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4 responses to “*Author Interview*: Jackie Gamber, on behalf of her Leland Dragon series!

  1. Jorie, I’ve so enjoyed our conversation, and getting the chance to know you better, too. Thank you for your time and grace. (I’m also having my web-support person–aka, Hubby– check into the Book-tasting website confusion).

    • Good morning, Ms. Gamber,

      I am thankful to see you arrive on my blog! It was pure joy having you here, and I am thankful for the chance to get to know you a bit more myself! I still think of Kallon, each chance I get! :) I eagerly await the news on your site, as I was quite curious to check it out! Thank you for working on it! :)

  2. Amazing interview, Jorie! I loved all the things you shared about yourself after Jackie Gamber’s answers – particularly this bit:

    I was the cheeky girl (as I was told by the attendants!) who refused to find books ‘in her own age group’!

    Unfortunately I can’t remember anyone telling me such a thing, but I was very much the same way. And yet, now I read mostly Middle Grade/YA reads. Something seems wrong there! *laughs* But then, the target audience for the majority of what I write is either Middle Grade or YA, so I guess it does make sense. :)

    • Hallo Christine! :)

      Thank you! I have a thankful heart for being able to bring this interview to life! Thank you too, for especially enjoying my afterthoughts which I surprised everyone with after Ms. Gamber replied originally! :) Do you know the teacher who approved me picking out those books always spoke to me in the halls afterwards about reading & books?! She took a keen interest in me, and I always had wished I could have had more ‘moments’ of those kinds of conversations! :)

      I think in your case, your past is a reflective orb of your future, in that you tapped into your future path by discovering Middle Grade/YA reads whilst you were younger! It fueled an interest which turnt into a passion! When your published and established in the genres you’ll see the circle complete! :) Its all in how you look at life as it unfolds! We cannot always see the connections as we live,…

      Speaking of things, you do know I read Children’s Lit, right!? *wink!* I’m as passionate as you are about it! :)

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