(Video) Author Interview | Jorie and Ms Chris (virtually) have a convo with each other and discuss the Road Ghosts series! This is #UrbanFantasy Jorie loves to read! Find out more about about the collective works of Jorie’s friend, Ms Chris!

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

I have a very special *surprise!* for you, today is the dawn of a new interview series here on Jorie Loves A Story! As you know, I love trying new ways to connect with authors & for the readers of my blog to enjoy the conversations I bring to my blog. I’ve hosted live interviews on my blog where authors respond to questions in real-time with readers as much as I’ve hosted author chats on Twitter; not just solely the ones I host via @SatBookChat.

March, 2018 marks my 5th Blogoversary (on the 31st) here on Jorie Loves A Story – what better way to mark the auspicious milestone than to bridge into a new way of conversing with the writers I am appreciative for having crossed my path as a reader and as a book blogger? The first two lovelies will be focusing on two such authors – whose stories have enriched my heart & endeavoured to take my imagination further than I have travelled previously. They each write Speculative Fiction stories in niches of genre I had never known about previously until I tucked into their beautiful lovely novels and discovered new ways of ‘seeing’ Spec Fic!

I have scheduled a third video interview this Spring by an author I hope to read one day – so you see, today is quite the special day! This is the first in a series of video interviews wherein I have found a way to new media outlets to reach out through the divide and interact with authors in a way which builds on the conversations I started five years ago on Jorie Loves A Story but allows this new portal of insight to draw us all a bit closer and have the opportunity to get to know each other on a bit more of a personal level of insight.

I look forward to taking this journey with you and reading your reactions after you finish listening the conversations as they evolve. Although, these are vlog interviews – I encourage you to play them as they are embedded here, whilst having the JOY of reading my in-line reactions as I initially listened to them myself – seeing where the author & I each reacted to each other as we had this ‘virtual’ fireside chat and engaged in an intrapersonal way.

If you use YouTube directly, I encourage you to leave a comment on there as well as on this post in the threads below. This way both I & the author will know your thoughts, listening to your thoughtful comments & the conversation can carry forward. Bless you if you chose to share the video or this post on your own social networks.

Now, as you know – I am rather infamous for having delightfully in-depth conversations – therefore, before you hit the PLAY button, due yourself a kind favour? Brew yourself a cuppa & find a comfy spot to sit – this is interview is just shy of *forty!* minutes of bookish insight & writerly blissitude of the collective writings of Ms Chris (E. Chris Garrison). She’s a dear friend of mine – as previously disclosed – connected through this series (the Road Ghosts) as explained on my review of the series whilst we had the chance to ‘hear’ each others’ voices for the first time when we were both guests on the Star Chamber Show.

Come see why we both *love!* the paranormal & psychological suspense with dashes of Cosy Horror thrown in for good measure! Take a walk into the unknown realms & find an author talking openly & honestly about what excites her about her characters & why she loved writing this epic series entitled: Road Ghosts! Remember: as we both love the paranormal – share your own takeaways about ghosts & hauntings in the Comments!

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On my connection to Ms Chris (aka E. Chris Garrison):

I first discovered the style of Ms Chris’s story-telling when we both appeared on the Star Chamber Show, which is a weekly podcast on BlogTalkRadio sponsored by the publisher Seventh Star Press. Since our first encounter with each other, we’ve developed a friendship I am blessed to have and I appreciate getting to know a bit more about an author whose not only developing a unique style in the world of Fantasy but is receptive to the thoughts readers have as they gain impression by reading the stories themselves.

I am disclosing this, to assure you that I can formulate an honest opinion, even though I have interacted with Ms Chris through our respective blogs, the twitterverse, the podcast world, and privately. I treat each book as a ‘new experience’, whether I personally know the author OR whether I am reading a book by them for the first time. For more information, I disclosed a bit more on my first 10 Bookish, Not Bookish Thoughts (read No.7!).

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The Road Ghosts Series:

Four ‘Til Late (Book One)

Sinking Down (Book Two)

+ Spectral Delivery (companion short story) | *to fit between books 2 & 3

Me and the Devil (Book Three)

Published By: Seventh Star Press (@7thStarPress)
Available Formats: Softcover and Ebook

Why I appreciate reading the stories by E. Chris Garrison:

I’ve come to love how Ms Chris combines the supernatural with the fantastical – of how she has her own unique style for giving us Urban Fantasy with heaps of quirkified humour wherein the cosier bits of horror which are sometimes laced inside her stories never truly feel oppressively horrific. She keeps the tempo light in her craft but there are keen moments of seriousness abounding in them as well. She hits on harder topics, delves into the emotional and psychological lives of her characters but at the heart of her narratives are rag-tag families who choose to be together (strangers turnt friends who become bonefide family) to take-on whatever sinister forces are out to drag them down.

You get the benefit of having all the lovelies you love out of Fantasy intermixed with supernatural entities which could leave a few hairs standing on end – as they are brilliantly conceived and have their own nod of realistic intensity about them but you also know, your in for one wild and wicked awesome ride of a story! You can easily get caught up walking alongside her characters, seeing what they see and experiencing a bit of their lives as you do. They’re ordinary people who have had the extraordinary enter into their lives without too much interference on their end to jump-start the veils between the worlds to disappear. It’s keen how she writes the stories as if everything happening inside them is as natural to occur to her characters as meteorological phenoms.

-quoted from my SERIES Review of Road Ghosts

Read about how the Road Ghosts series was created & developed via Beauty in Ruins

I, especially loved reading this guest post on the blog tour this month due to the fact I hadn’t known the inside bits of how it was created or what was etched inside it until now. Connecting the dots on who inspired ‘Gonzo’ makes sense but also, how Gonzo embodies the spirit of ‘Uncle Chuck’ – this much I knew from reading ‘Restless Spirit’ ahead of the Road Ghosts series. Somehow I had also missed the fact my dear friend is a paranormal sleuth as well – something I’ll happily have to add to our upcoming convo for the tour! As we share a love of parapsychology! Ha! As soon as I saw her saying ‘Scooby Doo for grown-ups’ I smirked like a Cheshire cat! For one thing, who *didn’t!* watch Scooby Doo!? lol This guest post is delightfully engaging for those of us who haven’t had the pleasure of following the series as it released.

Converse on Twitter: #RoadGhosts & #7thStar

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Listen the 1st Video Interview between Jorie & Ms Chris:

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*LIVE* reactions from Jorie

When Ms Chris mentioned she wanted to have ‘something’ travelling with the boys & Liz on the road trip – I *loved!* what she pitched about having a twist about the ‘van’ and how it could have played a more central role in the paranormal aspects of the story. I nearly snorted though with laughter when she mentioned the other option she considered! Mostly as it’s a ‘classic’ way to unsettle people in this kind of a story & add its own folly to the mix.

I concurred with her response about what is harder to distance yourself from – as those are entities on a whole other ‘level’ of horror because they have their own natures & are rather scary in their own right due to their innate instincts.

I should mention – as I was listening to this initially after it was created, I had the honour & joy of interacting with Ms Chris directly via DM (on Twitter). I was able to share how I was reacting to her replies but also, I mentioned how I had a smile the whole time I was listening to the conversation because it came across so very natural & authentically real – almost as if we had had this fireside chat together. I felt like I had been with her the whole time and not disconnected by distance. I hope this will come across to each of you who are listening to it – also, when she smiled or laughed or said something ‘directly’ to me, I was either nodding or voicing a reply in turn! The beauty of DMs is giving real-time feedback and/or having a conversation which might be hindered by email as it elongates the response time. For this project it became the connective thread wherein two friends could come together and have such a lovely surprise for the blog tour!

This next question was sparked out of the fact I have a preference for travelling by car & for taking road trips. In my early twenties, I went 15,000 miles criss-crossing through the Upper Mid-West, the Central Mid-West, the Mid-Atlantic & the Northeast. Mum & I had some wonderful discoveries and Dad happily flew in as his schedule would allow to meet-up with us. Some of my favourite memories of travelling are on a part of that journey.

I have also been to New Orleans, except as a teenager which is why I mostly enjoyed seeing Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (the feature film) and enjoying walking downtown or listening to music coming out of the clubs on Bourbon Street but not having the chance to ‘go in’ as I was underage. I hadn’t heard of the red beans & rice meal – I do remember eating the largest sandwich on the planet: their infamous Muffaletta! #beyondyum

Quite alright! Sometimes it’s hard to remember what we loved in the past. I was happily learning about how we both love being on the open road & I hadn’t even realised she’s visited both NOLA + Memphis – although, as I was reading the series, it did feel like someone was etching in real-life memories – as these are two cities with distinctively familiar personalities and local flavour. You can read about it but sometimes first-hand experience can’t be imagined.

I *love!* how Ms Chris doesn’t ever fully push the Zombie [envelope] and thereby, writes stories which I can read & enjoy. As I’m not an appreciator of the ‘undead’ as they are generally known.

In regards to Liz’s scene where the demon attacked her – I must admit, that scene nearly pushed me in aspects of what I could handle happening in that scene. However, the reason I hadn’t flagged it on my review is because of what Ms Chris did within the fuller scope of the scene and how she let the camera (so to speak) zoom out and re-focus on a lovely twist of fate wherein we go from this guttingly dramatic moment for Liz to this rather classically brilliant comeback which reflects the personality of one of the main characters.

(no spoilers – I would rather you all read it and see how she dealt with the challenges of this scene & who saved the day!)

This next segue about ‘ghouls vs Zombies’ was wonderful as I hadn’t quite known all the ins/outs of their differences – as I am not widely read in this particular genre. In fact, as I’ll disclose a bit further into the convo, I share something in common with Ms Chris in this regard! When she was describing what a ‘ghoul’ is and how a ‘ghoul’ still has a smidge of hope still left in their soul’s journey was a beautiful sequence of listening to a writer & how she loves the process in which she crafts her characters whilst giving them heart-centering back-stories. It also reflects how even within Urban Fantasy there are a lot of layers of dimension which bespeak to not just the human condition but to the journey we take whilst we live; evolving through our experiences.

I had a feeling Uncle Chuck might have passed on before the series was created – I hadn’t confirmed this before I pitched the question. I think he’s definitely smiling from Heaven listening to this answer. I’ve learnt more about this series & Uncle Chuck through wandering through the blog tour route (linked below!) and through reading the Road Ghosts series itself – as Ms Chris has etched in such a healthy portrait of his essence, you can gather a proper sense of who he might have been.

I also felt like she did that someone who is writ into a story would appreciate how the writer felt as they created a character in their honour. I can also speak about this first-hand as an author blessed me by naming a character after me whilst uncannily giving her attributes of which I could recognise in myself.

The story was entitled: Robin’s Reward and you can read my thoughts on it’s behalf. This was in 2015 – I’ve had some wonderfully memorable experiences as a book blogger and as a reader through these past five years, each of them have become little pearls of joy in my memories tapestry – this however, was an unexpected surprise – one of those moments you aren’t expecting to have in your life & your so very overcome by the kindness in the gesture. I’ve had other moments like this one – where an author has truly taken me unawares & delighted me speechless by their graciousness. I hope others experience the same as it has made this journey of mine extra special. In regards to being writ into a novel – it’s ranked up there with becoming an Auntie. Something to cherish as your heart is full of thanksgiving.

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* Paranormal Sites of Interest * | mentioned in the Convo

Central State | Bobby Mackey’s Music World

Loveland Castle | Hannah House

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Ms Chris took time to take us on a ‘trip’ of haunted sites she’s personally visited which reminded me so much of my love of reading Ms Snider’s Paranormal Texas! These are real places anyone can visit (with permission as Ms Chris had mentioned) – however, one thing I remembered in my own research of places to visit on my travels is not ever mental institution which is previously haunted & then retrofitted into either commerce or living quarters lateron is absent of its quirks! I remember one up in the Grand Traverse region of Michigan which had its own share of histories of paranormal activity & re-fitting the grounds did not entirely takeaway that built in history.

It does give you a few shivers listening to the places you can visit where you might feel or sense a presence near you. You always hope (or rather I do & believe she does as well) the presence you’ll encounter is benign & friendly – similarly to wanting to visit places of paranormal interest such as this – I love to visit cemeteries. I had forgotten to ask her about this in the convo as I was trying to encompass all her stories & give her a chance to talk about our mutual interest of the paranormal but also let her share her writing life.

I should say, I *knew!* her answer was going to be ‘no’ on expounding the Historical Romance from Spectral Delivery – however, as a reader who felt connected to this couple in their romantic moment, I sensed there might be more to their story. I had to ask for that reason alone – even though, her response is almost the one I envisioned she might share! I suppose you could say through our friendship I’ve come to intuit her writings & understand what she likes to create therein. She did give me a bone – there *could be!* a new short!

I almost regretted asking about Gonzo & Brett – I hadn’t meant to drudge up an emotional memory as I hadn’t realised this particular question would go back to that kind of a memory. Although, in another way, it also helped me understand these two characters a bit better as I knew there must have been a real-life component to the story – as Gonzo did feel like a real composite of someone. I was thankful she shared her heart and gave us a bit of insight into why Brett’s journey is as important as it is within the Road Ghosts series.

Ha! I tried to sort through this myself – yet, I couldn’t put thought to mind how the Uncle moniker was attached! Of course, it’s something so obvious I clearly overlooked! lol

Did you notice how she lights up with joy & happiness talking about Liz? This is one of my favourite sequences of our convo – I *loved!* finding out more about Liz! She truly stood out to me in the story and I suppose in a lot of ways I could relate to her the most. Her personality is a near-match to my own – I’m a joy seeker & I love to give a lift of joy to others. Plus, I do strive to focus on the lighter side of life rather than the woes – we all have to address them & face them, but overall, I do strive to remember to see reasons to smile & to find a connection (even if it’s small) of joy within my hours to be a bolt of strength for when life grows adverse.

I love finding a writer who loves creating their characters as much as I do myself – we don’t oft get to talk about the craft of writing – mostly I suppose, is a fault of my own, as I’ve been focusing on cheerleading for authors rather than talking openly about my own writing life – except for when I get chatty during @SatBookChat (of course!).

Totally surprised me hearing about how Tipsy Fairy Tales was organically conceptionalised after the Road Ghosts series! They are so stream-lined together I almost thought there must have been a master plan! This speaks to how well she fuses not only her vision for her worlds & characters but how she masters continuity and pacing!

Laughs. Literally OUT loud laughing from me – I know my questions sometimes take on a compound nature of enquiry – this convo was a bit more rushed as we were losing hours to get to camera (due this week I had connectivity & tech issues) – although in theory, I am quite sure I would have come up with a few whoopers even if I hadn’t been nearly as pushed for deadline! lol What can I say? I love challenging the authors I interview,.. plus, one sentence questions are so droll! (smirks) Yes, I’m being cheeky!!

Even Ms Chris had a hearty laugh of this!!

Listening to Ms Chris talk about her thoughts on behalf of the Road Ghosts universe, the Tipsy Fairy Tales, her Trans-Con world and all her lovely shorts & novellas – I truly was blessed for such an incredibly in-depth response which allows you, my reader to become more thoroughly introduced to her stories!

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Her short w/in The Gift of the Magi was highlighted on my review

Her short w/in the A Chimerical World was highlighted on my review

I’ve happily blogged my journey into the Tipsy Fairy Tales:

Blue Spirit | Restless Spirit & read Skye in Mr Sullivan’s Virtual Blue

I am reading her Trans-Con novellas for #WyrdAndWonder

I haven’t had the pleasure of gathering her anthology: Alien Beer & Other Stories nor have I had a chance to gather the new print edition of Reality Check. I am eagerly awaiting Mean Spirit the third installment of the Tipsy Fairy Tales & was encouraged there are more stories arriving in the Trans-Con universe as this is a pro-positive Steampunk series about a transgender character by a transgender authoress. I’m also encouraged she might write more about Frannie & Enid – however, what warmed my heart is hearing about this wicked new concept which is a “Flash Fiction Novel” wherein their interconnected!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

Teleportation! Literally the *one!* ability I was trying like mad to remember & include – yet it remained elusive. Just out of the surface of memory – so wicked awesome this was her choice! Wouldn’t that be a rather keen talent!? Of course, we’d have to work out the kinks of just *blinking!* here or there & sorting out destination points – but ooh! Outside of transporter tech (a la Star Trek) I must admit, this has it’s bonuses!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

Katina French (Twisted Fairy Tales) | RJ Sullivan (Ghost stories & Sci-Fi)

We share a mutual love of Mr Sullivan’s stories:

Darkness with a Chance of Whimsy | Commanding the Red Lotus

And, you’ll notice I *loved!* discovering one of Ms French’s shorts w/in The Gifts of the Magi which was “The Curious Case of the Cobbler’s Christmas”.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

I love being a betareader for authors myself & was happily surprised this is another interest & passion we share in common with each other!

Mum & I concurred with this – about how people who go in search of the paranormal tend to overlook the fact you have to go into it with an open-mind similar to how you engage in hiking in nature. You don’t go with the thought you’ll have an immediate sighting – you go hoping you’ll experience something but have a happy heart even if you don’t.

Seriously!? Hmm. I never would have fathomed,.. *about Austin, Texas* – loved how she contemplated writing a story set there,… hmm, dear hearts we’ll have to wait & see what develops,…

Ahh, isn’t that lovely!? I made Ms Chris *blush!* when I compared her to Hitchcock! :) When she talked about the graphic nature of Supernatural – I admit, I *knew!* what she meant as whenever we were watching NCIS (& the sequels: LA & NOLA) Mum & I would look away & chat amongst ourselves during those scenes or wander into the kitchen & pull together something to nosh on. Irony is how we both watch series which aren’t entirely writ or produced in the style we prefer. As I’m constantly finding reasons to disclose to authors & readers I have a sensitive heart – thereby I don’t read overtly explicit stories either.

*Sidenote: I gave up the towel on NCIS when LA killed off Sam Hanna’s wife; NCIS broke our hearts themselves by some of the choices of series direction & NOLA lost it’s own head somewhere along the route of the 2 to 3rd season. *oy!

I smiled into a laugh too as I listened to how Amy inspired her to seek out the paranormal through ghost hunting! I admit, I’ve only read stories about ghost hunting or read about haunted ghost walks I’d like to take if I get to visit the cities & townes I’ve found which have seemingly interesting ones to embark on whilst still remembering the haunting near Wilmington where a soldier guards over the shores with his sword. I guess you could say I love the ‘stories’ surrounding the hauntings – which you sort of gathered if you read my thoughts on Paranormal Texas!

As Ms Chris was ending her vlog interview – I was the one who was surprised by how she concluded her thoughts,… she truly gave me a heart-hug! It is true though – if I hadn’t stumbled across the original purple badge for hosting for Tomorrow Comes Media I never would have found Seventh Star Press. Which means of course, I never would have been on the Star Chamber Show nor would I have come across Ms Chris’s writings. If you look back over your life, there are markers of enlightenment – of how your path altered and flowed & led you to interact with certain people who would one day before your friend.

A bit of insight – Four ’til Late was the first novel I was offered to host on a blog tour & review – I oft wondered what it would have meant had I said ‘yes’? Would we have arrived here today with the revelations & conversation? Or would having read it then in late 2013 altered everything which came next because I hadn’t read the Tipsy Fairy Tales first? Ahh, dear hearts – that’s a whorley swirly Doctor Whoism for you!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

*Trivia: Ms Chris & I are a lot alike – you have a lot of insight into me simply by listening to this vlog interview. Even how we both like to smile or we share an insight laugh – those are parts of our personality we have in common.

*Trivia: Mum immediately said “So would I” when she revealled teleportation was her most inclined paranormal talent to wish into her life. I was a bit surprised & then, as I thought about it – their both right! You could literally be with your friends & see the world in a *flash!* FYI: my Mum works 12 shifts four times a week now; previously she worked 7 days a week & many of those shifts were either 8, 10 or 12 hours long.

Therefore, I take care of the homefront whilst she’s away – with Dad now a year and nearly a half outside his stroke – we’re getting back to basics as a family & have a better pace of normalcy if you will. I’ve fallen in love with cooking again & that is partially acredited to the new cookware Mum found & partially due to a new local farmer’s market – the fact our landlord is blessing us with a new stove as ours is on it’s last dying breath here – is a true blessing. I try to find movies at our local library to watch whilst finding late night comics via YouTube to dissect & find humour in current events whilst remember to check author blogs, IG feeds & other bits online which might break-up the monotony of Mum’s days as due to the long hours she thrives on ‘down-time’ after work. We also have a rotating crazy schedule of meals – which I happily am up to the challenge to make happen! lol

Reason I’m bringing this up!? Late last night I made us an after midnight snack (grilled honey smoked ham with pan-toasted bread with melted pepper jack cheese and a side of baked beans with green tea and fused honey) and pulled up this vlog interview. She *loved!* it because she said it truly showed two friends who love each others’ company but also, it gave Ms Chris a chance to talk about her writings and share her writerly life with others.

PS: Over lunch today, it’s Dad’s turn to listen to the vlog & he’s just as excited as Mum!

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About Ms Chris (E. Chris Garrison)

Ms Chris Garrison

E. Chris Garrison writes Fantasy and Science Fiction novels and short stories. She used to publish as Eric Garrison, but has since upgraded.

Her latest series is Trans-Continental, a Steampunk adventure with a transgender woman as its protagonist. The series is set in one of the worlds in Chris’s dimension-hopping science fiction adventure, Reality Check, both of these series are published through Silly Hat Books. Silly Hat Books released Alien Beer and Other Stories, a collection of her short stories, in 2017.

Chris’s supernatural fantasy stories include the Road Ghosts trilogy and it's companion series the Tipsy Fairy Tales are published by Seventh Star Press. These Urban Fantasy novels are humorous supernatural fantasies, dealing with ghosts, demonic possession, and sinister fairy folk delivered with a “lightly dark” side of humor.

Her novel, Reality Check, is a Science Fiction adventure released by Hydra Publications. Reality Check reached #1 in Science Fiction on Amazon.com during a promotion in July 2013. Chris lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with her wife, step-daughter and cats. She also enjoys gaming, home brewing beer, and finding innovative uses for duct tape.

*Biography updated: March, 2018

Closing Thoughts:

Thank you for reading this post & spending time with Ms Chris & I as we discuss the Road Ghosts series. I hope parts of this interview have encouraged you to seek out one of her stories or series. Again, I hope you will take the time to leave comments for Ms Chris & myself in the threads below this post and/or underneath this vlog interview on YouTube directly!

We loved making this video!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

This blog tour is courtesy of:

 Tomorrow Comes Media Logo badge provided by Tomorrow Comes Media.Thank you, Ms Chris for giving me a heart full of wicked sweet joy in making this vlog!

Follow the rest of the blog tour for wicked insightful reviews & more guest features:

EChrisGarrison Blog Tour via Tomorrow Comes MediaFun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

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{SOURCES: Book Covers of “Road Ghosts Omnibus Edition”, “Four ’til Late”, “Sinking Down”, “Me and the Devil” and “Spectral Delivery” as well as the author photograph of E. Chris Garrison, author biography, book synopsis, blog tour badge, TCM Host badge and Seventh Star Press badge were provided by TCM (Tomorrow Comes Media) and used with permission. Quotations from “Four ’til Late” and “Sinking Down” were selected by Jorie as she read the book and is being used with permission of Seventh Star Press. Post dividers by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Pure Imagination. Tweets are inserted due to codes provided by Twitter. Instagram photo inserted due to codes provided by Instagram. Blog graphics created by Jorie via Canva: Video Interview Banner using Unsplash.com (Creative Commons Zero) Photography by JESHOOTS.COM and the Comment Box Banners.}

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2 responses to “(Video) Author Interview | Jorie and Ms Chris (virtually) have a convo with each other and discuss the Road Ghosts series! This is #UrbanFantasy Jorie loves to read! Find out more about about the collective works of Jorie’s friend, Ms Chris!

  1. Wow, that is one long interview! It’s too bad I don’t know anything about this author, so I didn’t really keep listening for the whole 40 minutes :) but it’s really cool that you’ve come up with a new outlet for your blog, and a new direction. Hey, maybe you’re planning to interview Kimberlee Bastian this way? That would be so cool! (I haven’t started reading yet, BTW.)

    Oh, by the way, you should check out The Zanna Function – as a fellow sci-fi nerd you will LOVE it!! Might still be on NetGalley. You will not regret it.

    Also, congratulations on the upcoming blogiversary :)

    • Hallo, Hallo Evelina,

      Hosting vlog interviews is a joy of mine – I had two more scheduled after Ms Chris but they were not able to be completed as planned due to a conflict with time with the authors. However, I recently released a second one featuring the first novel of a Historical Feminist Fantasy series from an f/f perspective wherein Edale Lane happily disclosed the fuller scope of historical content behind and through the series as it develops within the Night Flyer trilogy!

      I was a bit surprised you hadn’t listend to the full interview – as partially why I was hosting these vlog interviews was to offer up a chance for readers to become introduced to new authors in an interpersonal way. By listening to the full interview you get to know a bit more about them, the way they craft their stories and how much they love being writers of their craft.

      That is a good idea – to ask Ms Bastian if she would like to be featured in one of these and I’ll have to see what I can do about that idea!

      I hadn’t had the chance to chase down “The Zanna Function” as of yet – I’m not a digital ereader due to chronic migraines and I only just joined NetGalley this February as they are going to be offering audiobooks for review purposes this coming Summer, 2020. This is the first time I’ve been able to join the website because previously you could only request ebooks for review which of course doesn’t apply to me as I only read books in either print or audio versions.

      Thank you for celebrating my 5th Blogoversary when you commented – however, would you imagine I’m about to celebrate my 7th at the end of March? I wasn’t able to keep up with the comments coming into my blog the past few years due to health afflictions and a higher frequency of migraines. This New Year 2020 I’ve been re-reading my comments and responding to the ones I felt still warranted a response whilst keeping up with the new ones coming in as well. It is a new day for me where I can finally read the comments, respond and start journeying through the book blogosphere again!!

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