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Acquired Book By: I’ve come to know this series [Heroes of Shelter Creek] through hosting the blog tours celebrating releases within the series with Prism Book Tours. However, this September in lieu of an organised blog tour Ms McEwen was seeking book bloggers who were interested in her series and wanted to read the fourth novel in the series “Rescuing the Rancher”. Whilst I was conferring with the author about receiving this for review, I asked if I could receive the second novel in the series “After the Rodeo” as I never had the chance to read Jace and Vivian’s story! I was thankful that Ms McEwen was also available to be a featured guest during my @SatBookChat wherein I celebrate Romance, Women’s Fiction, strong female characters across genres and Feminist Lit on Saturdays each month.

I decided to read and feature “After the Rodeo” ahead of her #SatBookChat appearance and run my review during my #RomanceTuesdays feature wherein I love to showcase Harlequin Heartwarming and Love Inspired authors as they are writing the kinds of Romances I am appreciating most to be reading right now.

I received a complimentary copy of “After the Rodeo” direct from the author Claire McEwen in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

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This is one of my top favourite #CowboyRomances by Harlequin Heartwarming:

When I was checking my feeds on Twitter a short while ago, I stumbled on an announcement by Ms McEwen who was seeking book bloggers to read and review her latest release of the Heroes of Shelter Creek series – wherein I was most excited seeing the notice posted as this is one of the Western & Cowboy Romance series I love reading the most published by Harlequin Heartwarming!

I wasn’t sure if I would be in time to request the book for review, but I immediately emailed the author and the rest knitted together out of that conversation! I am so thankful I contacted her when I had as it lead me to being reading this second of the series I had missed between books one and three as much as I have been wanting to host more of the authors I love via Harlequin Heartwarming and/or Love Inspired Suspense – having the Blackwell Brothers / Sisters authors booked during @SatBookChat in October, it was a lovely surprise to have Ms McEwen booked for early September!

If you’re a ready reader of Westerns and Western Romances, I hope this showcase might inspire you to give Harlequin Heartwarming a chance at winning over your love of Westerns because the authors who are writing these stories are writing wicked brilliant characters with stories which lift your spirits as you’re reading them! Plus, the settings alone are awe-inspiring and give you the kind of Western experience you are hoping for in a Western Rom!

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One interesting turn at the beginning of the novel was learning about the changing tides of the cattle industry – how traditional cattlemen and ranchers wanted to turn towards a greener and healthier way of producing their product and why that was an important resurgency in how they could maintain their ranches. Not that all ranchers were open to innovative changes which McEwen happily discloses within Liam’s own family as his brothers are spilt on the issue whilst their father is keenly invested in learning more – hence, how we find Liam is the chosen one to visit with Jace in Shelter Creek!

I, for one love all sorts of Western Romances however it is a bit rarer when within a Contemporary Western we get to talk about how ranching is trying to change its habits and become a more sustainable industry. Across the board farmers and ranchers are having to diversify their yields yearly due to different issues in climate and how to sustain themselves during leaner years wherein I felt broaching the topic of how they approach ranching their land and their cattle is also a valid point because there is a stark difference between big industry and keeping family ranchers in business by modifying their practices to reach a more educated consumer about the differences in those practices. To say I was wholly intrigued by how this novel began is putting it mildly!

Liam is at a cornerstone of his life – where he has to choose to step forward into his future rather than constantly think he cannot handle what life has to offer. This is an intriguing story about redemption – how a man can redeem his own image and identity of himself post trauma and addiction and redirect his own life back onto a purposeful path which renews his own spirit. The foundation of how McEwen laid that down for us to find was lovely because there was a moment where I felt Jace could inspire Liam simply by someone who had gone before him and had to re-alter his own opinion about what life could involve for a man who had a determined view of his own path. Even though I hadn’t had the chance to read After the Rodeo, McEwen gave some lovely hints toward Jace’s own story where I felt I could intuit why she wanted Liam closer to Jace during this transitional period of his own life.

Trisha has such a unique job at the wildlife center – I remember visiting those whilst growing up and wondering about the people who worked there. As I was fascinated how close the handlers could get to the wild animals and how much trust was between the handler and/or trainer and the animal themselves – this is one reason why I love watching shows and series like Crikey! It’s the Irwins because you get to see inside this hidden world of where animals and humans have united together for their own protection and conservation. Trisha has a heart of gold though – even though her life’s story is unconventional – it just suits her personality because she adapts to whatever is happening in her life in the moment. I liked her instantly where we find her in Her Surprise Cowboy because of how earnest she is about finding what Jace and Vivian share between them and how confident she is in her own abilities to give back to the center.

It was humbling coming into Jace and Vivian’s life a bit second-handed to get to know them in such an interpersonal way – because a lot of what anchoured Liam and Trisha together was through the fusion of friendship with Jace and Vivian. They really stepped up to the plate to help out their friends whilst they also offered a lot of heartfelt mentoring. Jace especially gave a lot back to Liam – as I had a feeling they would relate to one another as I was first starting to read this story – both lived the same kind of life in their prior lives and I believed that gave them each a unique perspective on the other. Liam and Trisha needed friends like them because they each were muddling through their own struggles where having a kind friend to lean on would go the extra mile towards finding resolution to what troubled them. Now more than ever I can’t wait to settle into the story of what drew Jace and Vivian together – as there are pieces of their romance peppered inside Her Surprise Cowboy but one day I’ll appreciate reading start to finish!

There is a certain layer of joy in reading a story about second chance romance, new beginnings and the redemption quality of forgiveness. Not just the kind of forgiveness others can give to you themselves but the kind of forgiveness that comes from within the person. A lot of the story is hinged on whether or not Liam and Trisha can find solace from their past and find a way to give themselves the leverage of understanding who they were in the past is not an indication of whom they could become in the future. That’s the rub about the human condition in us all – in not allowing ourselves the wallowing periods of never seeing past mistakes or wrong turns on our path and to continue to seek out the future with an optimistic impression of what we can achieve. By following the footsteps of Liam and Trisha you’re set to find out how forgiveness of one self can lead to a greater freedom than either Liam or Trisha could have envisioned for each other.

McEwen has conceived of a realistic Contemporary Western Romance series wherein each of her characters are struggling through and/or are transitioning through a difficult period of their lives. The realism is brilliantly layered as despite their obstacles and the hurdles they have to overcome there is a defining thread of individual courage and moxie uniting them. McEwen writes soul lifting Contemporary Romance which gives you what you want out of a modern Western Rom whilst grounding you in realistic lives which you can identify with due to how her characters are self-transitioning through the challenges which arise in all of our lives. The circumstances might differ between us and them but its their resolve to fight through to tomorrow which connects us.

-quoted from my book review of Her Surprise Cowboy

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A #HarlequinHeartwarming #RomanceTuesdays | “After the Rodeo” (Book Two of the Heroes of Shelter Creek series) by Claire McEwenAfter the Rodeo
Subtitle: Heroes of Shelter Creek
by Claire McEwen, Ms Claire McEwen
Source: Direct from Author

Her passion for her job...
could cost him everything...

Former rodeo champion Jace Hendricks has six weeks to turn his run-down ranch around or he could lose custody of his nieces and nephews. But biologist Vivian Reed has to survey his land first - and she won't be rushed. Vivian's optimism and wonder start to win over the kids... and even Jace. But with all that's at stake, can he risk getting any more involved with Vivian?

Genres: Adoption & Foster Care, Biological Diversity, Children At Risk, Contemporary (Modern) Fiction (post 1945), Contemporary Romance, Ecology, Men's Fiction, Motherhood | Parenthood, Ranches & Cowboys, Realistic Fiction, Romance Fiction, Western Fiction, Western Romance

Places to find the book:

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ISBN: 9781335510815

Also by this author: Reunited with the Cowboy, Her Surprise Cowboy, Rescuing the Rancher

Also in this series: Reunited with the Cowboy, Her Surprise Cowboy, Second Chance Cowboy, Rescuing the Rancher

Published by Harlequin Heartwarming

on 3rd September, 2019

Format: Larger Print (Mass Market Paperback)

Pages: 376

The Heroes of Shelter Creek series:

Reunited with the Cowboy by Claire McEwenAfter the Rodeo by Claire McEwenHer Surprise Cowboy by Claire McEwenRescuing the Rancher by Claire McEwen

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Reunited with the Cowboy (book one) – Caleb & Maya’s story (see also Review)

After the Rodeo (book two) – Jace & Vivian’s story

Her Surprise Cowboy (book three) – Liam & Trisha’s story (see also Review)

Rescuing the Rancher – Aidan & Jade’s story (book four)

Second Chance Cowboy – (book five) – featuring ?? → forthcoming April, 2021!

I’ll admit – I was a bit worried this was ending as a quartet until I spied the release for 2021 via FantasticFiction which is my main resource for sourcing advance notice about series I am reading when new installments of those series will be revealled in forthcoming months.

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Published by: Harlequin Heartwarming (@HarlequinBooks) | imprint of Harlequin Books

Formats Available: Paperback* and Ebook

*Harlequin has the luxury of offering Regular, Large & Larger Print editions which I personally can attest are lovely to be reading! Especially after a migraine or when my eyes are fatigued.

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as well as #HarlequinHeartwarming with #HeroesOfShelterCreek

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This story received my award for Best Western Contemporary Romance:
subniche Cowboy & Ranchers Romance series

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Author Notes to Readers & learning more about this novel:

I have been appreciating the heart and the soul of this series as each new installment reveals more about Shelter Creek and the people who call this area their home. I have oft found the series is inspiring as it has such a beautiful realistic edge to it – wherein, you find circumstances everyone can relate as something they can either understand directly or have empathy and compassion to accept from the sidelines. McEwen like most of the Harlequin Heartwarming authors I love reading draw inspiration out of our ordinary lives and are writing convicting Contemporary Romances full of realistic characters living realistic lives. This is what endears me to the series and to her writerly style as well.

I was not surprised to learn that the complexities of chronic illness were going to be further explored in this second novel and what delighted me as a nature and wildlife photographer who loves to hike herself in natural environs and habitats is the story of the elk of NorCal! Despite the fires and the changing landscapes of California overall – I have grown to know Cali from the perspective of its residents through the creative lens in which they write their stories – by the novels, the tv series or the films; California can be seen by the stories which entice us to visit even if from afar.

I love the joy Ms McEwen shared with us about this wildlife encounter and how curiously innocent the elk were in this memory of hers! It reminds me of various animals in my own natural environs but none moreso than the Sandhill Cranes who do not know danger and accept everyone who comes across their path. This is more harrowing on us who observe them as they do not fear cars either and some cars have drivers who do not respect the birds and wish to do them harm. I celebrate everyone who has compassion in their heart for wildlife and who sees the beauty of how we can walk and live so close to them as if we are each borrowing time from the other and enjoying the mutual memory being created between us!

my review of after the rodeo:

As a Prospective Adoptive Mum whose going to be adopting foster care youth in the future, my heartstrings were immediately pulled as soon as I started to read about how Jace stepped up to be the father his nieces and nephew needed after their parents were no longer able to raise them. To feel his pain as he tried to shift out of being a rodeo star and into the role of a father – whilst balancing his own war with himself about his career, his future and the potential sustainability of how he could financially raise three children; one of whom was a teenaged girl.

It was in reading his fight to declare his intentions with the social worker assigned to him that you recognise that she’s the wrong fit for him and his family quite off the bat – for starters, from my own research if you get a bad vibe about the social worker who comes to speak with you – your within your rights to request a second choice (or a third, fourth) until you find a social worker who not only understands you but understands your family’s unit. In this case, the worst disservice for Jace is having a social worker who has an aversion to country living in regards to understanding farms and ranches; the work involved in a start-up ranch and the process of acquiring cattle and then, thereafter how long it takes to grow a herd that can become marketable and viable to turn a profit. This isn’t a fly by night operation and its not something you can duct tape together – it takes a thoughtfulness about how to set the land aside you need for pasture grazing and then you have to calculate how much cattle your acres can sustain without going over the limits of the land itself. And, that’s just the surface of it really! Ranching is quite involved and one of the things that irked me about this woman is her inability to even see reason when a man like Jace was trying to lay his cards on the line and explain in simple terms how ranching is a long term goal without immediate short term results – such as the six week window of return she was demanding of him.

I, personally was surprised she hadn’t focused more on the adjustment period with the kids themselves and of noting if they were acclimating to their new environment, home and community vs trying to tear down Jace’s efforts at becoming self-sustaining in an operation that was fuelled out of his love of cattle, the rodeo and ranching. In short, she rubbed me wrong and of course, I think that was also to serve as a bit of a catalyst to light extra fire in Jace to turn things round and prove her wrong about his lack of parenting skills and experiences to where he could stand on his feet, own his newfound parenthood and feel more confident and comfortable in the role life dealt him to take-on.

You cannot help but notice Bunny Chadwick! She has the most garish of style but she has such a determined grit of focus about her when she has a crow in her hat to defend in regards to wildlife projects that she’s passionate about defending. Thus, her path and Jace’s was meant to cross at some point because of course rather than taking the diplomatic way of involving him in conservation matters with local wildlife she had to make it personal and take him to task with the towne’s council instead! Her outfit was bright enough to stop traffic but it was her approach to reaching out to neighbours who had a slight conflict of interest with local wildlife that made you question if she had her ducks fully in a row when it comes to small towne living.

As Vivian entered the fray Bunny had caused with her outrageous attacks against Jace without taking into consideration what this protest was costing him – you had to give Vivian credit for keeping both her cool and her calm serenity. She was a small fry in a big pond where she needed to find her confidence quick if she were going to leave an impact on both Shelter Creek and on Jace; as he was steaming so hot from his tempering anger that he gave the Atlantic a run for its money during hurricane season! I think a bit of steam sneaked out of his ears! (smiles)

For Jace he was borrowing time by himself to restablise his heart against the circumstances which sought to shatter his resolve. My heart broke for him because of what was riding on the line but also because I understood ranching long before I read the story – he’s a man who likes to be self-reliant and independent; strong and sturdy in his own shoes and with the capacity to provide for himself. By finding himself in different circumstances so suddenly and without a clear path forward it was like his ship was suddenly bobbling round a restless sea and was attempting find its mooring to shelter a bit from the storms of life disrupting its currents.

I shouldn’t have enjoyed seeing Vivian a bit disconcerted by Jace as much as I had but the truth of it – they were both shouldering a lot personally whilst they were trying to pull themselves out of the thicket of life’s unexpected curve balls. Both of them had something to prove – to themselves and to the world round them; neither of them wanted to yield and still, there was a bubbling of chemistry emitting out of their exchanges despite the fact they both tried their darnedest not to admit it were possible. For Jace, he had closed himself off to so much since he was given the kids and for Vivian she was self-isolating out of the fear of a bloke not accepting her physical condition which had its limitations but she was still thriving one day at a time.

McEwen threaded in the issues with childhood abandonment and the emotional baggage children take with them in being placed outside their home. Even though this is a story about kinship placement between nieces, a nephew and an Uncle; the larger reach of the issues developed out of the conditions of their home life prior to entering their stay with Jace had such a levelling of strife and guttingly difficult emotional anguish attached to their survival that even Jace was quickly picking up on the fact no man is an island. It is okay to reach out for help and to seek advice as it is needed to best help the children and to find new paths towards solid ground.

The kindness of Jace’s third grade teacher melted my heart – she was one of those everyday characters who fits so well in the background of the story but has such a lot of depth of heart to share with you as you’re reading her sequences in the narrative. In many ways, she’s still able to positively affect Jace’s life now as an adult as she apparently had as a child. There are moments wherein Jace is re-tracing his own memories as he shifts into fatherhood; struggling to resolve some of those past hurts against the current issues he needs to focus on to be a better father for his nieces and nephews. None of it is quick and easy – its a long road towards finding the healing he and they will need to embrace together and that is what McEwen wrote best: the moments of a new family emerging out of the ashes of an old one.

Being able to back-track in the series right now – seeing how Vivian first met Trisha and how these women along with Maya formed such a strong unity of a team for being wildlife warriors was such a special treat for me as a reader! It was a beautiful time capsule – getting to knit together the missing pieces between the first and third installments; etching out more of the girth of the series whilst finding myself so dearly connected to this installment as well. The whole series itself is full of characters you are excited to meet and become familiar with because of how McEwen granted you such wonderful licence to walk beside them and find your own way to fit into their lives.

I have a new respect and understanding for ‘book clubs’ – not just sparked out of how McEwen wrote about the one in Shelter Creek headed up by Maya’s grandmother but through watching the film which I never thought I’d like and found myself cackling in such serious laughter I think I hurt my spleen! Laughs. Those kinds of ways of making sisterhood friendships are golden and anyone who can find groups of women like that who unconditionally accept people into their folds are blessed tenfold indeed.

I truly understood the complicated web of choices befuddling the calm of Vivian – how much was too much stress? And when does positive stress turn to negative stress? How do you balance your own mental health with the needs of others and how do you turn off your emotional responses when life has a way of sneaking up on you whilst your focusing on rebuilding your career? Vivian was moving through the same emotional tides as Jace just from a different entry point. They both had too much to juggle and yet, their paths had crossed and there was a murmuring of interest bubbling under the surface of their heated conversations. Heated of course because they were both stubbornly prideful of their own opinions and they each believed the other was right when they could learn to concede and compromise a bit to get more done that worked for them both.

I could definitely relate to Vivian wanting to keep her health issues private but as I learnt over the years, at some point it is better to be transparent about a chronic health issue than to try to hide it (ie. my migraines) as it just doesn’t serve a purpose. When you have a chronic issue that effects your life at different intervals of time, it is better to simply state why you’re having a bad day or having difficulties doing normal things you love doing than to try to shirk out of owning the truth which could lead to misunderstandings. I felt McEwen knew exactly the internal conversation everyone has about how much to keep private, when to share a health issue and how to find balance when your medical issues start to overtake your life.

McEwen showed the realities of how two persons who had zero interest in meeting someone could find themselves in a love story being knitted out of happenstance and serendipity! It is also a story that celebrates found families and how the beauty of life is truly a life that is shared with people who love you – however which way they enter your life, their the true blessing which enrich our hours in far more ways than we can ever hope to foresee being possible. This story truly touched my heart and soul because of how much of a life it celebrates that I would love to have for myself one day. I cannot hug it enough and the characters who burst to life off the pages of Ms McEwen’s soulful romantic style which etches itself into your memories.

On the Contemporary romance & realistic style of claire mcewen:

I loved the metaphoric healing prose of McEwen to relate directly to Vivian’s diagnosis and her keen ability to see the positives in life even when she had to face down her helicopter Mum who only wanted to wrap her in cotton away from the world. Vivian’s re-genesis was partially due to a change in both climate and environment; shifting from the East to the West Coast allowed her not to just change her zip and area codes (distancing herself from people she’d rather disconnect from right now) but it allowed her a chance to drink in a wholly new natural habitat which had a self-healing vibe emanating out of how its wide open landscape provided the kind of soul-immersion a woman whose going through a major life shift needed to have in order to find respite from her illness and the weight of how her life had fragmented in half. It is here where McEwen shined to give us a heartwarming bit of prose which shifted the focus off Vivian’s physicality limitations and replaced them with a purposeful look towards how we can fester on what we cannot change or we can choose to right our attitudes on what we can still achieve and accomplish. Attitude is everything.

I loved how realistically this story was penned – how McEwen tackled the harder topics of kinship placements wherein rather than seeing the world through your own eyes you have to start to see the world through foster care eyes – which comes with its own set of rules, restrictions and regulations about the home, your property and the friends you keep in your company. The rules are in place to keep the kids safe first and foremost but their a bit lengthy and the process towards a home study for any foster placement takes a lot of patience to work through the list of what needs to be fixed in order to pass inspection. Simple things like keeping medicine in a cabinet has to be stored in a locked cabinet and the same with cleaning supplies under the counter – but the larger issues are effectively what McEwen tackled with Jace’s friendship with Caleb. How this veteran who had invisible scars of service had a struggle with anger and his temper – something that was flagged by social services. These kinds of judgement calls are hard to process and to sort through whilst working towards the final acceptance by your social worker and I felt McEwen humbled Jace by having to juggle both his internal struggles as a new father and the responsibilities this presented as a foster kinship parent.

There is a conscience of environmentalism at the heart of this story as well – from conservation, preservation and the connectedness of the living ecosystem concurrently alive next to our own habitats of modern living. The natural world places a strong role in this novel as much as McEwen has found a way to re-adjust our understanding about wildlife and the curious ways in which nature ‘finds us’ when we least expect to be seen ourselves. One of my absolute favourite passages of any story which is pro-positively focusing on the environment and/or the natural world is within After the Rodeo. McEwen shared a notation about trees and how they use biochemical communication – it is by extension a theory of my own about the old soul murmurings of trees and how these stoic giants in our world say more as silent warriors against time than any word we could express ourselves about the amount of time they’ve witnessed. There is another saying about how if you spend time next to a tree it begins to whisper to you as well – trees have ancient wisdom and ancient knowledge; we’d be wise to respect them more than we do as a global society.

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I could not love this story more if there were better words to express my love of reading it – McEwen has captured me heart and soul by her realistic Heroes of Shelter Creek series which establishes a firm footing within Contemporary Western Romance for anchouring us in realistic lives being lead in today’s world which could readily be composites of persons we would recognise in our own everyday lives. I heart this series so much!

PS: I LOVE my Claire McEwen heart-charmed bookmark!

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Realistic threads of story:

→ Autoimmune diseases (ie. Lupus, etc)

→ Kinship Foster Placement and/or Adoption (ie. family member adopts children within their immediate or extended family before foster care takes over when their custodial parents/guardians are unable to continue with raising the children)

→ Environmental Protests and Activism (ie. promoting Conservation and protecting open land/range for local wildlife to graze)

→ Abandonment (ie. with children and parents)

When I first started reading After the Rodeo, I had thought Jace had already been granted custody of his nieces and nephew but then soon realised (by the town council meeting) he was fostering them and that this was a trial run to see if he could prove he could be responsible for their welfare before he would be signed off as a kinship permanent placement for the kids and potentially down the road if their parents had their rights removed by the court, he could opt to adopt them officially. Otherwise he would remain their guardian until they were of age unless their parents could re-enter their lives down the road. This was one of my favourite presentations about this kind of situation between foster to adopt families and it is a heart-stirring family drama to watch how it all plays out. Likewise, I spoke about the abandonment highlighted in the context of the story within my review.

The environmentalism threading into the storyline is definitely pulled into place by current events and the need for more localised activism to preserve and conserve local ecological habitats which are either endangered or in jeopardy of being destroyed if efforts to save them are not utilised by local counties and municipalities. McEwen does well to present both sides of the conflict when protests and petitions start to circulate and finds the balance in seeking resolution for both sides involved.

The compassionate approach to showcase an autoimmune disease is one I have admired since reading Reunited with the Cowboy. So many struggle with these conditions and diseases which seek to destroy any hope of normalcy in our lives that I felt it was an honour to see how McEwen presented the medical bits of the diagnosis in the story against the strength of finding a person’s own will and rhythm to re-start their lives whilst living with a degenerative medical condition. Not every medical issue is terminal but it can become one in theory if the person who has it approaches the news of it as if it were – our responses and attitudes to rise through our adversities shape our tomorrows as much as the thoughts we cultivate as we shift through stress.

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I happily found a NEW Country Playlist via #Spotify featuring yesterday and today’s voices of Country to listen to in the background of reading After the Rodeo. I felt like I had pulled into Shelter Creek in a pick-up truck whilst these tunes were keeping me company on the road before I crossed into towne. Its called “Country Hits of Today and Yesterday”. The second playlist I enjoyed is called “Chillin’ on a dirt road” which felt attune with the story!

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This book review is courtesy of: Claire McEwen

About Ms Claire McEwen

Claire McEwen

Claire McEwen writes stories about strong heroes and heroines who take big, emotional journeys to find their happily-ever-after. She lives by the ocean in Northern California with her family and a scruffy, mischievous terrier. When she’s not writing, Claire enjoys gardening, reading and discovering flea-market treasures. She loves to hear from readers!

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2 responses to “A #HarlequinHeartwarming #RomanceTuesdays | “After the Rodeo” (Book Two of the Heroes of Shelter Creek series) by Claire McEwen

    • You are going to love the fact that I’m reading the fourth novel right now and I will be sharing a second review for this series over the weekend! Meanwhile, I hosted the author on Twitter today – if you search for #SatBookChat you can read over the convo before I create the transcript which will be housed in our ‘Moments’ via @SatBookChat!!

      I am so thankful to receive this note tonight – as I had a lot of joy in writing my thoughts down for this novel. It was a very personal story to me as I could relate to so much of the plot and the strife of the characters… I hope you will find equal enjoyment once you pick up your copy. Many blessings back to you!

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