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Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comMy participation in SFN : SciFi November (SciFiMonth) began in 2013, shortly after I first went *live!* to the world with Jorie Loves A Story! Although I had been actively visible since August 2013, I felt as though I hadn’t fully grown into my book blogger wings until November! It was the very same month I elected to go on *Twitter!* and was able to participate a bit more in the event, except to say I had held off a bit in the opening weeks of the month and simply enjoyed the rest of the hours where I was able to interact with participants and experience the event in a fullness I had not had as it begun.

The original logo badge was created by Rinn @ Rinn Reads (event organiser & founder)

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Likewise, she also created an informative poster which you see below:


Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comWhat I truly love about the event is the interaction & interconnection amongst those in the science fiction & fantasy worlds — from readers, writers, sci-fi enthused geeks, to everyone in-between who gets a lot of ready joy and passion out of both genres! For me, I always tend to include ‘fantasy’ when I am speaking on behalf of science fiction even though for the most part I realise the event is to focus on the larger umbrella of the genre as a whole!

SFN November badge created by Kelley at Oh, the Books!Rinn had expressed her concern for hosting the event in 2014 as she was not sure if she would have hours needed to dedicate to hosting it without a bit of help. Imagine my happy surprise to learn that the team behind “Oh, the Books!” has stepped forward and aided her in this pursuit! The badge above is reflective of this co-hosting as it was created by Kelley! Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

Sci Fi Month 2015 badge created by Rinn @ Rinn Reads and used with permission.

In 2015, Lisa @ Over the effing Rainbow joined as co-host. This was the year I had tried to redeem myself by renewing my interest in Doctor Who whilst attempting to catch-up with my science fiction readings that had faltered a bit in 2014. Falling ill towards the latter half of SFN curbed all hope of finishing the books I had slated to read, including The Clan Chronicles which I concluded between August & September of 2016 instead. The Clan Chronicles forever changed my impression on Space Opera and Epic Science Fiction due to how Ms Czerneda crafted her world-building and developed her characters as a whole. The distinctive edge she had on carving depth out of a near-futuristic world is beyond incredible and my readings of her stories within the Clan universe held me over til 2016.

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SFN : 2013 Archive of Participation

SFN : 2014 Archive of Participation

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SFN: 2018 Announcement Post

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SFN: 2019 Announcement Post (*forthcoming*)

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{SOURCES: Sci-Fi November Badges and Event Badges were provided by Rinn Reads for participants to advert the month long event and to encourage people to follow along with those of us who are contributing! Sci-Fi November badge (in blue) reated by Kelley at Oh, the Books for 2014 participants. Both Sci-Fi November badges are used with permission. Post dividers by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Pure Imagination. Blog graphics created by Jorie via Canva: SFN badge (in yellow), Sci Fi November 4th Year badge, Sci Fi November 2018 badge, 2019 Sci Fi November banner and the Comment Box banner.}

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my Sci-Fi month intro post. Good to see you are taking part as well. You have quite the schedule planned and I’m looking forward to reading your posts. I’m loving the variety of posts that people have planned for the month and really hope this becomes an annual event. I’m also hoping to discover some new favourites during the month. It’s going to be a great month!

    • Hallo William!

      Thank you for dropping by my blog as well! I was happy to see that your starting to follow me as I had that intent earlier to follow your blog! I’m truly psyched for this month of blogging because I haven’t focused so intently on my writing life since I as in Nano! I know this is different but all writing feeds our creative muse! :) I truly am happily on cloud nine about everything that lays before us these next 30 days!! I look forward to conversing with you as the month tolls onward! Until then!

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