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The #ADayeAMonth Reading Schedule:

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photographer Annie Spratt. (Creative Commons Zero)
Photo Credit: Unsplash Photographer Annie Spratt.
(Creative Commons Zero)

January: Rosemary & Rue | (see also Lou’s Review)
February: A Local Habitation
March: An Artifical Night
April: Late Eclipses | (see 3x mini Lou’s Reviews)
May: One Salt Sea
June: Ashes of Honour
July: Chimes at Midnight
August: The Winter Long
September: A Red Rose Chain
October: Once Broken Faith
November: The Brightest Fell
Night and Silence

New Year, 2020: The Unkindest Tide

Legend: (avail via ILL) + (avail via local library) + (wildcard; not yet purchased)

Thanks to Alex (@runtimeregan) for helping me amend Nov & Dec choices! Somewhere I was confused with the shorts vs the novels – thus, this is now the proper order of the RAL!
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Despite having a bit of a late start with this readalong, I am feeling the rest of the year might go a bit easier for me to become more socially active in the readalong itself. My new goal is by the *end of August* to be streamlined with the group wherein I’ll have read all 8 novels – whilst having blogged my own ruminations and added to the overall convo on Twitter (either in the *threads or carrying forward the private convo as well. Thereby enabling me to move forward with the group for the rest of the year in sync with everyone else. I might make it through early – but we’ll see!

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The reason why I wanted to join this readalong event is because it was specifically carved into a twelvemonth reading challenge. The length of time to read each of the stories felt reasonable to me (at the time) and despite realising I was going to be beginning this after a beastly Winter virus, I felt comfortable I could make up the distance from the start of the challenge to the middle of February.

However, despite my positive nature – there are a few things you simply cannot overcome with positivity and that is having chronic migraines which can sneak up on you like a tornado and wreck your living hours. I had *three!* straight after the virus which put most of my reading queues into a tailstorm as I simply could not re-attach into any of the stories I was currently attempting to read from December 2018 to mid-February, 2019.

Similarly, this RAL runs concurrently with #ReadingValdemar – which is equally delayed in being begun due to the same reasons outlined on this post. Between the months of March and April, I was having back-to-back personal adversities leading into the month of May wherein I was wicked enthused to spend the month reading a genre I love: FANTASY whilst co-hosting my dearly beloved event #WyrdAndWonder. Except to say, I had 4x migraines which nearly did me in throughout the month and I ended it on the final weekend with a 5th migraine which just derailed all efforts I had to reveal my final six reviews to conclude the event. (those are slowly migrating into my archive this first week of June)

Uniquely enough, I have borrowed the first four October Daye novels consistently since the first of the year – off/on and through a variety of local library loans and a few ILLs – trying to keep them ‘in-house’ to read and losing them whilst other readers are mad-dashing through the series with a fever of excitement I’ve been trying to hold onto myself! Laughs. I finally had the chance to extend my loan for “Rosemary and Rue” into the second Monday of June – giving me a shorter window to read it (as I began it on the 4th of June) but just enough of an inch to complete it. I also re-requested “A Local Habitation” which I hoped would arrive before the 14th whilst giving me a chance to renew my loans for books three and four of the series which would then be due back by the 21st. If all else fails, at least I could read A Local Habitation before the close of June whilst re-queuing where I am with the series thereafter.

The long/short is the fact this series has been with me since the RAL began – I’ve been conscieniously aware of the fact my fellow readers have been progressively moving through the series at a rate of speed I envied whilst they have happily been conversing about it as well through our private convo group on Twitter. A group I wish I hadn’t been so inactive and one I look forward to participating in as soon as I get *current!* enough to talk about something other than “trying to get the books back from the library” which seems to be a broken record!

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This quite literally marks my “start” of the October Daye series – wherein I’ll update this page to share the posts I’ll be giving to the RAL. For each novel I’m reading there will be two posts – a review and a discussion post. After I read the novels and release the reviews, I’ll be making my rounds through our private convo and the *threads on Twitter whilst at the same time travelling a bit in the book blogosphere and/or on Twitter to seek out other readers impressions as well per each novel I’ve recently read.

This way, as this series is a slightly outside what I usually read, I can gain a bit more perspective, learn more of what I might have overlooked and/or missed and generally feel like I have a firm footing into the flow of the series than I might have on the merits of my own readings. I think once I get to book four (or five) I’ll feel more confident but for now this is my plan.

I also might be combining this into a JULY readathon called #IronTomeathon to help encourage me forward whilst I focus on this series and Valdemar!! More on that still to come as I know I’ll predominately reading INSPY Lit in July but why not add some lovely fantastical stories into the mix? Thanks to Lou for nudging me about this readathon!

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My #ADayeAMonth Posts:

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Rosemary & Rue | Review | Discussion

A Local Habitation | Review | Discussion

An Artifical Night | Review | Discussion

Late Eclipses | Review | Discussion

One Salt Sea | Review | Discussion

Ashes of Honour | Review | Discussion

Chimes at Midnight | Review | Discussion

The Winter Long | Review | Discussion

A Red Rose Chain | Review | Discussion

Once Broken Faith | Review | Discussion

The Brighest Fell | Review | Discussion

Night and Silence | Review | Discussion

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If you’ve read the October Daye series – I’d love to hear your thoughts about the series – who are your favourite characters? Is there a book which spoke to you more than the others? Would you like to join us to discuss the book/series as we move through the series?

Which authors do you feel write similarly to this author?

Which authors of Urban Fantasy do you personally love to read?

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