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Acquired Book By: I was invited to participate in Julie E. Czerneda’s #futurespasttour wherein I am continuing my readings of The Clan Chronicles where I left off last November. I participated in the #timeandstarstour on behalf of the seventh volume of The Clan Chronicles ‘This Gulf of Time and Stars’. I reached out to the author to sort out a way to read her entire series spilt between two trilogies: Stratification (the prequel) and The Trade Pact (inaugural trilogy) which launched the series as a whole. She offered to have DAW Books send me the series in paperback editions which I was blessed to receive and would have finished reading if I had hadn’t taken ill shortly after I read “A Thousand Words for Stranger”. Due to personal reasons between the end of 2015 and the start of 2016, I was not able to continue my readings until now. I have spent a lot of hours contemplating what ‘comes next’.

This year, I reached out to her publicist at DAW (at the author’s suggestion) to receive “The Gate to Futures Past” to conclude the scope of the series ahead of the final novel. I spoke to Ms Czerneda about completing my readings of her beautifully conceived hard sci-fi series by releasing my reviews of the books in graduated succession during the #futurespasttour; she agreed it would be a great way to celebrate. Therefore, ‘Ties of Power’ kicks off my showcases on Monday, 22nd of August, followed by ‘To Trade the Stars’ on Tuesday, 30th August finishing ‘the Trade Pact Universe’ trilogy. I am anchouring the Reunification reviews together on 1st & 2nd of September.

I received a complimentary copy of ‘To Trade the Stars’ the first novel of original trilogy better known as The Trade Pact Universe. I was not obliged to post a review or share my impressions or opinions on behalf of these stories. I am posting my thoughts for my own edification and to help encourage new readers to meet the characters Czerneda created especially if like me, they are discovering The Clan Chronicles for the first time!

On where we left off into The Clan Chronicles:

As I disclosed on my review of Reap the Wild Wind this is my first reading of the works by Julie E. Czerneda. This is my continuing journey deep into the heart of The Clan Chronicles whilst conversing on Twitter via the tag #whoaretheclan. Occasionally alternating with #TheClanChronicles and #futurespasttour.

The greater good in regards to Drapsk society was underpinned by their innocence and their desire to re-claim their own legacy. This is something that Sira noted on their behalf as she was becoming more familiar with their beliefs, customs and traditions whilst caught up as a Contestant in their search for the Mystic One. I could gather from the offset this was a pivotal moment for her as much as the Drapsk as they were not one to bend to logic or for any assertions on her behalf (as she questioned how they could view her as a special person of interest to their race) to test the theories of their culture. I had a feeling the Drapsk had a continuing story-line moving forward with as much of the importance as the state of the Clan itself. As mentioned in this snippet of my review:

The continuity moving through the Trade Pact is as bang-on brilliant as the one I had found in Stratification! You can see the stitchings of how this installment was cast within the previous volume, but so too, how Czerneda has carried forward the counter-measures of Sira’s Clan to act both for her interests and against her at the same time. There are two factions brewing closer to war – a war of mind, power and control, such is the way of the Clan. If they cannot control their source of power and the succession of the channels of where the power is funneling through each new generation, the Clan feels they have failed. Theirs is always a battle to achieve more and stabilise the insurrection that began the moment Sira felt she was strong enough to overtake the Clan’s Council. In some ways, I think she could have if she wasn’t knocked down along the way by those who would seek her help only to back-stab her in the end. A curious tenure of moving forward only to feel as if your moving backwards at a pace that is not set by yourself but by those whose intentions are never fully in view of your own mind. – quoted from my review of Ties of Power

The Clan itself was undergoing changes in its power structures – not in their sources of energy per se but in the structure of how they organised themselves. They had certain people at key levels of control who were not acting with the best interest of the Clan but rather their own motivations towards completing their own acts of harming the continuity of the Clan’s organic growth and evolution. At the heart of the conflict is the insistence that all changes within the fabric of the Clan’s biometric existence cannot be altered, changed or evolved. They are quite fastidious about not wanting any of their kind to ‘out best’ each other or to find a new level of existing that is not known to the collective of the Clan.

Counter-current to their biologic growth patterns is the rarely spoken fact Humans in this sector of the universe are experiencing their own set of changes, too. The hint towards that end was in the telepathical instincts foreseen in Morgan (Sira’s beloved) and how he was able to harness the power within his mind; even if for most of his life he walked in the darkness of not understanding it’s worth. This changed in perception and understanding when he crossed paths with Sira but evenso, now that he has embraced his power of telepathic thought energy, the difficulties now lie in being able to have self-control when he is at the height of his angered state where emotionally he experiences energy spikes in his behaviour. He’s not the best for wanting to temper his reactory instincts but without a modicum of self-control, his gift could become his downfall; which he well understands.

There was a moment of compassionate empathy in the middle of Sira’s time on the Drapsk homeworld that truly left such a strong impression on me as I read the trial of her choice. She felt with all of her emotions now that she was a fusion of both of her past(s); the one who was known as Sira Morgan and the one who was known to the Clan. Hers was not an easy life to walk but somewhere along this complicated route she had grown in the strength of understanding selfless acts of compassion. What she did for a species she had never encountered before was sombering and how she did it was such a beautiful testament of how the M’hir could be used for good rather than for evil. (all of this is contained in Chapter 25)

Shortly thereafter, we were encompassed by how the M’hir can function outside of its usual pursuit; having a lifeblood of its own accord and a particular standard of existence. Yet I oft felt how the M’hir worked or even interacted with others outside of the Clan was still being disclosed one story at a time. This is what was so incredibly layered about the series overall; Czerneda teases you at first with forehand knowledge that is necessary to dig inside the hard sci-fi elements she is expanding on per each installment, but then, you will find yourself arriving at passages such as the ones in Chapters 29 and 30.

This is one of the biological pathways of Czerneda’s breadth of expansion within the Clan Chronicles; she encourages you to take second and third ‘looks’ at everything you think you understand whilst giving you a biological reasoning behind why certain ‘things’ can be affected by cause and effect disturbances which seek to risk the status quo. It’s this compelling argument that has real-world applications if you seek to re-articulate what she’s trying to show you about how living environments are far more complex than what humanity understands on the superficial level of their complexity.

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Book Review | #whoaretheclan | “To Trade the Stars” (Book No.3 of the Trade Pact Universe) by Julie E. Czerneda #FuellYourSciFi with Jorie!To Trade the Stars
Subtitle: The Trade Pact Universe #3

Synopsis on the Back Cover:

Jason and Sira

he a human telepath and independent trader, she now Speaker for the Clan Council, as well as Jason's life partner - are trying to forge a life for themselves free of the demands of both the Clan and the Drapsk, a race determined to claim Sira as the long-awaited Mystic One. And as if these conflicting demands aren't making life complicated enough, there are at least two other factions with far more dangerous intentions seeking them out.

Any hope Sira and Jason have of charting their own course seems likely to vanish forever when they are unexpectedly caught in a conflict between the Drapsk and a mysterious race that dwells in the M'hir. With all of their energies directed towards this crisis, will they become easy prey for those among the Clan and the Humans who are already mobilizing to take advantage of the coming conflict?

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ISBN: 978-0-7564-0075-0

Series: Trade Pact Universe

Also in this series: A Thousand Words for Stranger, Ties of Power

on 1st June, 2002

Pages: 496

 Published By: DAW Books (@DAWBooks)
an imprint of Penguin Group USA

Cover Artist: Luis Royo | Site | Twitter | Facebook

The Clan Chronicles:

Available Formats: Hardcover, Paperback and Ebook

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About Julie E. Czerneda

Julie E. Czerneda Photo Credit: Roger Czerneda Photography

Since 1997, Canadian author/editor Julie E. Czerneda has shared her love and curiosity about living things through her science fiction, writing about shapechanging semi-immortals, terraformed worlds, salmon researchers, and the perils of power. Her fourteenth novel from DAW Books was her debut fantasy, A Turn of Light, winner of the 2014 Aurora Award for Best English Novel, and now Book One of her Night`s Edge series.

She began her first fantasy series: Night’s Edge with A Turn of Light, winner of the 2014 Aurora Award for Best English Novel. A Play of Shadow followed, winning the 2015 Aurora. While there’ll be more fantasy, Julie’s back in science fiction to complete her Clan Chronicles series. Reunification #1: This Gulf of Time and Stars, came out in 2015. #2: The Gate to Futures Past released September, 2016. Volume #3: To Guard Against the Dark, follows October 2017.

An award-winning editor as well, Julie’s edited/co-edited sixteen anthologies of SF/F, including the Aurora winning Space Inc. and Under Cover of Darkness. Her most recent anthology is the 2017 Nebula Award Showcase, published May 2017, a singular honour.

Next out will be an anthology of original stories set in her Clan Chronicles series: Tales from Plexis, out in 2018. When not jumping between wonderful blogs, Julie’s at work on something very special: her highly anticipated new Esen novel, Search Image (Fall 2018).

Biography updated November 2017
Photo Credit: Roger Czerneda Photography

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On concluding the Trade Pact Universe:

I was not surprised to find myself back on Plexis at different intervals of where the Trade Pact stories thread through where the Clan was most recognisable in this part of their history. They had become so very daring to include themselves amongst humans and other species within the Spacer culture of the Traders, it felt fitting they would use Plexis as a bit of a gateway towards seeking out their friends, foes and outright enemies. It’s the kind of space station that serves as a crossroads commuting rendezvous for just about everyone who could ever hope to cross paths with everyone else. What made Plexis so unique is how it’s governed, monitored and curiously regulated!

Finding how closely connected Rael was to Sira’s story was interesting – as I felt Rael really did shine a light on the insurrection happening within the Clan and the Clan Council. She was part of the axis on a wheel of change where good, bad and indifferent oppositional alliances were each vying to be the succeeder. What I felt was sad for her is how much she truly loved Sira (not only as sisters but as an individual) and wanted to protect her from their own kind. Rael had her eyes opened in her sister’s absence and what she chose to do with that information is a credit to Sira’s influence.

My Review of To Trade the Stars:

Being able to entreat inside this installment of the series, on the fringes of leaving the Trade Pact ahead of resuming how everything past and present thus far along will conclude in Reunification, I must say, I was happily surprised to find Sira and Morgan enjoying each others company! Their reprieve to simply be as ‘one’ as all couples should be allowed such freedom was beautiful considering the fact, most of their romance has been splintered against uprisings and assaults on their personal heritage, individual freedoms and the struggle to overcome the adversities that have befallen all species and cultures within their living universe. To put it mildly, Sira and Morgan have spent a considerable amount of time attending to everyone else without having too much time carded off to simply be ‘together’; joined by love and the Power of Choice.

When their interlude was interrupted not by Clan or crew of the Fox, I smiled seeing how Czerneda brought back the curious creature we briefly met in Ties of Power on the Drapsk homeworld (the moment of compassion that truly touched my heart? a member of this species was involved!): the Rugheran! They were the curious lot first brought to Sira’s (then directly the Clan!) attention by the Drapsk for being the species who could function within the M’hir in ways that surprised Sira and which left the Clan (as a whole) thoroughly questioning their origins and their understandings of their own ‘history’. When this Rugheran blinked out of their presence before communicating their intentions added a bit of folly to their return, as the visit was more implied through thought-feelings than spoken speech!

Huido (Morgan’s brother by all rights implied; although not by blood) has his hands full (again!) trying to run his restaurant on Plexis but finding that trouble has a way of finding him more times than a profit margin! I loved the added ranklement to his mood with the arrival of a younger Clanswoman (Ruti) who reminded me of the kind of spunk I used to give my teachers! Laughs. I knew as soon as she entered Huido’s establishment her secret would have a resounding ‘echo’ of effect eventually.

When Sira and Morgan are treated to an unexpected rendezvous with their favourite Trade Pact Enforcer Bowman, you knew something was being stirred into view; Bowman was as good as a divining rod of knowing what ill would soon beset the two on a new course to intersect something quite dire in the making! Bowman brought with her disconcerting news (regards to her personal beloved piece of tech to block her internal thoughts from the Clan) as much as she brought a curiosity to Sira’s attention about how progress might be moving forward on the one planet Sira avoids at all costs (Acranam). The interesting bit to notice here, is how both women do not yield easily to a shift in power or information; both of them vie for a seniority when keeping company; even if despite their differences, they each share a mutual respect for the other. This is where the fuller realisation of Sira’s signing of the Trade Pact resonated with her more than the day the ink dried. The Trade Pact was always that part of the universe the Clan avoided inclusion (mostly as they felt it was beneath them to acknowledge!) but now had become a part of what would make them relatable and accountable to everyone else.

Interestingly, trade and commerce agreements (or disagreements) are something that can be understood even from our living reality (check: this refers to recent current events). The Trade Pact seeks at most to keep the line towed between those species who wish to trade outside the lines of the law and those of whom would gladly keep their trades within the perimeters of the Pact. It’s a tight balance and one that issued a need for ‘enforcers’; hence how Bowman had risen in rank, power and influence. Not to be overlooked was her position amongst the Clan; one (if only) of the few who were allowed to keep her experiences with them from being ‘erased’. This was interesting to me originally – how Sira especially drew a connection to Bowman and how the two of them forged an alliance (of sorts) out of mutual understanding and respect.

Bowman was brought into the fray due to the increasing threat of personal security issues for those who were gifted with telepathy. This would become an internal thematic of To Trade the Stars – as it’s one part rhetoric about ‘trade pact’ politics and difficulties lying in wait for those who seek to exploit the commerce and trade within the visible (or non-visible) trading circuit of the Pact itself. This effectively would affect personal income securities and the flow of tradable goods from one trader to a port or station such as Plexis which is a breeding ground for reputable and non-reputable commercial profit.

The back-stories of both Sira and (Jason) Morgan are explored in fuller context rooted in their Talent and their cross-abilities of influence on the M’hir whilst the energy vortex of the M’hir has a secret of it’s own to share! Even the curious creatures known as Drapsk happily surprised me in this installment, as they are far more complex (both in species and in caste organisation procedures) than you could ever imagine on first greeting! I was quite attached to the Drapsk for their sincerity of focus to repair a ‘damaged conduit of energy’ that they felt was the very sustainable energy source of their people whilst being a bit muddled on the ethical trust one would normally enlist when entertaining cross-species emergency help! This remained a crucial part of the story – how the Drapsk and their homeworld would affect the present circumstances of Sira and Morgan.

Morgan’s past became further illuminated through his association with the outlaw (and highly sought after criminal by the Enforcers!) Symon – a person of whom Jason knew prior to his criminal activities. Their shared fate and pathways could be both destructive and beneficial to each man’s survival but it’s how Czerneda merged their fates together in such an extraordinary way to preclude meaning out of tragedy is what centred your heart on their story-line which shifted in and out of the foreground of focus as you followed the winding path of understanding what exactly was happening on Plexis and how those events would eventually draw-in Morgan, Sira, Symon and the Drapsk!

Furthermore, its the implications of personal space and freedom of choice of what to share within the telepathic connections that truly hit towards highlighting the ethical and moral coding differences between Clan members. There has always been a tide of unrest with the Clan; there are those who seek to avenge Power at all cost; even if life is sacrificed for the greater good and there are those who are attempting to preserve their morality (as fragile as it were) by concluding that ‘doing no harm’ is better than taking without permission what is not rightly just to remove! This included memories and the very essence of what makes a person their individual self. The layers in which Czerneda explored this complexity is hearty on allowing for pensivity on the ramifications from both angles of thought.

One interesting turning of events was seeing firsthand how the M’hir functions – not as a direct source of energy from which the Clan harnesses their teleportation Talent but how the M’hir is barely understood as a living entity of it’s own. It has it’s own set of perimeters and interactions – ways in which what is felt and sensed can be manipulated or used to the a purpose that is not entirely telling by ‘appearance’ alone. The M’hir was both the catalyst and the cause of most of the inferences on Sira, Morgan, Rael and Barac’s lives within this time-line of the narrative. Towards that end, I was thankful to see Rael in a different light of entrance; there is more to her than what I first realised! She’s quite the incredible sister-kin to Sira!

There is a new character (Ruti) of whom I felt had the most interesting sub-focus in the novel, as her story is very Clan-like in it’s telling – cast into a new experience without knowing too much about what to expect ahead of time (even though for most generations ahead of her, they were given a bit more leeway of feeling more secure about this transitional period) whilst being offered a choice of freedom that most were not granted of her kind. She came from a homeworld of the Clan who refused to abide by Clan rules and regulations; in other words, they were more rebelliously rogue than the oft-times reserved Clan who shied from inter-species co-habitation. Ruti did not have an easy path to walk, but what I liked the most about her was her self-determined grit to make the most out of her situations; including warming up to Huido whose a formidable foe to most! She was the kind of character you’d consider the underdog and were especially grateful to have met!

Barac – Sira’s Cousin who up until this point in time seemed to flounder and cast himself adrift to wherever the next transport would take him, finally finds his inner compass of purpose! This was in-part inspired by Sira, then further nudged into action by the Drapsk but it’s finally his own conviction and trust of his Clan’s intuition that saved his soul so to speak in the end! I must say, I never quite felt motivated to seeing what would become of Barac until this time round – as truly, I felt as if I had seen him in such a different light of awareness as to find the benefit of his presence! He’s not the easiest Clansman to understand but at his core, his values and his goals are relatable to everyone whose a singleton. Part of his distemper and personal anguish was brewing below the surface of his blood out of a loneliness that he tried to suppress even from his own conscious thoughts! I felt he was vindicated in some ways and given a chance to mature into his truer calling wherein he found his happiness was not as far off as he once imagined! I love when characters who are succumbing to such dramatic spirals of self-pity are happily surprised by how life can change when they least expect it ever could!

I was so very thankful Czerneda pulled back from the topical issues of the Trade Pact itself and moved forward with the threads of where each of her lead and secondary characters had more to reveall and share about their individual destinies! She even found a way to give the Drapsk their due in regards to a better understanding of how their uniqueness allowed them to thrive! I had small etchings of memories from Biology classes so long ago murmuring in my mind as I read about how they exchange positions of career and of purpose within their structured caste communities – but for the life of me I couldn’t pull forward why this was curiously fixed in mind of being something I learnt many, many moons ago! Suffice it to say, I enjoyed it for what it was on the surface and applauded Czerneda for giving me the pleasure of knowing the Drapsk!

Czerneda found a way to conclude the Trade Pact with a compassionate heart towards finding peace and sanctity of spiritualism for species who were quasi-symbiotically connected to one another! This brought back memories of Cersi in many ways, how different species were co-dependent upon each other, including in ways that they were not entirely knowledgeable about themselves! I saw how she was re-drawing together the ancestral history of the Clan from Cersi and bringing some aspects of it forward into this part of their current histories; even though technically speaking, Cersi’s histories were written after this trilogy – you could theorise the foundations of the prequel were organically attached inside where the Trade Pact ended. She’s one of those writers who leaves little bread crumbs to collect and piece back together to formulate the greater scope of what she’s envisioning you to discover. The trick is making sure your keeping track of the finer details whilst enjoying where you are inside the story at present!

Note on Continuity:

Ever get so caught up inside a story, you forget your ‘awaiting’ a scene to arrive that you honestly never found in the story by the time you put the book down? If your reading a one-off (stand-alone) that’s a gross error and highly frustrative. If your reading a serial like the Clan Chronicles, you are pleasantly surprised by where the ‘scene’ re-enters your viewscape! I am referring to the scene between Rael, Barac and the Drapsk; I was so interested in how that meeting would go, I had completely forgotten about it being omitted from Ties of Power due to everything ‘else’ that as being presented! There is a heap going on all the time, and at best, certain things take longer to ‘wrap back round’ than seconds after they were first mentioned. I regularly applaud the continuity and the tenacious manner the Clan Chronicles are stitched together as they are a feast of delight to readers who appreciate a tightly conceived world!

Sira’s hair : an organic mood ring

All Clanswomen have a particularly special attribute in regards to their hair as it is an organic module of catalysing their emotional states! For me, it felt like an ‘organic mood ring’ with curiously visual clues towards what they were vexing into tangible reality! The way their hair can shift and move not only around their head or shoulders, but to touch others out of love or curiosity or anger is such a clever way to facilitate another level of their uniqueness in a very open and interpersonal way! I haven’t mentioned Sira’s hair or those of her Clan too often, but in the back of my mind, I love the delish wonderment of how their hair chooses to interact and engage in their everyday lives! It’s a going joke the Clanswomen can never fully tame their locks! I felt it was one of the more feminine and near-human attributes they have amongst their species as it leaves a bit of open vulnerability where their shielded thoughts and emotions can be penetrated (or betrayed).

Further appreciation on the collective work known as #TheClanChronicles:

I am simply amazed by the fluidity of how Ms Czerneda extends the Science and the theories of how what is not yet tangible can be conceived in fiction. Especially intrinsic of how she relates the telepathic communications between Sira and Morgan as much as of the Clan as a whole. The language of thought-driven speech is a tricky one to find balance with as I would presume any other language that is taken out of traditional spoken dialogue – but somehow, when you are reading one of her stories within this universe, everything is presented quite organic in nature to its origins. You would not second-guess then that telepathy is anything other than a natural progression of an evolving conduit of use of the human brain and an evolutionary gift of power for the Clan.

As I am posting this review after having read Ms Czerneda’s responses to my interview with her on the 4th of September, I’m trying to be mindful of when to mention what I’ve learnt of the ‘science’ directly stitched into the fabric of this world and when I first was inclined to notice it myself! A lovely challenge. Especially as some of my instincts were guiding me in the right directions and others, I could only take a leap of faith I was hitting close to where the author intended us to point our minds!

This was part of the appeal for me all along – sensing what could be rooted in Biology and Science whilst what could be taken as a leap outside those constraints as well. It’s a beautiful journey to step inside the imaginative world of an author whose constantly giving you something to ponder whilst giving you a fuller portrait of how her world works and yields to its own mainframe of creation. I like seeing how the world-building is constructed and how everything inside the ‘world’ itself has its own perimeters of what exists without knowledge and what operates on its own level of inclusive behaviour.

The natural world is a primer for understanding Hard Sci-Fi but also, it’s a palette of choices to use as a stepping stone towards creating new worlds and species in a near-off Futuristic living environment! That’s the fuller beauty of the Clan Chronicles! Seeing it from a biological perspective of how life and species can co-habitat and co-journey through their evolutionary processes. This is one founding reason there are two distinct generations of the Clan – the ones who lived on Cersi and the ones who thrive in the Trade Pact.

To put it a different way, this is why Biology (esp Genetics or Sociobiology), Environmental Botany, Zoology and Biomedical Science (including Biotechnology) was fascinating to me in school but also, why I felt school fell short of being inspiring (as a learning environment) to those curious about biological topics of interest or exploration. My teachers looked at Biology from a flatter analysis of understanding than Ms Czerneda. She’s taken Biological concepts, theories and species distinctions to a whole new framework of plausibility. Therein, I love seeing how her mind fuells the series forward whilst endeavouring us to pull back her layers and see what she was creating all along!

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I am overjoyed to finally bring my thoughts about the last Trade Pact novel to my blog! I’ve been trying nearly in vain to finish my ruminations for a week now, as I had serious connectivity issues stemming out of a power outage & severe lightning storms! I decided to pull long nights to finish this review in order to best articulate what my feelings were at this junction of the Clan’s story! Ahead of where I resume how the arc of the series pulls together in Reunification! Therefore, return Thursday, 1st of September & Friday, 2nd of September to find out what I thought about Reunification No. 1 & No.2!
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Posted Tuesday, 30 August, 2016 by jorielov in #FuellYourSciFi, Bits & Bobbles of Jorie, Blog Tour Host, Book Cover | Original Illustration & Design, Book Review (non-blog tour), Canadian Literature, Compassion & Acceptance of Differences, Death, Sorrow, and Loss, Equality In Literature, Hard Science Fiction, Jorie Loves A Story Cuppa Book Love Awards, Mother-Daughter Relationships, Science Fantasy, Science Fiction, Space Opera

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