Book Spotlight with Extract | A series I have enjoyed reading as Ms Rock draws us closer into the Cade family within her Rocky Mountain Cowboy series! This spotlight focuses on the fourth novel “A Cowboy’s Pride”!

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

You might remember my fondness for reading the prequel of the Rocky Mountain Cowboys – ‘A Cowboy to Keep’? I was overjoyed I could borrow this novel through my local library’s ILL services (inter-library loan) whilst I celebrated the publication of the first novel ‘Christmas at Cade Ranch’?! Since I hosted my interview with Ms Rock last year, the series has experienced quite a bit of growth – as there are now *five!* novels released!

As I eagerly anticipate reading ‘A Cowboy’s Pride’ I will have happily read four of the stories – isn’t that grand?! The first thing you realise when your reading this series is how lush & vivid the scenery is as the Cade Ranch is set in Carbondale, Colorado – nestled in a lovely area of the Rocky Mountains on the Western range where you are quite literally surrounded by the beauty of the mountains and the wildlife who calls the place home. This is the country of wide open ranges, tall mountain peaks, small townes & communities and a lifestyle that is both relaxed and celebrating either ranching or cultural art.

Ms Rock has a lovely niche of depositing you into this family saga through the different eyes of perspective she lends her readers – it is not your typically set series either – as despite the largeness of the Cade clan, you would generally believe each installment would funnel itself exclusively through the ‘men’ of the series but thankfully Ms Rock switched things up quite a bit and has gone a different route completely! Mind you, there is a female Cade amongst the brothers – of whom I am itching to have her own day in the spotlight but for now, what impressed me most is how there are other women whose lives bear remembering as they each have sought redemption & second chances in Carbondale amongst the Cades! A bit like the film ‘Mrs Winterbourne’ where Ricki Lake’s character learnt a hard truth about how if life is going to get a bit rougher and more complicated, it is best to ride out the uncertainties with a family who adopts you into their fold than to bear it all on the harsher side of the streets!

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Reflections on ‘A Cowboy to Keep’:

What I thought was so keen about this series is how it harkens back to yesteryear – where the open range and ranches were relying on the law – through bounty hunters, lawmen and the courage of the ranchers themselves to seek justice when needed. The West has a lot of History in this regard and to even get a slice of it within a Contemporary Western playing homage felt ‘right’ to me! I was most encouraged to see how Ms Rock would shape the series whilst owning to the heart of what implores us about the life of living in the West nestled against the Rocky Mountains! Part of the allure for me to read Westerns (both Historical & Contemporary) has been the appeal of the mountains which in of themselves are part of the character and charm which define the Western culture and influences the topography of the settings.

The area of the mountains they were riding in whilst on horse-back is the stuff of envy for any horse girl because they were right in the thick of the wild country – where the mountains were endless, the skies were enriched by the crispness of the climate and there were no trails except the ones you choose to carve for yourself as you rode. The horses could feel the vibe, too, as there is a certain freedom attached to riding on a ranch whose acres are half of 1,000!

The worst thing to be left with when your alone are your thoughts – such as how Dani is finding she’s not nearly as strong as she first perceived she had become ever since Jackson took up residence on the Ranch. It’s hard to shake the restlessness you feel being around someone you know could alter the course of your life – which is why Dani is betwixt and between knowing how she could proceed. She has as job to do – that’s true – but at what cost to herself and to those she’s considered her friends? As you watch her counter-weigh her own mistakes against the (supposed) mistakes of those she knows under her employ, you start to see her wrestling with her own guilt and the line of conscience recrimination which is overtaking her mind and heart.

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Reflections on ‘Christmas at Cade Ranch’:

One of the beautiful things about this series is how redemption and second chances permeate through the stories. Erstwhile, you are becoming closer in acquaintance with the Cade family themselves – the ranch they live on becomes the anchour to their lives, the place where they gather and they grow; where love nurtures their present and where it breathes hope into the future. Each installment of this series builds on the last story in sequence – thereby, by the time you start at A Cowboy to Keep whilst reading each new story thereafter, you are given a wonderful portrait of a resilient family. A family whose honest about the hardships in life and where good or bad, this is a family who remains evermore true of themselves.

Ms Rock does a great job of taking you into the heart of addiction – first through the opinions of family who feel they are being helpful but in reality their falling a bit short with a few good observations. Secondly, she takes you into an NA meeting to hear the stories of other addicts who are struggling just like Sofia to quash their innermost doubts and to remain above the pains of addiction whilst re-setting their lives free of the substance of their choice. It was in one of those meetings where Sofia felt both ashamed to be present and rather awkwardly at first, comfortable amongst those who she could relate too.

Ms Rock also highlights what it is like to have a controlling personality – someone who is unable to yield or bend – this was spoken about in regards to Sofia’s father but in the present time-line of the series it is mostly directed towards James who has a definitive way of ‘taking over’ and claiming roles he was not meant to lead because doing so would jeopardise another person’s sense of self.

One of my favourite parts of the story is how closely Sofia and Joy (the Cade siblings mother) bonded over being in such close quarters whilst she was recuperating. Joy still had quite a bit of spunk left in her and she had a right to want to keep living her life to the fullest she could. Sofia inspired her in equal measure of Joy inspiring Sofia to take new risks and to keep bettering herself for her future and her son’s (Javi). Javi was an impressionable child but he also understood what was important in his young life. I can see why Sofia stressed about how he might react around James and why being around James for both of them was proving to be a bit too difficult.

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This is a family who embraces how life ebbs & flows through sunshine and rain; where the mirth of joy is as embraced as the sorrows of time. The Cade family is close-knit, boisterous and fun-loving but they have their trials as well. They also are your typical large family of siblings who still love to rib each other, get on each other’s ever last nerve but would be readily available if anyone in the family needed the other – they’re protective of each other & of the people each of them chooses to love.

As you settle into the series, you find yourself drawn to the scenery, the ambiance of their ranch and the multitude of realism permeating throughout the stories themselves. As this is a series about everyday problems, unthinkable adversities but with the light of truth and the hopefulness of a tomorrow spent amongst people you can trust & of whom will support you as life begins to ‘reset’ and turn back round. In other words, you will enjoy your stay with the Cade’s as much as I have myself!

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Book Spotlight with Extract | A series I have enjoyed reading as Ms Rock draws us closer into the Cade family within her Rocky Mountain Cowboy series! This spotlight focuses on the fourth novel “A Cowboy’s Pride”!A Cowboy's Pride (Spotlight w/ Notes)
by Karen Rock
Source: Author via Prism Book Tours

Old wounds run deep

Only the truth can heal them…

Rancher Cole Loveland has no interest in dredging up the past, but his ex-fiancée, Katlynn Brennon, has other plans. To save her struggling TV show, she’s come back to Colorado to investigate the infamous Cade-Loveland feud. Trusting Katlynn again isn’t easy—she’s already chosen her career over Cole once. But he’s beginning to realize that true love, like legends, never dies.

Genres: Contemporary Romance, Ranches & Cowboys, Romance Fiction, Western Fiction

Places to find the book:

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ISBN: 9781335633804

Also by this author: A League of Her Own, Author Interview (Christmas at Cade Ranch) Karen Rock, A Cowboy's Pride, Christmas at Cade Ranch, Winning the Cowboy's Heart, A Rancher to Remember

Also in this series: Author Interview (Christmas at Cade Ranch) Karen Rock, A Cowboy's Pride, Winning the Cowboy's Heart, A Rancher to Remember

Published by Harlequin Heartwarming

on 4th September, 2018

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Published by: Harlequin Heartwarming

Converse via: #Contemporary #Western + #Romance

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The Rocky Mountain Cowboys series:

A Cowboy to Keep (Prequel) (see also Review)

Christmas at Cade Ranch (Book One)

Falling for a Cowboy (Book Two) (Synopsis)

Bad Boy Rancher (Book Three) (Synopsis)

A Cowboy’s Pride (Book Four)

About Karen Rock

Karen Rock is an award-winning YA and adult contemporary romance author. She holds a master’s degree in English and worked as an ELA instructor before becoming a full-time writer. Currently she writes for Harlequin Heartwarming and her first novel for the line, WISH ME TOMORROW, has won the 2014 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, the 2014 Golden Quill Contest and a finalist in the Published Maggie Awards. The first novel in her co-authored YA series, CAMP BOYFRIEND, has been a finalist in the Booksellers Best and Golden Leaf awards.

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Read an Extract from ‘A Cowboy’s Pride’:

IF you want a glimpse into how Ms Rock writes her Contemporary Romances, this particular scene expresses well how she draws you into the emotions and the connections of her characters as this scene is about an unexpected kiss and the ramifications of what this kiss means to both Cole and Katlynn.

She turned slightly in the saddle and slipped an arm around his lean waist, holding tight. “I’m glad we found each other again.”

With the reins in one hand, he linked his fingers with hers. “I’m not letting you go without a fight.” He brought Cash to a halt. “You’re my missing piece.”

He slid off the horse and large hands gripped her waist. As he lowered her to her feet, she clung to his strong forearms. He dropped a kiss against her cheek, then her eyelids through the bandanna, while she tried to control her pounding heart. “Can I take this off?” She touched her bandanna’s knot.

“Not yet.” He curved a hand around the nape of her neck.

She started to speak, but his lips found hers. Her mouth parted on a gasp as he kissed her tenderly as if she was the most treasured thing on earth. Her blood sang. Her soul soared. Euphoria.

His arms tightened around her, crushing her against his chest. With each breath they took, the other seemed to inhale. Their chests rose; their hearts pounded. Little shivers shot through her when he deepened the kiss, stealing her air.

His fingers dug into her neck in a firm hold. Blindfolded, she wasn’t prepared for the intensity of his kiss, but she quickly caught up, her other senses heightened without her vision. Her lips parted under his onslaught, and a strangled, needful sound rose up to break the silence.

As the force of his kiss tilted her backward over his arm, her body sparked to life and her heart swelled and thundered. The rush of sensations crawling across her body was maddening and beautiful and scary-intense. She skimmed her fingertips over the soft, clipped hair at the back of his neck. His skin was warm and smooth under her clenching fingers.

Cole’s lips left hers, and he breathed fast and harsh as though he’d run right up Mount Sopris. When he spoke, his voice was hoarse as he pressed his forehead against hers. “You undo me. You have no idea how you undo me.”

He gripped her hips, bringing them closer. When he kissed her again, it was that deep, scorching kind that pushed her to the edge of the cliff. She was ready to jump off headfirst, to finally feel everything for Cole she’d denied herself since she’d returned home.

Her fingers skimmed over his broad shoulders then lower to dig into the taut skin of his biceps as his free hand slid down her back. Time slowed to a crawl and his mouth never left hers, his lips soaking up her responses like he was starved for water. She felt glorious. Alive. Better than under a million spotlights, before a million viewers… swimming in raw sensation.

The kiss felt incredible—amazing—and it made her think of what she’d lose if she returned to LA, how lonely she’d be without Cole, her missing piece.

His lips pulled away and his body shook against hers.

She wondered what he was thinking, but he tugged off the bandanna before she could ask. Their eyes met, and something seemed to fracture in his gaze. In that moment she knew exactly what romance was. Romance was the look in Cole’s eyes, the connection they’d been fighting tooth and nail.

She mentally raised a white flag. Waved it hard.

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You have to give Ms Rock credit for constantly sorting out how to pull us back into the throes of the Cade’s with the uniqueness of re-aligning us into the feud which was first explored during my readings of ‘Christmas at Cade Ranch’ where the whole of the argument against the Loveland’s was revealled.

It might not make sense for this kind of unrest to continue between two families but if you read the first novel, you’ll notice that both the Cade’s and the Loveland’s are not the kind who choose to seek out a mediator and hash out their differences! They’d much rather prefer to stand at odds with one another, distance themselves further as the years go past them and renew their mutual disdain for each other in the process!

At the time, I had questioned if that was going to be the final mention of this feud as it seemed to be such a boiling point of angst for both families! Isn’t it interesting how Ms Rock found a creative way to bring us right back to centre & to re-examine this particular blight on the Cade’s history with their neighbours?

In regards to the extract I shared – this is a good overview of the kind of romantic interlude you can expect from one of the Rocky Mountain Cowboy novels – as Ms Rock blessedly writes realistic Western Romances for today’s Contemporary reader. She let’s her characters find their way but she also pushes them a bit to see if they can accept something they might not have wanted to consider – most often, this is the person of whom their affections and heart are murmuring a quickening of affection towards – but how will that resolve? Ahh, that’s the allure of the series! Of finding out how the relationships stick as you watch Ms Rock develop the connections and stitch together the lives of her characters who are in need of a chance at a happier tomorrow.

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  1. Kay Garrett

    Adore this Karen Rock’s books and am loving this series. Can’t wait for the opportunity to read “A Cowboy’s Pride”.

    Thanks for the review and for being part of the book tour.

    • Hallo Kay!

      Thank you for leaving such a nice comment for me and the author, Ms Rock! She stopped by moments before you did – it is wonderful to find another reader who is appreciating their stay within the world of the Cade’s! You and I both! I am eagerly anticipating reading A Cowboy’s Pride, too! I sent a reply on Twitter to thank you for your kind RT of this post, as well! Truly have a wonderfully bookish Wednesday and return again soon!

      • Kay,

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    • Hallo, Hallo Ms Rock!!

      So lovely to see you today!! :) I love when I can share my thoughts on the books I love reading and I felt in this instance it would be a lovely surprise as I haven’t yet shared my fuller thoughts on why I enjoyed reading ‘Christmas at Cade Ranch’!! It was a joy of mine to put this post together for you – when you enjoy reading a book series, these posts have a way of knitting themselves together! So happy you’ve dropped by and were able to see my #bookLOVE for you! I gave you joy and you blessed me with more with this lovely compliment! Many blessings,…

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