A #WyrdAndWonder Book Review | The final installment of the Tipsy Fairy Tale trilogy “Mean Spirit” by E. Chris Garrison

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Acquired Book By: I have remained in contact with the author through the years as I truly love reading her stories and hearing about her current projects. This particular story has a long journey towards publication and in truth, I haven’t read an installment of this series in five years (since 2016). I have waited on pins and needles to await the fate of Skye and all the characters I came to know in the series – when Ms Chris approached me about the final chapter of the trilogy was being published last year (2020) I was overjoyed as it felt like such a good time to read it. However, I hadn’t foreseen how difficult May & September would be for my chronic migraines – whilst I also found myself pulling out of reading more than I felt attached to it throughout 2020 as a whole.

I decided to push forward my review for this final novel until Wyrd And Wonder, May 2021 as I wanted to share my thoughts with the wider community of #WyrdAndWonder especially for those who might not have seen my previous reviews of her stories or participated in @SatBookChat’s conversation with her as well during #SciFiMonth, 2020.

I received a complimentary copy of “Mean Spirit” direct from the author E. Chris Garrison in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

I knew I wanted to finish my readings for #WyrdAndWonder with a few select reads which would occupy my final joys of the event this Year 4. Hence why I held off reading “Mean Spirit”, “Esme’s Gift” & “Trans Witch” as I wanted my final #weekendreads for Wyrd and Wonder to be consumed by stories I knew I wouldn’t be able to put down. I had no idea at the time when I purchased “Trans Witch” it was within the Skye-Blue-universe – somehow that felt fittingly brilliant to me. And, in regards to “Esme’s Gift” – you might want to visit my review for “Esme’s Wish” to see why I am enraptured with that series as much as I am with this one.

I had to ‘let go’ of some of the stories I had planned to read this month – as I simply ran out of the hours whilst I was able to dodge a few migraines which thankfully didn’t fully take root to derail my efforts, I still took ill for a few days this last week of May to where only rest & copious amounts of herbal tea was able to reset me. Those other stories will be coming to Jorie Loves A Story during different events from June-November – however, as this is the final weekend for Wyrd And Wonder – I simply want to say how wicked happy I am to have been blessed to read the stories I could and to spend time with writers who are elevating our joys as we adventure through the wonderment & enchanting niches of genre throughout Fantasy. It is a credit to each of them for giving us a chance to see their own visions for their worlds & to entreat into the footsteps of their characters,… wherein our heart continues to expand with the experiences we can never forget taking with them.

Today, I embarked on saying ‘goodbye’ to a series I’ve felt has been a part of my journey as a book blogger only to remind myself that its never quite a final ‘goodbye’ when it comes to stories,… they are simply awaiting the next moment we re-open the door and walk through their worlds. Here’s to each of us adventuring & discovering & celebrating everything we’ve found this fourth year of Wyrd And Wonder.

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On my connection to Ms Chris (aka E. Chris Garrison):

My path first crossed with Ms Chris through a podcast sponsored by an Indie Speculative Fiction publisher which led me to hosting blog tours which celebrated her stories. Since our first encounter with each other, we’ve developed a friendship I am blessed to have and I appreciate getting to know a bit more about an author whose not only developing a unique style in the world of Fantasy but is receptive to the thoughts readers have as they gain impression by reading the stories themselves.

I am disclosing this, to assure you that I can formulate an honest opinion, even though I have interacted with Ms Chris through our respective blogs, the twitterverse, the podcast world, and privately. I treat each book as a ‘new experience’, whether I personally know the author OR whether I am reading a book by them for the first time. For more information, I disclosed a bit more on my first 10 Bookish, Not Bookish Thoughts (read No.7!).

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Why I love reading the Tipsy Fairy Tales:

One of the best bits of all though were the classic ways in which the Zombies were a key part of the story and how un-Zombie-like they were as it wasn’t so much of a story of the undead but rather a story of manipulation, altered states of awareness and the transitional pursuits of someone whose bent on power and control but hasn’t the proper sense to realise how ill-fated that would make his destiny. Of all the stories I could have read involving Zombies, I am so wicked thankful it was one by Ms Chris!

The tipsy side of Skye’s life soon became a double-edged sword we all knew could turn on her as soon as she let her guard down to notice the implications of leading a life that was quite out of control by most people’s standards. There were consequences she was not prepared for even if she presumed they were possible, yet through it all, she kept moving forward, kept fighting and willing herself to see the endgame was worth the heartaches along the way. This story is paramount to her evolving story-line where she has to make better choices for her future whilst realising that sometimes the hasty choices made on the fly might not be the best advantage in the long-term especially if you burn more bridges than you can handle all at once. Relationships are built on trust and this is one cardinal flaw on Skye’s behalf – she never realised how much trust she had with those she needed most until the day arrived where her restless urgency to ‘do something’ good with her paratalents took away the one thing that anchoured her most in life. To see where she goes from here is going to be interesting as in many regards, she has to rebuild the way in which she manages her impulses whilst becoming the better half of whom she is meant to be.

There were quiet moments of repose to reflect on Skye’s history and on Phil’s where other characters that cross between Ms Chris and Mr Sullivan’s story arcs come into centre play and knowledge. They have a unique working relationship where they ‘borrow’ characters and each have their own unique spin on how those characters are presented. I spoke about this on my review for Blue Spirit in case you’d like a refresher. Ms Chris is one of those authors who has such a clarity about her writerly voice, she can insert ‘background’ on her characters and previous stories (or Mr Sullivan’s) without it sounding like the ‘insert previous information here’ variety of narrative. I applaud that, as sometimes I notice authors overwork the obvious or take you out of the current story to opt to fill in those who read series out of order.

I consider this series pro-positive for both LGBTQIA+ and Allies alike, as everything pertinent to this side of Skye’s life is told organically and shifts between being humourous and serious, depending on the nature of the exchange or the situation at hand. This is positive I think as it has a very realistic vibe attached to it. Skye is not afraid to speak her mind or to live her authentic truth, even if others are not as prepared to accept her on her terms, she still lives her life owning the truth she has within her and that’s something to applaud. She has her faults (who doesn’t?) but her strengths are her willingness to take-on challenges head-on and remain faithful to those she cares about whilst sorting out mysteries of the unexplained.

This is definitely an author to bookmark if your seeking #diverselit and stories of Equality where all characters are realistically written and openly honest about expressing their thoughts, views and feelings.

-quoted from my review of Restless Spirit

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A #WyrdAndWonder Book Review | The final installment of the Tipsy Fairy Tale trilogy “Mean Spirit” by E. Chris GarrisonMean Spirit
Subtitle: A Tipsy Fairy Tale
by Ms Chris (E. Chris Garrison) of Silly Hat Books
Illustrator/Cover Designer: Anne Rosario
Source: Direct from Author

All her fault. How did it go so wrong?

What was supposed to be a fun, exciting convention weekend has turned terribly tragic. All Skye MacLeod had to do was look pretty in a fantasy costume and keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Instead, she got cocky and took matters into her own hands. Death and destruction followed. Now Skye's burying another friend, she's broken trusts, and she isn't sure how to make things right again.

Skye's trying her best. She's quit drinking (giving up her powers in the process) and she's trying to make up for her reckless behavior and stay out of trouble, but something big is happening among the fairy Lords and Ladies of the Circle City. All the major players warn Skye to stay away. So why does she find herself swept up in the middle of things anyway? How will she regain her honor and the trust of the people around her when every choice before her seems wrong?

The exciting conclusion to the Tipsy Fairy Tales Trilogy.

Genres: Fantasy Fiction, Fairy-Tale Re-Telling, Stories of the FAE, Urban Fantasy, Genre-bender

Places to find the book:

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ISBN: 978-1953763228

Also by this author: Trans Witch: College of Secrets

Series: Tipsy Fairy Tale

Published by Silly Hat Books

on 4th August, 2020

Format: Paperback Edition

Pages: 234

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The Tipsy Fairy Tale Trilogy:

Blue Spirit by E. Chris GarrisonRestless Spirit by E. Chris GarrisonMean Spirit by E. Chris Garrison

Blue Spirit (book one) | see also Review

Restless Spirit (book two) | see also Review

Mean Spirit (book three)

(*) previously these were published elsewhere but all titles
by this author in all formats are published by Silly Hat Books

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On continuing my journey with Skye and Minnie:

I’ve had such an emotional connection to this series, it was hard to realise I have reached the final installment of the series. I know I’ll be re-reading this series whilst listening to the audiobook versions of the story as well. I’d love to re-examine the series from start to finish as I progress into the audiobooks – as I had intended to listen to Blue Spirit ahead of reading Mean Spirit – however, I had to alter my plans a bit this Wyrd And Wonder when I resumed my full-time hours at work. I wasn’t able to listen to any audiobooks this month aside from the ones I have already featured – which is why a few are now going to be my focus during #AudiobookMonth in June, whilst a few are pushed forward into #SelfPubFantasyMonth (this September), a few moved into #SpooktasticReads (this October) and the remainder will be featured during #SciFiMonth (this November).

I wasn’t even sure how to brace myself for this final chapter of spending time with Skye and Minnie and everyone else connected inside the series. Which is why I did the best thing I could : I dove into the plot and decided to meet the story as it was written to be seen. It is definitely one of those series anchoured throughout my eight years as a book blogger and it has been such an incredible journey. I am grateful I crossed paths with the author in [2013] otherwise I never would have had the pleasure of having all of her books in my personal library; save the one which just released this May: The Multiverse Blues.

my review of mean spirit:

Skye can’t seem to catch a break if she tried – her promise to Annabelle notwithstanding, the paranormal finds her wherever she goes – even if that is a cemetery to pay her respects. The fact there is a scene involving crows at the cemetery didn’t surprise me as I’ve seen crows stand at sentry on graves and hold a conference on a regular basis. Not to mention the fact, her new companion-in-arms Cassie is a witch of old magic which came into play when they both met Mother Wren for the first time. I admit, I don’t remember any mention of Mother Wren in the past, but I could be mistaken of course – chronic migraines can do that to a reader. What was curious about Mother Wren is how she held court in the cemetery, knowing more than she said and saying things which only confused Cassie and Skye. She didn’t come out directly to say anything at all – at least on the surface of it but what she did say still carried a bit of weight. I was looking forward to seeing her return and perhaps, getting further into understanding what her motivations were and why she was keenly interested in both Cassie and Skye.

Cassie’s the sister of Raven who passed away at the end of Restless Spirit. Skye is floundering a bit now to understand both her place in the world and how to own to her promises; especially the ones she gives to Annabelle. It isn’t helping her cause to run into a crooked con artist from her past either – at least, that is how I’d classify Larry when he wasn’t being accused of everything else you can imagine to cause both harm and ill will towards others. He was the type of person who wanted the fame, the glory and the bankroll but with a newfound remorse for his past deeds. What was further interesting is how Cassie was under his spell even though it was Skye Larry was seeking out to help him for a change. I was hoping Skye might find a way to partner with Cassie – and either work with or work round Larry to solve the mystery behind why a new creature of the woods was all up in arms about something that was now starting to effect the humans in their territory!

If I hadn’t known Skye to be in love with Annabelle, I might have considered the chemistry between her and Cassie to be something more than it was as those two seemed to get on like lightning bugs! It was refreshing too to see Skye connecting to someone especially after such a loss and during a moment in her life where she was unsure of herself and her own abilities to find a bridge between the worlds in which she lived. She didn’t have it easy in life – knowing what happened to her and what caused Minnie to exist. I felt her friendship with Cassie might have a grounding effect on her as much as it would be nice if someone could help her sort out her gift without the need to have alcohol in her life to achieve the same effect. As that was what was at the crust of the issues in the past – how much she drank and how hard she fell when everything spun out of control.

Ha! I had a feeling Blue and/or Rebecca might stumble into this story as their both been a part of the series even though I remembered Rebecca and Skye weren’t exactly on speaking terms at the moment. When Blue reunited with Skye it proved how sometimes two people can distance themselves from each other without coming to grips with breaking the silence and repairing their friendship. I knew Skye was beyond stubborn but it was how Blue stated it that made me smile. Skye of course was more irked she was out of the loop in regards to the current issues surrounding the events she wasn’t yet aware of happening. I knew she’d make a case for helping out Larry to Annabelle but I was more than a bit surprised Annabelle relented! I had a feeling she knew what I did – the more she tried to control Skye the faster she was going to lose her completely.

Skye ironically or not, soon found her and Larry in circumstances neither of them could control – those pukwedgies are truly a fright! I admit, they were freaking me out and the descriptions of them wasn’t helping me either as they felt like something straight out of a horrific nightmare! I grieved for Larry a bit too, despite his faults, no one wants to see a beloved companion injured the way his dog was in the fight to save themselves. His dog reminded me of Crest (from the Wilderness Family trilogy of movies) of how much valor both dogs had to care and protect those they loved. I also knew what Skye would suggest to Larry – sometimes, despite the fact you want to change your stars and re-align your life on sturdier ground, sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do in order to achieve that goal. I also knew how much this would affect Skye – because of her past and her history with the Transit King.

Even in the throes of chaos, Ms Chris has a way of etching out just enough comedic sequences to downplay the terror and gives us just enough humour to keep us in smiles whilst the worst plays out before our eyes. Skye lives in a world where despite the urban setting of Indianapolis she is constantly being pushed into the world outside the veil of our own environments. In this way, as I’ve read Rosemary and Rue since I read Restless Spirit – she has the same knack for owning the niche of Urban Fantasy as McGuire. In fact, I know now its due to reading this series which opened the door for me to embrace October Daye.

One thing I LOVE about how Ms Chris writes the action sequences in her stories is how extraordinary these adventures become because her characters get to do things most of us could never do in our own realities. Such as drive through gates, ignore traffic signals and otherwise get into a bit of mischief and mayhem whilst trying to save the day, the world or someone’s life. Skye has a propensity for having trouble find her in the same ways trouble finds October Daye. And, therein lies the truer reason why I know why Urban Fantasy appeals to me as much as it does – it is a wonderfully refreshing segue into stories which have roots in mythologies, legends or lore but the writers re-spin those tales and otherworldly references into cheeky exploits of adventurous fiction wrapped inside an Urban Fantasy wrapping.

The Transit King is no fool and yet, sometimes I think he has a softer side to his personality than he willing lets others see of his nature. He definitely likes to help people in need but he doesn’t like to promote that fact nor does he like to sound as if he’s a willing participant if someone makes a personal request. The blood is sour between him and Skye (naturally, given past events) but he still finds a way to give aide when aide is requested. His frogmen guards still wig me out a bit but they are quite resourceful even I have to admit that! Plus, I knew having stronger torches was a good idea! (ie. stronger flashlights) What Skye does with hers is wicked incredible but it also reminded me why I loved watching MacGyver as a kid. (ie. the original series with Richard Dean Anderson)

Mother Wren is a hard nut to crack. You’d think she’d want to speak more boldly and direct with Skye but something tells me she wants Skye to unearth the secreted messages because it has to do with free will and personal fate. If she were to sway Skye towards one or another meanings behind her words, would Skye still be able to choose her own path out of whichever dangers she is going up against next? Yet, a part of me questioned Mother Wren’s motives all the way round – especially as what would she gain if Skye went against her advice!? What was her endgame?

The Friendsgiving scene is awesome because it happened just after that nightmare with the trolls and goblins; for those who are reading this series in sequence, what happened at Big Con wasn’t the end of the troubles facing Skye and her friends. She definitely can’t catch a break anytime soon – those goblins are beyond mean but its how twisted their new leader is that makes them seem even worse than they were before because of how unrelenting he is to achieve his own goals. The ‘he’ in question of course is the infamous Kelpie – though as Ms Chris described him, he was much more ‘gator’ than anything else! Imagine a seriously huge gator standing in front of you with a menacing breath of teeth? I nearly fell off my chair!

Between the war brewing and Skye’s friends, I had a feeling this ending was going to be epic and I wasn’t wrong! There is something to be said for keeping the Light shining brighter than the Darkness and in this final showdown Ms Chris gave us one heck of an ending to this trilogy! The trolls become such dear companions as we chase after the darker elements of the suspense surrounding what Mother Wren is going to do and what Skye needs to sort out in order to save the day once again. Yet, for Skye the stakes are cast against a personal toll of angst – she gets put into a vice to choose between whom she loves and what she holds dear herself. She was in a war against herself as much as she was caught inside a war of magical proportions.

Each time you felt you’d riddled out the mystery behind what was motivating Mother Wren, Ms Chris gave you a new tangent to follow and to root out altogether. The final showdown of course brings the whole trilogy back to centre – including a very heart to heart talk with the Token King and Skye. Even Rebecca Burton herself puts in an appearance and if I were the betting kind, I’d say there was a portal of a chance this isn’t the last of Skye’s journey. It merely is a pause in the timeline so to speak and we’ll meet up with her and her friends again when the timing is right to do so which suits me just fine!

Part of this story brokered on Lite Horror and parts of it were hard to take-on because I have felt so emotionally connected to this series start to finish. You get invested into Skye’s life and because of that, everything that she feels you feel as well. At the back of this tale though is a romance – as Skye has been trying to find both herself and a balance in life which isn’t limited to her duties in the otherworld which begs her to return at a whim. For Skye, family – the one she’s found and cobbled together over the years and the romance she shared with Annabelle are her homing beacons. She was never one to trust easily but there is something to be said for finding unconditional love and support at moments where life doesn’t give you time to blink. I felt the ending in this third installment was the best possible outcome for the journey we’ve taken into the series.

Ms Chris has incredible continuity – not just through the Tipsy Fairy Tale series but through all the stories which interconnect into this series as well. It is quite the large universe of stories and characters (as the Road Ghosts series is inter-threaded as well) – seeing how she’s brought everyone back to centre in this story was just wicked brilliant! I even loved seeing Frannie again as I felt she had a bum rap all along and it was good to see her step into her own so to speak at the height of the frenzy! I am so grateful I had the chance to read Blue Spirit all those years ago because it lead me into a series I am blessed to have read start to finish.

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On the fantastical writing styling of ms chris (e. chris garrison):

I love how you can re-enter into one of these novels as if you’ve not had years between your readings. Ms Chris makes it easy for us to re-align ourselves and even pick up the threads of the narrative as if we were only away for a few hours rather than five years. For me, I feel the width of those years as it is a marker of time for me in many respects as five years ago my Dad had a stroke in November, 2016. That became a benchmark year for my readerly memories – the stories I read before his stroke and the stories I read after it. It is fitting to resume reading a series which was connected to me before all the changes in our lives and now, at a time where revisiting this series is both nostalgic and comforting at the same time.

Only Ms Chris could write such a compelling scene which felt like it was extracted straight out of Doctor Who! Mind you, there are only four doctors who are my favourites right now – (Doctors 9-12) as I took a pass on the 13th; though I haven’t mentioned that until now. One of the most scary episodes and arc sequences we saw for the series involved those creepy angel statues! I believe the first episode they were featured in was called Blink which says so much without saying anything at all! I was cheekily smirking though – because of how Ms Chris switched the script on who was afraid of whom in her sequence!

Ms Chris tends to be a bit subtle at first – how she chooses to introduce new characters and new creatures which are both fantastical and paranormally inclined. In this installment, its the pukwedgies who are the creatures of choice this time round. I admit, I never heard of them before and when I ran a search on them, of course, there were two kinds of images you can find – illustrations which show their not that scary at all to the more horrid depictions where they seem a bit more nightmaric! Oy. I knew there was a stirring of imbalance in the world behind the world and I had a feeling these creatures were part of the reason why there was an imbalance.

When she described the sewer systems, it brought me back to my days of watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – however, the vile stench and the criss-cross ways in which the sewer can keep you in a labyrinth notwithstanding, the realistic edge she gave those scenes was quite intense! That is one reason I enjoy her stories as much as I do – the visual representations of where she sets the scenes and of course, the ways in which she has the knack for bringing in creatures you’d never want to meet yourself at those settings! Laughs.

I definitely recommend a new reader into the world of this series to also read the Road Ghosts series – as there are overlays and cross-references to both series. The characters also overlap and there is such a synergy of companionship, it is worth seeking out. You nearly feel wrapped up in a sea of loss by the time you conclude it, too. The grief of knowing this series had to have its final chapter but with the hope of perhaps revisiting these characters in future is what makes it such a satisfying ending. Even if they were simply to stop here at this junction of their lives without any further adventures, you’ll feel as satisfied as I had once you’ve reached the final page – because Ms Chris definitely knows how to leave the series full of joy for her readers!

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As previously shared and stated, these views still hold true within “Mean Spirit”:
with a new paragraph added which reflects the current storyline

On being a voice for LGBTQIA+:

The author is transgender which gives her an inside edge towards how to write stories that are highlighting characters like Skye who are trying to lead lives without their sexuality, gender or orientation leading to prejudicial exclusions inside their everyday lives. This is quite apparent when the laws currently in place in the author’s home state are mentioned in Restless Spirit in regards to marriage equality as well as the perceptions of how some of Skye’s friends or friends of her friends view the relationship she has with Annabelle.

The relationship with Skye and Annabelle is more fleshed out and focused on in Mean Spirit – I was celebrating the joy of seeing this inclusive of the narrative because at the heart of the series, I always wanted to see Skye happy and settled into a relationship which was a good fit for her as a character. She’s had such a hard-won journey until now, it was nice to see something in her life was working out. Ms Chris tucked us into those quiet moments between the two women in love and gave us a wink and nod into how their lives were merging together in a way that I think even surprised Skye. It was a wonderful f/f romance inside a paranormal suspense set within an Urban Fantasy world.

I consider this series pro-positive for both LGBTQIA+ and Allies alike, as everything pertinent to this side of Skye’s life is told organically and shifts between being humourous and serious, depending on the nature of the exchange or the situation at hand. This is positive I think as it has a very realistic vibe attached to it. Skye is not afraid to speak her mind or to live her authentic truth, even if others are not as prepared to accept her on her terms, she still lives her life owning the truth she has within her and that’s something to applaud. She has her faults (who doesn’t?) but her strengths are her willingness to take-on challenges head-on and remain faithful to those she cares about whilst sorting out mysteries of the unexplained.

This is definitely an author to bookmark if your seeking #diverselit and stories of Equality where all characters are realistically written and openly honest about expressing their thoughts, views and feelings.

On the stronger language of the series:

This is one time where the stronger language bits did not affect me as there was one word in particular that was blessedly excluded from sight. There is also a bit of a softening happening with the language inclusions, although some words are still viably seen it’s how their presented and used that makes the difference. This series has a lot of satire inside it, lots of pop cultural geek references and if your into pop cultural series like The X-Files or Doctor Who (such as I am) you’re going to be treated to some wicked one liners! Again, there is a brilliant balance between what is hilarious, what is seriously compelling and what just makes your heart smile whilst your reading this series of adventures! Skye endears you straight to her story-line the first time you meet her and it’s hard to hold against her from that point forward. (such as language!) Ergo, this series is one of my exceptions to the rule about words and phrases in literature.

I personally spend more time smiling and laughing than I do worrying about how something is said because you just know going in this is one of those lighter reads that is written to uplift you rather than a harder read that might leave you pensively distraught. We all need to read lighter fiction if our readerly queue of choices are on the heavier ledger of literature – at least this is true for me, and I’m wicked thankful I found Ms Chris’s style to give me a jolt of wicked good Fantasy humour!

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Seeking the fantastical:

→ Witches

→ the Fey

→ pukwedgies or pukas

→ Trolls

→ Goblins

There is a lot of fantastical creatures in the Tipsy Fairy Tale trilogy – Skye has an uncanny way of interacting with more of them each time we visit with her and to her credit, she never wants any trouble for her efforts either. It’s just that each time she encounters someone or something outside this contemporary world of ours, she has to go above and beyond to save both herself and others she feels protective of defending. In regards to the creatures themselves, their described in full detail and they each have such an interesting manner and presence about them, you definitely know which of them you’d appreciate more to find standing in front of you than the others! It is a wicked good folly of creatures and encounters for anyone who loves Urban Fantasy and taking an adventure alongside a fierce warrior aligned with the fey such as Skye!

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This book review is courtesy of: E. Chris Garrison

About Ms Chris (E. Chris Garrison) of Silly Hat Books

E. Chris Garrison Photo Credit: Ellie Sophia Photography

Chris Garrison writes fantasy and science fiction novels and short stories.

Her urban fantasies feature ghosts, demonic possession, and sinister fairy folk delivered with a “lightly dark” side of humor.

Her latest series is Trans-Continental, a steampunk adventure with a transgender woman protagonist. The series is set in one of the worlds in Chris’s dimension-hopping science fiction adventure, Reality Check, also published by Silly Hat Books. Reality Check reached #1 in Science Fiction on Amazon.com in 2013. Silly Hat Books released Alien Beer and Other Stories, a collection of her short stories, in 2017. Her latest release is The Multiverse Blues in 2021. Most of her stories are now available across formats including audiobook.

Chrissy lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with her wife, step- daughter and many cats. She also enjoys gaming, home brewing beer, and finding innovative uses for duct tape. Keep up on the latest news and releases from Chris

Photo Credit: Ellie Sophia Photography

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Skye-Blue-universe info graphic about the collective works inter-related to each other by E. Chris Garrison and R.J. Sullivan. Graphic provided by the authors and is used with permisison.

Visit E. Chris Garrison @ Silly Hat Books

Visit R.J. Sullivan @ Dark Whimsy Books

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{SOURCES: Book Covers of “Blue Spirit”, “Restless Spirit” and “Mean Spirit” as well as the author photograph of E. Chris Garrison, author biography and the book synopsis were provide by the author E. Chris Garrison and are used with permission. Skye-Blue-universe info graphic about the collective works inter-related to each other by E. Chris Garrison and R.J. Sullivan. Graphic provided by the authors and is used with permission. Post dividers by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Pure Imagination. Tweets are inserted due to codes provided by Twitter. Blog graphics created by Jorie via Canva: #WyrdAndWonder Book Review, #WyrdAndWonder Year 4 banner and the Comment Box Banner.}

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I am self-educated through local libraries and alternative education opportunities. I am a writer by trade and I cured a ten-year writer’s block by the discovery of Nanowrimo in November 2008. The event changed my life by re-establishing my muse and solidifying my path. Five years later whilst exploring the bookish blogosphere I decided to become a book blogger. I am a champion of wordsmiths who evoke a visceral experience in narrative. I write comprehensive book showcases electing to get into the heart of my reading observations. I dance through genres seeking literary enlightenment and enchantment. Starting in Autumn 2013 I became a blog book tour hostess featuring books and authors. I joined The Classics Club in January 2014 to seek out appreciators of the timeless works of literature whose breadth of scope and voice resonate with us all.

"I write my heart out and own my writing after it has spilt out of the pen." - self quote (Jorie of Jorie Loves A Story)

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