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On this page, I will be listing by ‘type’ of literature all of the lovely books that have been featured on Jorie Loves A Story! In this way, you will not have to go through each individual year’s Bookish Events to ascertain which books I’ve read! I am keeping those archived for myself mainly as I simply want to be able to reflect back upon my experiences in reading and the bookish blog community that I am blessed to be a part of! Here, you can simply JUMP! to which book interests you to read about the most, in a handy stream-lined archive! Be sure to drop a note on the post of which books whet your fancy to read the most! I encourage comments on my blog and look forward to the exchanges of conversation that follow suit! Happy reading, dear hearts!! Kindly note that if a book does not yet have a link it is an ‘upcoming event’!

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Join me, whilst I discover the next story
to captivate my imagination and expand my horizons!?

I’d never advocate for banning books but I do advocate for books to be marked with explicit content for language as a method of understanding what we will find inside and therefore start to curb our disillusioned disappointment. If they can mark books for Science Fiction & Fantasy as much as lyrics in music, I am thinking it is time to start marking books with ‘strong language included’ and ‘explicit violence’ if the case might be as well.

-quoted from my review of Lost in Thought 

I am especially growing disillusioned by the fact too much of modern literature is evoking a stance that strong language is necessary to tell a story. I did not grow up on stories with strong language, either as a young child, a growing young adult, a teenager, nor a twenty-something; no, I began to see the churning tides towards more reads turning vulgar and inclusive to strong language, excessive violence, and strong adult situations as a thirty-something. Try as I might to be particularly particular about what I read and what I blog about, there are instances whilst participating on blog tours I am taken unawares and find issues with the novels I am reading whereupon I spark a notation I refer to as a ‘fly in the ointment’. As a book blogger, as a reader, and as a future Mum the sphere of literature I am most advocating for change is inside Children’s Literature and most especially Young Adult titles. As an adult reader outside that scope I find myself craving the ‘clean reads’ I grew up with and wonder why now in order to find them I appear to need to read outside the mainstream whereas previously it was quite common all the books I was picking up to read were ‘clean’ and had nothing to do with who was publishing the work itself.

I have updated my Story Vault to reflect those titles of YA (across genres) and Adult Paranormal stories which are inclusive to strong language. The rest of the Vault are organised by genre and if you were to visit each book showcase per title and see an absence of a ‘fly in the ointment’ you are assured I did not take any issue with reading the story. I’ve decided to take a stand against strong language because it is not something I grew up with nor is it something I am going take lightly as an adult. Literature to me was always a true lift of spirits and/or a challenging experience which opened my eyes to a different life outside my own culture, religion, or environment of where my own hours are walked. I grew in empathy and understanding through reading a myriad of stories and the writers always enhanced my vocabulary by the wondrous words they elected to choose to breathe life into their characters and their worlds. I have not stopped my search for wordsmiths nor for a story that I can read without befalling a muddling sea of explicit vulgarity and violence.

These are my wanderings as I blog my way through the books which alight on my path to read and my quest to find the stories and the writers I will want to savour a second time around after I find what I am looking for as I proceed forward into new expanding worlds of fiction.

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Joyfully Absorbing Literature:

{ a journal through where my genre dances take me }

A few titles are showcased in two separate categories of interest due to how they cross-relate to where they are placed

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Classical Literature: 19th Century Literature

  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  • Jane Eyre (Chapters I-XI) by Charlotte Brontë {RAL}
  • Jane Eyre (the Final Ruminations) by by Charlotte Brontë #Bronte200
  • Little Women (audiobook) by Louisa May Alcott, narrated by Andrea Emmes
  • The Ladies Paradise by Emilie Zola
  • Charles Dickens
  • Thomas Hardy
  • Elizabeth Gaskell
  • Wilkie Collins
  • HG Wells
  • George Eliot
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Classical Literature:

19th Century Stories (by era of locale)

  • The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton
  • The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton
  • The Buccaneers by Edith Wharton

Classical Literature: 20th Century Literature

the Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery

and continuing,..

Classical Literature: After Canons

Guinevere Tale Trilogy by Nicole Evelina

also listed under Feminist HistFic

| Focused on sequels of ‘Jane Austen’ & ‘ Jane Eyre’ |

*refer to Poetry for an ‘after canon’ of poems based on Jane Eyre & Bertha!

The Miss Jane Austen series by Collins Hemingway

The Jane Austen After Canon Anthologies by the Quill Collective

The Jane Austen’s Dragons series by Maria Grace

| Focused on ‘Fairy-tale Re-tellings’ |

  • Star of Deliverance by Mandy Madson Voisin+ {BT}
    Cinderella (The Little Glass Slipper) by Brothers Grimm
  • Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth {BT} Rapunzel by Brothers Grimm
  • Becoming Beauty by Sarah E. Boucher+ {BT}
    Belle et la Bête by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont
  • What is Lost by Lauren Skidmore {BT} Little Red Riding Hood by Brothers Grimm
  • Bearskin by Jamie Robyn Wood+ {BT} Bearskin by Brothers Grimm
    and Norse fairy-tale East of the Sun and West of the Moon
  • Keep On Believing: A Cinderella Story (audiobook) by Marie Higginsm, narrated by Paula Slade {AA} Cinderella (The Little Glass Slipper) by Brothers Grimm

Harlequin Romance (imprint) series | Fairy Tale Duology by Jennifer Faye

| Focused on ‘mythological Re-tellings’ |

Cycles of Norse Mythology by Glenn Searfoss (spilt into individual reviews/cycles)

| focused on ‘after canons’ of Sir arthur conan doyle |

Classical Literature:

Speculative Fiction (Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror)

Literary Fiction:

The Spirit Keeper duology by K.B. Laugheed

and continuing,…

introspective literary fiction:

  • Refuge at Pine Lake (A Pine Haven novel (book one) by Rose Chandler Johnson {RIEHR}
  • Peach by Wayne Barton+ {RIEHR} *I was a betareader on this project

Contemporary Fiction:

French Literature (translated):

Swedish Literature (translated):

South American Literature (translated):

  • Riding by Cassia Cassitas+ {BT}

German Literature (translated):

Realistic Fiction:

*note: also find stories for this category in INSPY Fict and YA Lit

Motherhood | Parenthood | Mumhood | Adoption: (Fiction)

Inspirational Fiction:

*INSPY by definition refers to “Inspirational Fiction” the main branch of Literature for ‘faith-based literature’ and is non-inclusive to one particular religion as it is accepting of all denominations and religions as a whole; wherein the stories are rooted in a faith-centered life. Faith is an individual walk and journey, thereby the stories under this umbrella of a genre ‘Inspirational Fiction’ is as diverse as the seven seas and the populace therein on the continents. (written originally here)

Inspirational Fiction: Contemporary INSPY

Contemporary INSPY | sweet romance

an LDS Contemporary Rom duology by Laura L. Walker:

Misty River Romances by Becky Wade

Legacy of Faith series by Robin Lee Hatcher

Contemporary INSPY | new adult romance

Inspirational Fiction: Historical INSPY

Inspirational Fiction: Historical INSPY romance

Lords for the Sisters of Sussex series by Jen Geigle Johnson

The Roaring Twenties Novels by Jennifer Lamont Leo

Blackbird Mountain series by Joanne Bischof

The Empire State series by Elizabeth Camden

The Daughters of Boston Saga by Julie Lessman

  • A Light in the Window (prequel novella) by Julie Lessman {gift}
  • A Passion Most Pure (book one) by Julie Lessman {MP}
  • A Passion Redeemed (book two) by Julie Lessman {MP}
  • A Passion Denied (book three) by Julie Lessman {MP}

harlequin Love inspired : Historical (imprint series)

Sheridan Sweethearts series by Stacie Henrie:

harlequin Love inspired : contemporary romance (imprint series)

Hearts of Oklahoma series by Tina Radcliffe

And, then continuing,…

harlequin Love inspired : suspense (imprint series)


Realistic INSPY Fiction: (contemporary & Historical)

The Coming Home Series by Brenda S. Anderson:

  • Chain of Mercy by Brenda S. Anderson+ {RIEHR}{Street Team}
  • Pieces of Granite (Prequel) by Brenda S. Anderson {RIEHR}{Street Team}
  • Memory Box Secrets by Brenda S. Anderson {RIEHR}{Street Team}
  • Hungry for Home by Brenda S. Anderson {RIEHR}{Street Team}{gift}

The Bradford Sisters Romance series by Becky Wade

Waves of Mercy series by Lynn Austin

the Coastal Hearts series by Janet W. Ferguson

And, then continuing,…

INSPY suspense / thriller Fiction:

White Knights series by Susan Sleeman

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Children’s Literature: | Main Archive (more expansive!)

{ visit the main archive for stories under a ‘content warning’

for all stories published under ‘Young Adult, Middle Grade, etc’ }

Juvenile Fiction | Middle Grade:

The Dream Horse Adventures by Susan Count

  • Mary’s Song (audiobook) (book one) by Susan Count {BT}
  • Selah’s Sweet Dream (book two) by Susan Count {BT}
  • Selah’s Painted Dream (book three) by Susan Count {BT}
  • Selah’s Stolen Dream (book four) by Susan Count {BT}

Picture | Chapter Books | Early Readers:

middle grade non-fiction:

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the Kitty Hawk series by Iain Reading:

A Book Blogger Retrospective on the Kitty Hawk series by Iain Reading *special post*

  • Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold+ by Iain Reading {RIEHR}
  • Kitty Hawk and the Hunt for Hemingway’s Ghost by Iain Reading {RIEHR}
  • Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue by Iain Reading {RIEHR}
  • Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the R.M.S. Titanic by Iain Reading {RIEHR}

Realistic YA:

The duology by Nancy Lorenz

and, continuing,..

YA Fantasy | YA Sci-Fantasy:

The Leland Dragon series by Jackie Gamber:

The Cobbogoth series by Hannah L. Clark

And, then continuing,…

The Forest People trilogy by Maggie Lynch

  • The Awakening (audiobook) (book one) by Maggie Lynch {Scribd}
  • The Choosing (audiobook) (book two) by Maggie Lynch {Scribd}
  • The Summoning (audiobook) (book three) by Maggie Lynch {Scribd}

the Genie Chronicles by Michelle Lowery Combs

the Ian Quicksilver series by Alyson Peterson

A Book Blogger Retrospective of the Piercing the Veil series by C.A. Gray *special post*

the History Mystery series by Deborah Heal 

The collective works of Paranormal YA by Terry Maggert

Halfway Witchy series:

ya historical fantasy:

Realm of Knights series by Jennifer Anne Davis

YA Historical:

ya science fiction:

New Adult:

{ New Adult / NA is a transition between YA & Adult Fiction }

Upper YA:

And, then continuing,…

A Clockpunk LGBTQPlus Upper YA series by Tara Sim

Timekeeper series:

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YA Dystopian:

the Faraway Saga by Stephen Zimmer

YA Paranormal Romance:

Moonflower by EDC Johnson+ {RIEHR}

YA Fantasy and/or Paranormal Romance:

Magical Realism YA:

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Blog About Mystery | Suspense badge created by Jorie in Canva

Legal Mysteries | Thrillers:

the Andy Carpenter Mysteries

Cosy Mysteries | Suspense (Traditional):

The Cosy Suburbs Mysteries | Maycroft Mysteries by Lisa B. Thomas

a Book & Tea Mystery series by Joy Avon

a Spice Shop Mystery series by Leslie Budewitz

Cosy Mysteries | Dramatic Crime Fiction:

the Marjorie Trumaine Mysteries by Larry D. Sweazy

the Willa Cather & Edith Lewis Mysteries by Sue Hallgarth

the Samuel Craddock series by Terry Shames

NOTE: I explain why I read this series out of sequence on the first review

The Wonkiest Witch series by Jeannie Wycherley, narrated by Kim Bretton

  • The Wonkiest Witch (1) (audiobook) by Jeannie Wycherley {BT}
  • The Ghosts of Wonky Inn (2) (audiobook) by Jeannie Wycherley {REIHR}
  • Weird Wedding at Wonky Inn (3) by Jeannie Wycherley {REIHR}

Cosy Historical Mysteries:

the Hiro Hattori (aka Shinobi Mysteries) by Susan Spann:

the Lady Darby Mysteries by Anna Lee Huber:

the Verity Kent Mysteries by Anna Lee Huber:

the Edith Head and Lillian Frost novels by Renee Patrick:

the Kate Clifford Mysteries by Candace Robb:

The Anna Blanc series by Jennifer Kincheloe:

the Discreet Retrieval Agency Myseries

the Countess of Harleigh Mysteries by Dianne Freeman

the Lucy Lawrence Mysteries by Pam Lecky

Hard-boiled | Traditional Historical suspense & thrillers:

  • The Iris Fan by Laura Joh Rowland {BT} includes reflections on “Shinju”, “The Incense Game”, and “The Shogun’s Daughter” as a preview of the series before I read “The Iris Fan”
  • Hunting Shadows by Charles Todd {BT} includes reflections on “A Test of Wills” and an introductory precursor to reading ‘Hunting Shadows’ by a reader first attempt to read Todd.
  • Inspector of the Dead by David Morrell {BT} includes an expanded reflection (it’s a review!) on “Murder As A Fine Art” the first in the series from a new reader of Morrell.
  • The Semper Sonnet by Seth Margolis (BT)
  • The Bloody Black Flag by Steve Goble {LS} read ahead of the sequel’s release
  • A Murder by Any Name by Suzanne M. Wolfe {BT}
  • Death in a Desert Land by Andrew Wilson {BT}

The Margaret Harkness & Arthur Conan Doyle Mysteries by Bradley Harper

traditional historical suspense:

Hard-boiled | contemporary Suspense | Thriller:

hard-boiled | police procedural | Thriller:

the Kay Hunter Detective series by Rachel Amphlett, narrated by Alison Campbell

  • Scared to Death (Book One) (audiobook) by Rachel Amphlett {BT}
  • Will to Live (Book Two) (audiobook) by Rachel Amphlett {BT}
  • One to Watch (Book Three) (audiobook) by Rachel Amphlett {BT}
  • Hell to Pay (Book Tour) (audiobook) by Rachel Amphlett {BT}
  • Call to Arms (Book Five) (audiobook) by Rachel Amphlett {BT}
  • Gone to Ground (Book Six) (audiobook) by Rachel Amphlett {MP}
  • Bridge to Burn (Book Seven) (audiobook) by Rachael Amphlett {Scribd}
  • Cradle to Grave (Book Eight) (audiobook) by Rachel Amphlett {Scribd} *not a full review
  • Turn to Dust (Book Nine) (audiobook) by Rachel Amphlett {Scribd}(*spotlight)

the Tara Thrope Mysteries by Clare Chase, narrated by Lucy Brownhill

TechnoThriller | Espionage Fiction:

ERUPTION duology by Adrienne Quintana

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Cosy Horror | Psychological Suspense:

This section is upcoming to Jorie Loves A Story! Refer to my interview with Lynn Carthage to understand how to find cross-referenced links to route through where I blog about ‘Cosy Horror’ a sub-genre designation I created during Oh, the Books! Horror October, 2014!

anthologies of cosy horror:

novels of cosy horror:

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Epistolary historical fiction:

+ one from Non-Fiction

Traditional Historical fiction:

The Letter Series by Kathleen Shoop

Military Stories and/or War Dramas of HistFic:

War Dramas & Contemporaries by ChocLitUK author Margaret James

(Charton Minster series) // in order of publication first, numbered by order of series

Biographical { Historical } Fiction:

The Seven Sisters Series by Lucinda Riley

Biographical { Historical } Fiction {sub-focus} Biblical History:

The Saga of David by Janice Broyles

Biographical &/or traditional

{ Historical } Fiction

{sub-focus} Feminist HistFic:

The Guinevere Tale series by Nicole Evelina

{sub-focus} Feminist contemporary lit:

Vote for Remy+ by Leanna Lehman {BT}

{sub-focus} Anglo-saxon | Viking | Picts | Arthurian histfic

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Hard Science Fiction:

The Clan Chronicles by Julie E. Czerneda:

space opera series (unnamed) by Cindy koepp:

And, then continuing,…

Soft science fiction:

the Wayfarer series by Becky Chambers

(*NOTE: I co-hosted all 3x #smallangryplanet RAL chats but I couldn’t recapture my readerly reactions twelvemonths later when I attempted to re-read those chapter blocks and by extension I had to remove myself from co-hosting #spacebornfew as I could not connect with the series after reading the first novel.

Science Fiction based on Science Fact:


  • The Clockwork Man by William Jablonsky+ {CC} *Guest Review on Hannah’s blog
  • The Skin Map by Stephen R. Lawhead {SFN}
  • A MidSummer Night’s Steampunk+ {RIEHR}
  • Trans-Continental: Girl in the Gears by E. Chris Garrison {RIEHR}
  • Trans-Continental: Mississippi Queen by E. Chris Garrison {RIEHR}
  • The Gin Thief: Volume 1 by S.C. Barrus {RWOOR} *I was a betareader on this project

Discovering Aberration+ by S.C. Barrus (a JLAS Feature)

Science Fiction Anthologies:

science fiction novellas (one-offs/singular release)

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  • The Brotherhood of the Dwarves by D.A. Adams {RIEHR, SSPW}
  • Dragons of Unrest by Anthony Russo {REIER}
  • Crown of Vengeance by Stephen Zimmer {RIEHR, SSPW}

Magical Realism:

The Element Odysseys series by Kimberlee Ann Bastian

Easter Family series by Nancy Schoellkopf

middle grade Fantasy:

Croswald series by D.E. Night

Rahana Trilogy by Felicity Banks

Dawnhaven series by Owen Crane

Esme’s Series Trilogy by

The Sebastian & Melissa Duology by Victoria Walker (Clayton)

the Soul Riders series by Helena Dahlgren

  • Jorvik Calling (audiobook) (book one) by Helena Dahlgren, Jennifer Jill Araya narrator {NG}

And, then continuing,…

Comedic Fantasy | Fairy-Tale Fantasy:

Urban Fantasy:

The Tipsy Fairy Tale series by Ms Chris (E. Chris Garrison)

The Borderlands Saga by Jennifer Silverwood

  • Silver Hollow (book one) by Jennifer Silverwood {BT}
  • Blackbriar Cove (book two) by Jennifer Silverwood {RIEHR}

The Magical Midway series by Leanne Leeds

October Daye series by Seanan McGuire

dark fantasy:

  • Heartborn (audiobook) by Terry Maggert, narrated by Erin Spencer {AA}
  • Woven (audiobook) by Bree Moore, narrated by Rebecca McKernan {BT}

The Gifted and the Cursed series by Marcus Lee

Superhero Fiction:

Awesome Jones series by AshleyRose Sullivan

Ultra Squad series by Julia Devillers (graphic novels)

And, then continuing,…

mythological fantasy:

the Oceanus series by Emerald Dodge

historical fantasy:

the Merchants of Milan series by Edale Lane

inspy fantasy | high fantasy (focus):

the Ravenwood Saga by Morgan L. Busse

Fantasy Anthologies:

shorts | novellas inside Fantasy Anthologies:

  • Ethical Will by Kaki Olsen (inside UNSPUN anthology) {RIEHR}

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Women’s Fiction | Contemporary Romance:

ChocLit : Little Spitmarsh series by Christine Stovell

ChocLit: Nashville Connections series by Angela Britnell

Identity Detective series by Sandra Danby

Indecision duology by Brittany Fuller

historical women’s fiction

harlequin heartwarming (imprint series)

The Rocky Mountain Cowboy series by Karen Rock:

as you might have inferred, I read this slightly out of sequence as I couldn’t fetch ‘Bad Boy Rancher’ ahead of receiving ‘A Cowboy’s Pride’ – instead, I decided to read it ahead of books 5-8 which are releasing from 2019 & 2020 – it is a series I truly have loved reading!

Shores of Indian Lake series by Catherine Lanigan:

Camden Falls series by Kate James:

The Business of Brides series by Tara Randel:

Meet Me At the Altar series by Tara Randel:

Return of the Blackwell Brothers series (multiple authors)

& the sequel series: Sisters of the Blackwell Brothers series (multiple authors)

the Sweetheart Ranch series by Cathy McDavid

Wishing Well Springs series by Cathy McDavid

Seasons of Alaska series by Carol Ross

Pacific Cove Romances by Carol Ross

Northern Lights series by Beth Carpenter

Heroes of Shelter Creek by Claire McEwen

City by the Bay series by Cari Lynn Webb

Back to Bluestone River series by Viriginia McCullough

the Hollydale series by Tanya Agler

harlequin medical (imprint series)

Harlequin Medical Romances by Amy Ruttan

harlequin superromance (imprint series)

harlequin special edition (imprint series)

harlequin romance (imprint series)

the Cattaneos’ Christmas Miracles series

the Greek Island Brides series

A Bartolini Legacy series

+ Biographical Women’s Fiction +

  • all in her head+ by Sunny Mera {RIEHR, #FRC2015}
  • see also: The Fourteenth of September, listed under ‘Feminist HistFic’ as it befits this heading!

Romantic Suspense:

White Knights series by Susan Sleeman:

  • Fatal Mistake by Susan Sleeman {RIEHR}
  • Kill Shot by Susan Sleeman {RIEHR}

Jacob Pevensey Mysteries by Rosanne E. Lortz

I did read these slightly out of order, as I was on the blog tour for the second novel before I was able to join the blog tour for the third; wherein I had the chance to hear the first!

Historical Romance Fiction:

Historical Rom by ChocLitUK author Liz Harris

Historical Rom by ChocLitUK author Christina Courtenay

(Kumashiro series)

Historical Rom by ChocLitUK author Christina Courtenay

(Kinross series)

  • Trade Winds+ by Christina Courtenay {gift}
  • Highland Storms by Christina Courtenay {gift}
  • Monsoon Mists by Christina Courtenay {gift}

Historical Rom by ChocLitUK author Linda Mitchelmore

(Emma series)

Historical Roms by Philippa Jane Keyworth

The Victorian Ladies series by Sandra Byrd

mills & boon historical romance (imprint series)

the Chadcombe Marriages series by Catherine Tinley

Christmas Stories | Romances:

NOTE: I read more Christmas Romances than these however others are part of series; best to run a search on this page and you’ll see how frequently “Christmas” will pull up for you.

The Merry Hanukkah series by Debby Caruso

+ one in Non-Fiction

Western Romance Fiction:

The Coorah Creek series by Janet Gover:

  • Flight to Coorah Creek+ by Janet Gover {RIEHR, CLS}
  • The Wild One by Janet Gover {RIEHR, CLS}
  • Christmas in Coorah Creek by Janet Gover {gift}
  • Little Girl Lost by Janet Gover {gift}

romance novellas:

romance short stories:

romance novella anthologies:

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Alternative Historical Fiction | with Fantasy or PNR Elements:

Adult Paranormal Romance:

Due note: I am attempting to navigate the world of Adult PNR w/o vulgarity yet finding it still. However, the novels in this list are ones where the strong language did not deter me from the pages and thankfully were not peppered with such a high frequency to divert my joy.

{ includes Time Travel Romance + Time Slips }

Shadows of the Past series by Christina Courtenay

  • The Silent Touch of Shadows by Christina Courtenay {RIEHR, CLS}
  • The Secret Kiss of Darkness by Christina Courtenay {gift}
  • The Soft Whispers of Dreams (audiobook) by Christina Courtenay, narrated by Jenny Funnell {gift}
  • The Velvet Cloak of Moonlight by Christina Courtenay {gift}

(Rossetti Mysteries) by author Kirsty Ferry

The collective works of PNR & Suspense by M.J. Rose

(esp Daughters of La Lune trilogy)

And, then continuing,…

The ones that pushed the envelope for me a bit:

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Select Biographies, Autobiographies & Memoir:

My ruminative thoughts about Betty MacDonald:

Select Topics in Science:

Motherhood | Parenthood | Mumhood | Adoption:

Assorted Subjects & Topics:

Cookery: Savoury & Baking (with a healthy bent of focus):

Literary Journals and/or Poetry:

colouring books and/or art journals:

Fiber art | homemade crafts | old world arts:

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Special Editions | Chapter Samplers:

The following are threaded above by genre however, I am routing them here for ease of finding.

Book badge provided by Squeesome Designs and used with permission.{*KEY: If I denote + next to the author’s name it is a quick reference to the fact that the book was their début and first release! “FI” infers “First Impressions” selection from Book Browse. “CC” refers to being my contribution to the Clockwork Carnival. “BT” refers to the book being connected to a blog book tour. “SFN” refers to my contributions to Sci-Fi November. “RIEHR” refers to ‘received in exchange for an honest review’. “CLS” refers to being a part of a feature on JLAS entitled “ChocLitSaturdays”. “RAL” = read-a-long! “SSPW” refers to Seventh Star Press Week. “RWOOR” refers to received w/o obligation to review. “BTR” refers to Booking the Rails JLAS feature. “Street Team” refers to being on an Author’s Street Team / early reader for review} “B4B” refers to the “Blogging for Books” book for review programme. “BKAWY” refers to a bookaway. “LS” refers to local library &/or inter-library loan (the book was borrowed). “AA” refers to ‘adopted audiobook’ via Audiobookworm Promotions}. “MP” refers to ‘my purchase’. “Script” refers to a book subscription service. “NG” refers to NetGalley.}

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