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Wyrd and Wonder banner created by Imyril and used with permission.

You might have caught sight of the posts I released during our 1st #WyrdAndWonder main event this past May, 2018 – or seen the feeds of @WyrdAndWonder populating my @joriestory! In other words, #WyrdAndWonder might not be a SURPRISE to you – if you weren’t able to visit with me during May, kindly take a quick peek @ my #WyrdAndWonder archives to gauge what the event was about for me! For those of you who haven’t had the proper chance to know what *wyrd and wonder* entails – here is the official declaration I made back in MAY:

#WyrdAndWonder : A month-long event celebrating the fantastical worlds we all love to imagine as if they were bonefide places we could visit IRL. This is an event to focus on the breath-takingly epic world-building by the writers of FANTASY who re-elevate our readerly lives with their capacity for bridging reality & fantasy together in such a way as to give us a *pause of breath!* to drink in the magical realms they’ve endeavoured to present to us with the breadth of WONDER which will live within our hearts long after we conclude their stories and/or series.// annually in MAY

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One event per year felt a bit… hmm, how to put it? Limiting? There is so much to *celebrate!* when it comes to Fantasy, we agreed with our fellow fantastical mates who convo’d us during May’s inaugural #wyrdandwonder who were hopeful there could be ‘minis’ throughout the year – peppering into our lives @ random intervals and taking on different thematics of interest! To put it plainly:

#wyrdandwonder : the ‘minis’ – a celebration of thematic Fantasy events (less than 30 days) spilt throughout the year before & after our annual event in *May* These will randomly be added to our bookish calendars as my lovely co-hosts Lisa & Imyril and I see fit to host them! They could be specific to a season, to a type of Fantasy story or moved ‘out’ of book world completely & embrace other styles of the fantastical – from tv, film, art, fashion, music & all creative routes which can seek out the realms of Fantasy! The first such ‘mini- debuts October, 2018!

Doesn’t that sound wicked wonderful!? In conjunction with this official ‘calendar’ page for announcing our minis – I am going to be archiving these announcements each time we declare there is a NEW one to join! I am also going to be posting a *thread of this mini-event on the front side of my blog – where I’m going to ink out a map of choices for what I can delve inside whilst the *13 days!* of #SpooktasticReads is happening!

I am rather *excited!* to announce which #newbook I am hopeful will be a part of those wanderings as I decided to limit myself to *3!* choices and see what happens once I venture into them! I am also going to ‘add’ a layer of joy to this mini with a choice in *feature film!* Shh!! ‘mum’s the word’ til the announcement goes LIVE,… IF you saw my *live tweeting!* of watching #Labyrinth for the first time, you might be able to *guess!?*

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My lovely co-hosts have announced Wyrd & Wonder on their lovely blogs – be sure to visit all of us in order to share your thoughts & let us know what you think about the EVENT! You’ll find Lisa @deargeekplace (post) & Imyril @imyril (post)

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Here is what you need to know:

#SpooktasticReads banner created by Lisa (@deargeekplace) Photo Credit: Unsplash Photographer Mark Tegethoff. (Creative Commons Zero) Used with permission.
#SpooktasticReads banner created by Lisa (@deargeekplace)
Photo Credit: Unsplash Photographer Mark Tegethoff. (Creative Commons Zero)

Who can take part?

YOU! This is an open event – anyone can jump on board at any time. There’s no obligation – you can just read what other people post, or you can join a chat for a bit, or you can write enough blog posts to rival the biggest fantasy doorstop.

How can I take part?

Follow our Twitter feeds via @WyrdAndWonder + our tag #WyrdAndWonder whilst sign-up to participate via the form linked below! Come 18th October, we’ll be sharing links to your blog posts, hosting Twitter chats (in the vein of those after midnight convos and/or late night fantastical convos you might have experienced in May 2018) and you’re welcome to spread the fantasy love across whatever social media channels you like to use. Although, for our first-mini #SpooktasticReads we did not organise a specific photo challenge for Twitter and Insta – you are welcome to post on both socials and tag us as you do for RT/shares.

What will be going on?

With Halloween looming close, all spooky and full of sweets and treats (no tricks!), I am super excited to bring you news of a seasonal mini-event under the banner of Wyrd & Wonder, the online fantasy celebration event that had its first month-long run back in May. Jorie, imyril and I had been bouncing around the notion of a few mini-events here and there ever since, and we’ve decided to get the ball rolling on that with a Halloween special edition!

The idea is pretty straightforward. The event will run from October 18th up to the 31st (for 13 days, because we’re nerds and we like the nod to superstition), and it’s open to whoever wants to take part. All you need to do is pick a fantasy book (or piece of short fiction, or heck, even a movie if that’s your bag) with a spooky/scary flavour, read it, and review/tweet/discuss your pick. And if 13 days is enough time, you can even pick two books! Or more! It is completely up to you.

Your choice can be anything within the “spooky fantasy” spectrum, too! You want Urban Fantasy with actual spooks and monsters, go for it! Got a Dark Fantasy you’re keen on? Have at it! A Horror story with supernatural elements? Bring it. The underworld’s your oyster. Or something.

There’s no official sign-up required – all you need is social media access. We’re using the hashtag #SpooktasticReads, and remember to tag @wyrdandwonder if you’re tweeting stuff. We want to revel in all your Halloween revelries! The graphic posted above is also available for your use – just please remember to credit the photo! (See caption.)

Sign me up!

→ There isn’t an official sign-up for this mini-event except to say, either tag us on Twitter or Insta and/or leave a comment on one of our blogs to alert us to the fact your taking part!

→ To be more direct about letting us know your participating: Contact @wyrdandwonder on Twitter (you can DM us as well) or drop us an email at wyrdandwonder(at)onemore.org

Feel free to tweet a s/o to one of the hosts to ask Qs ahead of the event as well! Be sure to use the tag #wyrdandwonder as your convo’ing us – this way, the tag will start to generate interest by others who might be keen on the idea of month dedicated to FANTASY!

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as you start to engage on Twitter or instagram!

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{SOURCES: Nose Graze Divider No. 4 provided by Nose Graze. #SpooktasticReads banner created by Lisa (@deargeekplace) Photo Credit: Unsplash Photographer Mark Tegethoff. (Creative Commons Zero) and is being used with permission. Post dividers by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Pure Imagination.}

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