Blog Book Tour | “Restless Spirit: A Tipsy #fairytale” by E. Chris Garrison I can seriously say, this is the only author who’d convince me I can handle reading Zombies!

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Acquired Book By: I was selected to be a stop on the “Restless Spirit” genre-bending fairy-tale fantasy release tour from Seventh Star Press. The tour is hosted by Tomorrow Comes Media who does the publicity and blog tours for Seventh Star Press and other Indie and/or Self Published authors. I am a regular blog tour host with Tomorrow Comes Media, however, the author and I have continued our friendship since we first interacted via The Star Chamber Show (which I’ll expand on in a moment). It was a foregone conclusion I’d sign on for the rest of this series as it runs in the book blogosphere touring as I was so wicked excited about the first release “Blue Spirit” (see Review) I was quite wicked eager to read more!

I received a complimentary copy of “Restless Spirit” direct from the publisher Seventh Star Press in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

On my connection to Ms Chris (aka E. Chris Garrison):

I first discovered the style of Ms Chris’s story-telling when we both appeared on the Star Chamber Show, which is a weekly podcast on BlogTalkRadio sponsored by the publisher Seventh Star Press. Since our first encounter with each other, we’ve developed a friendship I am blessed to have and I appreciate getting to know a bit more about an author whose not only developing a unique style in the world of Fantasy but is receptive to the thoughts readers have as they gain impression by reading the stories themselves.

I am disclosing this, to assure you that I can formulate an honest opinion, even though I have interacted with Ms Chris through our respective blogs, the twitterverse, the podcast world, and privately. I treat each book as a ‘new experience’, whether I personally know the author OR whether I am reading a book by them for the first time. For more information, I disclosed a bit more on my first 10 Bookish, Not Bookish Thoughts (read No.7!).

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Why I love reading the Tipsy Fairy Tales:

On the comedic writing style of Ms Chris:

Any writer who can work in the phrase ‘le sigh’ is alright in my book! Little bits of cheeky references to exasperation in regards to Minnie on behalf of Skye and Skye’s particular take on her co-workers, the ordinary life she leads whilst it intersects with the extraordinary, and the manner in which the curious creatures she interacts with whilst the rest of us are oblivious is quite golden folly! She exhumes a particular knack for knowing exactly what to express within a scene and what to stitch inside it as far as everyday observations which inherently become social clues towards the timescape in which the story is set around. You can pick up the nuances of pop culture whilst finding a clear definition for writing in her own style for fantasy elements that spin themselves so organically inside this world.

In the past two years I’ve had the chance to get to know Ms Chris a bit better outside of the world of blog tours, I must confess, as I was reading Blue Spirit I felt I could almost hear her voice behind the words as I read the story – as if I somehow have a better understanding of her writerly voice and the approaches she takes towards conveying the story visually to the reader. If this were an audiobook, I nearly have a strong idea already of how it would sound if it were to be read aloud by the author! Little bits of her own personality are definitely threaded into the context but moreso than that, it was a pleasure to notice things I hadn’t seen when I read Seelie Goose!

I found myself enjoying this installment of the series so very much, that I found it quite difficult to put the book down in order to blog! I love when that happens – where your completely committed to the story and the words hopefully will come to you to express out to your readership (if your a book blogger, that is!) as you wick off the hours from the clock consumed by where the author your reading is taking you as you wander deeper into the narrative! The transitions between Skye’s Indianapolis and the elsewhere world of the fairies is seamlessly stitched as you can easily move between the segues.

Eager for Tipsy Fairy Tale No. 2!
Let’s go!
Cannot wait to see why I’ll be giggling myself silly + smirking into a ready smile!

-quoted from my review of Blue Spirit

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A short preview of my conversation with Ms Chris, wherein we discuss the main thread of interest behind this installment of the series:

I won’t give spoilers about that book, but it occurred to me that if I wanted there to be a trilogy of books about Skye, she needed to get in even more trouble than in Blue Spirit, so I knew there had to be another book in between. One with wilder hi-jinks and drunken antics, and above all, higher stakes. She needed to burn some bridges, and also see the consequences of recklessness. I very nearly called the book Reckless Spirit but decided it was more about Skye’s restlessness with her lack of clear purpose or direction in her life; as it was about her trying to prove her worth in our world, while being beset by overwhelming danger from the fairy and shadow worlds.

Yes, I can see how some might argue that point – about how Skye can go off on an adventure without thinking of the plausibilities of her actions or what might become a result of some of the behaviours she engages inside – however, one thing that you’ve always maintained with Skye is her willingness to recognise certain aspects of her life and world. She has a ‘check’ inside her in regards to knowing a bit more about her limits; not always mindful of responding to that self-check as she has Minnie for a stronger note of conscious but you can tell as you read her stories, Skye feels responsible for certain things but perhaps, hasn’t quite learnt the greatest lesson of all, yet.

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Note on Cover Art Design:

I am seriously in love with the purple motiff of this book cover! I’ve been jazzed about the colour purple since I was quite young despite the fact my dear great-grandmother told me it seemed strange to her as in her generation purple was only worn at the end of your life. I’ve been a deep purple or dark plum kind of gal for most of my life, even though I have as serious joy in crimson red, purple just rocked my socks for decades!
For a girl who loves colour, this book cover has a lot going on – as it’s the blending of the hues, the typography and the whole imagery of Skye and that mysterious lurker behind her where only ‘eyes’ can be seen! Eek. I’m recently realised I’m not so much of a Gryffindor kind of gal but more the Hufflepuff variety… i.e. if I even felt a smidge of that presence, I’d duck and run the opposite way! lol I always felt I’d be sorted into Ravenclaw – you know the lot of whom take up permanent residence in the library?!
I thought this was a great impression of what the catacombs would look like and feel like to explore if we stepped into Skye’s shoes and felt her courage to take-on the unknown!

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Blog Book Tour | “Restless Spirit: A Tipsy #fairytale” by E. Chris Garrison I can seriously say, this is the only author who’d convince me I can handle reading Zombies!Restless Spirit
Subtitle: A Tipsy Fairy Tale
by Ms Chris (E. Chris Garrison)
Illustrator/Cover Designer: Anne Rosario
Source: Publisher via Tomorrow Comes Media

When Skye McLeod is asked by her pal Phil Jenson if she wants to cosplay at his game company’s booth during Big Con Weekend—and get paid for it—she jumps at the chance. Besides, Skye’s hit a rocky patch with her girlfriend Annabelle, who wants her to stop drinking and act more responsibly.

Then Skye gets a call from paranormal detective Rebecca Burton for another job; something big is going on at the convention, and she needs Skye to be her eyes and ears there. So now Skye’s getting paid to have fun—twice!

Then The Night Duke, a creep from Skye’s live role playing days, shows up and uses some weird mojo, seemingly turning pretend zombies into real ones. After barely escaping an attack, Skye learns the fairies and trolls within the magical realm are getting restless, and her old friend, the Transit King, is in the middle of it.

Skye decides to once again enlist the aid of her fairy companion “Minnie.” For Skye to enter the magic realm, she needs to get tipsy. Then she’ll just have to control the powers within her and contain the outside forces that threaten to spin into chaos. How can she possibly screw this up?

Genres: Fantasy Fiction, Fairy-Tale Re-Telling, Genre-bender, Stories of the FAE, Urban Fantasy

Places to find the book:

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ISBN: 9781941706442

Also by this author: Blue Spirit, Guest Post (Restless Spirit), Gifts of the Magi, Road Ghosts : Omnibus Edition, Road Ghosts : Omnibus Edition

Series: Tipsy Fairy Tale

Also in this series: Mean Spirit

Published by Seventh Star Press

on 28th June, 2016

Format: Paperback Edition

Pages: 256

Published By: Seventh Star Press (@7thStarPress)
Available Formats: Softcover and Ebook

Converse on Twitter: #TipsyFairyTaleSeries & #7thStar

About Ms Chris (E. Chris Garrison)

Ms Chris Garrison

E. Chris Garrison writes Fantasy and Science Fiction novels and short stories. She used to publish as Eric Garrison, but has since upgraded.

Her latest series is Trans-Continental, a Steampunk adventure with a transgender woman as its protagonist. The series is set in one of the worlds in Chris’s dimension-hopping science fiction adventure, Reality Check, both of these series are published through Silly Hat Books. Silly Hat Books released Alien Beer and Other Stories, a collection of her short stories, in 2017.

Chris’s supernatural fantasy stories include the Road Ghosts trilogy and it's companion series the Tipsy Fairy Tales are published by Seventh Star Press. These Urban Fantasy novels are humorous supernatural fantasies, dealing with ghosts, demonic possession, and sinister fairy folk delivered with a “lightly dark” side of humor.

Her novel, Reality Check, is a Science Fiction adventure released by Hydra Publications. Reality Check reached #1 in Science Fiction on during a promotion in July 2013. Chris lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with her wife, step-daughter and cats. She also enjoys gaming, home brewing beer, and finding innovative uses for duct tape.

*Biography updated: March, 2018

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On continuing my journey with Skye and Minnie:

I wasn’t quite sure what Ms Chris would have in store for me in the second installment of the series, but when I read about Zombies during the guest feature attached to this blog tour I’m hosting on the overall series – I must say, it was a moment where I felt like smirking because if any author could get ‘me’ to read about Zombies (in any way, shape or form!) it would be Ms Chris! It felt right though there should be characters of the undead inside the Tipsy Fairy Tales – which is why I was looking forward to seeing their scene stealing moment of charging through that emasse group of convention goers and/or trucking through at a wicked fierce pace through the tunnels of Indy! Laughs with mirth. This is the equivalency of how Ms Stevens convinced me I can handle reading Vampires in Dance Until Dawn!

Either which way Ms Chris was going to approach this installment on Skye’s continuing adventures, I knew I wanted to be along for the ride! Sometimes you just want to give yourself a hearty chuckle, a knowing smirk of joy and sit back inside a series that focuses on highlighting the lighter side of life with a heap of heart and spirit! There are dramatic moments for sure, but at the heart of the Skye’s story is the journey of a girl owning her own truth, living without fear to welcome the unknown into her life and see what the day brings through her continuing adventures that have her traversing through the unexpected!

 My Review of restless spirit:

Skye has her geek on at the Big Con, a convention for gamers she’s been wicked excited about attending but never had the budget to afford – til now! She’s part of the FFF team (i.e. Fantasy Free Form) wherein she gets to don cosplay and get her geek on for a nifty little profit whilst being surrounded by others who speak her language and love assuming an identity that fully reflects one of their gamer interests. Notwithstanding the fact her girlfriend Annabelle is fit to be tied Skye is wearing quite the daring costume whilst her BFF Phil is trying not to find every shade of embarrassment to reflect on his face whilst he celebrates Skye’s nervy confidence and ducks the notice of her girlfriend’s concerns. They have a complicated history – as Phil and Skye used to be quite close, and it was in the last installment that I felt the most organic outcome of honesty was revealled between two people who shouldn’t be together in a relationship whilst owning the fact, sometimes someone unexpected can cross your path instead. Someone your meant to be with even if you originally felt you should be with another person all along. The three of them are honest and real friends, even with the complications involving Skye; their the kind of tribe you want in your life because they accept each other without compromise or judgement. It was wicked fun seeing their entrance in this sequel, as they were right as I had remembered them!

When Rebecca Burton phoned in a favour, I knew Skye would be game to take-on a bit extra duty at the Con! Working with an investigator on Burton’s caliber was a lot of joy for Skye, as Burton was one of the few who took her ability to ‘see’ the world of fairies seriously whilst crediting her with the courage to defeat foes that most wouldn’t even be able to admit being plausible. Shortly after Skye agreed to the terms of her new assignment, I met my first ‘Zombies’ in fiction! Yes, that’s right, normally I’m the girl adverse to Zombies (never catch me watching The Walking Dead of World War Z!) but I trust Ms Chris to tell a story involving Zombies – happily this was validated when the Zombies came on scene! They were how I would envision a Zombie to act and involve themselves with our lives, which is interesting considering, I know nothing about them! It just felt like this might be a classic Zombie entrance – where they are possessed a bit with a purpose that even they are not entirely sure of themselves!? I liked the whole ‘alter-persona’ happening between them, too! The fact that Skye had to defend herself against Zombies before the Big Con even took off was impressive! I was not surprised a few pints of beer had her fully embracing her paratalents and conversing with her miniature sidekick Minnie!

This time round felt like ‘old home week’ as Skye was visited by Uncle Gonzo and Frannie (of whom I think is the key character inside Sinking Down); two characters I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting! What was keenly interesting is how united Skye is with Frannie; each were affected by demonic interference’s but they both exited that experience with a different ‘after effect’, as one has a ghost and one has a fairy; neither are quite the same as they once were and each have a unique path to walk.  I instantly warmed to Frannie – she has a wicked personality, despite her unique situation, she makes the most of her life and moves forward with a positive attitude. It was fitting hearing how she arrived at Big Con and how her boyfriend wanted to be right beside her if his sister wasn’t getting married. It showed how Skye’s friends have threads of interest and a conjoined alliance for bracing themselves against the unexplained; as it did not take long for their conversation to get straight to the point regarding what Skye’s witnessed up to this point.

When Frannie tags along with Skye whilst seeking out the Transit King, things started to grow more interesting because this was the moment where the blending of reality and the unseen dimensions just out of natural sight came into view! To watch the astonishment on Frannie’s face was priceless as Skye pulled her off the bus and into a realm not quite alike the one they left! I started to re-orient myself inside the Transit King’s digs right as Skye realised where she had time jumped herself off too, as well! It was a clever portal – take a city bus and jump straight into the next realm hidden in plain view! Frannie was a bit unsettled until she could speak with the Transit King directly; where he surprised both of them with a plate of food for humans rather than for fairies. It’s not the most trusting of individuals and yet he’s not the most distrustful either; his duality was noted by Minnie who cleverly forewarned Skye, but this complicated how Skye wanted to approach the meeting.

I had wondered if the excessive amount of drinking (of Skye’s) would become a greater issue moving forward in the series; this was hinted at in the response Ms Chris gave me to my guest feature on this blog tour, but it’s how she wrote the evolving concern for Skye’s health that proved to be quite heartfelt. Skye has had some seriously complicated situations happening in her young life – first her boyfriend Stuart is killed, then Phil takes a liking to her whilst she falls for Annabelle and the whole balance between mortals, fairies and the world of Shadows falls into disarray quite quickly thereafter. There are forces working against Skye and creatures who are living their lives indifference to Skye’s influence and power on their worlds as a whole. Skye can insert herself into the affairs of those who’d rather she not muddle in circles they feel she doesn’t belong, but the truth of it is, Skye understands more than they realise. Even her connection to Frannie is interesting as they both were ‘altered’ and ‘brought back’ from potential death by those who would first do them harm.

In some ways, you can see the valid point Skye needs to be a bit tipsy to ‘see’ what isn’t quite believable to most, but on the other hand, as Barton warned her, she can go past the point of what is necessary and fall into a state of unwellness far too easily. It’s when she’s between states that she’s most vulnerable and most likely to muddle things between her closest friends; she tends to isolate herself when she’s smashed on liqueur because she acts more impulsively and doesn’t let herself think before she speaks either. This is definitely an issue for her and one that is broached but not overly so, as it’s almost as if the author is letting Skye test the waters of how far she’s falling vs when she needs an intervention so to speak. At this point, it’s her emotions and her past baggage with those no longer in her life that proves to be the most difficult to rectify in her heart.

Trolls. It had to be trolls! There is something untoward about trolls, you think you can find a reason to appreciate their massive brute personalities but honestly, they are simply narrow-minded and single-focused on what they deem important to them rather than to be concerned with much outside their world-view. They are so dearly large and impressively scary on sight that I could see why Skye’s confidence was flickering off and on as she was led into the catacombs to meet their leader! After the nightmaric dream she had about Minnie falling into their lair without so much as back-up to help her get rescued til now was more encouragement for Skye not to completely ‘lose it’ until they were well clear of the beasts!

The encounter with the fallen Troll King was beyond interesting as it did not quite go the way I expected it too, and I felt even Skye was a bit gobsmacked herself, as he did not strike you as the type of bloke who would give you an option to ‘opt-in or opt-out’ of an offer of favouring him with a request that would free him from an unknown curse. He did not demand anything and even returnt Minnie to Skye – this was something that I bookmarked to mind that might be important lateron. Why give anything away when the whole otherkind work on a barter to barter system of exchanges?! What did this act of kindness mean to the greater concern of why the Troll King wanted to meet with Skye? There was a turning point here in the order of balance and the way in which things were connected.

One of the best bits of all though were the classic ways in which the Zombies were a key part of the story and how un-Zombie-like they were as it wasn’t so much of a story of the undead but rather a story of manipulation, altered states of awareness and the transitional pursuits of someone whose bent on power and control but hasn’t the proper sense to realise how ill-fated that would make his destiny. Of all the stories I could have read involving Zombies, I am so wicked thankful it was one by Ms Chris!

The tipsy side of Skye’s life soon became a double-edged sword we all knew could turn on her as soon as she let her guard down to notice the implications of leading a life that was quite out of control by most people’s standards. There were consequences she was not prepared for even if she presumed they were possible, yet through it all, she kept moving forward, kept fighting and willing herself to see the endgame was worth the heartaches along the way. This story is paramount to her evolving story-line where she has to make better choices for her future whilst realising that sometimes the hasty choices made on the fly might not be the best advantage in the long-term especially if you burn more bridges than you can handle all at once. Relationships are built on trust and this is one cardinal flaw on Skye’s behalf – she never realised how much trust she had with those she needed most until the day arrived where her restless urgency to ‘do something’ good with her paratalents took away the one thing that anchoured her most in life. To see where she goes from here is going to be interesting as in many regards, she has to rebuild the way in which she manages her impulses whilst becoming the better half of whom she is meant to be.


A wicked good story for anyone who likes specialty brews:

The authoress is a home brewer herself, whilst the blogger appreciates a finely crafted brew herself on occasion whilst looking forward to exploring microbrews and other specialties she’s not yet had the chance to partake a pint. I had to smile as Skye was describing why the brews at Heath’s pub was such a joy for her to drink, as she went between dark stout to a specially strong brew concocted by the owner as his ‘master’ brew on tap; the latter is what she preferred as it boomeranged her into that special ‘space’ in-between where she could see everything between the veils of the worlds.

I have a taste for stout myself, as I love a wicked good Irish stout which I must say, is a good compliment to certain stews and cookery delights! Recently whilst reading Restless Spirit I discovered an alternative way of creating a ‘sauce’ base for tuna casserole is to use a blonde light brew mixed with the foundation of a cheese sauce to create an alleviated ‘beer cheese’ base that takes a regular tuna casserole up a notch!

I liked how Ms Chris was adding in bits of her own personality and personal interests whilst framing the character of Skye with a grounding of geek and adventurous spirit.

My favourite quotation taken from the text as I read restless spirit:

 Gonzo’s voice came out in a whine. “Aw, do I have to get mixed up in a tipsy fairy tale?”

-expressed by Uncle Gonzo from Restless Spirit, Chapter 4 by E. Chris Garrison

I was going to pick out a few more quotations, but personally this simple expression summed up so much about how Gonzo became involved with Skye’s latest adventure and how the series as a whole might feel to someone on the ‘outside’ looking in on Skye’s life. Her entire life is spent inside a ‘tipsy fairy tale’ as the lines between what is seen and unseen are constantly swirling around her and sometimes, those in her inner circle are uncertain how far they want to follow her down that ‘rabbit hole’ of variables that could put their lives at risk or place them in dangerous situations they may or may not know how to get out of in the end. It’s also the beauty of the series – without the curiously strange events and the creatures whom interact with Skye, she’d just be your ordinary gamer girl who goes off on one too  many benders before seeking sobriety. For all the humour and the cheek, there are layers of genuine heart and drama.

On why I love reading this series:

I had wanted to re-read Blue Spirit ahead of Restless Spirit, except I unfortunately misplaced my copy of the first volume in this series. Combined with the fact I’ve had severe lightning storms affecting my blogging life this Summer and a few personal circumstances that tested my will to find joy in reading as a whole, I felt as ‘restless’ as Skye for different reasons. We all get restless a bit in our lives, where anxiety can step in or we feel like we’re spinning our wheels; personally, I love gaming for the escape of ‘thinking’ on such an overly exhausted state of frequency, as when your gaming you get to take a ‘pause’ on your thought-world and just absorb yourself into the challenge at hand. This is how I found myself addicted to a new game called “Tap Tiles” which is a variant of Mah Jong if you ask me! I’ve been a long term player of the latter, as it goes back to having the games for computers you had to upload via floppy disc? Oh, yeah, I’m *that!* old school! If I ever find an updated edition of Battle Chess, look out! This new version is wicked fast, seriously challenging and I get the most joy in ‘scoring!’ a new personal best during a daily challenge! It’s the little things in life dear hearts that can lift a girl’s spirit!

The gaming re-adjusted my mindset, as I had to shake off somethings before resuming my reading of Restless Spirit – whilst feeling compacted by extreme lightning storms and connectivity issues. Summers bite what can I say? At least my new computer came into my life just before October brewed into existence granting me a measure of peace knowing I can resume blogging without worrying about how and when I can blog (as I was borrowing a computer for the month of September) with the added advantage of having new apps to explore and a wicked collection of ‘games’ I can geek on during my down-times! I really ought to break out the board games soon and re-take up testing my averages on Shaun Murray’s Wakeboarding via PS2.

Whilst I recaptured my focus to read – I noticed that the subtle moments in Restless Spirit were giving me a heap of reasons to smile and smirk! You just notice certain things when you’re reading a Ms Chris story – she writes such a lot of heart and quirky humour, it’s hard not to smile, honestly! Even when things turn super serious, she has a way of giving you a heap to think about whilst she’s dealing with the harder points of Skye’s journey.

Not only did I read this volume with my Blue Spirit bookmark, but I had my handy Transit King token with me, too!

There were quiet moments of repose to reflect on Skye’s history and on Phil’s where other characters that cross between Ms Chris and Mr Sullivan’s story arcs come into centre play and knowledge. They have a unique working relationship where they ‘borrow’ characters and each have their own unique spin on how those characters are presented. I spoke about this on my review for Blue Spirit in case you’d like a refresher. Ms Chris is one of those authors who has such a clarity about her writerly voice, she can insert ‘background’ on her characters and previous stories (or Mr Sullivan’s) without it sounding like the ‘insert previous information here’ variety of narrative. I applaud that, as sometimes I notice authors overwork the obvious or take you out of the current story to opt to fill in those who read series out of order.

On being a voice for LGBTQIA+:

The author is transgender which gives her an inside edge towards how to write stories that are highlighting characters like Skye who are trying to lead lives without their sexuality, gender or orientation leading to prejudicial exclusions inside their everyday lives. This is quite apparent when the laws currently in place in the author’s home state are mentioned in one chapter in regards to marriage equality as well as the perceptions of how some of Skye’s friends or friends of her friends view the relationship she has with Annabelle.

I consider this series pro-positive for both LGBTQIA+ and Allies alike, as everything pertinent to this side of Skye’s life is told organically and shifts between being humourous and serious, depending on the nature of the exchange or the situation at hand. This is positive I think as it has a very realistic vibe attached to it. Skye is not afraid to speak her mind or to live her authentic truth, even if others are not as prepared to accept her on her terms, she still lives her life owning the truth she has within her and that’s something to applaud. She has her faults (who doesn’t?) but her strengths are her willingness to take-on challenges head-on and remain faithful to those she cares about whilst sorting out mysteries of the unexplained.

This is definitely an author to bookmark if your seeking #diverselit and stories of Equality where all characters are realistically written and openly honest about expressing their thoughts, views and feelings.

On the stronger language of the series:

This is one time where the stronger language bits did not affect me as there was one word in particular that was blessedly excluded from sight. There is also a bit of a softening happening with the language inclusions, although some words are still viably seen it’s how their presented and used that makes the difference. This series has a lot of satire inside it, lots of pop cultural geek references and if your into pop cultural series like The X-Files or Doctor Who (such as I am) you’re going to be treated to some wicked one liners! Again, there is a brilliant balance between what is hilarious, what is seriously compelling and what just makes your heart smile whilst your reading this series of adventures! Skye endears you straight to her story-line the first time you meet her and it’s hard to hold against her from that point forward. (such as language!) Ergo, this series is one of my exceptions to the rule about words and phrases in literature.

I personally spend more time smiling and laughing than I do worrying about how something is said because you just know going in this is one of those lighter reads that is written to uplift you rather than a harder read that might leave you pensively distraught. We all need to read lighter fiction if our readerly queue of choices are on the heavier ledger of literature – at least this is true for me, and I’m wicked thankful I found Ms Chris’s style to give me a jolt of wicked good Fantasy humour!

If you’ve enjoyed my recent showcase on behalf of “Restless Spirit” be sure to return this November as I participate in my 4th Year of Sci Fi November! I will be showcasing Ms Chris’s self-published book series “Trans-Continental” which is a Steampunk adventure series!

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Restless Spirit blog tour via Tomorrow Comes Media.My review of ‘Restless Spirit’ was delayed due an epic migraine – continued thereafter to be thwarted by severe lightning storms (the bane of my Summers!) whilst barely able to hug close to the blog tour as a result! My apologies if you’ve been returning to see my ruminations and were curious why my review wasn’t published until early in the morning hours of Friday whilst the Imaginarium was kicking off in Louisville!

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