A #HarlequinHeartwarming #RomanceTuesdays | Wildfire comes to Shelter Creek! within the pages of Clarie McEwen’s “Rescuing the Rancher”!

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Acquired Book By: I’ve come to know this series [Heroes of Shelter Creek] through hosting the blog tours celebrating releases within the series with Prism Book Tours. However, in September 2020 in lieu of an organised blog tour Ms McEwen was seeking book bloggers who were interested in her series and wanted to read the fourth novel in the series “Rescuing the Rancher”. Whilst I was conferring with the author about receiving this for review, I asked if I could receive the second novel in the series “After the Rodeo” as I never had the chance to read Jace and Vivian’s story! I was thankful Ms McEwen was also available to be a featured guest during my @SatBookChat wherein I celebrate Romance, Women’s Fiction, strong female characters across genres and Feminist Lit on Saturdays each month.

I decided to read and feature “After the Rodeo” ahead of her #SatBookChat appearance and run my review during my #RomanceTuesdays feature wherein I love to showcase Harlequin Heartwarming and Love Inspired authors as they are writing the kinds of Romances I am appreciating most to be reading right now. However in regards to reading “Rescuing the Rancher” – I had difficulty getting into the storyline until recently due to the fact the backdrop of the story is set against wildfires – for whichever reason the topic and subject of wildfires hit closer to home for me than originally anticipated. I’ll be sharing my review for “Rescuing the Rancher” after “Second Chance Cowboy” as it is part of the Harlequin Heartwarming reviews forthcoming to Jorie Loves A Story. I was thankful I could read it ahead of the fifth novel as now I am concurrently connected through all the stories!

I received a complimentary copy of “Rescuing the Rancher” direct from the author Claire McEwen in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

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This is one of my top favourite #CowboyRomances by Harlequin Heartwarming:

When I was checking my feeds on Twitter (in Autumn 2020), I stumbled on an announcement by Ms McEwen who was seeking book bloggers to read and review her latest release of the Heroes of Shelter Creek series – wherein I was most excited seeing the notice posted as this is one of the Western & Cowboy Romance series I love reading the most published by Harlequin Heartwarming!

I wasn’t sure if I would be in time to request the book for review, but I immediately emailed the author and the rest knitted together out of that conversation! I am so thankful I contacted her when I had as it lead me to being reading this second of the series I had missed between books one and three as much as I have been wanting to host more of the authors I love via Harlequin Heartwarming and/or Love Inspired Suspense – having the Blackwell Brothers / Sisters authors booked during @SatBookChat in October, it was a lovely surprise to have Ms McEwen booked for early September!

If you’re a ready reader of Westerns and Western Romances, I hope this showcase might inspire you to give Harlequin Heartwarming a chance at winning over your love of Westerns because the authors who are writing these stories are writing wicked brilliant characters with stories which lift your spirits as you’re reading them! Plus, the settings alone are awe-inspiring and give you the kind of Western experience you are hoping for in a Western Rom!

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On a special note: This review is part of my celebrations for my 8th Blogoversary of Jorie Loves A Story! On the 31st of March, 2013 I created my blog and launched myself onto this beautiful journey I’ve taken as a book blogger! I had no idea where this blog was going to take me – both in the realms of literature or in the community of book bloggers – nor in the wider expanse of #bookTwitter,… what an incredible adventure it has been for me to watch myself grow into the blogger I am today.

I wanted to ring in the 8th Year with new reviews for #HarlequinHeartwarming as it has become my top favourite publisher imprint (alongside Love Inspired Suspense) for the past five years!! These are the years which brought a lift shift into my family (per my father’s stroke, Nov 2016) and it was through these stories of relationship-based romance which grounded me in the backdrop of small townes, family-centered story-lines and wicked sweet dynamically real characters. I have celebrated my blogoversary in the past with Heartwarming taking centre stage (per my 6th Blogoversary in particular) and during my 8th, two years later – my love and affection to these authors who continue to enrich my readerly life deserves continue recognition with a big note of GRATITUDE.

They have given me such a wonderful landscape of Contemporary Romances in which to entreat – whilst their larger print editions are kind to the eyes and heart of a migrainuer. It is with a hearty burst of JOY I am celebrating the Heroes of Shelter Creek today and return on the morrow to see my review for the latest in Carol Ross’s Seasons of Alaska – which I read during my 5th Year and celebrated on my 6th Blogoversary! Sometimes life has a way of coming full circle!!

Whilst throughout April and May you’ll be seeing me eagerly devour and discuss the Butterfly Harbour series by Anna J. Stewart, the next four installments (out of five) of the Blackwell Sisters series by the collective genius of Carol Ross, Amy Vastine, Cari Lynn Webb, Melinda Curtis and Anna J. Stewart as well as a review for Beth Carpenter’s series the Northern Lights!! Let’s all continue to celebrate stories and authors who give us such a hearty #randomJOY of #bookLOVE throughout the year and continue to champion their stories both online and off to everyone who likes to listen to our readerly lives.

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A preview of why I feel so dearly attached inside this series:

McEwen threaded in the issues with childhood abandonment and the emotional baggage children take with them in being placed outside their home. Even though this is a story about kinship placement between nieces, a nephew and an Uncle; the larger reach of the issues developed out of the conditions of their home life prior to entering their stay with Jace had such a levelling of strife and guttingly difficult emotional anguish attached to their survival that even Jace was quickly picking up on the fact no man is an island. It is okay to reach out for help and to seek advice as it is needed to best help the children and to find new paths towards solid ground.

The kindness of Jace’s third grade teacher melted my heart – she was one of those everyday characters who fits so well in the background of the story but has such a lot of depth of heart to share with you as you’re reading her sequences in the narrative. In many ways, she’s still able to positively affect Jace’s life now as an adult as she apparently had as a child. There are moments wherein Jace is re-tracing his own memories as he shifts into fatherhood; struggling to resolve some of those past hurts against the current issues he needs to focus on to be a better father for his nieces and nephews. None of it is quick and easy – its a long road towards finding the healing he and they will need to embrace together and that is what McEwen wrote best: the moments of a new family emerging out of the ashes of an old one.

Being able to back-track in the series right now – seeing how Vivian first met Trisha and how these women along with Maya formed such a strong unity of a team for being wildlife warriors was such a special treat for me as a reader! It was a beautiful time capsule – getting to knit together the missing pieces between the first and third installments; etching out more of the girth of the series whilst finding myself so dearly connected to this installment as well. The whole series itself is full of characters you are excited to meet and become familiar with because of how McEwen granted you such wonderful licence to walk beside them and find your own way to fit into their lives.

I truly understood the complicated web of choices befuddling the calm of Vivian – how much was too much stress? And when does positive stress turn to negative stress? How do you balance your own mental health with the needs of others and how do you turn off your emotional responses when life has a way of sneaking up on you whilst your focusing on rebuilding your career? Vivian was moving through the same emotional tides as Jace just from a different entry point. They both had too much to juggle and yet, their paths had crossed and there was a murmuring of interest bubbling under the surface of their heated conversations. Heated of course because they were both stubbornly prideful of their own opinions and they each believed the other was right when they could learn to concede and compromise a bit to get more done that worked for them both.

I could definitely relate to Vivian wanting to keep her health issues private but as I learnt over the years, at some point it is better to be transparent about a chronic health issue than to try to hide it (ie. my migraines) as it just doesn’t serve a purpose. When you have a chronic issue that effects your life at different intervals of time, it is better to simply state why you’re having a bad day or having difficulties doing normal things you love doing than to try to shirk out of owning the truth which could lead to misunderstandings. I felt McEwen knew exactly the internal conversation everyone has about how much to keep private, when to share a health issue and how to find balance when your medical issues start to overtake your life.

I loved how realistically this story was penned – how McEwen tackled the harder topics of kinship placements wherein rather than seeing the world through your own eyes you have to start to see the world through foster care eyes – which comes with its own set of rules, restrictions and regulations about the home, your property and the friends you keep in your company. The rules are in place to keep the kids safe first and foremost but their a bit lengthy and the process towards a home study for any foster placement takes a lot of patience to work through the list of what needs to be fixed in order to pass inspection. Simple things like keeping medicine in a cabinet has to be stored in a locked cabinet and the same with cleaning supplies under the counter – but the larger issues are effectively what McEwen tackled with Jace’s friendship with Caleb. How this veteran who had invisible scars of service had a struggle with anger and his temper – something that was flagged by social services. These kinds of judgement calls are hard to process and to sort through whilst working towards the final acceptance by your social worker and I felt McEwen humbled Jace by having to juggle both his internal struggles as a new father and the responsibilities this presented as a foster kinship parent.

There is a conscience of environmentalism at the heart of this story as well – from conservation, preservation and the connectedness of the living ecosystem concurrently alive next to our own habitats of modern living. The natural world places a strong role in this novel as much as McEwen has found a way to re-adjust our understanding about wildlife and the curious ways in which nature ‘finds us’ when we least expect to be seen ourselves. One of my absolute favourite passages of any story which is pro-positively focusing on the environment and/or the natural world is within After the Rodeo. McEwen shared a notation about trees and how they use biochemical communication – it is by extension a theory of my own about the old soul murmurings of trees and how these stoic giants in our world say more as silent warriors against time than any word we could express ourselves about the amount of time they’ve witnessed. There is another saying about how if you spend time next to a tree it begins to whisper to you as well – trees have ancient wisdom and ancient knowledge; we’d be wise to respect them more than we do as a global society.

McEwen showed the realities of how two persons who had zero interest in meeting someone could find themselves in a love story being knitted out of happenstance and serendipity! It is also a story that celebrates found families and how the beauty of life is truly a life that is shared with people who love you – however which way they enter your life, their the true blessing which enrich our hours in far more ways than we can ever hope to foresee being possible. This story truly touched my heart and soul because of how much of a life it celebrates that I would love to have for myself one day. I cannot hug it enough and the characters who burst to life off the pages of Ms McEwen’s soulful romantic style which etches itself into your memories.

-quoted from my book review of After the Rodeo

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A #HarlequinHeartwarming #RomanceTuesdays | Wildfire comes to Shelter Creek! within the pages of Clarie McEwen’s “Rescuing the Rancher”!Rescuing the Rancher
Subtitle: Heroes of Shelter Creek
by Claire McEwen, Ms Claire McEwen
Source: Direct from Author

She'll help protect his ranch...
And heal his heart

Firefighter Jade Carson needs to get the local residents out of a wildfire's path, but Aidan Bell isn't moving. Still grieving a tragedy, the stubborn rancher plans to stay and save his animals Jade and Aidan battle the blaze on his property, only to feel he spark of something unexpected. Secrets are shared, hope kindles... but can they leave the past's ashes behind and let love grow?

Genres: Contemporary (Modern) Fiction (post 1945), Contemporary Romance, Ranches & Cowboys, Realistic Fiction, Romance Fiction, Western Fiction, Western Romance

Places to find the book:

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ISBN: 978-1335889867

Also by this author: Reunited with the Cowboy, Her Surprise Cowboy, After the Rodeo

Also in this series: Reunited with the Cowboy, Her Surprise Cowboy, After the Rodeo, Second Chance Cowboy

Published by Harlequin Heartwarming

on 8th September, 2020

Format: Larger Print (Mass Market Paperback)

Pages: 384

The Heroes of Shelter Creek series:

Reunited with the Cowboy by Claire McEwenAfter the Rodeo by Claire McEwenHer Surprise Cowboy by Claire McEwenRescuing the Rancher by Claire McEwen

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Reunited with the Cowboy (book one) – Caleb & Maya’s story (see also Review)

After the Rodeo (book two) – Jace & Vivian’s story (see also Review)

Her Surprise Cowboy (book three) – Liam & Trisha’s story (see also Review)

Rescuing the Rancher (book four) – Aidan & Jade’s story

Second Chance Cowboy – (book five) – Wes & Emily’s story (see also Review)

I’ll admit – I was a bit worried this was ending as a quartet until I spied the release for 2021 via FantasticFiction which is my main resource for sourcing advance notice about series I am reading when new installments of those series will be revealled in forthcoming months.

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Published by: Harlequin Heartwarming (@HarlequinBooks) | imprint of Harlequin Books

Formats Available: Paperback* and Ebook

*Harlequin has the luxury of offering Regular, Large & Larger Print editions which I personally can attest are lovely to be reading! Especially after a migraine or when my eyes are fatigued.

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as well as #HarlequinHeartwarming with #HeroesOfShelterCreek

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Author Notes to Readers & learning more about this novel:

I somehow managed to overlook the fact this installment involves wildfires – my heart is dearly tethered to newsfeeds every year as the fires of California have been consistently raging as severely as the ones affecting Australia. I still remember feeling we had an ominous start to 2020 because of what Australia was going through and somehow it felt ‘off’ to be ringing in a New Year when so much destruction and unravelling of lives was happening across the world.

My first experience reading about a wildfire was through another Heartwarming novelist as an installment in a series I have discovered whilst it was already in progress by Catherine Lanigan. The novel was Rescued by the Firefighter. There are portions of that novel which have never truly left me. As an avid watcher of natural disaster movies growing up and until my mid-twenties (as by that time I had burnt out being able to watch anymore!) – the one kind of film I could not watch were the wildfire stories and/or The Towering Inferno. I had enough issues just making it through the Emergency! episode that involved the high rise fire which was a two-parter!

I think its because of my close connection to the fires themselves – of living in a state that used to be one of the top states for fires (sadly, California, Montana and other states West have taken that status) and/or of knowing friends and now authors who live in fire affected areas. And, I cannot speak about the Australian wildlife as well – as I was emotionally gutted over Kangaroo Island at the start of the year. Also note to others: don’t seek out updates about wildfires unless you can handle graphic depictions of what happens to animals caught in the fires as that was a hard lesson this year for me! Oy.

I have had a profound respect for first responders my entire life – even before they helped my parents and I after a near-fatal car accident (their assessment) fifteen years ago. The amount of bravery it takes to go into a fire and to come out of one alive is incredible but to do what they must do to protect the rest of us is in a league of its own. They have my respect and they have my appreciation – especially because no one wants to admit that sometimes nature has a way of re-humbling us to know how limited we are as humans to change fate once a fire takes hold.

As I read about how she wanted to set a romance inside a wildfire story-line I thought it might be a kind way of finding some resolution this year to my complicated emotions about wildfires and the curious way in which none us know what a fire will bring or how the fire will affect the outcome of what will ‘come next’. It was also a bit eerie about the timing of the novel’s release and the current issues California is having with fires – until I found this tweet by Ms McEwen and it all made sense!

my review of rescuing the rancher:

Whenever I consider the winds of NorCal, I am reminded of the fragility of the homes which are powered by natural gas and the ways in which even a natural event like a wind storm can not just fuell wildfires but they can explode homes (per newsreels evidencing this to happen). I am a bit more attached to the Santa Ana winds than the Diablo winds but part of me questioned if they might be one of the same? Maybe the terminology changes depending on where you are in Cali? It was something to consider – however, it was the way in which I was greeting Aidan which proved a better influence of distraction than murmuring over the winds of California!

As I used to ride when I was younger (and always meant to return to the saddle!), I still remember how wonderful it felt to give a horse a cool down after a ride! Especially in the throes of Summer, where the heat has a wrath of its own and both human and horse feel like their walking on top of a volcano! McEwen’s choice to share how Aidan cooled off Payday brought back happy memories of my childhood and the horses I loved to ride and take care of after a lesson. I hope to get back into horse-back riding eventually but until then, I get to read all the Western Romances I can through Heartwarming which is one reason why I love them as much as I do as I have a Western lifestyle kind of heart and soul!

Of course, I didn’t have much time to reminisce as McEwen wasted no time getting us to embrace the wildfire in her story! This is one reason I had to withhold reading this story for several months because I hadn’t realised the effect of reading a story about wildfires would play on my resolve to enjoy the heart of the story! I get so personally invested in wildfire news IRL that I think a part of that went into the block I felt as a reader to read the story. Thankfully with a bit of time betwixt and between when I first received the novel and now, by the time I was presented with the events as they unfolded for Aidan in the story itself – I was less emotionally attached to the concerns of real life and able to connect to Aidan’s plight more directly.

Your heart starts to pull at you when Aidan helps Nellie – she filled in the gap for him when it comes to maternal support in his life and considering everything Aidan’s been through in recent years, it was nice she felt as close to him as he did to her as in this community of ranching – it is best to have close contacts whenever an emergency might arrive and this was definitely one of those moments where neighbours and friends were the difference in surviving and not surviving the disaster of a wildfire.

It wasn’t a laughing matter but somehow as I was observing the reactions of Elliott the tuxedo cat being rescued by Jade – all I could do was smirk and laugh! I think its because I’ve always had a cat in my life – sometimes four or two at a time and I had a sinking feeling my cats would be the kind which would hide rather than stay visible in a crisis or emergency! I felt for Elliott I truly did but it was how McEwen chose to give us that close-up of his reaction in the car with Jade which was the moment I smiled most. I mean, anyone with a cat would understand why he did what he did – sometimes it best to hide afterall than to see what you can’t handle which is how my tabby felt as we encountered traffic on a road trip several years ago!

Your own adrenaline kicks in as Jade is sorting out the best route out of the path of the wildfire – of course, until the realities of what the fire is doing to the land and necessity of relaying on both instinct and training wherein Jade realised sometimes you can’t escape the inevitable. I felt for her in that moment – where despite everything she had been told to do there are moments in life which defy logic and you have to change the plans you made in order to keep yourself safe. McEwen showcased how destructive the fire can become and how it affects the wildlife in the path of its destruction – from the deer to the rabbits to the ranchers who had livestock to sort out how to evacuate – all of it is painted with such a visual representation of a real wildfire you feel as if you’re right alongside Jade and Aidan!!

They have a natural chemistry between them which works well towards giving them the ability to work as a team rather than as the stubborn rancher Jade felt Aidan was when she first met him and for Aidan to view Jade as an asset rather than a person of whom he was now responsible to save from the fire. Each of them had their own baggage of course to work through – Jade had the weight of a generational legacy behind her and Aidan had a history of tragic loss; each of them needed to prove to themselves they had the courage to face this fire but neither of them knew they’d have someone to rely on in order to survive. Part of me loved this part of the story – how two strangers had to unite to survive and to fight through their own anxieties and fears about the ramifications of a fire on this magnitude would mean to each of them on a personal level.

The harder they worked towards readying the ranch for the fire, the more you saw the grit and determination on Jade’s face to survive it. She had a lot to prove – to herself and to her fellow firefighters whereas the fire was pushing Aidan to draw things out of the darkness of his mind and to finally face the facts about what was holding him back and allowing him to settle in the past. Each of them had their own reasons for wanting to fight the fire – for Aidan, his focus was mostly set on his sheep – as he had quite a large flock combined with his neighbour Nellie’s flock as well. These sheep meant more to him than most ranchers – as I felt he had put his heart and soul into their care after the tragic losses erased everything he held dear in his life. The sheep in many ways were allowing him to heal and find forward motion out of a life that no longer felt livable. I felt it was imperative for him to fight for the lives of the sheep because in a way he was repaying them the kindness they had taken on to help restore and repair his own life.

And, of course there was Chip (his beloved cattle dog), Odin & Thor his shepherding dogs for the flock and his beloved Payday (the horse). These were more than just livestock and animals to Aidan; they were his whole world and meant more to him than mere companions. I felt Jade finally started to catch on to that concept after helping Aidan ready the ranch but part of me questioned if she had tapped into what was truly affecting Aidan and sorted out why he was so set in his ways. It wasn’t just stubborn pride and being bull-headed for the sake of it – there were real reasons behind his actions and his thoughts – which I felt hadn’t been addressed in far too long.

On my new job I have had the pleasure of unexpected encounters with wildlife – something I will be blogging about this month – however, one of the pivotal scenes for me as right after the nightmare of the fire has exited their lives — where they peer out for the first time to see where they are in deference to the fire? There is such a warmth of that observation – of whom is standing with them and how in that quiet moment there is nothing but calm and a quiet murmur of thankfulness between humans and animals alike.

In the aftermath of the fire, it took true courage for both Jade and Aidan to resolve what they had learnt through their ordeal. I was applauding like mad for Jade’s speech to her parents and brothers; she had simply reached the boiling point on that topic and it was such a wicked scene! Aidan on the other hand had a welcome wagon from Shelter Creek arrive to give him a boost of neighbourly love and encouragement as well as the kind of help one didn’t expect to receive but warmly was grateful was given.

By the conclusion I was wicked grateful I finally found my own courage to read this story! The title eludes to the layers of depth within it – how this isn’t merely about a rancher whose in over his head with a wildfire or a simple solution to a problem you can see on the surface of his life. This is a story about a man whose build himself a barrier with the outside world and its going to take a community effort to help him find a passage forward out from under the grief and sorrow he’s been sheltering under since his tragic loss. That’s where Jade steps in during a new crisis of his life and starts to unwind his emotions – the ways in which McEwen gets into the psychology of Aidan’s past and the current tidal waves of how the past is affecting his present were some of the best parts of the story because of how the undercurrent of this romantic plot is firmly hinged against the will of one man to accept that everyone deserves both forgiveness and happiness in equal measures throughout their lives.

On the Contemporary romance & realistic style of claire mcewen:

I do believe I have found my favourite new expression, “Hair dryer wind!” – which anyone who lives in a hot, humid and windy region will attest is the best way to express it! I loved finding this gem of an expression so early-on in the story because McEwen had already established such a wonderful tempo of pacing as we tucked closer to this cowboy who liked conversing with his steadfast dog and his favourite horse, Payday! I was quite sure there was a story behind the name of the horse, too!

McEwen starts to describe the wildfire encroaching on Aidan’s ranch the way I recognise hearing about them on the news – whilst at the same time, I believe it would be harder for her to write this story due to how close she is to the actual danger of having a wildfire in your backyard! I know it never fails to affect me whenever I know a friend or author is near a fire and riding out the news updates is emotionally draining! Yet, somehow she found a way through all of that and found a way to create such a realistically dramatic story wherein you truly feel your with Aidan as he’s trying to resolve an emergency before it becomes a catastrophic event!

This is where McEwen excells at showcasing how her characters are willing to not just go the extra mile for what they believe in but they’re willing to do whatever is necessary to reach a goal that others might not be willing to risk. She also hones in on the smaller details – the origins of the smoke as it starts to set into the ridgeline of where Aidan’s ranch is located and the intensity of how it starts off a slowly creeping smell and starts to turn into a toxic pollutant that is inhibiting the ability to breathe properly.

I have admired how McEwen has brought in both knowledge and Science into her novels within the Shelter Creek series but what I loved about this installment is how it spoke towards a ready knowledge of wildfires and the ways in which people with land need to be prepared. There is a lot of prep work which goes into ensuring that your safety and the safety of your property is maintained. This includes fire breaks and clearing anything that could burn away from essential areas of your land and property. One of the downfalls of falling short of maintaining those priorities is shown in Rescuing the Rancher. The only bit of trivia I knew ahead of reading this novel was that the Burr Oak can help as a firebreak or shield on property because the fire can’t burn the tree – it is generally used on land to set a barrier in wildfire country.

I truly loved how McEwen shifted between the raging wildfire and how it moves across fields destroying everything in its wake and then giving reason to its noises alerting her readers to why those noises are death sentences if you don’t keep your wits about you. The fire itself is an intense machine of artistry – how it carves its presence out of whatever is in its path and illuminates the world with a fiery glow of its power. McEwen captured this personality of the fire and also showcased what we’ve learnt to not just prevent fire but how to survive through a fire. This is definitely an eye-opener for anyone who wants to live down range out West or anywhere in a Western state or Southern Canada where wildfires are as common as dragonflies. Its a brilliant primer on what it takes to act on instinct and plan your actions of attack based on modern fire science.

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I tucked into this story *hours!* after our beautifully lovely #SatBookChat convo concluded – giving me time to process through the emotions & events of the early morning hours when Mum had a medical emergency which took us to the ER @ 4a for 2 1/2 hours. I ended up browsing my free trial with Audible (hinted about here) as they have a new unlimited plan for $7.95 which has loads of lovely Classical stories which tempted me to consider it even though I’m definitely a Scribd girl for life. I have a love/hate relationship with Audible truth be told and I’m sure others are rowing that boat with me. A half hour before I was meant to consider what to cook for dinner, I finally could lay heart & mind back into Shelter Creek. As this series has provided wonderful shelter from life’s storms,.. and I’ve had enough to last me until 2021 (at least!).

Although I began this story in 2020 – I didn’t read the greater extent of it until March, 2021! Sometimes you have to give yourself time to enjoy a story when it emotionally connects to real life.

PS: I LOVE my Claire McEwen heart-charmed bookmark!

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I happily found a NEW Country Playlist via #Spotify featuring yesterday and today’s voices of Country to listen to in the background of reading After the Rodeo. I felt like I had pulled into Shelter Creek in a pick-up truck whilst these tunes were keeping me company on the road before I crossed into towne. Its called “Country Hits of Today and Yesterday”. The second playlist I enjoyed is called “Chillin’ on a dirt road” which felt attune with the story!

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This book review is courtesy of: Claire McEwen

[ the tweet which made this review possible ]

About Ms Claire McEwen

Claire McEwen

Claire McEwen writes stories about strong heroes and heroines who take big, emotional journeys to find their happily-ever-after. She lives by the ocean in Northern California with her family and a scruffy, mischievous terrier. When she’s not writing, Claire enjoys gardening, reading and discovering flea-market treasures. She loves to hear from readers!

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We happily discussed Western Romances & the Heroes of Shelter Creek series!

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You can read the transcript of this lovely chat with Ms McEwen, too!

*my transcripts are a bit delayed at time of posting of this review!

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Posted Tuesday, 30 March, 2021 by jorielov in #RomanceTuesdays, 21st Century, A Father's Heart, Blog Tour Host, Bookmark slipped inside a Review Book, California, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Western Fiction, Cowboys & Ranches, Environmental Conscience, Environmental Solutions, Family Drama, Family Life, Life of Thirty-Somethings, Life Shift, Men's Fiction, Modern Day, Motherhood | Parenthood, Nature & Wildlife, Preservation, Prism Book Tours, Realistic Fiction, Romance Fiction, Second Chance Love, Small Towne Fiction, Small Towne USA, Sweet Romance, The Natural World, Western Fiction, Western Romance, Women's Fiction

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