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#WyrdAndWonder #BookMail | We’re Going On An Adventure: Celebrating my book gifts to ring in Year 4 of @WyrdAndWonder!

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!!

You might have noticed the ‘changing of the guard’ via my Twitter feeds – wherein I took off the notation about I heart 🎧📖 and replaced it with @WyrdAndWonder🧙‍♀️!! As well as switching out “Jorie, the Joyful Tweeter💜🦝 for Jorie | #WyrdAndWonder🧙‍♀️📖!!! I decided to get started a bit early on this week in getting everything situated for the start of the event I LOVE co-hosting with Imyril and Lisa every May and October!!

May is when we all go a bit wild over our mutual love of FANTASY and this year, wells, you could say I’ve gone to the MOON in my ambitious reading goals but rather than fully disclose what those are going to be – I’ll be sharing them book by book as I chase after my favourite subniches of Fantasy, tuck into my comfort reads of Middle Grade & Young Adult Fantasy and move outside some comfort zones when it comes to Adult Fantasy, too.

Right now, I’m celebrating the fact its MAY

and this is the MONTH of #WyrdAndWonder!! Won’t you join us?!

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Fantasy truly is much more than a genre – it is an exploration of hidden worlds & themes which are universally appealling to a wide audience – crossing through all boundaries and uniting everyone together who finds a niche of Fantasy their jam. This is why we wanted to create a happy space to celebrate this wicked wonderful section of Speculative Fiction – to find the joy in what others are finding for themselves & uniting together to highlight every which way to Sunday Fantasy gives us a burst of #randomJOY and lifts our souls!

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Welcome to *Wyrd & Wonder*

Imyril, Lisa and I have delightfully planned a wicked #awesomesauce month of FANTASY celebration for you! This marks our 4th Year co-hosting #WyrdAndWonder and we couldn’t be happier knowing so many lovely bookish spirits are joining us again for this event!! It truly warms our hearts as it started off as such a humble event and now has become a beloved anchour to @SciFiMonth – wherein every May as a community we celebrate Science Fiction and every May, we celebrate Fantasy. Imyril and Lisa run #SciFiMonth but I’ve been truly blessed by their friendship as we’ve co-founded and run #WyrdAndWonder together.

You’ll have to let me know if you’re participating this year with us during #WyrdAndWonder in the comments below this post! Be sure to share a link to your most recent post for the event and I’ll happily be visiting with you soon! I might have even found your post before you found mine – as one of the joys for me as a co-host for the event is getting to travel through the book blogosphere and spend time with everyone. I love the diversity in our choices of subniches of Fantasy as much as which authors and stories are giving us wicked good selections of the genre itself.

This is the beauty of #WyrdAndWonder itself- of being able to escape into the realms of Fantasy and seek out the fantastical – however which way that might personally appeal to the reader and the seeker! Let us help you adventure with us whilst seeing what you’ve decided to read, listen or watch throughout May! I hope some of the authors I’ve read and reviewed over the years have sparked a curiosity in you to seek out yourself and likewise, I know I’ve been wicked inspired throughout the years to seek out new authors myself.

I’ve technically hidden the list of stories I’m reading this year for #WyrdAndWonder – its actually in plain sight but you’d have to understand my method of organisation as a book blogger to find it! Laughs with mirth. I’ve gone to the moon with ambition this Wyrd And Wonder. I’ve had such a hard luck year with reading, I’ve nearly slated the entire month free of blog tours in order to soak into the Fantasy stories I’ve been dearly wanting to read for quite a few years now. Quite a large number of these stories are off my backlogue as well and others are simply taking me by surprise for having a stop-gap in reading a series for two years! Two in particular really shocked me that its been such a long while since I’ve gushed and blogged about their series — just another sign that sometimes we don’t realise how stressful our lives are outside of our blogs.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see which become my #unputdownable reads this May as much as I can’t wait to see the worlds & characters these authors have created for us. It goes without saying, nearly all the stories I’ll be reading this year are by either Indie Authors and/or Self-Published Authors. The two terms are sometimes interchangeable but I’ve tried to separate the two to reflect an Indie Author is independently published by a publisher or press outside of Major Trade.

Whether this is your fourth year or your first, we welcome you to #WyrdAndWonder! Join us as we dip our bookish hearts into this region of Speculative Fiction which gets us wickedly giddy with expectations and imaginative blissitudes!

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DAY ONE: We’re Going On An Adventure,… Read More


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The #UnconquerableRAL | a readalong for the @SciFiMonth community : hosted by @joriestory feat. “Unconquerable Sun” by Kate Elliott

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A new month : A new readalong!

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Remind me again,
where did jan-March go?

seriously – how is it april already!?

#WyrdAndwonder is next month!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comYou might have remembered me mentioning hosting this lovely RAL several months ago – especially as I hosted a poll via @joriestory! I wanted to gauge everyone’s availability and try to host this readalong during a month most of us would feel READY to dive into Ms Elliott’s wicked wonderful gender-swapped adventure! Be sure to scope out my initial thoughts about this novel and how it made my Top Anticipated Reads for 2020 List!

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NOTE: dates removed – this is now an OPEN ENDED readalong due to health issues!

Most likely this will run concurrent to #WyrdAndWonder – stay tuned!


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welcome, welcome!

Hallo, hallo #SciFiMonth community!

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For me, I will admit I’ve gone through a lot of transitions and health afflictions already this New Year, 2021 – to soak into UNCONQUERABLE SUN this April & May (as yes, sadly, I’m a full week late starting us off – forgive me!) is a wonderful BLESSING! Because of the fatigue I’ve experienced whilst overcoming a bout of vertigo and intensive seasonal allergies I’ve been muddling through since February; I’ve given myself a break on trying to digest this novel ONLY by the lovely hardback copy my Mum and Dad gifted me – instead, I am also borrowing the audiobook via my regional library. I knew this was going to be a challenging read for me and I’d like to give myself the best chance at experiencing it to the best of my abilities without letting my recent afflictions stand in the way.

Thereby, the chapter breakdowns for this readalong were happily given to me by Imyril @imyril – bless her! – whilst, the discussion questions will be generated by me as I move through the book itself. I had planned to begin reading this lovely earlier in the year – but such is life, sometimes our plans are put aside and we get to experience a RAL right alongside those who join us for the community aspect of reading a novel together!

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Reading this book contributed to these challenges:

  • #UnconquerableRAL

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#BestBooksOf2020 Retrospective | The 2020 End of the Year Reading Survey : The stories behind #JLASblog’s 7th Year!

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The Questions for the 2020 End of the Year Survey are posted by Jaime @ the Perpetual Page Turner, who created this survey as a personal reflection of her year of bookish wanderings and readings, and never thought it would turn into a book blogosphere yearly event! I am thankful she encourages us all to participate even though over the past five years I haven’t had the best track record of joining in on the community in which she’s curated to share a summation of our readerly lives.

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*Please be Advised:*

This *End of the Year Survey* first landed on Jorie Loves A Story in [2016] whilst celebrating the previous year of [2015] and I made a determined effort to bring it back in [2017] except those plans are still in my Drafts folder for #JLASblog! Smiles. I have decided to create #timecapsule posts this Happy New Year 2021 to re-explore what my top favourites were as a book blogger for the *missing years!* of the Survey itself! Stay tuned for some bookish revelations,… whilst I have decided this year to bring back the Survey in its rightful place of cheerfully championing a signal of #booklove as one year exchanges itself for a new one – rather than withhold my responses til my next blogoversary as I had done in year’s past on the 31st of March.

As you already realise if you’re a ready reader + follower of Jorie Loves A Story – these posts become EPIC and MASSIVELY descriptive as I reveal my final thoughts, ruminations and musings about the STORIES which truly left the impressions this survey attempts to reveal about our past twelvemonths as a reader and inquistive book blogger.

This being said – this post is a full balance OF all the stories I’ve read and discovered giving a fuller scope of how I ended my 2020 as a reader who happily is blogging her life as a book blogger. As well bringing myself back to centre with my ruminations – allowing me the chance to re-think about the stories I’ve read and to put to rest the final thoughts I’ve had on behalf of the stories themselves.

Be sure to brew yourself a cuppa joy as you sit, read and ponder which of my #BestOf2020Reads need to seriously become added to your own #TBR!

If you’ve filled something out like this survey (OR this actual one!) – be sure to share your link to your post(s) in the *threads below this post so I can take a gander at which stories | authors | series | genres joyfully intrigued you throughout 2020! As I would like expand my own TBR with the stories you’ve read yourself which could be a wicked good fit for me.

REMEMBER: if a story wasn’t my cuppa it could be one better suited for you and vice versa if you had a story which you felt fell short of your own expectations and might resontate with me better. Reading is subjective to our individual experiences within the stories themselves and all our reactions are valid and important as they are markers of our readerly lives.

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Let’s break this down a bit, shall we?

You can use this as a ‘preview guide’ of how to use my Story Vault. <— fully updated!

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