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There are times where I am happily surprised to be offered the chance to compose a guest feature for a fellow book blogger; add to a conversation within a bookishly lovely interview or co-host a podcast in the world of books. Initially, I cut my teeth in the world of podcasts in late 2013 until November 2015 when I was asked on three separate occasions to create original commentary and/or guest features to coincide with different events.

I am now receptive to entertaining new offers of the same moving into 2016.

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Not until August, 2021 did I realise a lot of the content I had written for fellow book bloggers were no longer available online as their respective blogs have either been deleted or removed completely without an archive currently live online. I will be working on restoring these guest features to Jorie Loves A Story as a reference point for what I previously contributed to the following blogs. Thankfully Roof Beam Reader’s blog is still active and able to be read.

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Interviews | Q&As:
  • Jessica @ Writing Pearls interviewed me for Bloggerthon (announcement on Jorie Loves A Story)(previously published via:

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Guest Features | Essays:
  • Christina Marie @ Dragons, Zombies & Aliens requested guest feature for #RRSciFiMonth (Top Ten Sci Fi Reads)(previously published via
  • Priya @ Priya Prithviraj’s Lit Blog offered me the chance to share my Nanowrimo 2008 Experience (Essay: Year I Reclaimed Being a Writer) *re-published Nov2016
    (previously published via
  • Roof Beam Reader @ Roof Beam Reader guest blogger for #AustenINAugustRBR 2017 (Essay: Diary of a 21st Century Janeite)
  • Roof Beam Reader @ Roof Beam Reader guest blogger for #AustenINAugustRBR 2021 (Essay: Seeking Austen on Audio: A New Appreciation)
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Special Contributions via @SteamCav |

I was a contributor via The Steampunk Cavaliers until I bowed out in April 2016 due to health reasons. I enjoyed helping to launch the collaborative blog whilst celebrating a genre I love reading.

  • Author Interview | Conversing with E.A. Hennessy an Indie Author who used crowd-funding to launch her debut novel “Grigory’s Gadget”!
  • Author Interview | E. Chris Garrison is bringing #EqualityInLit to the world of #Steampunk by writing a story whose lead character is transgender living in world close to our own.

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About The Star Chamber Show

[blogtalkradio weekly podcast]:

The Star ChamberMade my début in the podcast world, on The Star Chamber Show’s,
Wednesday, 4th of December, 2013, Episode 2!!!!!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comLucky me!
All *5!* Chamber Hosts
were in attendance!
@SGZimmer(Stephen Zimmer);
@byMichaelWest (Michael West);
@SelahJanel (Selah Janel);
@AlexanderSBrown (Alexander S. Brown); & @draickinphoenix (S.H. Roddey)!!!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comI *live tweeted* during the podcast & answered audience Qs! via @JLovesAStory (now I’m @joriestory) as well as ON AIR! My segment followed Guest Author E. Chris Garrison (@ecgarrison). She was celebrating the Book Cover Reveal for “Sinking Down” which I featured on JLAS.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comI stepped in on Christmas Day, 2013 as Guest-Host alongside Stephen Zimmer, (@SGZimmer) as we interviewed Guest Author John F. Allen (@johnfallen1970), speaking on behalf of his 2013 debut “The God Killers” (its pertaining to an antique firearm!) and Guest Blogger Jess of Jess Resides Here (@frellathon), Episode 5.

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On 19 March 2014, I made my 3rd appearance on the Chamber after pitching my idea of bringing Hollie (@BooksUndergrnd) & Rosy (@BooksSubway) together *live on air!* Hollie had to opt-out due to her work load, but Rosy decided to come on the show to promote the mission of both ‘volunteer libraries’ on the rail systems in New York City & London!

I headed back as Co-Host & Guest Blogger to explain how I created the *idea!* behind “Booking the Rails!” Launching the feature the same day & the official hashtag: #BookingTheRails! Listen to Episode 16!

The night before Rosy & Jorie went on air; Jorie made a wicked sweet discovery: @BooksMetro (Books on the Metro – of Washington DC!)

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  • Stephen & Hollie give a s/o to Jorie about her in-depth book review on behalf of the Road Ghosts series as well as the first vlog interview she hosted feat. E. Chris Garrison on Episode 107! (14th March, 2018) This was a surprise for me as I hadn’t expected them to talk about the recent blog tour I participated on during this podcast.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comThe Star Chamber on TW (Twitter):
Thanks for listening!!
And, remember I am the Chambers volunteer live tweeting secretary as @JLovesAStory!
Tweet me your reaction(s) if you tune in!
Tweet the Chamber your Qs!
Tune in each Wednesday @9p(EST)!
Join the convo: #StarChamberShow

All Star Chamber podcasts are archived after the original airing! New to the Chamber?

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Although, I was the Chambers volunteer live tweeting secretary, I have decided on the eve of my blog’s first year anniversary (31 March, 2014) to step down from live-tweeting the weekly podcast, in order to pursue meeting-up with writers I have been blessed to get to know via Twitter Chats running concurrently on Wednesdays at 9pm. I will still tune in when an author is featured who is of interest, but I will not be a regular tweet from April 2014 – forward. I am grateful I was able to give as much of my time to listening & promoting the show up until this point! However, as I want to get back into my own fiction writings, I am taking the chance to interact with writers on a personal level who are inspiring me towards that goal!

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If you would like to book me on your blog
or podcast either for a guest feature or an interview,
please use the form below to make your enquiry.
All requests will be considered but I cannot guarantee
I will be able to accept all submitted offers.

Before providing your personal information on this form, please read my Privacy Policy.

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