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Acquired Book By: Earlier this Spring, I participated in an event uniting book bloggers and Indie Authors called #ReviewPit. One of the authors I discovered during this event was Leanne Leeds – of whom has penned a rather interesting Cosy Mystery series – wherein her lead character is a witch and the whole series is rooted out of her love of carnivals and her past experience of them. What intrigued me the most is how this is a Paranormal Fantasy Cosy series and I was thinking it would make a perfect series to curl up inside during #WyrdAndWonder!!

I was seeking stories during #ReviewPit which caught my eye for their uniqueness but also what was quite lovely is how most of the stories which intrigued me to read were actually within the realms of Fantasy! I found this wicked interesting and it is why I was thankful during #WyrdAndWonder Year 2 I could continue to celebrate my love of Indie Authors & Indie Publishers and Press!

I received a complimentary copy of “Witchiest Circus on Earth” direct from the author Leanne Leeds in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

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Something wicked came this way during #ReviewPit:

When I first learnt of the #bookishTwitter event #ReviewPit, I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect – I keep a watchful eye on twitterverse events where writers are seeking betareaders or where authors are seeking publication (ie. #PitchWars, etc) as I generally find #newtomeauthors this way and I do like to champion the writers who are on their path towards becoming published as this is something I can personally relate to as I’m a writer whose currently moonlighting as a book blogger and joyful tweeter! It is lovely to reach out into the Indie community on Twitter and continue to seek out the stories I desire to be reading. Ever since I first started blogging here at Jorie Loves A Story, I’ve had an eye out for Indie Press, Publishers and the writers who are seeking alternative publication – either through the Indie side of publishing directly through established publishers and press; or through Small Trade publishers or taking the full-Indie route into Self-Publishing or Hybrid publishing options.

This is what made #ReviewPit such a keen event for me – I decided to just jump into it and see what I would find. It is run similar to other events where you get a pitch about a story and you are given a clue of a nod towards its genre of interest. I quite literally had such a wicked joy just scrolling through all the lovelies being offered, I wasn’t entirely sure how many would be available to receive as print editions for review but I decided to give myself the chance to just seek out the authors first and request which ones were available lateron.

Turnt out – one of the authors who drew my eye towards her quirky series called the Magical Midway was Leanne Leeds! Here was an author penning Cosy Mysteries (love, love, LOVE those dearly!) with a quirk of a twist – she sets them at a circus with a full bevy of characters you’d expect to find at a circus whilst having this full backdrop of paranormal characters rounding out the cast!

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#EnterTheFantastic with #WyrdAndWonder | Book Review of the Magical Midway Series Invalid book: 0 “The Witchiest Circus on Earth” by Leanne LeedsWitchiest Circus on Earth
Subtitle: Magical Midway Cozy Paranormal Mysteries Book One
by Leanne Leeds
Source: #ReviewPit Author, Direct from Author

Magic under the big top.
Murder under investigation.
Can a non-practicing witch save the family business and live to see the encore?

Charlotte never had the choice to follow in her family’s magical footsteps. Her parents decided decades ago to live amongst the humans and leave the mystical circus far behind. But when her ringmaster uncle is murdered and wills her the family’s magical business, she feels the pull to step back under the big top. As she harnesses the awesome powers of the enchanted performance, she vows to bring her uncle’s killer to justice.

In the midst of juggling her investigation, running the show, and navigating rival groups of carnies, the human-phobic Witches Council schemes to replace her faster than a flying trapeze. With threats coming from both sides of the tent, Charlotte must unmask her uncle’s murderer before the legendary circus takes its final bow.

Genres: Cosy Mystery, Fantasy Fiction, Paranormal Urban Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Places to find the book:

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ISBN: 978-1950505012

Published by Badchen Publishing

on 5th April, 2018

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 280

Published by: Badchen Publishing

Formats Available: Trade Paperback and Ebook

The Magical Midway series:

The Magical Midway series is a paranormal cozy mystery series with eccentric characters, show-stopping magic, sweet romance subplots, and twisty mysteries. If you like eccentric characters, show-stopping magic, and twisty mysteries, then you’ll love this paranormal cozy mystery.

Be sure to visit the Synopsis for these stories on the author’s site!

Charlotte & Aidan (prequel short) | Synopsis

The Witchest Circus on Earth (book one) | Synopsis

Life on the Lion (book two) | Synopsis

Unbearable Magic (book three) | Synopsis

Go for the Juggler (book four) | Synopsis

Irrelephant Omens (book five) | Synopsis

→ A Call to Charms (book six) *forthcoming 2019 | Synopsis

About Leanne Leeds

Leanne Leeds

Leanne Leeds writes sweet, fun, often romantic but always fast-paced paranormal mysteries, fantasies, and romances. She lives in rural Texas with her husband, daughter, and a house full of cats that would sound like Samson if they could talk.


Letter to Readers

Thanks for visiting this book blogger whose reading my stories during #WyrdAndWonder! (be sure to follow the tag in the twitterverse for her updates!) I guess you want to know a bit more than the standard blurb above, hmm?

Well, okay then.

I wrote my first book when I was eight years old – it was, essentially, Trixie Belden fan fiction. Written in pencil and stapled together with a sketch on the front, I was quite proud of my ragged chapbook of a mystery. The desire to write books followed me all the way to The College of Staten Island, where I majored in English with an option in Writing…

…until I dropped out to join the circus. Because, like, why not?

Okay, well, not the circus. I was a production assistant for a stage hypnotist as well as a carnie worker in a variety of food joints touring the Eastern seaboard fair circuit. The experience was relatively short but incredibly impactful on my worldview. Though I went limping back to my apartment in New York broke and had to get a “real job”, I maintained a lifelong fascination with eccentric, alternative and extraordinary lifestyles.

This came in handy in my forties when I was laid off from a large publicly traded company in the middle of mass-layoffs that massacred the careers of nearly everyone I knew—at least for a short time. It was a frustrating end to a 20+ year career in an industry I had once loved but which I now… didn’t. That experience made me realize that I was ready to leave my twenty plus years in management and tech and do something different.

I returned to my childhood dreams of being an eccentric storyteller and living my best weird life. The Magical Midway series was written as a nod to my experience with the showman of the east coast, and their incredible influence on me. I have plans for more paranormal-themed cozies, fantasies, and romances as time goes on, and I tend to produce one book every 2-3 months. These have minimal sexual content (in case that’s important to you).

For dedicated fans, there will always be at least a week-long 99¢ pre-order phase on new books as a thank you. These are announced on the newsletter only, so if you’re interested in getting every future ebook under a buck, sign up!

Thanks for going on this journey with me, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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my review of the witchiest circus on earth:

I, admit, one way of living out-of-doors which has perked an interest is by camping in an yurt – similar to the Little House movement, yurts just hold an appeal for stepping outside your normal routine and embracing a different way of inhabiting a living sphere of possibility. Finding Charlotte was living in a yurt was just a wicked way of entering into her world at the Magical Midway! The added bonus, of course, was finding she was only a stone’s throw away from the FOOD. Being a foodie myself – I definitely would have taken the option of parking my yurt close to the kitchen! The aromatherapy itself would have been worth the closeness of being so close to where everyone would gather to tuck into their next meal! Grant you, similar to the vexations mentioned by Charlotte it wouldn’t bode well for slumbering in the mornings wherein all the rattling ‘noise’ outside your private space would feel invaded by the entire circus as soon as the coffee was brewed but still – you’d only be footsteps away from the food, so for me it would feel like a good compromise!

The fact Charlotte is anchoured between a life of being amongst the ‘normals’ as they refer to the humans in this world and the paranormals of the carnie folk is quite impressive. She apparently has a magical ancestry though – one which her Uncle Phil isn’t afraid of reminding her about as he tries to encourage her to stay longer than the seven days she allocates for her time spent at the Midway. Even her friend Fiona is comfortable round her and you could tell, aside from being a Kelpie who has a fastidious nature about her tail, the two have a close friendship.

Ooh, now that is the kind of magically gifted Uncle a niece could get used to having in her life! When Uncle Phil gave Charlotte a lift of spirits by how he fixed her appearance the day she felt bedraggled is the kind of unexpected kindness which was wicked awesome to find at the beginning of the story!

I personally loved how Leeds augmented the world in which Charlotte was anchoured too against our own world – wherein, she reveals the telling truths of both worlds – from how circuses and travelling carnivals are lost arts, how both are moving through a transitional period where these kinds of lifestyles are no longer commonplace and how both are experiencing a downsize of popularity. It is true, of course, as being GenX I grew up with the circus arriving in towne each year – something I personally looked forward too for the same reasons everyone was wicked thrilled over seeing The Greatest Showman (of which I adored, myself!). There is something to be said for the circus – the acts, the animals and just life under the tent itself – you never knew what to expect and it all was wicked exciting! I was thankfully not the shy kind of kid who was terrified of her shadow (or of clowns!) which is why each year I was able to go to the circus felt like a holiday – a holiday spent away from the outside world and a portal of sorts into a world I could only imagine. Come to think on it – that is most likely what drew my eye into this series – the memories I had and still can bring back to mind of attending the circus I loved as a child!

The foundation of Charlotte’s non-witchy upbringing is brilliant cross-referenced to the unique differences between a faith-based family and a secular family who might have had a spiritual family in the past but one who walked away from the church in the present. It was a new concept to think about a witch’s heritage being repressed and put aside as readily as living a secular life outside of any spiritual background – as it is the first time I saw the two uniquely connected by how much they shared in common by how their paths could be defined by the path chosen through the parents ideologies on behalf of their past heritage. It held merit and it was relatable to the diversity of readers who might pick up the novel; which I felt is most likely why Leeds led with this arc within Charlotte’s journey. Inasmuch as I liked the argument Fiona made towards why Charlotte needs more time within the Midway to better understand her own destiny rather than solely relay on her father’s command for her life.

I nearly laughed loud enough to wake the slumbering owls! Charlotte’s (Charlie as she’s better known) father held a card up his sleeve from his daughter and I suspected this wasn’t the first infraction he was keeping from her as he was such a stick in the mud about their magical origins, it did surprise me a bit about how he elected to resolve an issue at their shelter for adoptable pets. Charlotte’s father did not strike me as a paranormal father who was comfortable embracing his paranormal attributes which is why when he chose this particular route to aid animals in need of being adopted into permanent homes – I had hoped he might have seen the beauty of his particular gift and how it had positively affected their lives. Instead, I almost had the impression he was embarrassed about what he had done and the gift which enabled the outcome.

It wasn’t too long before there was a turning of events for Charlotte – where the reality of her previous life and the fringes of her embracing a new life were about to collide. What I felt was fitting about this transitional period she was experiencing is how limited her knowledge was about the magic she had inherited. We were privy to her perceiving the magical vortex as if a magical rainbow of cosmic synergy had simply descended into her life without warning. Even though this is explained as being planned and was executed on a particular trajectory of delivery it is how it erupts into her life which was the most fascinating. You get to peer into the magical side of Leeds imagination – how she took a seemingly ordinary witch and gave her a deepening responsibility in a magical circus which brokered no fools.

The overwhelming shock of her situation was not lost on Charlotte but the fact she knew less than was needed for her new role in the ‘family business’ was far more concerning. You felt for her really – as her welcoming into the fold at the Midway wasn’t quite what she felt it might have been given the Midway’s history and the reason why she was suddenly ‘promoted’ into this new role. The irony there is the fact she seemed to be the only one justifiably concerned about what had happened. This might have been an asset in one regard – of how her perception was different than everyone else based on how she had been raised and how she had chosen to live her life prior to this moment.

By the time Mina, Mabel and Mercy come calling on Charlotte, you start to see how the tides are shifting for her and everyone else who resides at the Midway. The interesting bit is how the Midway is uniquely populated by animal paranormals moreso than witches or others who are paranormally inclined. This includes such a wide assortment of folks it is hard to pin down their exact numbers per species but there is a lot of interesting characters I can see coming forward in the next installments of the series itself. I think the collection of ‘were-animals’ is going to be an intriguing moment of reckoning inasmuch as I’d love to learn more about Fiona’s people who are the kelpies of the carnival.

These three women are part of the Witches Council who felt as infuriatingly pushy and interfering inasmuch as the same kind of Council on Sabrina the Teenage Witch and of course my beloved Bewitched. They seem to think they are above everyone else which is typical of their station but also, keeping true to how this banks back and forth between an alternative world and the known world of our own – Leeds does well to paint a portrait of how their personalities are equally identifiable by their actions and their intentions; similar to others who possess the same characteristics within our living sphere, too. It became a bit humourous round the edges because of what Charlotte inferred on their behalf and how Samson, the cheekily snarky familiar (ie. cat) she has as a guide in this world would highlight what was both fact or fiction from their conversation. I won’t spoil what happens when Samson sees red from their brief encounter as this is one cat you don’t want to cross paths with if he thinks you mean harm to him, his ringmaster (ie. Charlotte) or anyone associated with the Midway! For me, it was poetic justice how abruptly the meeting ending but also cheekily full of humour which was just rather fittingly brilliant!

Shortly after meeting the Witches Council, Charlotte took it upon herself to sleuth – except of course, since she only spent one week here at the Midway per year, navigating the residents and understanding how they communicated (especially in regards to ascertain truthfulness from a guilty conscience) was quite the undertaking. What riddled my funny-bone though is how there is always a bit of tongue and cheek happening in Charlotte’s life – such as her relationship with her Uncle and how Samson likes to remind her about their telepathic connection. For Charlotte, stepping into the Midway in this new role she was taking on was definitely an exercise in on the job training! She blundered her way through the interviews she needed for background research but also, for a meet and greet with the people she was now in command of protecting. It was a large undertaking – yet, Charlotte had a good attitude about it even if she was more than slightly distracted by the handsomely distracting centaurs!

Two characters I hope make future appearances as they were in minor and supporting roles within this first installment are Jeannie (the Jinn) and Fortuna (the fortune teller). The key reason they each stood out to me is how their paranormal natures were explained and what their gifts entail at the Midway. Most of our first time at the circus and carnival is to simply get our feet wet, start to observe this setting for what it includes and to be begin to understand who populates it. This is why it felt a bit refreshing when I first saw Jeannie and Fortuna take their cues into the scenes they were featured as they were a delightful discovery.

Although this is a Paranormal Fantasy Cosy Mystery – the world has attributes of recognition from our own modern realm. This includes a lot of hot topics of the hour – from currently used buzz words such as being ‘woke’ about Women’s Rights to the right to proper Equality between genders and a movement towards a future without the adversities of the past. There are keen moments of insight about how the constructs of this world are not a mirror per se of our world but they are influenced by our world or rather, each world in of itself is struggling with the same issues found in each others’ realms. Which means to say, there is still quite a bit to be understood in the Midway world which is countered against Charlotte’s upbringing in ours.

There are certain unique moments within the story where we can see the humour of Leeds shining through – especially considering how often a rainbow of colours is fused to a particular magical moment. The magic in this series is bright, vibrant and colourful – though not always benign, it has a way of presenting itself rather spectacularly! This was a lovely light read within a paranormal world which is letting you see past the veil of how it exists. I liked the cosy atmosphere of how Leeds paced the story-line and even though I had a suspicion of whom was the guilty party, she turnt the tables on me in regards to what the plausible motive would have been! Overall, I learnt I want to re-visit this circus and dig a bit deeper into how the world behind the Magical Midway works – as the truer mystery is how the witches and paranormals co-exist at the circus when no one truly understands the finer points of their own living histories. That, for me, is what caused me to cheer for a sequel – as I had a feeling – the closer Charlotte evolves towards a more confident ringmaster, the closer we’ll become towards understanding the hidden truths of her world.

In regards to the world being built behind the Midway:

Conceptionally, the Magical Midway is a rite of both passage and birthright – it has a kind of influence of magic which is intrinsic to individual families. This differs from the townes which are magically descended from a particular place or location as those roots are stronger in how they are not tethered to any person or individual lineage of family. The Midway is a rite of heritage for Charlotte and her father; despite his ardent intention to refute that status and line of passage, it is their blood right as Astley’s. This was uniquely explored by the juxtaposition of how Uncle Phil lived his life in the travelling Midway and how they chose to live in the human world itself. The irony of course is how Charlotte’s family made their individual income and how this benefited their own endeavours with their shelter.

This only the beginning of what the Midway means to Charlotte’s family and how it is present in the witchy world it resides within. In fact, as the story progressed you get a more solid worldview of why the Midway and other circuses and travelling carnivals like it are being threatened. It provides a jumping off point to bridge us into Charlotte’s ancestral past but also to take a strong look at the hierarchy of the witches and the other paranormals who call these places their home.

Note about the font size:

This copy of the Witchiest Circus on Earth is in large print – which I felt was lovely as I sometimes find reading larger print stories helps me ease back into reading after a severely horrid migraine. The beauty of it of course is the less taxing stress on my eyes and my ability to shift easier into the story-line – this font size is slightly larger than traditional large print which would make it agreeable to anyone who might need a size higher than standard print.

the cosy and fantastical styling of leanne leeds:

I love how Leeds inserts her humour straight-off the bat – from how she first describes Charlotte arriving at the Midway and then, how she counters her reflective mirror on Charlotte a full week into the carnival life – wherein, you note how the lifestyle can take a toll on the person living it. It is raw honesty about the long hours and the taxing way the life can make a person feel exhausted in their bones and spirit but also, the humour can be added to cut the seriousness of it as well.

Knowing there is a story involving a lion in the series, I was curious if Uncle Phil mentioning Charlotte should tame them might be a foreshadow of events yet to come. If so, I love how the continuity of the series is immediately visual on the page – especially considering I hadn’t even finished reading the first chapter! Series which own their own world-building and have a proper development ahead of being written speak well of themselves. They make you feel as if the world your first stepping into is not just fully realised but it has already owned its own identity by which you simply have to make the transition as you move inside it. This spoke well of Leeds being able to pull us through her vision and to adjust our impression of how she wanted us to interact with her characters.’

There is a heap of plausible theoretic insight into how Leeds is shaping her world within the Magical Midway – from how there is a division between the humans and the paranormals (as she prefers to call the magical folk and creatures who inhabit her world) to how lifestyles which were once cherished and treasured are now amongst the least understood. It is a fitting augmentation of our own world – where those who lived a more unconventional and transient life in the world of carnivals and circuses suddenly found their centuries old profession to be viewed under a microscope of criticism.

When it came to the Cosy aspects of the story-line, I liked how we took a bit of a naive entrance into the Midway and the Witches Council because it added layers of intrigue into how little Charlotte understood of this world. It was a credit to the foundation of how Charlotte was raised ‘away’ from her heritage and how much she needed to learn on the job if she were going to make any headway at all at understanding what had happened. Traditionally cosy, we hug close to Charlotte as she attempts to unearth the clues she needs to put together a reasonable understanding of the crime which was committed seemingly without anyone observing any wrong doing – this puts us front and centre at the Midway but also lends a new perspective of the Midway to Charlotte.

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Fantastical Elements:

→ Everyday Magic & enchantments

→ Paranormal and Fantastical characters

→ Telepathy (known as “spirit connection”)

→ A higher level of Empath (ie. Charlotte’s Mum)

→ Magical Rainbow Energies

From how Uncle Phil can alter your appearance by using his magical energy on your person to how he curates the circus itself. There is a lot to be known about how Uncle Phil fulfills his role as the ringmaster at the circus and how this role he embodies can become passed down to an heir to the role he was given. It is an interesting familial trait and ancestry of legacy for this witchy family – parts of which are only just being discussed on the surface of things when there is a twist of fate arriving in the midst of Charlotte’s seemingly ordinary life.

What I love most about reading these kinds of stories is how ordinarily fantastic the magic becomes rooted in everyday life. There is an introduction into how grass isn’t exactly what you perceive it to being by our concept of its reality which really makes you heighten your own awareness of what you might be missing in your own ordinary world. Whenever a Fantasy novel can re-transition how you conceptionalise your own living reality it has served a greater purpose than just a stimulatingly good read.

The creatures and species of this series I know are going to develop and strengthen in both appearance and familiarity as we move into the heart of the series. Leeds tempts you with curiosity in this first installment by giving you clues towards whom is in residence at the Midway but doesn’t go over all the details of whom you could encounter as each new story will alight in the series. I think its quite clever really as you meet the creatures you need to know in the here and now; leaving the rest to be discovered lateron as is necessary.

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This book review is courtesy of: Leanne Leeds

Leanne Leeds author logo provided by the author and used with permission.Be sure to return next week when I reveal my thoughts about the second book in this series “Life on the Lion”! I’m reading my way through the Magical Midway series this #WyrdAndWonder! There will also be a gueat author feature arriving lateron in the month as I move closer to my ‘midway’ point!

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my 2019 reading challenges:

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whilst being read during my participation of:

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→ It ought to be known, I disappeared into the Magical Midway series whilst listening to Happy Folk playlist via #Spotify – the chill tracks left me keen on the content and context of the series Ms Leeds created for us to disappear inside. Plus, there was a heap of Indie Artists on this playlist and I love discovering Indie Music inasmuch as I love Indie Fiction; talk about a perfect match! I love finding the music which has a mood and atmosphere which matches the stories I am reading.

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{SOURCES: Cover art of  “Witchiest Circus on Earth”, “Charlotte and Aidan”, “Life on the Lion”, “Unbearable Magic”, “Go for the Juggler” and “Irrelephant Omens” as well as the author photograph for Leanne Leeds, author biography, book synopsis, series synopsis and author logo badge were all provided by the author Leanne Leeds and are used with permission of the author Leanne Leeds. Post dividers by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Pure Imagination. Wyrd And Wonder banner created by @Imyril. Image Credit: Magical book by Jakub Gojda from 123RF.com. Beat the Backlist banner provided by Novel Knight. Rainbow Digital Clip Art Washi Tape made by The Paper Pegasus. Purchased on Etsy by Jorie and used with permission. Blog graphics created by Jorie via Canva: Wyrd And Wonder Book Review badge and the comment box banner.}

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