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A Personal Challenge for the Next Five Years:

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70 Author Challenge:
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August 2013-August 2019
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Writing for ChristWhilst reading a recent post on Writing for Christ, {Casey Herringshaw’s blog} back in January 2013, I started to notice that I was enjoying her book reviews and author interviews! I’ve wanted to focus on recent additions to inspirational fiction ever since I grew up on the Mandie series by Lois Gladys Leppard; Judith Pella’s Frontier Lady; Frank Peretti’s Cooper Kids Adventures, and graduated into the O’Malley series by Dee Henderson! In the past four years, I’ve come across the beautiful works of: Julie Lessman and Deeanne Gist, as much as enjoying the blissful reverie of the novellas published through Heartsong Presents!

Whilst I burnt quite a heap of midnight oil, the authors below stood out to me as being the ones I’d like to read next! Only a handful of the authors I’ve come across prior to reading Ms. Herringshaw’s blog, and yet, I never had the proper chance to dig into their books! With a few exceptions, whereupon I have read one title by them! I will put an asterisk by the title to denote a prior encounter.  As I read their novels, titles will appear next to their names. Individual author’s names will link to their page on Fantastic Fiction, which is an author and book directory which aides readers in knowing which books to read first in series OR which book they want to begin their sojourn with an author!

I read such a wide cross-section of INSPY per year – everything from traditional Christian Fiction to stories set within the worlds of the Amish & Mennonite communities to World Religions and LDS Fiction, too! Inspirational Fiction itself encompasses *everything!* about leading a faith-based life – thus, it’s open to all religious backgrounds and lifestyles where a person humbly walks in faith as they live their life!

It should be said, that even though I might have found books to be less than enlightening or to my liking,… I am quite aware that there is a following for them by others. Any books by which I personally have deemed not worth completing nor such will ever be picked up again by my hands and mind, does not diminish the fact that someone, somewhere, has found them to be the absolute BEST book that they have ever dared to read. I acknowledge this as whilst I travel through my personal Challenge(s) in Literature, I might stumble across titles by authors I have included in my final list but by which have been struck through. One cannot like everything one comes across and this is what makes the world such a beautiful place: the differences that make us individuals, which includes our particular tastes and wanderings in the literary world.

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Originally this was meant to be a 12 month Challenge, except to say, when I equated out the books per week that would be needed to be read, I realised that I had short-changed myself! I cannot read 6 to 8 books per week!! Therefore, I decided a more realistic time frame for myself, is a full two year span, which turns a 12 month challenge into a full 24 month challenge! Afterall, I wanted this to be enjoyable, not something to stress over!!

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*coming mid-Autumn 2017!*

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  1. Laurie Alice Eakes:*
  2. Lena Nelson Dooley:*
  3. Dorothy Love:
  4. MaryLu Tyndall: ++
  5. Elizabeth (Beth) Goddard:
  6. Laura Frantz:
  7. Susan May Warren:
  8. Karen Witemeyer:
  9. Catherine Richmond:
  10. Erica Vetsch:
  11. Lorna Seilstad:++
  12. Sarah Sundin:
  13. Ann H. Gabhart:
  14. Beth Vogt:
  15. Kim Vogel Sawyer:
  16. Denise Hunter:
  17. Janice A. Thompson:
  18. Joanne Bischof:
  19. Cara Putman:
  20. Melanie Dobson:
  21. Lorena McCourtney:
  22. Suzanne Woods Fisher:
  23. Jocelyn Green:↑
  24. Kathryn Cushman:
  25. Ronie Kendig:++
  26. Julie Klassen:
  27. Steven James:
  28. Lisa Tawn Bergren:++
  29. Maureen Lang:++
  30. Ruth Axtell:++
  31. Tracy Higley:++ Garden of Madness,
  32. Susan Meissner: A Fall of Marigolds;
  33. Marta Perry:++
  34. Winnie Griggs:++
  35. Sandra Robbins:++
  36. Judith McCoy Miller:
  37. Elizabeth Musser:
  38. Carol Cox:++
  39. Christa Allan:
  40. Lisa Norato:
  41. Deborah Raney:++
  42. Olivia Newport:
  43. Rachel Hauck:++↓
  44. Candace Calvert:
  45. Diann Mills:
  46. Vanetta Chapman:
  47. Siri Mitchell:
  48. Melanie Dickerson:
  49. Nicole Baart:
  50. Julie Cantrell:↓ “Into the Free”,
  51. Regina Jennings:
  52. Jody Hedlund:
  53. Nicole Seitz:
  54. Tessa Afshar:↑
  55. Tammy Barley:
  56. Beth Webb Hart:↓
  57. Cindy Woodsmall:
  58. Allison Pittman:
  59. Lisa Bogart:
  60. Serena B. Miller:
  61. Jenny B. Jones:
  62. Sandra Byrd:
  63. Jillian Kent:*
  64. Maggie Brendan:
  65. Tamara Leigh:
  66. Bonnie Leon:
  67. Elizabeth Camden:
  68. Brandilyn Collins:
  69. Jaimie Carie:
  70. Yvonne Harris:

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{*KEY: * denotes author is a contributing blogger of the Christian Fiction Historical Society, {I fondly refer to CFHS as merely “the Society”!} by which I am a regular reader. I commented heavily between February to mid-April 2013, before taking a hiatus. I couldn’t return to posting commentary until after my blog {Jorie Loves A Story} launches due to the new requirement for OpenID; of which I fully understood as it was to dissuade spam. ↓ denotes author is a contributing blogger of Southern Belle View Daily, by which I am a regular reader and have been since early 2013. ++ denotes author participated in the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt, 17th of May through 19th of May 2013, which I was a participant! ↑ denotes author participated in the River North Fiction bookaways via the publisher’s blog whereupon each participant was asked to answer a question therein, which I participated in as well.}

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Inspirational Fiction authors
I am focusing on outside of the Challenge:

These are authors I crossed paths with in the book blogosphere and/or came to know before I ventured online and found myself happily enchanted by those who share their bookish lives via blogs! The first three authors on this list were authors I loved reading prior to being active online. One author I had the blessing of ‘meeting’ through discovering her stories via blog tours – of which made me a lifelong reader of her novels! I hand-selected these authors to read concurrently to the authors I found on Writing for Christ.

{*NOTE: The following authors were not listed on Fantastic Fiction: Brenda S. Anderson, Author, Author, etc. *I am a member of Brenda S. Anderson’s Street Team.}

{SOURCES: Ms. Herringshaw provided me with the badge for her blog Writing for Christ and it is used with permission. Post dividers by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Pure Imagination.}

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All writing and content on this blog is of my own creation, unless otherwise attributed and/or sourced. No unauthorized use and/or duplication of writing or content without permission of blog author and owner is prohibited. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © Jorie Loves A Story, 2013-2017.

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Kindly share your book series and/or stand-alone recommendations by these lovely authors! As you can see I am adding ‘extra’ authors to focus on even though I already sorted out the ones I had wanted to focus on ahead of time! We, bookish souls, love to ADD to established lists, eh!? The first four years I’ve been a blogger have been a bit unique on the level, I haven’t accomplished reading even *half!* of these authors — however, similar to my goals reading Classical Lit, I’m striving to have this List populated with #mustreads by close of 2017!

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