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I’ve launched a new weekly featured concentration of book reviews on Jorie Loves A Story which celebrates my love and passion for the historical past! For those of whom are regular readers and visitors to my blog, you’ll denote a dedicated passion for reading Historical Fiction (and all the lovely segues of thematic therein) – I am a time traveller of the historical past every chance I get to disappear into a new era and/or century of exploration. There isn’t a time period I haven’t enjoyed ruminating over since [2013] and there are a heap of lovely timescapes I’ve yet to encounter.

This feature was inspired by the stories I’ve read, the stories I’ve yet to experience and the beauty of feeling interconnected to History through the representation of the past through the narratives being writ by today’s Historical Fiction authors. It is to those authors I owe a debt of gratitude for enlightening my bookish mind and my readerly heart with realistic characters, illuminating portals of living history and a purposeful intent on giving each of us a strong representation of ‘life’ which should never become dismissed, forgotten or erased.

I am began this feature with the sequel to a beloved historical novel I first read in [2013] – it was one of the first ARCs I received and it was the first year I was a book blogger though it was through a connection outside my life as a blogger. I celebrated K.B. Laugheed’s literature to kick-off this feature and hopefully will inspire my followers to take this new weekly journey with me into the stories which are beckoning to read their narrative depths and find the words in which to express the thoughts I experienced as I read.

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Acquired Book By: I have been hosting blog tours with Cedar Fort Publishing and Media for several years now, wherein their new blog tour publicist (Ms Sydney Anderson) also runs her own publicity touring company: Singing Librarian Book Tours (or SLB Tours for short!). I happily joined her team of book bloggers as a hostess in late Spring, 2018 wherein my first tours with her as a hostess began Summer, 2018. I appreciate reading INSPY literature and was happy to find these are most of the stories she is showcasing through SLB Tours! Most of her authors are published through Cedar Fort, though she does work with authors who are either Self-Published or Indie published through different publishers as well.

There is a bit of a long gap between when I first received these novels for review consideration and when I am actually reading them for review. I cannot remember exactly what took me away from reading them – however, I have a suspicion it was due to migraines and health afflictions as throughout [2018] I had ten months of health issues and severe bouts of high frequency of migraines to battle through – whilst [2019] has gone better in that regard, I have still had issues dealing with migraines despite the fact this year has had a more limited frequency of them compared to last year. When I learnt this author was going on a blog tour for the fourth novel in the series – I knew this was a second chance to redeem myself and properly bring the series to Jorie Loves A Story. Therefore, I am reading all four novels and reviewing them within the week of the blog tour.

I received a complimentary copy of “The Merry Lives of Spinsters” direct from the author Rebecca Connolly in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

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The reasons why this particular series of Historical Romance (ie. #HistRom) charmed me:

IF you’ve been visiting with me for awhile now, you’ve noticed a particular appreciation for Historical Fiction & the lovely niche of Historical Romance floating into my archives here at Jorie Loves A Story! This is because I was charmed by the Historical past eons ago in childhood wherein I first picked up my very first #HistRom round the age of eight or nine – the exact year alters depending on which day I remember gathering those Victorian & Regency Christmas novella anthologies! Those gentle stories of yesteryear centred inside two eras of British History I fell head over heels in love with at *first sight!* became the moment where my bookish heart could not get enough Historical Romances in my life!

I believe Historical Romances should keep in mind the people in power, the situations of the world during the specific time period being explored and of course, keeping mindful of living persons whilst having the internal time-line of the story altered in scope against the known one in History. Some writers alter historical time for literary time which is generally alright for me if it is done in such a way to be believable within their story.

When it comes to Historical Romance, I am not reading it strictly to learn about ‘history’  per se but rather want to feel caught in the joy of the relationship being built against the historical backdrop it is placed. Which tracks well with the choices I make in which Historical Romance authors draw my eye towards their works of literature! In this particular instance, what drew me into a curiosity about the Spinster Chronicles is the curious point of entrance into the women whose lives are at the centre of the series! It is a unique perspective but also an interesting premise – of how thread a series out of a particular set of circumstances and yet, leaving the door ajar for these women to find their happier-ever-afters as well!

Last Autumn, I had the pleasure of joy learning more about the writer’s (Ms Connolly’s) writing process and a few insights into her series (the Spinster Chronicles) when I shared my interview which was featured during the “Spinster and I” blog tour. This Autumn, I am happily reading the series which inspired the conversation – the stories which have charmed me from afar and of which I was happily soaking inside as the Regency is one of my top favourite #HistRom settings to settle inside!

May your #AutumnReads be as excitingly awesome as mine this year!

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#HistoricalMondays showcasing #HistRom series | The Spinster Chronicles by Rebecca Connolly feat. “The Merry Lives of Spinsters”The Merry Lives of Spinsters
Subtitle: How do you solve a problem like a spinster? | A Spinster Chronicles Romance
by Rebecca Connolly
Source: Direct from Author

Spinster is as Spinster does...

Georgina Allen is a spinster and everybody knows it. She also happens to be one of the writers for the Spinster Chronicles, and everyday knows that as well. She's accepted her lot in life, and, along with the other spinsters in her circle, takes great pride in the articles she's writes and the influence she has. Then Captain Anthony Sterling infiltrates their group, and her life, and Georgie impossibly begins to hope once more.

Tony Sterling had no idea what to expect when he agreed to break up the Spinsters for his cousin, but he certainly did not expect Georgie Allen. From the very first meeting, she upends everything he thought a spinster would be, and her beauty and wit keeps him on edge in thrilling ways. The more he gets to know the Spinsters, the less he wants to break them up. And the more he wants Georgie in his life. Permanently.

Genres: Historical Fiction, Feminist Historical Fiction, Historical Women's Fiction, Historical Romance, Sweet Romance

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ISBN: 9781943048533

Also by this author: Author Interview Rebecca Connolly (Spinster Chronicles), My Fair Spinster

Series: Spinster Chronicles

Also in this series: My Fair Spinster

Published by Phase Publishing

on 1st May, 2018

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 284

Reflections from My Fair Spinster, Book Four:

I read the fourth novel concurrently to reading the first due to the blog tour – it is also why some of my reflections on behalf of Grace co-merge between the two reviews.

At the heart of the Spinster Chronicles, there is an undercurrent theme which runs through all the stories – friendship alongside the love and concern for your fellow peers of whom you might not have realised would become your best mates through serendipitous first meetings. I love how Connolly evokes us to take a close look at her characters – through their associations, their personal friendships and how they understand their own duties within their given families. She also has the knack for showing the ‘other side’ of the Regency – the roguish rakes and the men of whom think they’re every woman’s gift to be unwrapped. She does this quite cleverly against the main backdrop of showing honourable gentleman who may or may not realise how ready they are to tackle marriage and a life with a wife who has taken them by charm, wit and a sophisticated level of independence.

Interlinking this novel with the first was a good turn of surprises, as throughout the series you get so dearly attached to previous characters, you want to seem them continue to ‘step forward’ into future installments. Anchouring Aubrey to Sterling (ie. Georgie’s husband) also gave a unique perspective on why Sterling and Georgie make such a winsome match themselves; as they truly always shared much more in common with each other than they first realised, though the evidence was there it is more present to be observed when you see how Sterling himself fathered his mates as much as Georgie attempted to mother hers. They were each the unexpected hero who looked out for others and tried to look out for themselves in the process and that is one of the most admirable traits within the Spinster Chronicles – don’t just own your individual truths and the path your life is taking but do something with your hours outside of your own endeavours, too.

Connolly has a champion way of enticing us into her plots – just when we think we understand the pattern or direction a particular installment is going to take, she re-knits us close to her heroine and hero, giving us a measured joy in carting off after them to see what shall unite them further together. In this story, what is truly wickedly engaging is how indifferent Aubrey is to the scheme he is employed to undertake and how willingly Grace is attempting to thwart her father’s plans. They were quite literally thrown back together again and that in of itself was the brilliant stroke of luck Connolly could have given them!

-quoted from my review of My Fair Spinster

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The Spinster Chronicles:

The Merry Lives of Spinsters by Rebercca ConnollyThe Spinster and I by Rebecca ConnollySpinster and Spice by Rebecca ConnollyMy Fair Spinster by Rebecca Connolly

The Merry Lives of Spinsters (book one) – Georgie

The Spinster & I  (book two) – Prue

Spinster & Spice (book three) – Izzy

My Fair Spinster (book four) –  Grace
(see also my review)

Published By: Phase Publishing (@PhasePubLLC)

Formats Available: Paperback and Ebook

Converse via: #SpinsterChronicles, #Regency and #HistRom

About Rebecca Connolly

Rebecca Connolly

Rebecca Connolly writes romances, both period and contemporary, because she absolutely loves a good love story. She has been creating stories since childhood, and there are home videos to prove it! She started writing them down in elementary school and has never looked back. She currently lives in the Midwest, spends every spare moment away from her day job absorbed in her writing, and is a hot cocoa addict.

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my review of the merry lives of spinsters:

Such a curious premise as you tuck into the folds of The Merry Lives of Spinsters – as a collective of young women (not yet in their thirties) who are at different stages of life in their twenties have banded together to ensure not one more debutante and young woman in wont of a husband falls by way of a charmingly rakish rogue! They are tired of hearing the stories – of how girls’ are caught in less desirably situations, how those instances become a mark of mire of the woman and how without a reputation above reproach in their generation, the seal of spinsterhood is all but carried through; except of course, what if you re-took the reins of your destiny and owned being a spinster for personal reasons? This is how we begin to enter into this curious world – where Georgie is the ringleader of the lovely spinsters who each have a reason to be part of this collective and wish to help others avoid social foils.

It is the early 19th Century – just fifteen years into the 1800s and yet, the dedicated eye Georgie has on helping her fellow peers to avoid such footfalls as being socially destroyed is to be commended. Except of course, theirs was a mission not just rooted in these socially disruptive events wherein the women had little recourse but rather to help start a stir towards having young woman realise that they could live their lives without a man. To be independent of them but also to have their head about themselves, too. It was much more of a concept to change the societal viewing of women and the traditional milestones they were meant to endure during the Regency than just to fob off from dating, marriage and motherhood. They wanted to not just prove a point but to enlighten the girls’ who might never have been told they could do anything except what was expected from them – in this, I was a ready fan of the book before I was even too far afield into reading it as it has curated a very modern thoughtfulness about how Georgie and her friends are attempting to pre-launch the women’s movement.

You can fully understand why Georgie is restless and bored with her life – the repetitive nature of her hours, the unfulfilling ways she has endured to give herself purpose and the looming of years ahead of her – it would make anyone cringe, truly, if they were in her same shoes! She needed something to spark a bit of joy back into her days; give a toss to the routine of what has become her mainstay and break into a new series of experiences that might endeavour to perk up her spirits whilst giving her something else to focus on directly. I was most intrigued to find what she would do in this situation as many of us, I am sure, can relate to her plight at one junction or another in our lives.

As they drink their tea and converse about the woes of their Mums trying to run interference into their lives and how each of them in turn has turnt away from the marriage mart knowing amongst the ton of being the key reason why girls’ of their age would be seen during the (London) Season – it was quite interesting to start to see their individual personalities emerge. Grace being the newest member of their circle hadn’t known how each of them are connected to each other nor of the back-histories of what united them. Prue was an immediate favourite of mine as she reminded me of Beth (from Little Women) – where she didn’t have the strongest constitution but she had the biggest heart. She also didn’t like putting the spotlight on herself which is also why I immediately thought of Beth most directly.

It was a curious proposition – to research and denote which of the leading men available to be courted are of the kind of honourable reputation any girl would be thankful to receive into her life but where their work gets a bit dicey is how they have a better success rate in unearthing the unwantables rather than the keenly respectable gents. They are quite proud in their efforts, a bit too proud overall as that can led to a fall they aren’t suspecting but everso, it is how they discuss the current state of all of this socialising over tea and light refreshments which makes you smile. They could just have idly been discussing their favourite patternwork or which piece of music they like to play rather than the most seriousness of subjects: the current state of the bachelorhood of men!

One thing is most certain – you almost want to crash their tea party and give them a wicked good cuppa to enjoy drinking vs the horrid version of tea they are suffering through to drink simply because it was the version one of their Mums prefers to be served.

By the time Captain Anthony Sterling comes into view, we gather a sense it is not just the Spinsters who are tired of the game currently afoot for all available singletons; as for me, Captain Sterling was their equal, both in spirit and of mindset! He, too, didn’t want to partake in the wanton games of having to populate the balls and the events of the Season just to sort through the myriad choices of available relationships which are in hopeful need of becoming anchoured to engagements. No, he was a bit outside his peerage in that particular regard – he’d rather start to build a life he could feel comfortable living than setting into the scheme of the hour. He most definitely is unlike other Regency blokes I’ve read previously and for that, I smiled again, at the joyfulness I was feeling as I read The Merry Lives of Spinsters. It truly was a delight to discover an author who had as much fun composing this story as I, the reader, was having in reading it.

Captain Sterling had a unique advantage on the other men of his age – he had a bit more wisdom in his bones than they had themselves. He could see the advantages of the Spinsters mission – not wanting to degrade a woman’s reputation himself (something you could observe in how he came to the defence of gossip betwixt his friend and cousin) but rather, he was most curious how their column in the local paper was causing such duress to the rest of the bachelors when in theory it sounded to his ears as sound advice. I, felt it might have been because they learnt how to dissuade naivety and to encourage self-preservation through education.

Uniquely enough, you saw the reasons why Captain Sterling and Georgie could become a good match for each other – they were each resolutely independent, did not conform to society’s needs and for whichever reason, they were each finding themselves in a rather limitless chasm of boredom. It was through this mutually felt feeling, Sterling felt inclined to seek out the Spinsters, specifically Georgie as she was the known leader of the group but his motives to do this were honourable (just ever so slightly) yet you had the feeling that even Sterling wasn’t sure why he was rather game to go after the Spinsters. It was a pattern of behaviour outside his norm; he was more of a straight-arrow kind of bloke rather than the devious roguish rake! And, still – he found himself choosing to chase after the Spinsters for a reason that felt like we understood his curiosities but overall we might question the logistics of it as he might actually be placing himself in a position he hadn’t yet considered plausible!

Georgie likes to believe herself someone who can control situations – certainly sparked by carrying the responsibilities of the Spinsters on her shoulders but what she cannot fathom is how the Spinsters and Captain Sterling seem to be smitten with each other and that in of itself, is what first implored her to learn more about him. I, for one, was curious how he was going to carry out the subterfuge as he had such a genuine interest and concern for the Spinsters. This could become both their follies – where Georgie wants to control everyone’s interest by a measure of standard she has devised, Captain Sterling wishes to see how their toils align with the free will of others against the known hurdles for singletons of their day. I think he was more concerned with how they implemented their duties to others than the fact they were discussing (in public and private conversations) the ills of courtship and finding a matrimony match.

You have to give credit where its due and that lies in the cheek and frankness of Lady Hetty! She has this clever way of speaking truth when you aren’t suspecting she’s still observing enough of the singletons to know of their ‘secrets’ or at least, what they are attempting to hide from others; for her eyes, she sees them as they are and of whom they are rather than what they wish to mask. She’s one of the supporting cast members who truly strikes your fancy because she is as affirmative as Maggie Smith on Downton Abbey but with a bit less abrasive moxie! She’s also the type of person you would like to strike a conversation with yourself – if only to preen the observations she can grant you and give you something to chew over whilst you contemplate how the tea in your cup was brewed.

Charlotte has a tender-hearted approach to making Prue feel welcomed and secure; as Prue has such a difficult time not feeling overly anxious (mostly owned to the fact she has drawn a short straw in regards to mothers) whereas Prue herself, has stoic wisdom, cunning takeaways and at times, makes you smile without even realising it as she has this quiet nature about herself whilst informing her fellow Spinsters something they might not have considered themselves or thought to speak aloud. I love seeing what Prue will say because due to her environment, she rarely speaks but when she does speak – her words make you take stock of what she is saying.

Georgie and Izzy are two coins of a whole – they each have such a uniquely dynamic personality that it is hard to separate the two from one another. You can see how fondly affectionate they are towards the other but sometimes it is their passionate fire for life and for all things inter-connected to the Spinsters, they can be at odds with each other just as readily as they are in sync! They make the group have a bit of spice and mirth; giving to the fact, they are the most outspokenly independent of the the bunch! Seeing them interact with the other girls’ and how the inter-workings of their own minds settle onto thoughts and tangents of enquiry is a true delight.

Grace on the other hand is a step removed from the Spinsters but the most easily approachable and relatable Spinster out of the circle. Mostly because she desires to marry but has found herself caught in that unique void of being visible but never seen. I liked Grace rather immediately; since she is newly established with the girls’ she also offers a fresher prospective as she doesn’t intimately know everyone to the same degree of familiarity; something that bodes well when a group like this forms; where no one has a singular advantage and all stand equally.

Connolly takes us into the balls, the places where the dances, the conversations and the choices in fashion are only part of the story being played out – the other half, the slight murmurs of a match, the potential suitors striking out to find their winsome partners and the girls’ themselves either ready to embrace that next stage of their life or not, find themselves in the march towards courtship. It is here where Connolly develops the keenest of insight into her characters’ – to put on display what is instinctively motivating Sterling to advocate for the Spinsters and where Georgie most feels like the Queen Protector for all the girls’ who may or may not know of her existence.

Watching them as you do – being swept into the intrigue of the scene ‘behind’ the ball itself and having Lady Hetty ready on the sidelines to pull back the veils of what is hidden from the surface, you have a ready made drama to soak inside. It isn’t just the fact the Spinsters consider themselves necessary to be present at these kinds of events for the sake of future knowledge to impart lateron in their articles but it is earnestly their desire to be more visible to those girls’ they are trying to impress upon the better sensibility they wish they had had someone give to them at their younger ages. And, that dear hearts is the beauty of the novel itself – how women who have lived their lives caught up in the motions of tradition, duty and expectation wish to give back to the generation behind them. In that, you become one of their cheerleaders, second only to Sterling.

I have no idea how any of these young women endured their families ire and harsh judgements against their persons; Georgie is in the hot seat in this installment, as naturally we are following her as she wrestles with being the founder of the Spinsters but also, to cross-relate how those initial feelings to develop the circle of allies and friends alike is now on the table to be debated as being a bit older now, she isn’t entirely certain where her thoughts lie on the topic of having a group like the Spinsters together now that everyone is still encouraging themselves to keep the marriage door ajar; herself included. Yet, on the surface of it – Georgie is living a life similar in vein to Grace, except whereas Grace has a father who had reduced her worth as a person in his expectations of her, it is Georgie’s mother who is overly critical of her own contributions in society. Both girls’ are taking for granted and must endure harsh criticisms by their parents; it is enough to break anyone’s spirit and yet, here they are – knitted together in a sisterhood of mutual anguish and striving not to let any supposition on their behalf serve as edification of what they can or cannot accomplish.

Connolly also has such an intuitive instinct about how to curate adaptive changes into her character’s journeys – for instance, Georgie was unprepared and caught unawares by how dedicated Sterling became to prove to her that not everyone in Society would shun her or make her feel uncomfortable by not just encouraging her to meet his cousin Francis and his wife (of whom already admired her efforts with the Spinsters) but he pushed the meeting to happen. It showed how all of us have those little moments of unexpected self-growth to evolve through – where without someone pushing us to take those steps outside our comfort zones, how would any of us accomplish something unexpectedly good for us?

Ooh dear my,.. if I felt there was a growing complexity about how Georgie and Sterling were exchanging friendship for something more yet undisclosed – nothing quite prepares you for the installment of his step-mother Miranda and his Aunt Arabella! Miranda has a convincingly near-psychic way of unnerving her step-son, as she intuits information out of him which I gathered Aunt Arabella felt he ought to take as second nature by now. What was most curious is how he readily respects his step-mother but its her actions and the influences she can inflict onto Society where he falters in confidence if he is prepared for what shall come out of her entanglements.

I was a bit on the fence about how I felt about Miranda – Sterling’s step-mother? as she came across as a bit of an interfering woman who likes to get into the thick of everything. However, if you had to hold to what her step-son felt about her, you’d gain the wrong impression. It was only when Georgie and Janet (Sterling’s cousin Francis’s wife) took an audience with Miranda where you see her truer nature and character stepping forth – and oh, dear my, it is wickedly lovely! She has a sharp mind and even sharper eye – the whole chapter which features this exchange was pure joy to read because it shows how even mothers like Miranda (or Mrs Bennett) truly do want what is only best for their children!

I was hugged so dearly close into the story-line, I barely wished to sleep as I consumed as many chapters as I could in the ensuing days since I first began reading this delightful Regency! What was most imploring of course, is how the Regency’s traditions and quirks were on full display; being settled into this vision of the Regency came very easily due to how well Connolly illuminated it. Yet, it was the drama percolating between Sterling and Georgie which held my heart to her words – as you see, it was one of those lovely non-conventional Regencies where despite the fact most are in a mad rush to marry themselves off to the first bloke they feel is a good match – Connolly wanted to do something refreshingly different with her Regency.

She’s curated a world in which the girls’ are making up their own minds about how they feel about their independence to choose (to marry or stay unwed) whichever direction their life shall play out after attending the London Season(s). You get caught up in their lives – including the newest Spinster, Edith who has a story of her own to tell and a new life in which to forge amongst her new sisters. As the Spinsters are sisters – this was the beauty of how Connolly conceived them to be seen and how they elected to feel towards each other; their bond was stronger than most siblings and as they are a found family, it felt even more remarkably sweet they all found each other.

Not since I first read Pride and Prejudice, have I had such a wonderfully blissful time entreating into a social commentary befit of Austen’s own pen such as I have through the Spinster Chronicles. I am loving how the series is being assembled – how each installment takes me from one Spinster to the next, as we re-see who they are by their own accounts and draw closer to understanding how each of the Spinsters truly have a bit of optimism in their souls when it comes to finding their own happily ever afters. The journey I’ve become in this series is fiercely becoming one of my favourites of the year – I simply find them #unputdownable and blissfully brilliant to read. And, charmingly delighted to find they each have an Epilogue which rounds out the final questions you start to broach by the time you reach the final chapter(s).

on the historical romantic styling of Rebecca Connolly:

There is a wicked sense of ease of alighting inside the Spinsters novels by Ms Connolly – in fact, she charms you outright with her sense of pacing, direction of insight she gives her characters and the fact, that as a whole she uses the turns of phrase you’d expect to find in a Regency Romance. I love the fact that this is an atypical Regency Romance in that traditional regard, as there is much more to the plot than a trajectory of interest which would lead into a settled relationship. No, there are layers here to pull apart and appreciate – as Ms Connolly has written a very modernly apt series re-positioned into the Regency where we find lovely young women who are as independently minded as we are today (and I am quite sure, there must have been a few back then as well!) who are determined to right their own fates against what they deem is right for themselves. What isn’t to love about a Historical Romance series like this one? Feminist driven story-lines, wholly curious characters and the entire backdrop of the series is an era you feel most at home re-visiting as it has become a favourite mainstay of your readerly life – or at least, it has been for me!

I loved at the start of each of the chapters are portions of the Spinsters column – you can denote what is most fetching on their minds by what they are disclosing to their readers; those observations also serve as a foreshadow of what the chapter will next reveal within their lives – a bit of a clever way of nudging you along their thought-process and to better understand their motivations overall. They were a bit more complicated and complex than you first imagine them to be as there are hidden layers which are earnestly drawn out as you read further into the context of the novel.

There are little nudges of insight threading through the narrative – something you start to notice as you dive deeper into the heart of the first installment The Merry Lives of Spinsters – Connolly has left behind a lovely little world for you to entreat inside. You get to enjoy the aspects of Pride and Prejudice which whisk you into new variants of the novel whilst giving you a wholly refreshed view of the Regency with characters who were penned with an honesty of purpose and position. I loved how Connolly re-visits an era I readily read but re-illuminates it through a door not oft opened.

The turns of phrase and the words Ms Connolly uses in her Historical Regencies are part of my enjoyment of reading her Romances. She has wicked sweet instincts and she must be an avid reader herself because she avoids the pitfalls some #HistRom authors make when writing Regencies. It is one thing to know that most readers of the Regency are well versed in the era itself but it is another to elevate the next Regency they read with a felicity of place, of conversation overheard and of the mannerisms you especially hope to find on display. Connolly united what I love from reading Regencies in the past with what I am hopeful to find in Regencies now. She doesn’t let me sit on what I knew of previously but rather, encourages new insight and new murmurings of interest to grow through how she purports us into her world. Her Regency is as keenly intuitive and observed as Jane Austen’s and for that, I am especially grateful.

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I particularly was impressed with the gentleness of how this story is told and how the pacing of the revelations are equal to what you are expecting out of a Regency story. The gentle aspects were encouraging as despite my attempts to read this ahead of the blog tour week – I, effectively found myself reading it during the tour week; which regrettably is post-migraine for me. I happily tweeted a s/o to the author to celebrate how she composed this novel and how wickedly delighted I was in reading it – it was everything I had hoped to find within it and a bit more as well. It was hard to contain my joy in talking about the series and the first novel which truly had me at ‘hallo’ as they say – fastly becoming one of my favourite Regency reads and definitely a distinctive author of the Regency in her own right, of whom I couldn’t wait to devour more stories from her collective works!

This most definitely was my latest #unputdownable #mustreads!

What a beautiful way to begin my #AutumnReads!

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I love finding playlists and/or stations of musical interest via Spotify which befit the readings I am undertaking as a book blogger. For this particular series, as it is transporting me back into the Regency, one of my favourite eras to travel back inside – I must admit, it was quite charming to discover there was a Regency Era playlist awaiting me! I had to smirk a bit at finding that most of the opening selections were from the more recent Pride and Prejudice adaptation as that just felt fittingly perfect! It made entering into the Spinsters world evermore enjoyable having this Classically bent musical score in my ears! I also ducked over into listening to the Regency Time (Jane Austen music) and Jane Austen’s England playlists which were equally delightful!

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This review is courtesy of SLB Tours:

Singing Librarian Book Tours blog tour hostess badge is provided by SLB Tours and is used with permission.

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this book review is featured in conjunction with the fourth installment of the spinster chronicles series blog tour.

I originally had planned to release all four reviews for the Spinster Chronicles back to back – starting with The Merry Lives of Spinsters – however, I had a rather severe migraine the weekend before the blog tour, giving me less hours to read and more needful rest. Despite having chronic migraines, I ache to get back into reading as soon as my head re-settles itself and allows me the pleasure to resume those readings. Therefore, try as I might to finish reading The Merry Lives of Spinsters prior to my tour date for My Fair Spinster – I only reached the mid-point and had to switch which book I was reading.

Interestingly enough – where I took my pause in The Merry Lives of Spinsters, Georgie was discussing to Sterling about how indifferent she was in her mother’s eyes which was the best time to exit the first installment, as her grief with her mother was a perfect catalyst of understanding to sympathise with the heroine [Grace] in the fourth installment My Fair Spinster. I am sure my readers might have questioned how I had a ‘quote’ from my review of The Merry Lives of Spinsters on my review for My Fair Spinster – but you see, I was writing and reading both novels concurrently and now the fuller version of that quoted review is revealled.

Initially, I elected to post my reviews for The Merry Lives of Spinsters and The Spinster and I together as one post as I received them together last year during the Spinster and I blog tour. As I wanted to keep the readings of them coupled and united this year as I re-attempted my efforts to read the series. Given the slower pace my reading life has taken since Wednesday [2nd October] I have resolved I need a bit more time to conclude my readings and sharing my ruminations. Thereby, I am posting my review for The Merry Lives of Spinsters on Monday, 7th of October [for a new #HistoricalMondays showcase!] whilst I am hopeful I can post my review for the second novel The Spinster and I as well as the third novel Spinster and Spice shortly thereafter.

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