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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

If you’re following me on Twitter, you might have already noticed there is a bit of a changing of the guard so to speak happening with my Twitter Profile today! I’ve been tweaking it off/on throughout the afternoon & evening – as I have rather exciting news to share with everyone! As you might realise I have had my eye on book subscription boxes for quite a long while now – nearly as long as I’ve been a book blogger which has been the past six years (nearly seven!) since 31st of March, 2013.

I never had the chance to subscribe to one – however, I do maintain a list of these lovelies on Twitter. Whilst I was going through my Comments Archive on Jorie Loves A Story – responding to past comments & revisiting the commenters who have kindly left me notes over the years – as I’m making amends for not being able to respond directly when the comments first alighted on my blog [ie. queue my Dad’s stroke & recovery (ie. 2016-forward) and my chronic migraines or health afflictions (ie. 2018-19)] – I came across Julie Valarie’s website! She referenced the Once Upon A Book Club, though at the time I hadn’t realised she was the featured author for the December 2019 box! This was how I stumbled across an invite to become an influencer & VIP Team member for the Once Upon A Book Club!

This subscription box stood out to me for a few different reasons – one there are two choices of boxes each month (one YA, one Adult) whilst as you’re reading the book of the month (#botm) being featured, there are these page markers featured throughout the book itself which route you to the enclosed gifts which coordinate with the story itself. You might want to know the fuller details of what you can expect out of this box – what struck my curiosity is how *reading the story* now has these added components of relevancy. You are not simply ‘reading’ the book anymore – you are reading in order to sleuth out the goodies included in the box which have a purpose of inclusion based on what the story is already revealling to you! As soon as I read that in combination with their tagline “bringing books to life” – I was simply *hooked!*

Each year as a book blogger I’ve challenged myself to find new bookish communities and new ways of seeking out S T O R I E S. This New Year 2020 has been quite a remarkable one for me on that score as I have several new opportunities in pursuit of the written word happening right now – more of which I shall be disclosing during my next #TheSundayPost on Sunday, 16th February. Even though I haven’t been an influencer previously I liked the openness of Once Upon A Book Club to open their applications to influencers across platforms where each of us are sharing our bookish & readerly lives a bit differently from each other.

We all know about #booktube & #bookstagram – whilst #bookishTwitter or #bookTwitter is slowly gaining more traction inasmuch as the tags #bookcommunity & #readingcommunity in conjunction with the already established #writingcommunity. I was grateful #onceuponabookclub was open to having book bloggers & those of us who are bookishly chatty on Twitter to have a chance at promoting & honestly reviewing their book subscription boxes.

Similar to how I receive books in exchange for honest reviews from publishers, authors & publicists or early reviewer programs – I am going to receive a #onceuponabookclub box (or boxes? – as I am not yet sure if you can receive one or two of the monthly selections) in exchange for my honest impressions and reactions. This is cleverly right up my street as I love taking #bookphotography and sharing the images on my blog & in the twitterverse. At the same time my experience with my first ‘unboxing’ was for a debut novel of magical proportions which truly gave me a heap of creative joy to share with everyone.

It was my past experience with D.E. Night’s Middle Grade Fantasy which sparked an interest to seek out other opportunities for #unboxing posts & showcases on Jorie Loves A Story. I generally find the opportunities a bit too late to put in my application as an influencer which is what made this one quite special! Like most opportunities which come my way I have a very humbled approach to the waiting period to find out if I am approved. I always have felt if it were the right moment for me to be blessed with this new adventure & experience it will happen. If it wasn’t the right time for me it was alright – at least I took a chance and tipped my hat into the ring.

I cannot even properly express my happiness and the immediate joy I felt opening my Inbox and reading these words: Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to become a Book Club VIP! I could not wait to spread the news – I knew having a stacked day of appointments for my Dad (ie. regarding his health) the only way I could raise a small signal flare about this exciting news was to update my Twitter bio – except I didn’t have enough time to add the coupon code until late tonight. This is *another!* milestone for me personally as an influencer for this company as it is the first time I have my own personalised coupon code to give out to everyone! Eek. Exciting times!

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#BookClubVIP banner for influencer team with Once Upon A Book Club was provided by Once Upon A Book Club and is used with permission.

(*) Due Note: I am a promotional #partner and/or Influencer with Once Upon A Book Club but similar to how I receive books from the aforementioned publishers, authors & publicists or early review programs – I am not being monetarily compensated for sharing my experiences, impressions, reviews or the links to their website on my blog Jorie Loves A Story nor on my feeds on Twitter (@joriestory or @SatBookChat). Nor for the coupon code which is a discount for new subscribers to the Once Upon A Book Club subscription service.

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IF you’d like to order your own Once Upon A Book Club box,

you can use my coupon code → JORIELOVES10

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I can also disclose I just received the *first!* email for the #bookclubVIP Team wherein I had the chance to submit my selections for receiving my first box/boxes. I am truly appreciative of how welcoming the team is behind the scenes of this subscription box company – how caring they are about listening & responding to your questions and/or concerns and how prompt they are in responding, too!

Towards that end – I have a lovely new badge to share with you which I helped inspire to be created as I noticed they hadn’t mentioned a badge for our book blogs?

Look @ how #awesomesauce this badge turnt out?

What do you think? Quite wicked stellar, eh?

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Once Upon A Book Club VIP badge provided by and is used with permission.

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Personally what was impressive (and Mum agreed!)

is how VIP = Very Important Page-Turner!

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This is a new adventure for me – not just getting the chance to explore new worlds & genres of interest writ by authors I previously am quite certain I haven’t known about or have yet to discover (hint, hint) but to curl inside a novel and curiously await the first note stuck between the pages which references one of the parcels included with the book? I cannot wait to see what shall become revealled!?

I am sitting on *pins!* right now because I *know!* what this HINT about the February box is alluding too! In fact, I know quite a few of my bookish friends are going to be over the moon excited for this one as we mutually share a passion for the genre it resides inside! For your own curiosity – be sure to visit the HINTS page to read the current boxes featured which are February Adult & March YA.

Not a spoiler to say “Historical Fiction & Magical Realism” play a role!

→ for the February Adult Once Upon A Book Club box!

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I can’t wait to hear from you, dear hearts!

Have you heard about #OnceUponABookClub?

IF so, what was your favourite box you’ve received?

IF not, does this sound like the kind of box you’d enjoy receiving?

What are your personal experiences with #bookboxes!? I’d love to know!

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I just found out about #onceuponabookclub via Jorie Loves A Story! This #bookblogger has a coupon code for one of their #bookboxes! She's a #bookclubVIP! Click To Tweet

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{SOURCES: Stories of Jorie banner created by Jorie using photography. (Creative Commons Zero) via Canva. Once Upon A Book Club VIP badge and Once Upon A Book Club VIP banner provided by and is used with permission. Coupon Code JORIELOVES10 was given to me by as I am a new Influencer / promotional partner of theirs for their book subscription boxes (I do not receive monetary compensation). Post dividers provided by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Tweets were embedded due to codes provided by Twitter.}

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