A #HarlequinHeartwarming #RomanceTuesdays | Celebrating my love of the #HeroesOfShelterCreek series by Claire McEwen with my review for “Second Chance Cowboy”!

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Acquired Book By: I’ve come to know this series [Heroes of Shelter Creek] through hosting the blog tours celebrating releases within the series with Prism Book Tours. However, in September 2020 in lieu of an organised blog tour Ms McEwen was seeking book bloggers who were interested in her series and wanted to read the fourth novel in the series “Rescuing the Rancher”. Whilst I was conferring with the author about receiving this for review, I asked if I could receive the second novel in the series “After the Rodeo” as I never had the chance to read Jace and Vivian’s story! I was thankful Ms McEwen was also available to be a featured guest during my @SatBookChat wherein I celebrate Romance, Women’s Fiction, strong female characters across genres and Feminist Lit on Saturdays each month.

I decided to read and feature “After the Rodeo” ahead of her #SatBookChat appearance and run my review during my #RomanceTuesdays feature wherein I love to showcase Harlequin Heartwarming and Love Inspired authors as they are writing the kinds of Romances I am appreciating most to be reading right now. However in regards to reading “Rescuing the Rancher” – I had difficulty getting into the storyline until recently due to the fact the backdrop of the story is set against wildfires – for whichever reason the topic and subject of wildfires hit closer to home for me than originally anticipated. I’ll be sharing my review for “Rescuing the Rancher” after “Second Chance Cowboy” as it is part of the Harlequin Heartwarming reviews forthcoming to Jorie Loves A Story. I was thankful I could read it ahead of the fifth novel as now I am concurrently connected through all the stories!

I received a complimentary copy of “Second Chance Cowboy” direct from the author Claire McEwen in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein. I originally was going to purchase a copy of this novel however the publication date changed and blessedly Ms McEwen was able to send me a copy of the novel otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to read and review the novel in time for the blog tour.

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This is one of my top favourite #CowboyRomances by Harlequin Heartwarming:

If you’re a ready reader of Westerns and Western Romances, I hope this showcase might inspire you to give Harlequin Heartwarming a chance at winning over your love of Westerns because the authors who are writing these stories are writing wicked brilliant characters with stories which lift your spirits as you’re reading them! Plus, the settings alone are awe-inspiring and give you the kind of Western experience you are hoping for in a Western Rom!

I’ve had the joy of reading the Shelter Creek series from the beginning whilst I read a few out of sequence as well. I happily caught up with the series ahead of this installment giving me the chance to see Emily right before her story was being told, too! What I love most about how Ms McEwen approached writing this series is the firm presence of community and family; I love seeing series develop which feature both the family you’ve been bourne into and the family you find in the community in which you live. There are all kinds of families in the world and one wicked good thing about reading Harlequin Heartwarming is the celebration of different kinds of family and the unique ways neighbours can become as close as those persons we grew up alongside.

This is one of those close-knit communities you will love re-visiting due to how community focused the towne is and how reliant they are on helping each other to get through the adversities of life. It is a sweet series in that regard because former characters being showcased in the different installments return to make guest appearances lateron in the series whilst the entire series has a wonderful breadth of continuity from one book into the next! This is definitely for readers who love reading romantic dramas set in a Western atmosphere and setting.

Heroes of Shelter Creek and Karen Rock’s Rocky Mountain Cowboys are equal compliments of each other due to how both writers approached writing their series. In regards to Rock’s series – it has been a few years since I could find an update about both the series and the writer; I am still trying to get a hold of the prequel novel to round out my collection of the Rocky Mountain Cowboys as I have my eye on copies filtering into Thrift Books (as of course due to its age its OOP otherwise) – however, in case this series catches your eye, know you’ll want to read Rock’s series next! OR if you’ve read the Rocky Mountain Cowboys you’ll simply *devour!* McEwen’s Heroes of Shelter Creek!

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McEwen starts to describe the wildfire encroaching on Aidan’s ranch the way I recognise hearing about them on the news – whilst at the same time, I believe it would be harder for her to write this story due to how close she is to the actual danger of having a wildfire in your backyard! I know it never fails to affect me whenever I know a friend or author is near a fire and riding out the news updates is emotionally draining! Yet, somehow she found a way through all of that and found a way to create such a realistically dramatic story wherein you truly feel your with Aidan as he’s trying to resolve an emergency before it becomes a catastrophic event!

This is where McEwen excells at showcasing how her characters are willing to not just go the extra mile for what they believe in but they’re willing to do whatever is necessary to reach a goal that others might not be willing to risk. She also hones in on the smaller details – the origins of the smoke as it starts to set into the ridgeline of where Aidan’s ranch is located and the intensity of how it starts off a slowly creeping smell and starts to turn into a toxic pollutant that is inhibiting the ability to breathe properly.

I have admired how McEwen has brought in both knowledge and Science into her novels within the Shelter Creek series but what I loved about this installment is how it spoke towards a ready knowledge of wildfires and the ways in which people with land need to be prepared. There is a lot of prep work which goes into ensuring that your safety and the safety of your property is maintained. This includes fire breaks and clearing anything that could burn away from essential areas of your land and property. One of the downfalls of falling short of maintaining those priorities is shown in Rescuing the Rancher. The only bit of trivia I knew ahead of reading this novel was that the Burr Oak can help as a firebreak or shield on property because the fire can’t burn the tree – it is generally used on land to set a barrier in wildfire country.

I truly loved how McEwen shifted between the raging wildfire and how it moves across fields destroying everything in its wake and then giving reason to its noises alerting her readers to why those noises are death sentences if you don’t keep your wits about you. The fire itself is an intense machine of artistry – how it carves its presence out of whatever is in its path and illuminates the world with a fiery glow of its power. McEwen captured this personality of the fire and also showcased what we’ve learnt to not just prevent fire but how to survive through a fire. This is definitely an eye-opener for anyone who wants to live down range out West or anywhere in a Western state or Southern Canada where wildfires are as common as dragonflies. Its a brilliant primer on what it takes to act on instinct and plan your actions of attack based on modern fire science.

In the aftermath of the fire, it took true courage for both Jade and Aidan to resolve what they had learnt through their ordeal. I was applauding like mad for Jade’s speech to her parents and brothers; she had simply reached the boiling point on that topic and it was such a wicked scene! Aidan on the other hand had a welcome wagon from Shelter Creek arrive to give him a boost of neighbourly love and encouragement as well as the kind of help one didn’t expect to receive but warmly was grateful was given.

By the conclusion I was wicked grateful I finally found my own courage to read this story! The title eludes to the layers of depth within it – how this isn’t merely about a rancher whose in over his head with a wildfire or a simple solution to a problem you can see on the surface of his life. This is a story about a man whose build himself a barrier with the outside world and its going to take a community effort to help him find a passage forward out from under the grief and sorrow he’s been sheltering under since his tragic loss. That’s where Jade steps in during a new crisis of his life and starts to unwind his emotions – the ways in which McEwen gets into the psychology of Aidan’s past and the current tidal waves of how the past is affecting his present were some of the best parts of the story because of how the undercurrent of this romantic plot is firmly hinged against the will of one man to accept that everyone deserves both forgiveness and happiness in equal measures throughout their lives.

-quoted from my book review of Rescuing the Rancher
The full review of this will be featured during #RomanceTuesdays 30th March!
Coincidentally part of my 8th Blogoversary posts!!

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A #HarlequinHeartwarming #RomanceTuesdays | Celebrating my love of the #HeroesOfShelterCreek series by Claire McEwen with my review for “Second Chance Cowboy”!Second Chance Cowboy
Subtitle: Heroes of Shelter Creek
by Claire McEwen, Ms Claire McEwen
Source: Direct from Author

He was her first love…
But some things she can’t forget

Busy small-town veterinarian Emily Fielding is finally ready to take on some help. The best man for the job, however, is Wes Marlow—who broke her heart in high school. Though Wes has a way with horses and a way of melting her resolve, Emily needs to keep things purely professional. Wes left her once—will he do it again? Because she can’t lose her heart a second time…

Genres: Contemporary (Modern) Fiction (post 1945), Contemporary Romance, Ranches & Cowboys, Realistic Fiction, Romance Fiction, Western Fiction, Western Romance

Places to find the book:

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ISBN: 978-1335179784

Also by this author: Reunited with the Cowboy, Her Surprise Cowboy, After the Rodeo, Rescuing the Rancher

Also in this series: Reunited with the Cowboy, Her Surprise Cowboy, After the Rodeo, Rescuing the Rancher

Published by Harlequin Heartwarming

on 9th March, 2021

Format: Larger Print (Mass Market Paperback)

Pages: 384

The Heroes of Shelter Creek series:

Reunited with the Cowboy by Claire McEwenAfter the Rodeo by Claire McEwenHer Surprise Cowboy by Claire McEwen

Rescuing the Rancher by Claire McEwenSecond Chance Cowboy by Claire McEwen

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Reunited with the Cowboy (book one) – Caleb & Maya’s story (see also Review)

After the Rodeo (book two) – Jace & Vivian’s story (see also Review)

Her Surprise Cowboy (book three) – Liam & Trisha’s story (see also Review)

Rescuing the Rancher (book four) – Aidan & Jade’s story

→ my review will shared on the 30th of March!

Second Chance Cowboy – (book five) – Wes & Emily’s story

→ Book Six is forthcoming August, 2021!!

I’ll admit – I was a bit worried this was ending as a quartet until I spied the release for 2021 via FantasticFiction which is my main resource for sourcing advance notice about series I am reading when new installments of those series will be revealled in forthcoming months.

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Published by: Harlequin Heartwarming (@HarlequinBooks) | imprint of Harlequin Books

Formats Available: Paperback* and Ebook

*Harlequin has the luxury of offering Regular, Large & Larger Print editions which I personally can attest are lovely to be reading! Especially after a migraine or when my eyes are fatigued.

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About Claire McEwen (2021)

Claire McEwen

Claire McEwen is an award-winning author whose strong heroes and heroines take big, emotional journeys to find their happily-ever-afters. She loves writing stories set in quirky small towns and romantic western settings. Claire lives by the ocean in Northern California with her family and a scruffy, mischievous terrier. When not dreaming up new stories, she’s a busy mom who also enjoys gardening, hiking, discovering flea-market treasures and wandering on the beach. A life-long bookworm, she always has her kindle close by.

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Author Notes to Readers & the year of a pandemic:

One of my top favourite inclusions in books are the notes from the authors themselves – whilst at the same time, as a receiver of ARCs I have also appreciated reading the Editor’s Notes as well. These lovely little additions give some pause ahead of reading a story and sometimes even provide keener insight into either the author’s own wishes for their story about how they hope it will be received by the reader or a bit of trivia into the series already built and established. Harlequin Heartwarming includes these right at the start of their novels whilst when hosting for Prism, I have to remember to visit the homepage for the blog tours I host because the authors are also adding new notes for the tours wherein they are discussing their stories, characters and giving us a lovely teaser about the series their writing as well. (if they are a series, some of course are one-offs)

For this novel, I loved seeing the back-history of how Emily is threaded through the series of Shelter Creek and how it helped me remember specifically how and why she was an important part of the lives of the characters in the series as well. I read so many series through Heartwarming every year, sometimes I need kind reminders about certain characters. The beauty though for me this time round is that I was able to finish reading Rescuing the Rancher ahead of reading this lovely new installment! And, by the looks of it from the dedication this was a novel written during lockdown which is a feat in of its own and a fixture of memory that all of us will never soon forget how 2020 played out for most of us.

On that note, I can attest to families coming together and being stronger than ever during that entire year – my family rallied through a lot of interesting and unusual circumstances throughout 2020 as it was definitely the year of medical emergencies for my family. I had both parents revolving in and out of the ER at different intervals and then, of course behind the crisis of the pandemic there was the insanity of chasing after toilet paper at early hours of the morning just to secure four or eight rolls at a time and never knowing if you could buy more at a store or borrow some from a family friend who purchased more than you had. It was a crazy year for sure but we all came through it and that’s saying quite a heap in of itself!

I give full credit to all the writers who were able to creatively stay current with their writings and their stories – I’ve had some false starts and stops in my own writerly endeavours over the past few years as I’ve been trying to restart where I left my stories. Until a few conversations privately with authors I enjoy reading and of whom I have the joy of being able to converse with online – started to clue me into the fact that despite my earnest attempts my season to write might not yet have arrived and the more I lay thought on that the more I realised how right they were in that observation. I still want to reach that point where I can tinker round with some ideas or write shorter pieces to just get back into the rhythm of my own writings but in regards to working on a longer length of a novel – I’ve tabled that idea for awhile. My time will arrive to focus on it but right now it is still my season to be a reader who loves being a book cheerleader through book blogging and bookishly tweeting a heap of joy into the twitterverse.

Thereby, here’s a salute to all the writers who still find their stories able to be told and to the stories and characters being published throughout this year or next year which were written in 2020 – here’s to the immerse joys those stories will be giving all of us knowing how hard we all fought to get through a difficult year unlike any we’ve all lived through previously and knowing how hopeful it was to remember that if we could get through those hard won months a New Year held promise for the hope and change of tomorrow post-pandemic. We’re still striving towards that end and I’m thankful as book bloggers we can help shine a light on these stories which were written and lovingly sent out into the world.

my review of second chance cowboy:

Your own heart sinks to the floor as you realise the gravity of this reunion Emily has had with Wes; the one who went away without notice or reason and the last person you’d ever expect to re-enter your life and yet, there he was just as if he was meant to be walking back into your life and heart. I felt the emotions bubbling through Emily as much as I felt the hopeful acceptance of his return in Wes. You could tell there was a story behind those reactions in each of their faces because you can’t hide emotional scars and McEwen is one of the keenest writers in Contemporary Western Romance to write-in those scars and the baggage people carry with them through their lives. She truly knits out the psychological hang-ups people truck with them whilst giving them the scope of time they need to transition through their obstacles. Its one of the reasons I adore reading this series the most – due to the realism and realistic nature of the Shelter Creek stories are told.

There is a very crucially important disclosure early-on in the story – about how sometimes foster kids need a short-term stay and sometimes will return years lateron. This is in reference to Wes and how Emily’s family had taken him under their wing. It was how Emily’s Mum was discussing Wes and the ways in which she and her husband had tried to reach out and help Wes during his teenage years and how they had come to resolve the grief of never knowing what happened after he left their care. It was important to see this written into the context of the story because not all foster children can adapt to a long-term placement and there are different reasons why they’d rather be out in the world on their own. I knew there was more to why Wes broke ties with Emily and her family and I was keenly interested to see which way McEwen had written this side of his story.

Emily’s father had the kind of sage advice Wes needed right now – to hear his story about his brother and his flight for survival and how even now, Wes was still wounded by his past and unable to see his way forward to a life he truly wanted to have for himself. Emily’s Dad never truly stopped wanting to be a father figure to Wes and it showed in how he was accepting the role now for a second time and trying to help guide Wes towards making a choice which could positively affect his life for the better. Though its a fine line of course – because after such a gap in years between the two, even I could recognise that her father wasn’t sure if his voice and thoughts would sink into Wes’s heart and truly take root to evoke that kind change he dearly needed right now.

It was Emily’s Mum Meg who had me swelling with emotions though – as her reaction to his return was different than the father’s which felt right as McEwen showed their differences. She simply wanted to embrace the man she tried to nurture into a young man all those years ago and she was overjoyed he not only had turnt out well but had taken on the role of father to his younger brother who was also successful in his own field of choice. It was the kind of ending you felt they had hoped for him and now that they knew about it – rejoicing and celebrating with him made the past hurts hurt less somehow. And, yet, I had a feeling what Wes needed now was a time to recoup and recover the harder edges of his life’s story. To find a way to let the sheltering effect of Shelter Creek wash over his heart and mend his soul.

In keeping with her style for bringing into the series real-life practices and protocols, McEwen broaches the topic of horse massage and acupuncture as options for emergency medicine and/or treatment for equine health which in effect can become a safer way to treat the horse in need. I have known about this for a long time as my family is pro-natural medicine for both humans and animals whenever it can be used instead of conventional medicine as natural choices help the body heal and recover a bit easier than conventional medicine. Again only when it is a better choice to make because sometimes the alternative could be true as well. I loved seeing this practice put into place and also seeing how expertly it was shown by McEwen as her character Wes used the technique.

You instantly love Rex! Rex is the dog which ends up giving Wes a few grey hairs as he adjusts back to life in Shelter Creek but ooh! How can you not love him!? He has a heart of gold and after reading Rescuing the Rancher – I can definitely say, I am thankful there are equal amounts of dogs and cats in this series! I do miss having a dog myself but cats fit in better with my lifestyle over the years but one day, I admit, it would be great to have a dog again. There is just something about their protective presence and their companionship is different from a cat; not that I have anything negative to say about cats because I’m a cat lover through and through but anyone whose had a dog knows what I’m talking about! Especially as my cats are dearly aloof and they are getting cheeky talkative in their golden years.

Ooh dear. When Wes told Emily she could never understand the hardships in his life vs the easier path she had in hers, I knew they were in for some rocky moments! Especially since even if on the surface of things someone appears to have had an easier life than someone else you can’t prejudge them out of context because even if the adversities differ from one another everyone has difficulties in life and those affect everyone differently. It is better not to judge and to accept that everyone has their lion’s share of troubles throughout their lives and hopefully can emerge through it without being bitter or jaded.

Despite the rough edges in their reunion, there was a moment of changing tide in their relationship which started to slowly brew back together after a bit of an intervention by Emily’s Mum. I delighted in the fact that Emily trusted her heart to her Mum for advice and likewise, I loved the symbolism of why Emily’s attempt to rehabilitate an animal in the story was cross-secting with her own healing journey towards self-growth. This part of the charm of Shelter Creek – it is a community of souls who needed a chance to heal or to grow past the adverse circumstances of their lives. It was a setting where you felt a bit more alive due to the open spaces and the kindness of neighbours but it also gave you the time you needed for repairing your emotions and restoring your soul.

I had to laugh quite a bit in the volleying effect of how this slow burning romance was shifting forward between Wes and Emily; as neither of them wanted to give the other an inch in regards to acknowledging their growing attraction to each other! It was part comedic in that regard as they are both strong characters with strong convictions and fierce independent natures – in other words, they don’t bend well at first to each other nor do they want to give the impression they need to lean on anyone either. One thing that was quite fitting is how McEwen started to soften their hearts to the idea of a relationship whilst they were repairing their friendship. As all the best relationships have a foundation built on friendship after all.

Maya and the wildlife centre which has always played such a strong role in the series is also predominate in the plot due to how Emily had to manage cross-duties at her office and at the centre itself. You get to tuck close to their work rescuing the animals off the land whilst sorting out ways to intervene through emergency medicine which can lead back to rehabilitating the animals back into the wild. And, of course, all of the lovely characters we’ve met in the past move in and out of the background of Wes and Emily’s story, too. Including the book club ladies and the interconnections of how the men love to shoot pool and meet-up for some downtime whilst the girls’ find any reason at all to interact with each other and enjoy their hours together on the fly.

Still my heart. When I saw the saddle, I knew. And what an eclipse of emotions I felt by the ending!! I especially enjoyed the sub-thread involving Jaime who was the younger brother of Wes as it spoke to the unspoken stories involving siblings raising siblings and how that effects each sibling in their futures. There is a lot of emotional and psychological baggage to unpack in this story and I felt McEwen did a brilliant job of giving both brothers their due in regards to how their childhood had after effects and ripples of trust issues in the present. Trust is a big part of the story on all fronts – from how Emily’s sense of trust was shattered in the beginning by her own issues with her past and how Wes never truly trusted anything except what he remembered about his time in Shelter Creek.

This series! Oh my. It gets into your soul – I was nearly afraid to even ask the author if there is a six novel coming next as I’m just not prepared to ‘let go’ of Shelter Creek! Blessedly the novel announced the sixth installment on the last page of the final chapter and my heart rejoiced. There is more to be cherished from this community and I cannot wait to embrace the characters, the plot and the soul lift reading that story will bring into my readerly life! Definitely continuing to be one of my favourite #unputdownable Harlequin Heartwarming series!!

NOTE: I’m a Prospective Adoptive Mum who will be seeking to adopt domestically from foster care in the future which is why whenever a story has a thread of interest about foster care and/or adoption or nonconventional families, I am overjoyed because there was a time where those kinds of stories were not as commonplace as they are now becoming in Contemporary Romance and/or Contemporary Women’s Fiction or Contemporary Realistic Fiction. 

On the Contemporary romance & realistic style of claire mcewen:

love how McEwen gives an emotional gravitational pull to her characters’ reactions within the stories of Shelter Creek. You never have to question what is going on with one of her characters’ because she tucks you close inside their psyche and their thoughts. Emotionally they each have something to muddle through and transition past but its how they approach those obstacles and how those adversities of their lives foreshadow their present against their past which make this series a wicked good read!

I also find it inspiring how dimensional she has explored this series installment by installment – from the ways in which she layers the drama against the heartache and how Science plays such a fierce role in the background of Shelter Creek as well. Her continuity and pacing is top notch and whenever I pick up one of the novels in this series to read, I feel as if I’ve returnt home. Her characters are not just realistically cast against the pages – they are firmly alive, evolving and wickedly developed and are an absolute joy to spend time with as their stories progress forward.

McEwen truly has a knack for not just researching the topical issues she broaches into her series but for giving us a first-hand look at those topics and subjects up close and personal. You never see the research itself but feel the research knitted into the bones of the story and benefit from the knowledge which is imparting through the narrative itself. This is one of those stories which has a firm balance between modern veterinary practice and a dramatic romance percolating in the background!

I was instantly in love with the plot for this installment because one of my go-to sub-niches of Romance is the second chance romance plot! There is something about seeing characters come back together and/or meet for the first time after a great loss that is a heartwarming story to read. You can have it both ways of course – a second chance with a former flame or a wholly new chance to find love with someone new – either in the same place or a different setting altogether. Second chance romances are full of the hope of renewal and a newfound path to walk in life and I think that’s why I love them the most. As I watched how McEwen selected how to spin this second chance romance, I knew it was going to be a winner! Not just a second chance to find love but a second chance to find a place to call home made this installment a wonderful addition to the series.

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PS: I LOVE my Claire McEwen heart-charmed bookmark!

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This blog tour is courtesy of: Prism Book Tours

Prism Book Tours

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Be sure to return on the 30th of March to read my review
for “Rescuing the Rancher” which is part of this series!

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  1. Thank you so very much, Jorie, for this close look at Second Chance Cowboy and Rescuing the Rancher. It is always such a treat when someone truly inhabits a world that an author creates. You see it all and I am so grateful!

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