#WaitingOnWednesday No.2 | #Unboxing No.1 | A debut author [D.E. Night] of Middle Grade Fantasy [series] Croswald, enchanted Jorie with her (original) website & the allure of her novel’s back-story!

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#WaitingOnWednesday badge created in Canva by Jorie using Unsplash.com photography (Creative Commons Zero).

Acquired #BookMail By: JKS is the first publicity firm I started working with when I launched Jorie Loves A Story in August, 2013. I am honoured to continue to work with them now as a 4th Year Book Blogger. I was approached to receive a mystery book mail box from a debut YA author (D.E. Night) in conjunction with her release The Crowns of Croswald wherein I would have a lovely bookish box to open, photograph and share with my readers the impressions it gave me ahead of reading the novel!

I received my complimentary book box from D.E. Night courtesy of the publicist at JKS Communications in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

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a word about ‘waiting on Wednesday’:

I have decided to start participating in this book blogsphere meme with a few small changes of how it’s regularly blogged about by my fellow book bloggers. I will either be introducing my current reads of upcoming releases as I am in the process of reading them and/or I might be releasing a book review about a forthcoming title by which I had been blessed to read ahead of publication. The main purpose behind the meme is to encourage readers and your fellow book bloggers to become aware of new books being released which caught your eye and which held your interest to read. Sometimes if your still in the process of reading the books, its the titles which encouraged your bookish heart. I look forward to spending the next seasons of the year, talking about the books I have on hand to read, the books I’ve been reading and the books I might not even have a copy to read but which are of wicked sweet interest to become a #nextread of mine.

Thus, this #unboxing is showcasing a title which is set to release in less than a fortnight (21st July) – wherein you will be happily excited to know I’ll be sharing my ruminative thoughts with you the week of it’s release! This post was inspired by the first #WaitingOnWednesday post I published and happily it gave me the inspiration to see if I could sort out how to showcase an ‘unboxing’ through photographs rather than a vlog post! I must admit, the experience has been wonderful and I would not be surprised if this is only one of several unboxings you might see flutter onto Jorie Loves A Story!

This is my 2nd #WaitingOnWednesday showcase, be sure to visit my 1st!

A new meme inspired by Waiting on Wednesday is Can’t Wait Wednesday for which this marks my first #WaitingOnWednesday post I’ve been able to share with the bloggers following this version of the meme hosted by Tressa @ Wishful Endings! (Tressa introduces her meme) Here is the post by which I shared my link. Be sure to find out which book bloggers I visited who helped ADD to my #TBRList by finding my blog hop route below this showcase!!

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before i unboxed the #bookmail:

Unboxing DE Night debut novel bookmail Photography Credit: Jorie of jorielovesastory.com. Photo edits and collage created in Canva.

Shown in this photograph: The #bookmail box I received courtesy of D.E. Night via JKS Communications & Publicity and a letter opener given to those who are a member of The History Channel Club.

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& long before the #bookmail was received,

i met this author’s world virtually through her site:

My initial reactions were so fully felt I could barely type words to describe my feelings:

I cannot wait to see what the author is working on with the box, as I was truly captured by the ingenuity of how she’s enveloping readers into her world-building whilst giving us a taste of the magical elements which bring her world to life. The music overlays and the illustrations help re-align you inside her story and of the arc in which will be carried throughout the series. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to read a new MG Fantasy but also to feel the magic of how the author inspires readers to take a chance on her world and its message.

The reason I was so smitten with this book and the author is because her ENTIRE website was fully immersive – it felt as if you had stepped through an invisible threshold and were now entering into the world she’s built. Sadly, at the time of this #unboxing post the website I knew of the author’s is :gone:! I was truly gobsmacked! The overhaul is like any other author’s website – really, the bare bones of what it once was if you can even see a smidge of it’s origins. Even the chapter sampler which was so wickedly creative – hidden within the site itself – popping up as if by magical evocation and enchanting you to read it as it hovered in front of your eyes, whilst the illustrations which accompanied it were adding to the dimensional beauty of the author’s poetic prose – has been reduced to a ‘pop-up PDF’ – truly, dear hearts, I was smitten at the very first all-sensory experience (I, personally have found for a new release by an Indie Author) of Ms D.E. Night’s website!

However, everything which gave me a girlhood sense of wonderment and of the purity of unexpected joy – to the fluttering sounds of the fey only heard just a farthing away from my computer screen – now, dear hearts, it’s a hollowed out shell of that original site! For me personally, if this had been the site I’d first visited, I wouldn’t have felt like a graduate of Hogwarts about to re-enter into a dimensional space of such startling magical JOY as I had initially. Those first furtive footsteps I took into Ms Night’s world – as I clicked my mouse – where so evocative of what I hope to find within the realms of Fantasy (either through Children’s Lit releases or the adult realms) – I daresay, I nearly pinched myself realising I would soon be receiving this lovely #bookmail!

I was overtaken by the ingenuity of it – fragments now in my imagination and mental memory – as so much personal strife has happened in the few short weeks (since Mid-May!) since I first arrived on site to now. Such a gutting realisation, dear hearts, to know I’m revealling this story to you whilst noting I cannot give you that catalyst of JOY. I don’t believe I have felt so shattered ahead of reading a novel. I wanted more of that website – more of that world – it cast such a magical spell on me! I felt rejuvenated and inspired. I felt like this world I was about to enter was tangible, real and wholly visceral!

What pray tell happened to the music? The beautiful music which not only overlaid the words but rooted you inside Croswald? My heart grieves dear hearts, for you might not ever know the Croswald I originally ‘met’ by an inventively innovative creative author’s website. I felt as if the wind had left my sails upon my return. Almost as if you’ve misplaced something you had felt a part of but instead is nothing more than a mere figment of your own imagination.

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[ skip forward – read what I said AFTER I shared my #unboxing photos !! ]

[ you dear hearts have a SURPRISE inasmuch as I did upon waking this morn! ]

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Unboxing DE Night debut novel bookmail. Book Photography Credit: Jorie of jorielovesastory.com. Photo edits and collage created in Canva.

Whenever I am receiving #bookmail from a publicist, author or publisher – I never know what I am going to find inside the book parcel. In this instance, the bundle I received in the Post was extra special because I knew going into receiving it there were going to be book-related extras & surprises! I truly was captured by the small details – from the collage of books on a shelf on the box itself – the curiously small box which was meant to contain all the surprises which nearly had me perplexed more than anything else – as I wasn’t quite sure how the smallness of it’s dimensions could hold so much inside it’s depths!

A lovely little riddle ahead of opening the seams & setting to rights how to organise the photographs I wanted to take ‘in the moment’ of opening the #bookmail parcel itself! You see, I didn’t overly stage this – I didn’t even think ahead of time of the sequence of shots nor of how I wanted to capture the JOY and the CURIOUSITY of digging into the parcel – to uncover it’s depths and see what was hidden within – I simply grabbed my camera and snapped photos as I unwrapped the layers. These are those images as they arrived in my view finder whilst I tried to capture my ‘moment by moment’ first impressions!

What you are seeing in this capture is the title notecard – curiously on top, and the very first thing your inclined to think you need to acknowledge! I like to go straight into parcels – to take it one layer at a time and not just unpack a box without absorbing the process of how it was assembled. The nifty bit here is how it looked hand-stamped & had a well-thought out message to grab your attention immediately!

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Unboxing DE Night debut novel bookmail. Book Photography Credit: Jorie of jorielovesastory.com. Photo edits and collage created in Canva.

This was hidden ‘behind’ the stamped notecard!

When I first turnt over the notecard (something!) left me puzzled quite instantly – as I hadn’t remembered this image anywhere on the author’s site – it was a completely new direction of promotional material for this series & for this debut novel. If anything – it was serving as a foreshadow foreboding my re-visitation with the author’s website – if only I had held onto that impulsive reaction & not returnt to the author’s website, I might not have felt like I had this sense of bias going into reading the novel itself. Unfortunately, I do and it cannot be helped because I feel as though there has been a commericalised about-face happening where the artistry & the independent flair of the previous website was more wholly fused with how I would hope Indie Fantasy novelists could project their creative works. To give readers a firm separation between commericalism and the purity of innovative creativity. This felt so mainstream, so predictable – I longed to have a tangible piece of the former incarnation!

*NOTE: shortly after 10 am I heard from the publicist who helped me navigate myself back into the original origins of Croswald and thereby restoring what I felt was lost.

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Unboxing DE Night debut novel bookmail. Book Photography Credit: Jorie of jorielovesastory.com. Photo edits and collage created in Canva.

Dear hearts, I am quite sure – given the fact most of you are following me in the twitterverse & most likely spied my enthused discovery of the ‘sorting hat’ quiz threading it’s way through all of our Potterhead feeds (see also tweet) – you know how super happy I was officially sorted into ‘Ravenclaw’ the House I knew I was meant to belong! Ergo, you might have picked up on what I was referencing quite cryptically! The texture of this newspaper is tissue thin and as you look over the adverts & the curiously eye catching banterment – you cannot help but see the cross similarities for how another world’s wizarding class loved to find their communications!

Tucked behind the newsprint was a spherical blue glitter ball – or was it an orb? It shimmered in the light & it was circular – even though it was lovingly wrapped in bubble wrap, I could tell it was something quite special by how it sparkled in the light! I love the fey & I love objects of fantastical origins! I wasn’t sure if this was fey-related but being an appreciator of a particularly humourous Urban Fantasy series (see also archive) – you could say, this sparkly orb was quite the delightful feast for my eyes!

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Unboxing DE Night debut novel bookmail. Book Photography Credit: Jorie of jorielovesastory.com. Photo edits and collage created in Canva.

I get as giddy as the younger version of myself waking up on Christmas morning whilst seeing what might lie underneath the tree – ergo, I like to soak in the experience of opening a bookish parcel (or a surprise parcel from a dear friend!) allowing myself to take a measured pause here or there to notice the inclusions therein. In this case, as I kept pulling at the tissued newsprint, more of the contents were being revealled in small fractions of visibility – such as the instructions for the orb like object. As I pulled the orb out of it’s wrapping paper, I realised it was the shape of a fairy bottle! As you will see, in the next frames of how I unwrapped it – it took a short bit to get it right side up! Laughs.

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Unboxing DE Night debut novel bookmail. Book Photography Credit: Jorie of jorielovesastory.com. Photo edits and collage created in Canva.

This is how I freed the fey bottle (my initial thoughts towards it’s origins) – upside down! Oy. It was quite heavy at least a bit moreso than I was originally given it credit for being! Laughs. It felt sturdy in my hand and it was so very curious – how did the glitter overtake the glass? How did it not shatter enroute to me from it’s journey in the Post? To me, that last bit was the most incredible blessing of all! Glass is the hardest to ship and yet, here this glittered bluish bottle made it to me fully intact!

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Unboxing DE Night debut novel bookmail. Book Photography Credit: Jorie of jorielovesastory.com. Photo edits and collage created in Canva.

I was so enamored with how this caught the light – you can gather a sense about how hard it was to photograph, too! Laughs. I tried different settings but this one at least showed the glittered interior of the bottle better than the others which didn’t have the ‘flash’ of light. I wanted to give you the best impression of how this bottle makes you ‘smile’ immediately upon finding it in your hands! Meanwhile, I had to read over the instructions which came with this lovely bottle about what it is meant to be used for and what magical attribute it has within itself! It turns out the discovery of how it can be used as a tool for magical folk is credit to the dwarves! Slightly ironic as my first encounter with dwarves was a bit intense (see also Review) but my secondary encounters during the prequel trilogy of The Clan Chronicles truly changed my understanding of them (see also archive); even moreso than from the LOTR films!

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Unboxing DE Night debut novel bookmail. Book Photography Credit: Jorie of jorielovesastory.com. Photo edits and collage created in Canva.

I was captured by the creativeness of introducing me to the special magic hidden within these bottles! It acted as a bridge into part of the back-story of the world-building contained within the world of the Croswald series – whilst anchouring me a bit back into the first impression I had of it’s creation. This is why I loved the series in the first place and why I wanted to drink in more of it’s content – the world was being made accessible by it’s creator – of merging the fantastical elements into the living realities of the readers who are finding the story & of whom wanted to feel a direct connection in a similar vein as the authoress herself. In this regard, it was such a clever presentation!

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Unboxing DE Night debut novel bookmail. Book Photography Credit: Jorie of jorielovesastory.com. Photo edits and collage created in Canva.

Although I knew the book was included – I must admit – with all the layers I was pulling open, I was nearly thinking perhaps there wasn’t a copy inside after all! I know, silly, eh? Yet I was so marvelling over all the lovely bonus surprises, I couldn’t fathom how a book could also be tucked in underneath it all! And, then — I hit the magical ‘bottom layer’ where I pulled just an inch away from the bottom-most portion of the parcel & caught a glimpse of a sight of the cover art I knew so very well already!

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Unboxing DE Night debut novel bookmail. Book Photography Credit: Jorie of jorielovesastory.com. Photo edits and collage created in Canva.

Now this is an inspiring way to kick-off a new reader’s exploration of your world – to preface their readings of your story with a personal message on your story’s behalf! I even liked how the letter was designed to have come from Croswald and not from ‘our world’. It allowed you to keep suspending the belief you were entering into a new realm – a realm you did not yet understand and one which would give you plenty to contemplate once you were inside! My favourite part of the letter is how it’s being writ from a fellow scrivener to one they expect to have found their story to read!

The letter is composed by someone who has a deep attachment to horses & to the larger species of animals which can be tamed or can adjust to companionship. You gather the letter-writer is at peace in the natural world – where they are most at home where the forest & natural environments are not far from where they reside.

As you progress into the letter – the world of Croswald is mentioned as a hidden world envisioned through the letter writer’s imagination – of a place which could rightly exist but without the ink of the pen of the writer, it might never be fully evolved into the minds of the readers who had no other portal by which to gain entrance into it’s orbit. The curious way in which writers can find their inspiration and find the ways in which their writerly hearts are motivated to create a story is also revealled.

What if you found a lost or misplaced trunk? What if this trunk held an unpublished manuscript? And, what if that particular story was the dimensional divide between your life & the lives of others from elsewhere? This dear hearts, is how Ms Night introduces you to her museful approach of finding ‘Croswald’.

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Unboxing DE Night debut novel bookmail. Book Photography Credit: Jorie of jorielovesastory.com. Photo edits and collage created in Canva.

Here it is dear hearts! My #bookmail parcel I had the pleasure of #unboxing ahead of journalling my reactions to the contents herein! The only thing I couldn’t get to show in the box itself was the Press Release but I did put the card by the publicist in this shot as I have been truly grateful to be a book blogger working with JKS for all four years I’ve been a book blogger. They truly champion the authors they take-on as clients and for the past few years since they re-organised – they truly understand each blogger they work with in regards to honing in on our readerly wanderings and our bookish curiosities!

Whenever I hear from one of their publicists I feel as if they know instinctively what is going to appeal to me – even before I realise it myself – they know of a book I dearly want to read! This is beyond serendipitous!

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Unboxing DE Night debut novel bookmail. Book Photography Credit: Jorie of jorielovesastory.com. Photo edits and collage created in Canva.

I normally do not photograph inscriptions inside the books I am receiving for review – mostly as I feel it’s something special meant only for me to see & to smile after reading. Each writer approaches how they inscribe their stories differently. Today I decided to share one of the inscriptions I was given as it was a fitting ending in an #unboxing showcase but also, as it’s a small nod of sentimental gratitude I have for the writers who give me a special extra smile when I go to read their story for the very first time!

I celebrate the small things,… I am overly giddy over small gestures.

Inscriptions in books are small butterflies of unexpected blissitude.

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NOTE: When I was sorting through the photos to focus on during this #unboxing, the vibe I wanted to have is a succession of snaps like you would have had if you had a Polaroid camera? Where there would be certain things which would be inclusive of all the photographs? Thus, I kept a few things the same throughout the reel of photographs (ie. the sub-title!) and altered the backgrounds and overlays to give it a flair of collage scrapbooking. You’ll have to let me know in the COMMENTS if I succeeded in both my approach and of conveying my ‘vision’ for my first #unboxing!

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The publicist responds, dear hearts and I have wicked good news to share with you!

We (JKS), as well as the author, wanted to make the links to purchase the book a little more noticeable, especially to make sure that independent booksellers knew they could purchase the book from other avenues besides Amazon, which, rightfully so, they are morally opposed to—this is the main reason why the front page of the site is the way it is now. However, all the fun and joy of the original site is still there (and even a little more if you check out the new trailer which is linked to on the home page of the site)! I think you are referring to the way the site used to open up to an interactive click through? That still exists, along with the chapter sampler written on parchment, on the home page if you click the “discover the adventure” link underneath the synopsis of the book.

*This!* is the Croswald in my bookish heart!!

*This!* is the experience I wanted to give you!!

I am unsure what happened when I returnt to the author’s site – however, as you will see for yourselves, this interactively immersive experience is *exactly!* why I felt the way in which I did about this world! Oh, my dear ghouls – you are in for a wicked sweet treat, my dear bookish souls!

Did you see the rhino caravan!? Did you see the lightning crackling? Feel the music? Ooh leaping lizards the site isn’t GONE like a *poof!* of a bad spell – it’s HERE! And, now you can experience what I experienced — I am overly excited for YOU. It’s your first time to visit – don’t forget to find the parchment chapter sampler and feel as mesmerised as I did by Ms Night’s website!!

And, here is the lovely new trailer: ENJOY!

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I wish I were sitting next to you as you start to experience this beautiful artistic dimension – if you can – come back here & let me know what your favourite ‘moment’ was whilst you were digging further into the Croswald interactive experience!

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#WaitingOnWednesday No.2 | #Unboxing No.1 | A debut author [D.E. Night] of Middle Grade Fantasy [series] Croswald, enchanted Jorie with her (original) website & the allure of her novel’s back-story!The Crowns of Croswald

In Croswald, the only thing more powerful than dark magic is one secret...

For sixteen years Ivy Lovely has been hidden behind an enchanted boundary that separates the mundane from the magical. When Ivy crosses the border, her powers awaken. Curiosity leads her crashing through a series of adventures at the Halls of Ivy, a school where students learn to master their magical blood and the power of Croswald's mysterious gems.

When Ivy's magic - and her life- is threatened by the Dark Queen, she scrambles to unearth her history and save Croswald before the truth is swept away forever.

Places to find the book:

Add to LibraryThing

ISBN: 978-0-9969486-5-4

on 21st July, 2017

Published By:  Self Published

Available Formats: Trade Paperback and Ebook

Converse via: #CrownsOfCroswald or #CroswaldSeries + #MGFantasy

OR #MiddleGrade + #Fantasy

About D.E. Night

D.E. Night lives, dreams, and writes in South Florida amid her menagerie – two dogs and two cats – with her husband.

“The Crowns of Croswald” is her first book. She draws inspiration from silver-screen storytellers, magical imaginings, and her younger brothers. A day spent in Croswald, or another whimsical world, is her favorite kind of day.

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Does this sound like a novel you’d be keen to read yourself? I’m most curious to hear from my readers & visitors who are seeking new Middle Grade Fantasy reads whilst finding my first #unboxing post to be a wicked good read! I haven’t had the chance to explore ‘unboxing posts’ in the past, although I have contemplated putting a few together – somehow, I took to showcasing book photography instead whilst leaving my ruminative thoughts for reviews. I must admit, being able to show the ‘initial curiosities’ about a novel ahead of reading it has been a true delight!

And, don’t worry – my heart soon recovered as quickly as I had a hot cuppa chai and let the yarn stitching through my fingers to unwind my disillusionment & recapture the joy I once had for a story which had a measure of curiosity still coaxing me inside it’s world.

Upon seeing Croswald was once again restored to readerly eyes & bookish hearts – I breathed a sigh of wicked relief – I could finally share what INSPIRED me about this author’s series & why I felt so very happy to be able to step into her world!

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This #bookmail unboxing review is courtesy of:

JKS Communications: A Literary Publicity Firm

JKS Communications Reviewer BadgeFun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

{SOURCES: Book Cover Art for “The Crowns of Croswald”, author biography, book synopsis, and reviewer badge were provided by JKS Communications and used with permission. Quote from publicist response about the author’s website alterations is being used with permission of the publicist. Post dividers by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Pure Imagination. Blog graphics created by Jorie via Canva: #WaitingOnWednesday badge using Unsplash.com (Creative Commons Zero) Photography by Pacto Visual, Unboxing DE Night debut novel bookmail Photography Credit: Jorie of jorielovesastory.com (Photo edits and collage created in Canva)  as well as the Comment Box Banner.}

Copyright © Jorie Loves A Story, 2017.

I’m a social reader | I tweet as I read

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My adventures within the blog hop for #CantWaitWednesday

This list is being generated | this is a WIP list

The STORIES I cannot wait to READ myself as found via the blog hop!

I attempted to leave commentary on each blog as I first arrived. A few I had to re-visit lateron to leave a note and others I tried to find via Twitter to help promote their posts although not everyone was tweeting their posts. If you look how this list is populating, could you ever wonder why the STORIES which appear on #JLASblog are so consistently my lovelies?

+ Lazy Day Literature extolled sentiment I personally concur with even if I think this title is outside my cuppa! Except to say, after further consideration, I decided to give Dystopian another try! I’m reading two books (Watcher / Carbon) by EJ Eversley this Autumn (via iRead Book Tours) and want to keep my eye out for this one by TOR!

[making my way through the bloggers – thus far along the links up til No.33]

Last Update: 26 July 2017 | All blogs were given comments; some awaiting moderation

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11 responses to “#WaitingOnWednesday No.2 | #Unboxing No.1 | A debut author [D.E. Night] of Middle Grade Fantasy [series] Croswald, enchanted Jorie with her (original) website & the allure of her novel’s back-story!

    • Hallo, Hallo Kayla!

      Isn’t this the truth!? Thank you for visiting me! And, guess what?! I *devoured!* #Croswald! If you want to see more about the world-building and take a peek into my readerly thoughts as I read my first visit into Croswald – you must visit my review!

    • Ooh! Wait til you find out the *secret!* as there is going to be a special *treat!* for my readers when I reveal the magical surprise!! I think your going to FLIP because it involves the ‘bottle’!! Shh!! (looks to see if anyone heard) Thank you so much for your lovely reaction! I love finding notes like these on my blog – thanks for blessing me! I never received anything quite like this parcel – it was a first! My gratitude to JKS is infinite!

        • Hallo, Avalinah!

          Yes! I did reveal the ‘glowing’ surprise – the bottles glow! From the inside out — did you see my collage via Twitter where you can just see a faint impression of the glow from the bottle behind the text? (its under Photos) If you go to my review of #Croswald you will see the “reveal” at the bottom of my review?! I made a special badge to talk about this lovely marvel!! Also, I linked to a few #unboxings + another review during #TheSundayPost No.2 which also showcase this wonderful glowy phenom! I didn’t want to spoilt why it does this – but I wanted to at least share part of the ‘magic’ of Croswald by talking about the fact it *does!* g-l-o-w! I didn’t see the instructions at first as I was so caught up in ‘unboxing!’ the parcel – so I agreed with one of the vloggers (#booktube) who said they accidentally tinkered with the bottle and found that it GLOWS. lol

  1. Greg Hill

    Wow, what a beautiful cover. I love the lanterns with the faeries. This looks very magical and a very neat box to open. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hallo, Hallo Greg!

      Thank you for your feedback! This is the first of this kind of showcase for me to put together – I wasn’t sure how it would resonate with my readers and I was delighted in finding your comment alongside Suzanne’s! Yes! I truly love how the cover art makes you feel it’s ‘moving’ and it’s more 3D than remaining more flat – it eludes to the dimensional side of the story! I had so much FUN opening this book parcel – I am so very humbled to know I could translate my JOY into the photos and captures I’ve shared with you! Best compliment you could give me! I hope you’ll be able to meet this story! You’ll be finding my review coming next week right in time for the #PubDay!

  2. What a wonderful box of bookish goodies! I don’t think I’ve seen a box quite like that before. The cover art on the book is beautiful too. I’ve read a few reviews that say the book is reminiscent of the Harry Potter series, which intrigued me. I’ll look forward to reading your review of the book.

    • Hallo, Hallo Suzanne!

      I was so happily surprised by what I was finding inside this clever little box of JOY, I am wicked happy hearing this was translating into this post! Taking the pictures the way in which I did is partially why I wanted to try to give the ‘opener’ perspective as the contents were being revealled! I am thrilled to bits I could share this reveal – and I am especially grateful to JKS! I never had an experience like this one before – I sometimes receive some bookish swag along with receiving books to review, but this particular #bookmail was singularly unique in how it became a ‘part’ of the experience of the novel’s world. I hope you will have the same chance one day to experience something similar! I have oft seen others who get parcels like these but I honestly never knew I’d be able to have the same thing happen – therefore, you might be happily surprised one day!

      Yes! The art on the cover is so very unique! Your not expecting to see the fey in a lantern! I have purposely been staying clear of the reviews for this novel – even though I am going to seek them out afterwards, I wanted to keep this novel close to me ahead of seeing what others thought. I don’t always do this but for some stories I do. I felt what you did – the overtures which remind me dearly of Harry Potter – as you can see from some of notes – but also, when I was inside the interactive website!!

      I look forward to your returned visit when we can chat more about what I found inside the story!!

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