).

In 2019, I’ve decided to continue to work with publishers and authors directly, whilst pulling back a bit from hosting blog tours (where I’m becoming more selective) as I move towards seeking a better balance between my reading life, my writing life and getting into the stories I either own or can borrow through a local library. I am still enjoying my journey as a book blogger, however, five years since I began Jorie Loves A Story, having a bit of a pull-back from having a solidly booked schedule is blissitude. I encourage all publishers and authors to contact me about their stories and I look forward to working with them as they do.

By 2020, I started to look for new opportunities to seek out stories which led me to NetGalley (awaiting the audiobooks available to review), BookishFirst (where you can add your first impressions of books you might win a copy), LibroFM’s ACL program (for audiobooks), Callisto Publishers Club (for requesting books without obligation to review) and the Influencer teams for Once Upon A Book Club and Crime Fiction Subscription Box (book subscription box services).

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Jorie Story calling card made by Jorie in Canva.

bookish blog: jorielovesastory.com | landing page: jorielovesbookishblogs.com
i am a social reader: tweeting via: @joriestory

i am an early reviewer and personal library curator via LibraryThing

Founder & Hostess of #ChocLitSaturdays a lively Rom chat for writers & readers. This chat was founded in [2014] whilst it was re-named in late [2017] #SatBookChat. The chat happily encompasses ALL sub-genres of both Romance and Women’s Fiction across all publishing platforms from mainstream to INSPY to Indie, Hybrid or Self-Published options. In 2020, I decided to re-direct @SatBookChat once more to not only focus on the roots of what I established (ie. Romance & Women’s Fiction) but to become all-encompassing in regards to strong female characters & Feminist Fiction across genres of literature).

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Which does not include the tags I create to help authors get their books into the global conversation threaded throughout Twitter as hashtag convos are a world unto their own! Let us each spark the inspiration of being bookish and chatty whilst giving novels & authors a voice in the twitterverse!

 To read more about me: My Bookish Life

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At this point in time, I am selectively open to referrals for books to review or contributing content for Jorie Loves A Story. I will consider accepting a (print) or (audio) book* in exchange for an honest review on a case-by-case basis. I do encourage you to contact me, if after reading through my Review Policy, you feel your book and my style of reviewing would be a good match. The reason I am highly selective is simply because I am sharing my reading life with those of whom enjoy reading: Jorie Loves A Story.

I may seek out books to review on my own accord, which are of interest to me. I do read books which are published by major trade and independent publishers as well as self-published authors – these books are either within the mainstream or INSPY (Inspirational Fiction) market as I am a hybrid reader of both.

I only read print books and listen to audiobooks thereby I am not interested in e-books or the e-book trade of publishing.* I am, however, a reader who started off being curious about audiobooks as a new method of reading whilst off-setting my time spent in print editions. By [2016] I started hosting audiobook blog tours and by [2018] I became a subscriber to Audible.com and Scribd.com; of the two, I am seeking to maintain a subscription to Scribd in [2020]. Eventually I plan to subscribe to Audible in conjunction with Scribd as certain releases are exclusive to them. I am also a regular borrower of e-audiobooks (via OverDrive) and audiobooks on CD from my local library (or inter-library loan services). Starting in July 2018, I started transitioning towards either a 60/40 or 70/30 spilt between print and audio editions – whereby, I will be listening to more audio than reading print due to my chronic migraines (ie. I am a migraineur) which are now directly affecting my reading life. (see also The Sunday Post, No.6)

I am a book blogger in the United States for those considering to pitch their story for me to review especially if they have a published novel, novella, short story or novella anthology, work of non-fiction, collection of poetry or another creative literary work they’d like me to consider. Please be considerate of what I list on my Review Policy towards best understanding what kinds of stories I would be rather keen to be reading. Starting in 2019, I will be cross-posting my reviews* on LibraryThing whilst continuing to share my reviews and reading life socially via Twitter. (*further details are included in this Review Policy)

At my discretion, I will expand on the review I originally submitted to Book Browse’s First Impressions,  LibraryThing (for Early Reviews) or NetGalley, which is outlined in my Disclosure below. I do not include buy links on any of my posts, whether they are part of a book tour, a book I received in exchange for an honest review, a First Impressions selection, OR any book I choose to review on my blog. What I do share are links to WorldCat (where anyone in the world can sort out if they can borrow the book from one of their local or regional libraries) and LibraryThing; both sites offer links through them to purchase the books on sites linked to WorldCat and Librarything. Therefore, I am indirectly providing a way for my readers to purchase their own copies of their books without directly linking to a consumer website. Likewise, you will never see me hosting book giveaways on my blog, as I am not inclined to do so. I am not a professional reviewer, as I am simply a reader who is encouraged to share her reading life as it evolves.

I do on occasion find that I cannot commit to a book emotionally or draw empathy for the character and/or story. In these instances I will post my honest thoughts and impressions which led me to not completing the book. These instances are rare but they can happen. Not every book I select to read is one in which I can finish reading. I do endeavour to give feedback in my review OR write an openly honest ‘book spotlight post’ (or a mini-review) which will give the author something to ponder on where the disconnection occurred and how I felt unsatisfied by the story. I maintain an active list on LibraryThing entitled: Not my cuppa: Stories Seeking Love from Readers.

*Print Books Accepted: Indie Press or Publisher, Self-Published Author, or Major Trade.

*Audiobooks Accepted: Either digital audiobooks via Audible.com and/or traditional audiobooks on CD. These include the mp3 CD audiobooks which are generally contained on one disc rather than multiple disc collections. I will consider anthologies, novellas, short stories as well as serial or one-off stories. Please take into consideration the fiction genres/themes listed on my Review Policy as well as the categories of Non-Fiction I am equally interested to find. I am also open to LGBTTQPlus stories as outlined on my Review Policy.

→ Starting July 2020: I am selecting audiobooks for Review via NetGalley wherein those copies are complimentary from the publishers and are listened to via the NetGalley Shelf app – however, after the audiobooks are heard and reviewed those titles are archived by NetGalley. As a reviewer you do not get to keep the copy you’ve listened too.

*E-Book Publishing Exception: I will consider accepting a POD or print edition of a previously released e-book in exchange for an honest review. I do not accept e-books in regular e-book formats & editions. I may spotlight a book released in e-book format in the hopes it will go to POD/traditional print in the near future. *Exception: Unless an e-novella or e-short story is able to be sent as an ARC printed copy for review and/or I am given permission to print the e-novella/short story to read, I cannot review them. A previous exception was made with a companion audiobook. This includes spiral bound ARCs for Digital First releases.

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The reviews, thoughts, opinions and showcases of the books I publish on my blog are taken from personal copies purchased by myself or given to me as a gift; borrowed through my local library or won through a contest via an author, blogger, or publisher without obligation to post a review.

I may at times receive an ARC or (finished copy) book and/or audiobook in exchange for an honest review from a publisher, author, literary agent or literary publicist; as well as LibraryThing, NetGalley or LibroFM.

The books (complimentary/free copies) I receive will be marked as such, as I am allowed to keep the book after they are reviewed (more details about this are below). I do not receive monetary compensation for my reviews. Nor do I participate in any affiliate programs. If I provide a link in a blog post or page, book review, or on my blogroll, it is solely to give the reader the chance to further their knowledge of the book, author, a book related topic of interest or an interest of mine which I feel is relevant to share. I do not receive compensation of any kind in return for providing the links on my blog or any of the content posted on my blog. If someone chooses to access a link, they do so at their own risk. I am not responsible for the content of the linked websites. I therefore do not receive any profit from Jorie Loves A Story.

By extension in Feburary 2020, I was a promotional #partner and/or Influencer with Once Upon A Book Club but similar to how I receive books from the aforementioned publishers, authors & publicists or early review programs – I was not being monetarily compensated for sharing my experiences, impressions, reviews or the links to their website on my blog Jorie Loves A Story nor on my feeds on Twitter (@joriestory or @SatBookChat). Nor for the coupon code [JORIELOVES10] which is a discount for new subscribers to the Once Upon A Book Club subscription service. (see also my announcement post)

Whilst in March 2020, I was a promotional #partner and/or Influencer with Crime Fiction Subscription Box but similar to how I receive books from the aforementioned publishers, authors & publicists or early review programs – I am not being monetarily compensated for sharing my experiences, impressions, reviews or the links to their website on my blog Jorie Loves A Story nor on my feeds on Twitter (@joriestory). Nor for the coupon code [10%JORIE] which is a discount for new subscribers to the Crime Fiction Subscription Box service. (see also my announcement post)

(*) Before the end of Spring, 2020 I was no longer connected with either Once Upon A Book Club OR Crime Fiction Subscription Box services. It was an experience I enjoyed but they were both short-lived. Once Upon A Book Club re-formatted how people can participate and I was never able to receive a second box for them whilst Crime Fiction shut-down within a short period of time.

Each book I blog about will disclose how the book was acquired, gifted or borrowed. All the books I receive from the sources listed in this disclosure are sent to me for free as they are complimentary/free copies. My reviews and opinions are written from the heart and are my observations based on what I read. I will give my honest opinion based on my impressions of the story and characters as I read them. I will not hesitate to point out flaws or a disagreeable opinion therein. If I happen to know the author personally, I will disclose the relationship in my review.

By extension as of Summer 2022 I am a (Virtual) Blog Book Tour Host(ess) and Book Reviewer (non-blog tours) working with Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours, Lola’s Blog Tours, Poetic Book Tours, Audiobook Empire, Frolic Blog Tours, and Xpresso Book Tours. As well as Head of Zeus, Midas PR (who does publicity for Head of Zeus). And, I occassionally review for TOR which is an imprint of MacMillan Publishing.

*Note: In Summer of 2018, I learnt Brook Cottage Book Tours is going on sabbatical from hosting blog tours whilst the owner of this publicity blog touring firm focuses on her own writing career as a novelist. I asked to be kept on her mailing list to be advised when she resumes her blog tours.

*NOTE: Prism Book Tours took a sabbatical before Summer of 2022 and I requested to be kept informed of their return either later in 2022 or into 2023. I was grateful to have the years I had hosting for them (2016-2022) as it lead me to finding Harlequin Heartwarming authors and others outside of that publisher of whom have become lifelong reads of mine.

I consistently work with Major Trade & Indie Authors simultaneously and will continue to do so, as I have an Indie sensibility. I appreciate reading a cross-section of literature – either frontlist or backlist from Major Trade, Small Press, Self Published Authors or Indie Press & Publishers who focus on mainstream and INSPY (Inspirational) markets. Literature is Literature. You never know where you’re going to find an author who pens the kind of story that gives you such an incredible level of joy to read! I am also a member of The Classics Club and an active patron of my local library – to say I have a healthy appetite for literature across centuries and genres is putting it mildly!

In late 2015, I made enquiries with publishers I found via Edelweiss to seek if I could review directly with them whilst working with their publicists. I started to review for the following publishers by Spring & Summer 2016 due to those connections: Bloomsbury Publishing & Alma Books (UK), Prometheus Books** (their imprints: Seventh Street Books, Pyr & Prometheus Books until 2018; their Non-Fiction line 2019+) and Hachette Books* (their imprints: FaithWords & Center Street). I also crossed paths with Impress Books (UK) on Twitter and have started to host their authors, beginning with Tracey Warr. Of the publishers listed by Spring 2018, I am still consistently working with Prometheus Books (and their imprints) and Hachette Books (and their imprints).

(**) UPDATE: In January 2019, I learnt Prometheus Books sold their imprints Seventh Street Books and Pyr to Smart Publishing (@StartPublishing) which was originally announced in November, 2018. Thereby, I remained on their blogger team of reviewers strictly for their Non-Fiction releases and eagerly awaited the announcements for the serial fiction I love reading by Seventh Street Books which include the following: Hiro Hattori, Anna Blanc Mysteries, Marjorie Trumaine Mysteries and the Samuel Craddock Mysteries. By mid-January, 2019 I had learnt three of the four were slated for new releases throughout 2019. By 2020, I was no longer reviewing directly for Prometheus or Smart Publishing but still have some backlogue titles I would be reviewing.

*NOTE: In reference, to working with Hachette Books (and their imprints, of whom I regularly work with FaithWords & Center Street) – on 25th May, 2018 the publisher changed their policy about how book bloggers and book reviewers are to refer to working with them in regards to receiving books in exchange for honest reviews. The new declaration has been expanded to include the word #Sponsored – however, this does not imply I am being compensated monetarily for my reviews and/or guest features on behalf of Hachette Books (and their imprints); it is simply a new requirement of ‘disclosure of materials’ which is visible on [jorielovesastory.com] on behalf of all posts ‘sponsored’ by Hachette Books (and their imprints) post-25th of May, 2018 (this is not retroactive or applicable to any posts (ie. reviews, guest features, etc) posted prior to this date. Herein ‘sponsored’ simply refers to the fact I am receiving complimentary copies of their books and this fact continues not to influence how I reflect my ruminations as previously stated in this Review Policy.

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An ex. of this new disclosure is the following:

This book review was sponsored by Hachette Books who provided me with a complimentary copy of the book “insert title” direct from their imprint (insert name of imprint) (an imprint of Hachette Book Group Inc.) in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

Likewise, on posts (ie. book reviews, guest features, etc) will now reflect the following:

#Sponsored by (insert title of imprint) (Publisher) – to reference this is sponsored by one of Hachette Books imprints.

These changes were implemented after speaking with the publicity agent I work with in coordination with reviewing for Hachette Books imprints: FaithWords and Center Street.

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In 2017, I started working with Simon and Schuster, Inc. (as well as their imprint Atria) whilst I started working with Bookouture (UK) and Minotaur Books in 2018. It was also in 2018 where my participation in the ChocLit Stars programme was discontinued and my reviews for ChocLitUK took a hiatus and then were discontinued. All future reviews on behalf of ChocLitUK are motivated by my personal interest in the stories and authors; the books either supplied by my own purchases or gifted by family. In 2019, I started working with Sapere Books and Atria Fiction UK – hosting their authors for guest features or participating on their publisher led blog tours.

In 2020, I joined NetGalley to have a chance at requesting audiobooks for review when their program gets underway lateron in Summer, 2020 whilst I also joined the ALC (advanced listening copy) program via LibroFM. I applied for the promotional Influencer team (#bookclubVIP) via Once Upon A Book Club (a book subscription box) and was accepted in February. Whilst I accepted an opportunity to become a promotional influencer for the Crime Fiction Subscription Box in March, 2020. I learnt about the BookishFirst program of reading book extracts and sharing our ‘first impression’ of the stories on their site which allowed us a chance to win a copy of the book in print in February as well. The first story I reviewed for BookishFirst in this manner was “Good Boy” by Jennifer Finney Boylan.

My initial exploration of NetGalley led to a faux pas where I misunderstood one key component of the site – as despite the mention of an available format in print, NetGalley only sends out ebooks. Having joined to await the release of their audiobooks for review – I selected six books before I realised my error and one of the publishers of two of the books I had selected was Callisto Publishers Club. As of the week of Valentine’s Day, 2020 I am now able to receive copies of their books without being obligated to post a traditional review but encouraged to provide feedback after I have read them outside of a review. Concurrently to this good news, I am starting to request those six books at my local library as I await the publication dates. So far, 2/6 were accepted.

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Notation about the books I receive for review consideration:

I either receive ARCs (advanced reader copies) or finished copies of books (Fiction / Non-Fiction or Poetry) for review consideration on my blog – either when I’m in contact with an author, publisher or publicist directly or if I am participating on a blog tour and/or an early reviewer program such as LibraryThing. The audiobooks I receive from NetGalley or LibroFM are also received in exchange for honest reviews of their stories..

The books I receive are allowed to be kept after I consider reviewing the book and the only time I pass a book forward to a) a friend or b) a library is if after reading the book I recognise it isn’t my cuppa tea or isn’t a book I know I will be reading again. This is especially true to books I’ve a) DNF’d or b) walked away with a negative experience having read them. The only books which are given away in this manner are the finished copies I’ve received. I did reach out to those I receive books from as to seek advice if this was acceptable and all parties did agree that it was within their guidelines of how to pass forward a finished copy of a book I had received. However, I do not share, trade, sell or otherwise release the ARCs I’ve been given for review consideration as those remain in my personal library.

When I receive a digital audiobook for review consideration, I do not share that audiobook with anyone else and it becomes a part of my digital audiobook (personal) library. Similarly, if I were to receive an audiobook on CD. With the exception of course of audiobooks via NetGalley as those are available for a limited time and are not permanently kept nor given to reviewers. 

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Blog tours, publishers, etc I’ve previously reviewed for
and/or hosted their authors within guest features:

Previously, I have worked with JKS Communications: A Literary Publicity Firm, France Book Tours, TLC Book Tours, Meryton Press, Editing Through The Seasons (closed), Chapter by Chapter Blog Tours, Light Messages Publishing, BookSparks Publicity, Penguin Group (USA), iRead Book Tours, Italy Book Tours, ChocLitUK, Kate Tilton’s Book Bloggers NetworkCedar Fort Publishing & Media, Writerly Yours PR, Singing Librarian Book Tours (closed), Blogging for Books (closed), JustRead Publicity ToursOWI Blog Tours, Tomorrow Comes Media and Seventh Star Press. World Weaver Press, Bloomsbury Publishing & Alma Books (UK), Impress Books (UK), Bookouture (UK), Month9BooksXchyler Publishing, Mythos and Ink Publishing, Love Books Tours, Random Things Tours and Storytellers on Tour as well.

For a brief period of time early-on as a book blogger in 2013, I received early copies of books via the reviewer program at Book Browse.

I no longer receive books from Callisto Publishers Club as of 2021, however in regards to receiving complimentary copies of books from Callisto Publishers Club – I was not required nor obligated to post an honest review but they did appreciate honest feedback on their books outside of traditional reviews but those were at the discretion of the reader who receives them.

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Early reviewer or street team opportunities:

During my first year as a book blogger I did participate in the First Impressions* programme through Book Browse, which is an Early Reader Option for members of Book Browse. At my discretion, I also extend my thoughts on behalf of those books with an expended review on Jorie Loves A Story. *on hiatus since 2014

Starting in November 2016, I started to participate in the Early Reviewer** programme through LibraryThing, which is run similarly to Book Browse. My reviews for the ER programme started to publish on my LT account in March 2017. At my discretion, I also extend my thoughts on behalf of those books with an expended review on Jorie Loves A Story.

I am a member of Brenda S. Anderson’s Street Team (originally starting with her Coming Home series), except that I was on ‘hiatus’ for awhile as I was not able to continue reviewing this debut series of hers until Summer 2016, when I released my review of Pieces of Granite.

I am a member of the Nicole Evelina Street Team – however, since I joined (circa 2017) there hasn’t been a way to proactively participate in promoting the author’s collective works. I have remained a blog tour hostess when her novels go on blog tours and eagerly await when I can become a more active member of the team that is still in development. There as it is an inactive membership I have not declared this on my blog (for reviews, interviews, etc on her behalf) as there hasn’t been any activity since I joined.

Professional Reader

In February 2020, I decided to join NetGalley  when I noticed an announcement about audiobooks becoming available to request starting in 2020. As a migraineur I cannot accept ebooks/eARCs due to my chronic migraines. Thereby, all the books I’ve started to request listed paperback/hardback copies as ‘available formats’ whilst I await the audiobooks this Summer, 2020. Until I realised that those copies were only available in ebook editions; I am attempting to get the print copies of those original six selections as they publish and are available.

I began listening to the audiobook excerpts ahead of full audiobooks to request providing feedback as I sample the narrators and the stories on NetGalley. Starting in July 2020, I was able to start requesting audiobooks via NetGalley and listening to them via the NetGalley Shelf App; after which I’ll be sharing those reviews on Jorie Loves A Story after first sharing them with NetGalley. At my discretion, I also extend my thoughts on behalf of those books with an expanded review on Jorie Loves A Story.

As mentioned, I joined the LibroFM ALC program and became an Influencer for the Once Upon A Book Club book subscription service in February, 2020. I became an influencer for Crime Fiction Subscription Box in March 2020. Part of the LibroFM ALC program is also to help other readers find books and audiobooks via Indie bookstores – a passion I personally have shared since I was a young girl who loved her local Indie bookstore. LibroFM is starting to change how to connect readers to Indie bookstores with the launch of their knew bookstorelink initiative. By listening to the ALC audiobooks and talking about my listening experiences on my Twitter feeds and/or my blog it will help promote how LibroFM is helping Indie bookstores compete with the larger big box stores and corporations who seek to take renenue away from the independent stores. The ALC program is receiving advanced copies of audiobooks prior to publication and for sharing your honest reviews about them.

The books I receive starting in February, 2020 from Callisto Publishers Club is also an early reviewer programme of its own kind. You receive an email list of available books in print you can request and you personally order them directly from the publisher if they are of interest to you. If you elect to post a review it is at your own discretion and is not required of the publisher. They do encourage direct feedback on their titles but in regards of reviews – those are determined by the readers who receive them.

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I do not receive monetary compensation for my participation on blog book tours, non-tour reviews direct from publishers/authors/publicists, guest author features or cover reveals/book blitzs, etc. nor do I receive monetary compensation for my participation in Book Browse First Impressions, the LibraryThing Early Reviewer programme, NetGalley, LibroFM’s ACL programme, Callisto Publishers Club, Brenda S. Anderson’s Street Team, Nicole Evelina’s Street Team; Once Upon A Book Club and Crime Fiction Subscription Box (as an influencer of their products) or any participation I had in the past with other street teams or programmes. All books I receive from these sources are sent to me directly from the publisher, author, literary or publicity agent, touring company and/or NetGalley, LibroFM, Callisto Publishers Club, Once Upon A Time Book Club and Crime Fiction Book Subscription Box. How I acquire the book (or book subscription box) and/or audiobook I am reviewing or the guest feature I am highlighting will be disclosed on the individual post.

I always seek permission to use contributing materials on my blog (such as but not limited to): blog badges, reading or book challenge &/or readathon/along badges, promotional materials for books & authors (i.e. Press Kit / Media Materials), blog resources (ie: dividers, banners, icons, etc), either through the website in which they originated &/or directly by their creators; through the blog touring companies, publicists and publishers I work with or individual authors.

I disclose information about the books I receive in exchange for honest reviews to be in compliance with the FTC, but also for due diligence in informing my regular readers & visitors alike on where I obtained the books I am blogging about so that they are aware of where the materials originated.

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To summarize:

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. Except for when I permit Guest Contributing Posts (i.e. by re-occurring special guest contributors (Bairbre & Christine) or by authors, editors, and others I select to feature. For questions about this blog, please contact Jorie.

This blog does not accept any form of advertising, sponsorship, or paid insertions. We write for our own purposes. However, we may be influenced by our background, occupation, religion, political affiliation or experience.

The owner & contributors of this blog will never receive monetary compensation in any way from this blog.

The owner of this blog is not compensated (she receives complimentary copies of books, audiobooks or book subscription boxes to review) to provide opinion on books, audiobooks or book subscription boxes she chooses to accept for review. Nor does the owner of this blog receive compensation to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner of this blog does not receive compensation (but does receive complimentary copies of a book, audiobook or book subscription box for review purposes), she always gives her honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or items. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers’ own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content will always be identified.

To get your own policy, go to http://www.disclosurepolicy.org

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A note on Content on Jorie Loves A Story:

The content of this blog may not be suitable for readers under the age of 18. I am a hybrid reader of INSPY & Mainstream Literature – reading stories in both Children’s Lit and Adult Lit regularly as well as other platforms stories can reside (ie. poetry, etc). I monitor content for language as I personally due not appreciate overtly explicit content in the stories I am reading (read my Review Policy) and I do not share images or book covers which I feel are questionable for content which goes against my own reading preferences. However, due to themes, subjects or topics discussed within the stories I am reading I am posting this note about the stories I am blogging about on Jorie Loves A Story.

Blog owner and contributors are not responsible for what readers elect to read or view on this website. Access to this site and blog is at the visitor and reader’s discretion.

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Information, images, book excerpts, guest post essays and materials (including Press Kit Materials) disclosed on this blog may or may not be subject to copyright. Attention has been placed to ensure at all instances not to breach copyright, trademark or restriction, whilst gaining permission to use information, images, and materials which are featured on this site. Those permissions were granted to me via publishers, publicists and authors directly and do not transfer to visitors of jorielovesastory.com.

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A notation on my policy

for cross-posting reviews:

| please respect my choices |

As applied to Early Reviewer Programmes:

IF I receive an ARC or finished copy of a book and/or audiobook for review via Book Browse (if the book is a First Impressions selection); LibraryThing (if the book is an Early Reviewer selection), NetGalley, LibroFM (if the audiobook is an ACL selection) or Blogging for Books (when the programme was active).

NOTE: I am active in participating as of February, 2020 in LibraryThing, LibroFM & NetGalley.

The way in which I shall handle my Book Browse First Impressions reviews, LibraryThing Early Reviewer reviews, LibroFM reviews and/or NetGalley reviews is by  drawing forth a summary to share on Book Browse, LibraryThing and/or NetGalley which is an accumulation of what I may or may not discuss on my blog (by way of an expanded review) at my leisure and discretion. In other words, my First Impressions, Early Reviewer,  and NetGalley reviews are a scaled down version of a fuller rumination which is my general style as a book blogger. The difference with my reviews for Blogging for Books was the fact my review originated on my blog and I simply posted an ‘excerpt’ of the full review on the Blogging for Books site which provided a link to ‘read the review in full’. Whereby, the quotations of my reviews posted on LibraryThing have a link to ‘read the review in full’ on my blog. Likewise, my reviews for LibroFM ACL audiobooks will originate on my blog.

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As applied to books I’ve received for review consideration:

I would like to share I am not a professional reviewer as this blog is maintained during my free time, which is limited. I am focusing my efforts on it to the fullest extent that I can. Except to say, for mini-blogging my adventures through @joriestoryAs of 11.13.13 I opened my Twitter account in an effort to further share my passion of reading wickedly delightful books!

I am choosing to become active in the bookish blogosphere, Twitter’s bookish culture and the social groups via LibraryThing. I am simply a girl who decided to blog about her love of books, bookish culture, and her literary wanderings therein. Alongside this of course, are whisperments of interests which run parallel to reading and writing, which I will speak about as I am inspired to share them.

I opted to join the LibraryThing community as it is not customer based nor is not a site to purchase books but rather an open exchange of our impressions of our reading adventures. In early 2019, I am cross-posting my reviews to LibraryThing in an effort to expand my readership of Jorie Loves A Story whilst also finding a new way to share the reviews I am writing on my blog.

In regards to digital audiobooks I receive via Audible.com – at my discretion I do rate my listening experience but I do not cross-post my reviews to Audible.com. In lieu of this, if I elect to rate the audiobook on Audible.com, I may be cross-posting my review instead to LibraryThing which catalogues audiobooks as well as print.

In regards to digital audiobooks I am listening to via Scribd.com – at my discretion I do rate my listening experience but I do not cross-post my reviews to Scribd.com. In lieu of this, if I elect to rate the audiobook on Scribd.com, I may be cross-posting my review instead to LibraryThing which catalogues audiobooks as well as print.

I do reserve the right not to cross-post a review I felt was either a) a DNF experience, b) a negative experience or c) a negative-neutral experience to read or listen.

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A note about why my reviews are not featured via Bloglovin’:

***NOTICE: Due to this blog post by Ashley @ Nose Graze [March, 2017], I am no longer providing links for followers to follow me via Bloglovin’ as I no longer agree with how they are handling my RSS Content. Please be advised, the best way to follow me is directly via WordPress or Twitter. I tweet out links to my content for easy reference! In January, 2019 I deleted my profile on Bloglovin’ as I was gaining questionable followers and I was receiving no feedback to my enquiries from Bloglovin. I was not able to delete the link to my blog even though I requested it.

Please DO NOT follow my blog via Bloglovin
as I do not consider this an ethical website for RSS feeds.

They only deleted my profile and not my blog – I requested both to be deleted.

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One of the reasons I wanted to create a blog is to have a place to write about the books that I love to read and by extension share my reading life with others who are interested in similar works of literature. I’m trying to create a blog and a Twitter feed where I’m openly engaging with readers and authors as a way to celebrate the stories and encourage next reads. Whilst at the same time, I am expanding my presence on LibraryThing wherein I am enjoying becoming a part of the social reader community on which it was founded.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comPlease respect my policy on cross-posting reviews. It is my own discretion where I opt to cross-post my original thoughts, opinions, and reviews on the books I am reading. IF you cannot accept this, please do not contact me to receive your book in exchange for an honest review. I respect authors need exposure, but I am taking the social route towards outreach, motivation to read new authors, & sharing my joy of the novels I devour on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis.

IF you have me consider your book for review it will be reviewed on Jorie Loves A Story, shared socially via Twitter and it will be cross-posted to LibraryThing at my own discretion. Please do not suggest other sites for cross-posting consideration as I have outlined my policy for cross-posting reviews. Thank you for your understanding and acceptance of my cross-posting policy.

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Stories I am NOT interested

in accepting for review:

Please note that I try to steer away towards novels that evoke the following themes: explicit vulgarity, crude humour, dark undertones or violently graphic story-lines, medically graphic and disturbing images* or stories involving terminal illness. As well as any story which features a negative themes &/or misrepresentations of social classes, gender, identity, animal rights, religion, or child welfare. I do not gravitate towards reading books that contain these particular topics/themes under their covers. I actively read Inspirational Fiction (Christian Fiction, Amish Literature, and World Religion Fiction) and therefore will not tolerate a negative undertone, plot or thread of narrative.

A good barometer for those questioning what ‘explicit vulgarity & violently graphic story-lines’ means to me needs to read through my Fly in the Ointment sections.

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Please note I will

NOT ACCEPT the following genres:

Erotica, Adult Paranormal*, New Adult*, True Crime, (traditionally) Hard-Boiled Mysteries, (straight-up) Chick-Lit*, Horror*, Parody, (most) Dystopian (unless I have personally chosen to read the stories under these genres), and Monster Literature (i.e. vampires*, werewolves, zombies*, etc).

Content Warnings of Stories I will not read:

In short, if your story is explicitly violent, has explicit vulgarity or is lust-driven romance rather than relationship-driven romance within the context its narrative, those stories are simply not my cuppa and I am not interested in reading them.

Towards this end, let me be frank if your story is peppered with strong language inclusions I will be noting this on my review (ie. Fly in the Ointment) as this is something I do find rather offensive and it does distract from the joy I have in reading stories. I am a hybrid reader of mainstream & INSPY (Inspirational Fiction) – I prefer to find stories which are written without an overly abundant use of vulgarity; certain story-lines are an exception to this rule (ie. Mental Health, Mental Illness, PTSD, trauma, tragic loss, etc) but overall, I prefer my Fiction to be ‘absent’ from seeing a certain four-letter word repetitively used to the brink of being strictly for shock value or the character hasn’t yet learnt how to articulate himself/herself/themself without using it liberally.

Equally if your story is explicitly violent, grisly graphic or otherwise would be considered graphic horror – those are NOT the stories I wish to be reading. Please find a reader and book blogger who appreciates that kind of literature, it is not me

To expand on topics and inclusions on behalf of trigger warnings in stories I am not the right reader for include the following:

Police Brutality, Genocide, Racial Profiling, Talk of Superior Race, Concentration Camps, Misgendering, Forced Outing of an LGBTQ+ character, Disrespect for LGBTQ+ pronouns, Suicide, Cutting, Detailed Medical Talk, Explict Erotica & Love Scenes, Human Trafficking, Mistreatment or Death of Animals, Torture, Explict Violence & Death as well as gore. Violence against women and children (including domestic violence and sexual assault). 

(*) For more of what takes me out of a story, read the Full list of Trigger Warnings via A Dance With Books

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*NOTES on behalf of my exceptions to what is listed above :

I do read medical fiction, which delves into hospital dramas, nursing, midwifery, and forensic investigators. The only subject that I do shy away from are stories that involve Oncology. (see also Book Spotlight Discussion on ‘Between Sisters’) I simply do not have the heart to go through the long process of a terminal diagnosis and recovery; I am finding I can resume a thread of story after a person has passed on due to a terminal condition or someone has lost a loved one due to Cancer, but that is not visible in the story as it’s ‘off-camera’ so to speak or happened prior to our entrance into the story itself. In other words, if your story involves Cancer or a terminal illness, kindly do not pitch the story to me to review, spotlight or feature.

However, I do have a sensitive heart and stomach, and I do limit the severity of how far the author will push the envelope for me. If it borders into the breadth of grisly, gruesome, grotesque, and heinous,… I am not the reader for that sort of book! There are the occasional books that might fall under ‘chick lit’ rather than ‘women’s fiction’, but as a general rule it’s not a genre that I am actively engaged in. I will accept YA Paranormal ONLY due to my experiences in accepting books for paranormal books outside of the YA branch of the genre. Southern Gothic and traditional Gothic fiction is alright as long as the narrative is similar to an author I have already read.

Like all things in life, there are exceptions to which books I will elect to read and which books I will not! Including if I choose to read a book that involves one or more of the themes outlined above that is not within the general scope of my regular reading life. I do attempt to keep an open-mind and its my personal discretion of what I know I can or cannot handle to read. As much to say, that if I am reading a book via a book tour, there is a chance that what I perceive the story to involve might detour, and lead me into unexpected realms, that may or may not include the thematic imagery I elect to avoid.

{update June 2014} My understandings of New Adult novels is evolving as I speak to authors who are penning their stories. Therefore, on a case by case basis, I may accept a New Adult novel if I believe the book is written within the guidelines of what I accept. For instance, if the New Adult book is about characters who are older than high school age teenagers but not quite past their mid-twenties, are not involved in vulgar (excessive cursing) or erotic story-lines, and are painted in more light than dark undertones, I will consider the novel.

**Regarding Vampires – outside of Berni Stevens book series (see Dance Until Dawn) and Dracula; this is not something I will routinely seek out as it is limited to a specific type of story by an author who writes a certain style of PNR involving vampires and other immortal characters. In other words, do not pitch me your PNR story with vampires – this is a personal choice to see out certain stories of interest not an open request to query offers for reviews.

***Regarding Zombies – only one author convinced me I could handle a Zombie inclusive narrative and that was Ms Chris – of whom wrote in a Zombie angle into her Tipsy Fairy Tale: Restless Spirit. This most likely remain the only exception.

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Stories interested in accepting for review:

I choose to read uplifting novels, novellas and short stories whose underpinnings are full of light, hope, harmony, resolution, clarity of voice, the arc of a character’s journey, a bubblement of narrative prose, and the ability to capture my imagination and heart. I am always seeking stories whose characters leave a resounding impression on me, and the experience of reading their stories leaves me wanton for more.

I am particularly keen on reading serials in order, which is why I would be disillusioned to read {as a for instance} book five in a series of six. And, why if I find myself in the middle of a series by accident, I will always seek out the books that came before the one I stumbled across! I have grown a bit lenient on this rule in recent years (specifically 2016-present) wherein I will read the second novel in a series (whether or not I can source the first through my library) and will elect to review it. Please contact me to discuss your series as this is determined on a case by case basis.

Let me re-iterate, I do not make a dividing line between secular or inspirational fiction markets, as to me, literature is one of a whole, and I simply pick up books that draw my eye into them via the premise, the synopsis, and sometimes, even a bit about the author as read on the book jacket or the author’s website.

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Genres | Types of Stories

I am most akin to reading:

For a preview of the stories I love reading be sure to visit my Story Vault.

IF your story fits within one of these categories – kindly feel free to fill out my Review Request Form at the bottom of this page. The only way to know for sure if your story is a good ‘fit’ for me is to contact me & let me decide. Especially if you have a website, blog or if I can communicate with you by email – I’ll be able to determine if your story is one I would be able to accept for review consideration.

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Historical Fiction (everything from war dramas to period specific epics)

* interested in periods of History I haven’t read as widely as others such as: Ancient Civilisations, Biblical History, the Edwardian era, the French Revolution/Revolutionary France, Medieval Europe, early Centuries and the Far East or any era which is not widely written about and has a new voice/series

– I mostly reside within the Regency and Victorian eras of British history which are also my favourite time periods for Historical Romance (see below) which is why I am trying each year to step into new corners of History which equally hold my attention for their enriched details, wholly realistic settings and character-driven narratives

– I am turning away from more traditional ‘war dramas’ where they are set strictly on the grounds of battle and take place predominately ‘at war’ for more than 50% of the story. I am seeking more human interest stories set in and round the war eras but within the scope of those stories is the heart of how life was lived away from the battlefields.

* Biographical Historical Fiction preferred in lieu of traditional biographies, autobiographies and memoirs with few exceptions – any story written about any living person of any age and timescape

* a healthy appreciation for Feminist Historical Fiction; including Women’s Suffragette Movements and Women’s Rights – any Historical Fiction narrative that continues the conversation for Intersectional Feminism and the pursuit of Equality for All; including but not limited to African-American, Latinx and Native American women pioneers in their chosen industries or women leaders who either developed a movement or inspired forward motion for Women’s Rights. Whilst at the same time this also includes transgender stories as transwomen are inclusive to the Feminist Lit I am seeking.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

Romance with a focus on Historical Rom (especially Victorian, Regency, and Edwardian eras) and/or Contemporary which can crossover into Women’s Fiction

* I truly love Historical Romances – within a relationship-based story arc and not one driven by pure lust (not into bodice rippers!) – I gravitate towards #HistRom moreso than Contemporaries however, I am open now to Fantasy Romance plots such as what I found within H.L. Burke’s To Court A Queen.

– Other subnices of Romance I’m seeking are as follows: the time trifecta: time travel, time slip & time shift; Western &/or Frontier or Cowboy Romance and Gothic Romance.

* On the Contemporary side, I appreciate a well-written story without vulgarity/explicit near erotica scenes – I don’t mind if there is strong language here or there but not when its sprinkled to death; also, I can take some heat in the romance department but I think you know what I’m referring to as not being my cuppa!

* Since [2016] I’ve had the pleasure of finding the Harlequin Heartwarming imprint by hosting for Prism Book Tours. These stories are a good nod of example of what I am seeking out of Contemporary Romances – a lift of joy to read, set in small townes and have realistic plot lines with characters who are either transitioning through adversities, personal loss or redefining the careers, etc. The kind of uplift you want out of a Romance and I love the imprint for giving me slices of Contemporary Romance I love to read.

* I have a healthy appreciation for Romantic Suspense stories such as the following: Up Close by Henriette Gyland; Talk to Me by Jules Wake and others who write in a similar vein.

– (*) this also cross-applies to INSPY Lit

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

Inspirational Fiction (faith-based stories) and Non-Fiction

* across religions and spiritualities; including Christianity, Catholic, Jewish, LDS Fiction, Native American or First Nation Spirituality and/or Indigenous cultural heritage and spirituality; and Eastern Religions and Cultures; also includes Amish, Mennonite communities. Either in novel, novella or short story lengths in both print or audiobook. (see also 70 Authors Challenge)(see also 5th Blogoversary)

– I regularly read #LoveINSPIRED Suspense novels (see also INSPY July: Part I & Part II) whilst I appreciate multiple publishers (major trade & Indie) who are publishing for today’s INSPY Reader. I love seeking out Indie/Self-Pub writers who are writing INSPY as well – I predominately read Historical stories but I am keen on Mysteries, Suspense & Contemporary as well.

* It should be noted that all genres I regularly read are open to be read from an INSPY prospective.

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Literary Fiction (leaning towards Introspective Narrative)

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

LGBTQ+ Literature (see note below)

* Open to reading m/m, f/f and *trans narratives as I’ve read these previously, however any story which is considered inclusive to LGBTQ+ narratives are ones I am seeking out to read

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Speculative Fiction:

Science Fiction esp Hard Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Clockpunk, Solarpunk and certain stories within Soft Sci-Fi. In regards to Fantasy: High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Magical Realism, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Fantasy, YA or MG Fantasy, Fairy-tale Retellings, Historical Fantasy, Sci-Fantasy and Portal Fantasy.

 * whilst reading limited focuses in Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy and stories of the fey as these particular genres are where I am ‘particularly particular’ about the content, context and tone of the stories herein.

– I also appreciate well-written Soft Science Fiction (character-driven) plots as well as having a keen interest in exploring the following: Alternative/Parallel Worlds, Alien Invasion, AI / high tech / robotics / Nanotech, Cyberpunk, Dying Earth, First Contact, Galactic Empire, Generation Ship, Mythic Fiction, Near Future, Singularity, Terraforming, etc

* What I love are stories rooted in Science, stories set in a traditional or non-conventional Space Opera niche, Sci Fi Noir or stories like “The Demolished Man”, stories with elements of alternative history or mystery/suspense are ones I’m interested in exploring, NOT Dune, please – I was irritated the whole time I listened to the opening bridge on audiobook. I’m not an appreciator of Orson Scott Card or Douglas Adams whilst as much as I disliked Starship Troopers – I remain curious about other works by Heinlein.

* I’m a hard sell for Dystopian so I wouldn’t recommend that category. The only one I enjoyed reading was Dream of the Navigator (see also Review). Parallel Universes can be interesting; time travel journeys or future/past visitations, City, Mountain, Space, Interstellar travel, Deep Space, Asteroid Belts or Rims, honestly I’m open to all settings at this point. The stories can be one-offs, series, or even novellas/short stories – as long as their in print or audiobook.

* Mythology (re-tellings especially) – per #Mythothon Year I (see also Announcement)(see also #25PagePreview) I’ve happily discovered a new sub-niche of interest which lies in finding the authors who are re-inventing a way into the Classical Mythologies across cultural interest and history for today’s readerly audience. I spent 2018 focused on Greek Mythos and I am spending 2019 re-visiting the Greek retellings whilst focusing on Norse Mythology. Also in 2019 I discovered an Indie Author whose novel truly held my interest for how she inserted Mythos into the backbone of her Speculative novel “Sea of Lost Souls” (see also review).

Whilst at the same time – there is one particular sub-niche of this interest I have already begun to explore which is the Arthurian stories I’ve been reading by Nicole Evelina (her Guinevere Tale trilogy) and Chris Thorndycroft (see also review) who tuck us back through the canon of King Arthur and re-explore his world.

→ As this is a new niche of interest for me I am open to stories which comprise of whichever window and door of Mythological origins are explored by today’s novelists who want to either write for adult, middle grade or young adult audiences. Therein here are some of the focuses I am most keen on finding stories: Greek, Arthurian, Anglo-Saxon, Norse, Egyptian, Irish, Roman, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, Celtic, Scottish, Welsh,… to name a few. Of further interest – any of the Mythological origins as listed on the Wikipedia page for this topic. I will consider select Non-Fiction titles under this thematic of interest, too.

Also note: I read a wide sea of Speculative Lit, from mainstream (big trade/small press/Indies/Self Pub) to Inspirational Fiction (just finding out there is a niche out there for SpecLit in INSPY) – I also appreciate #ownvoices, diverse voices & stories and regularly read LGBTQ+ stories.

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Crime Fiction:

* Cosy Mysteries (Traditional and Cosy Historical Mysteries)(such as Hiro Hattori Novels, Anna Blanc, Willa Cather & Edith Lewis Mysteries, Maisie Dobbs Mysteries, Bess Crawford Mysteries, etc)

* Suspense and Thrillers without explicit violence, gore or vulgarity

* Dramatic Crime Stories (such as the Marjorie Trumaine Mysteries, the Samuel Craddock series or the Kay Hunter series)

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

Children’s Literature (including Picture Books, Chapter Books, Middle Grade, Juvenile Fiction, etc) and Young Adult Literature

– (*) A bit more discerning interest in YA Paranormal and/or YA Paranormal Romance. Though I do have the tendency of being charmed by Speculative Fiction stories moreson than Historical or Contemporary; though I am equally open to all three.

* Favourite discoveries of #KidsLit have included: The Strength of Ballerinas by Nancy Lorenz; The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler; the Leland Dragons series by Jackie Gamber; Blonde Eskimo by Kristen Hunt; Halfway Dead by Terry Maggot; Rimrider by L.A. Kelly; Timekeeper by Tara Sim; The Walking Fish by Rachelle Burk & Kopel Burk; Anni Moon & the Elemental Artifact by Melane Abed; Moonflower by EDC Johnson and Dream of the Navigator by Stephen Zimmer.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

Western Fiction (especially frontier life or Old West) | the Outback of Australia

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

Women’s Fiction – I have the tendency of grouping this with Romance, even though this is a separate category of stories altogether

* Contemporary (mainstream or INSPY); with aspects of Realistic Fiction and/or other genre influences like Historical, Suspense, etc. Love small towne settings or a story that is an evolution of time during one women’s life or a portion of her life.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

Other genres of interest: Foodie Fiction, Realistic Fiction, the time trifecta: Time Slip / Time Shift / Time Travel, Southern Gothic, Gothic Literature, Southern Lit, and Classical Literature. I also appreciate anthologies containing Fantasy and/or Science Fiction and Cosy Horror* short stories.

For a cursory overview, please visit my Story Vault of Reviews by Genre

*Read my definition of ‘Cosy Horror’ | Read my Review of Corvidae for more info

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Reading Limited Non-Fiction:

There has always been a proponent of non-fiction in my life, one way or another, because I have a keen curiosity about science, art history, photography, philosophy, metaphysics, religion and spirituality, history {social and natural}, travelogues, cookery, classic motion picture art and sciences, architecture and design.

The non-fiction titles I tend to gravitate towards read with elements of creative narratives oft found threaded throughout my fictional pursuits. Yet, at times the more academic the subject steeps into relative augmentations, the more my heart finds joy, because I love to unearth a knowledge past the superficial level of understanding. I like to dig a bit deeper and explore the very heart of the field. Even within my non-fiction wanderments, I am seeking out books which speak to a reader’s heart.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

I believe in Equality in Literature as well as Diversity in Literature,

wherein I ppreciate the opportunity to read stories from different points of view as well as different cultural backgrounds. All stories should be reflective of the world around us and carry within them the heart of each person’s story. This includes being open to LGBTTQPlus Fiction and Non-Fiction (previously writ as ‘LGBTQIA’; switched to ‘LGBTTQPlus’ after reading this article [12th March, 2017] whilst prepping for my Timekeeper blog tour review). As an Allie, I also proudly wave the remembrance ribbon on my Twitter profile representing #WeStandWithOrlando.

(see also Review of Commanding the Red Lotus)

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As I have already expressed: I am not a professional book reviewer, I am a book blogger sharing her reading life with those who discover Jorie Loves A Story. I am not paid nor compensated for my opinions and reviews featured on this blog (as outlined in my Blog Disclosure). Nor do I accept affiliations or compensations based on links my readers and visitors click-through on my blog.

Jorie Loves A Story is advert-free, buy-link free, and bookaway/giveaway-free.

Especially important is that some of the blog tours I host *do contain/offer* bookaway/giveaways, however, ANY post I publish for a blog tour of this nature has been arranged with the understanding of the tour director that *my stop!* will not count nor contribute towards the offered bookaway/giveaway. Likewise, I have opted-out of any giveaway directed towards blog tour hostesses by blog tour companies.

Irregardless if an author, publisher, publicist, and/or other book blogger associated with the tour might in effect elude to a conflicting statement, Jorie Loves A Story does not offer this to readers, subscribers, or visitors; on a blog tour or otherwise.

*Exception to Giveaways: When I am hosting a blog tour with Julie E. Czerneda she routes her personal author giveaway by requesting those who are entering to re-route themselves through the blog tour stops and critically be cognisant of each blogger’s contribution in order to read their posts with the ability to answer a question about that particular post. I welcome this kind of author to book blogger collaboration as it encourages visitors on blog tours to take more than a cursory stock of what is being written about a story.

Likewise, if an (another) author is hosting a giveaway on their site during the time in which my review or special feature posts on Jorie Loves A Story, I will mention it and link to it but I am not involved with the giveaway itself.

*Exception to Referral LinksThe only two active referral links I share are for Scribd and/or LibroFM. However, I share these privately with my bookish friends I know who enjoy audiobooks as much as I do and I do not route to them on my blog.I am sharing these links on my LinkTree page as several friends have become interested in these services.

I used to provide: one is for Riffle via #WWWeds and the other is for DropBox via my BetaReading Page. I was not obliged to refer to either site, as I personally wanted to share the joy of them with my readers. They are only shared on those posts I’ve mentioned and not throughout my site. Except I started to remove these in 2020 to where all referral links were deleted.

*Exception to Coupon Codes:

My participation as an Influencer with Once Upon A Book Club (starting in February, 2020) does refer to a coupon code for my readers, followers and visitors. I will disclose the code on the posts as they generate through my participation on the #bookclubVIP Team.

My participation as an Influencer with Crime Fiction Book Subscription Box (starting in March 2020) does refer to a coupon code for my readers, followers and visitors. I will disclose the code on the posts as they generate whilst receiving the boxes themselves.

However, I have listed the coupon codes on my Twitter bio, on my landing page (ie. jorielovesbookishblogs.com) and on my LinkTree page. All of which was discontinued after I no longer was hosting for Once Upon A Time Book Club nor Crime Fiction Book Subscription services before the close of Spring, 2020.

I do not share affiliate links and this hasn’t changed. I am not monetarily compensated for sharing this coupon code either.

Each book featured on my blog is personally selected by me, even if it is featured on a blog book tour as I am in charge of selecting which books I am going to read and which I am going to review. Therefore, if I am contacted to read a book in exchange for an honest review it will be at my sole discretion to accept the offer. IF there is an issue of time to post a requested review, you’ll have to be upfront about this deadline with me when you contact me. I will confer with my posting schedule and see if your time-frame and mine are agreeable.

Due note: in rare instances, a book review and/or guest feature can be delayed from illness, medical emergency, family crisis, or other ‘unexpected & unplanned’ incidents that will postpone the post that was scheduled to be feature on a certain day and/or time. I will post the missing content as soon as time will allow whilst maintaining the Calendar of Events already in-progress before the missed date occurred. All requests/pre-scheduled posts will be honoured and published. The only exception to this is if during the process of reading a book I’ve accepted for review has gone against my personal beliefs and I will opt-out of posting the review. Sometimes due to illness or other reasons listed here puts me outside the time-frame a review can post and gives me the option to post the review at my leisure outside the blog tour (for instance).

I am more confident to reply to your request if you include the following: book title, author’s name, book synopsis, date the book releases or has released, and links for the author’s website, blog, Twitter account, &/or other informative site. I would prefer not to read a book out of sequence of a series, especially if it’s an ongoing series whereupon your making an enquiry for me to read the 5th book or the 12th book. I can alert you now that I will not be interested. I will consider a book in a series if its book 2 or book 3, if the original book 1 is supplied at the same time. In this way, I’d have more confidence to properly review the requested book in a series. I’d prefer if you DO NOT send me quotations from other book reviewers &/or book bloggers who have read your book previously.

Likewise, if I accept your book for review, I will request you send me the author’s photograph, short biography, book synopsis, and the cover-art of the novel. I will ask for permission to use these in my post for said book.

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Author Interviews, Q&As or Guest Posts;

Guest Reviews or Special Contributor Features;

Book Cover Reveals, Spotlights or Blitzes, etc.:

Occasionally, whilst participating in a book tour and/or receiving a book for an honest review, I may have the opportunity to post a reader submitted interview with the author of the book I have read and reviewed. I may be given the opportunity for an author to have a Guest Post or Q&A featured on my blog as well. Aside from these options that are in addition to reviewing a book in exchange for an honest review, I may participate in a Book Cover Reveal, Book Spotlight or Book Blitz; or other opportunities as they may come along.

I participate in book cover reveals if the book &/or author are of interest to me as I appreciate being able to expand the post to include ‘notes’ on behalf of the book and/or author. It is never simply a ‘promotional post’ in other words! I have worked with Rhemalda Publishing (closed), Seventh Star Press, JKS Communications: A Literary Publicity Firm, Editing Through the Seasons (closed) and Chapter by Chapter Blog Tours on such a venture.

Starting in Spring 2016, I joined the ChocLitUK Cover Reveal Team, where I have the option of selecting which future releases from ChocLitUK I want to feature as the ‘covers’ are revealled ahead of their ebook publication. (most ChocLitUK new releases are ‘Digital First Editions’ before they move into editions of print, audio or large print) This expanded into the ChocLit Stars programme.

I was a ChocLit Star – a direct feedback community of readers who help ChocLitUK make choices regarding choices in cover art design and titles of novels; as well as brainstorming ideas for forward motion of the publisher to reach new readers who are seeking relationship-based Romance novels. I joined the ChocLit Star programme Summer of 2016. From the inception it was an evolving project, I had looked forward to seeing what developed as a team member of this exciting new approach to involve reader support & enquiry. This new opportunity did not influence my future reviews on behalf of ChocLitUK as it is a supportive forum to provide threads of honest response and opinions based on what questions are being asked. I did disclose I am a ChocLit Star on reviews beginning in June 2016-2018. By 2018, this programme was discontinued and my review opportunities with the publisher went on hiatus.

I only elect to interview an author of a book I am reading and reviewing for a book tour &/or a book of my choosing by which I was left curious to know a bit more about them! Unless of course, the book is not yet ready to be read in print form, I might feature an author of an e-book release in the hopes the book will go to POD or traditional publication at a period of time after I blog about their story. I do not receive compensation to feature supplemental posts on my blog.

At my discretion, I will be allowing contributors to write about their own reading adventures on my blog. These contributors will be members of my inner circle: family and friends, who share a passion for the written word! Their posts and opinions shared on my blog will adhere to the same precedents that I have maintained myself, as outlined in my Blog Disclosure and the Policies on this page. The book commentary I will allow on my blog will remain within the boundaries of what I already outlined; anything outside of this will not be featured. The one exception being fellow book bloggers of whom I have been hosted by and we do a mutual exchange of guest features on each others’ blogs.

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Guest Post (Essay) & Guest Review Policy:

The views, beliefs, and opinions expressed by guest authors and/or special guest contributors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views, beliefs, or opinions of Jorie Loves A Story. Guest Posts by Authors, Publicists, Readers, and Book Bloggers are offered for free to help generate interest in their books, stories, and/or their literary life. No compensation is extended, nor is it given to be featured on Jorie Loves A Story.

There is no set word count limit for Guest Posts or Guest Reviews but I do reserve the right to edit them for content, language, attribution, sources and supplemental additions (such as images, graphics or photography). I reserve the right to withdraw them completely if I feel there is a conflict of interest or an issue with the Guest Post or Guest Review. I may ask the author to edit their content for revision. I do expect authors to be mindful about fair use and copyright permissions, especially when quoting other authors’ collective works and/or using non-original material in their Guest Posts/Essays and/or Reviews.

I prefer quotations to be limited and to be in the public domain, unless the author has prior permission to use the quotation. When it comes to quotations that fall under fair use guidelines (with appropriate sourcing and attributions) I error on the side of caution as unless I can read the fair use guidelines myself from a publisher’s website, I do not use them. If an author wants to include photographs, I ask for them to be original photographs. I do reserve the right to approve which ones can be used on Jorie Loves A Story. I will pull contributor pieces I do not feel comfortable publishing and will contact the author or publicist ahead of a scheduled deadline.


Guest Blogs and Copyrights by Susan Spann (susanspann.com)

All’s Fair in Love and War – but Not in Copyright Law by Kelley Way (susanspann.com)

When Do You Need to Secure Permissions by Jane Friedman (janefriedman.com)

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All Supplemental Features of this kind are created by me personally to share with my readers, as I create the questions for the Interviews & Q&As; I select the topic for the Author Guest Posts, and I never post anything without my own contributing thoughts, reflections, ruminations, and reasons for being inspired to feature an author, a book, or a story on Jorie Loves A Story. On rare occasions when an author is not available for an original interview and/or Q&A I may quote directly from a pre-arranged interview/Q&A from the Press Kit provided to me. I do use Press Kit Materials to curate the secondary content of featured books and author posts, however, they are merely secondary to the original content I am creating per post of my blog. Likewise, if my guest post topic is unable to be answered directly (due to time constraints, etc) I will take the pitched topic under consideration and potentially use it in lieu of my own if I feel it correlates well with my original idea.

On a similar vein, I may time from time seek out a way to contribute to a blog myself, if a book to lay comment upon or a bookish topic is within my scope of interest. I will post a short snippet to announce such an event, which will direct you to the blog in question to read the full posting.

All posts on Jorie Loves A Story are written by Jorie @ Jorie Loves A Story unless otherwise attributed to a Special Guest Contributor and/or a visiting author (or editor, publisher, literary agent, publicist, etc) who has been asked to write a Guest Post, take part in an interview or a Q&A. Topics for Guest Posts & questions for interviews/Q&As are submitted and created by Jorie @ Jorie Loves A Story unless otherwise specified. All contributing and supplemental content is sourced and attributed at time of posting.

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The Long / Short: I am rather keen on stories by which are character driven, have a fully realised world inclusive to their point of time reference, are wholly real in their embodiment of the subject contained therein, and include an undercurrent notation that the author not only enjoyed his/her writing process, but took the time to etch research and heart into his/her story.

Thank you,

Jorie @ Jorie Loves A Story

Revised: January, 2023

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Review and/or Guest Feature Requests banner created by Jorie in Canva.

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Please take heed: I am booking a limited number of blog tours and/or scheduled reviews starting in mid-Summer 2017 – extending forward into the life of this blog. Best to contact me as soon as you can if you want me to consider reviewing your novel, short story anthology or non-fiction book. I am re-balancing my blog schedule starting in 2017 and my limited bookings will reflect this Renaissance on Jorie Loves A Story. Thank you for your consideration and understanding.

By January, 2019 I am finding myself appreciating the time I have to re-direct onto my own writerly path and for reading the stories on my shelves or ones I can borrow through my local library. I am open to reviews & guest features 2019-forward – however, I am not booking multiple days during a week any longer as I am choosing to be highly selective with what I am accepting.

I am open to having 1 to 3 booked reviews &/or guest features per week. And, this continues to be true 2020-2023 and onward thereafter. I am discernly particular about what I am accepting but I do encourage you to fill out this form in case you feel your story is on that will resonate with me. Please note: do not submit ANY enquiries for ebooks (of any length) as those requests will not be answered.

Remember I will discern which of my reviews will be  cross-posting to LibraryThing; however, I regularly share my reviews and my reading progress updates socially via Twitter – I look forward to discussing your story!

Kindly check out my Bookish Events 2023 & fill out my form below to discuss your story and/or the guest feature you are pitching for Jorie Loves A Story.

If you would like to enquire about me accepting about a book for review

OR hosting an author showcase, please fill out as much information as you can as the more information you provide when making your initial enquiry about your book and/or author showcase; the greater chance I will have on being able to make an informed choice on whether or not to accept your request.

Remember: I am now accepting audiobooks for review!

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All Review Requests are moderated. By using the Review Request form you are consenting with the storage and handling of your personal data by this website. Your personal information is hidden and never shared.

Read my Privacy Policy.

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Request Information:

PLEASE NOTE: Lead-time is between 1 to 3 months however, there are openings occurring outside
of this range. Please note booked blog tours and author stops on my blog take preference, and I
will work with you on my next first available slot to host you.I am open to dates through December 2020.
Pre-bookings for 2021+ are being accepted. DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL!

Genres Information

As previously disclosed on this Review Policy, I have certain genres I prefer to read more
frequently than others. This list of genres is automated as I post my reviews which might
provide further insight. Please cross-compare the list I disclosed earlier and this one,
to hedge whether or not your story would be a good fit for me to read and review.

IF your story does not fit the genres to mark off, please elaborate where your story fits when
you include the Book Synopsis. I regularly read 'genre-benders' which are non-genre specific
stories. IF you see a genre listed that applies, please mark it as well.

Book & Author Showcases Enquiries:
Self-Pub, Indie Pub,
& Major Trade Accepted

Let me know if you're interested in any of the following promotional opportunities.
Please realise in advance I do not accept the following promotional offers:

I do not host giveaways nor do I read e-books. I do make an exception to host
a Spotlight for an e-book release if I believe it is a story I would be keen to read once it is
released in print. Due chronic migraines I cannot read ebooks.

My preference is to read serial fiction in order of the stories in a particular book series.
IF you have published a second or third book in a series, I will request to receive the
first novel to provide an honest impression of where the story's continuity has been in
successive installments. It will also give me a background on the characters and your
vision for the series. Outside of this, if your series is stand-alone and past
Book 3 in the series, it is a case-by-case acceptance. The extra book(s) will be accepted
without obligation to post a review whereas the main book being requested to review
will be showcased.

All requests are being sent to Jorie @ Jorie Loves A Story


(a) ALL books accepted for review are in exchange for an honest review irregardless if they are in
PRINT (or) AUDIOBOOK formats.

(b) I will consider Review Requests for Audiobooks: I use [Audible.com], however, all reviews will
ONLY be published on [jorielovesastory.com]; I have a policy against cross-posting.
At my discretion I may rate the audiobook on [Audible.com].

(c) The only ebooks I will accept are for chapter samplers in PDF or ePub formats
for 'sampling' your writing style ONLY; not for review purposes.

By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.
Your personal information is hidden and never shared.
The information you enter into this form is strictly for communication purposes
[to confirm acceptance] OR [to decline your request]
and the potential acceptance of having you hosted on this website [for review purposes]
OR [guest post] OR [guest feature].

In order for your Review Request OR [guest post] OR [guest feature] to be processed,
you must consent to having your request processed by these terms. You also are agreeing to the
terms within the Privacy Policy of this website. By checking the box, you are granting your consent
and acceptance of the polices of this website.

If this box is left unchecked your request will not be considered.

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