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Acquired Book By: Originally my path crossed with Ms Quintana whilst I participated on the blog tour (via Cedar Fort Publishing & Media) for her debut novel “Eruption” wherein I found a compelling and tightly written technothriller with a heap of heart and suspense! After the blog tour, the author and I kept in touch as I was most curious about a potential sequel and I had hoped to feature her on my blog with an interview. Fast forward, Ms Quintana has since established her own publishing company (Pink Umbrella Books) and invited me to join the excitement of her duology sequel “Reclamation”. Quite overjoyed to learn what became of Jace Vega, I instantly agreed!

I received a complimentary copy of “Reclamation” direct from the publisher Pink Umbrella Books in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

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Why I loved reading ERUPTION:

Quintana breathes life into her novel within the first few pages of Eruption grounding the reader askance Jace as she goes about her routine to envelope herself inside her run; blocking out the world and the absence of memory from her dreams. It is an internal check-balance of seeing Jace from the moment she awakens to how she likes to stablise her life with routine. This is a girl who is adamant about routine and having a ‘neat and tidy approach to living’ wherein she would not grow surprised by any event, incident, or moment arriving up out of the blue! Not that that is characteristic of life but you can gather a sense of her character’s intentions through the anguish she feels on the death of her Mum. There is only a slight reference to this, but Quintana is a writer who can give depth to a few words; evoking a strong reaction out of her reader and characters alike.

Jace is at the apex of suspending her world between her current reality and the reality of how the future is intersecting with her present. The curious bit for me is how her present self is having trouble processing the future, as she’s approaching it from a rational point of view vindictive of someone who accepts plausible science fiction stories but hasn’t taken her belief to the point where she can fathom how ‘real’ science fiction scenarios can bleed into your own reality.

Eruption proves that you can formulate a new bridge between where techno-thrillers can merge quite beautifully with a time travel narrative arc, and this is a credit to Quintana whose given us a debut novel that entices you to seek out the continuing chapters inside this duology! Quintana included ‘just enough’ current events and tidbits of our modern 21st Century to encourage a balance of ‘when’ and ‘where’ the story takes place whilst providing a backdrop that we can instantly relate too as we read her debut. It was quasi-political without being a complete politico novel!

-quoted from my review of ERUPTION

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Blog Book Tour | “Reclamation” (duology) by Adrienne Quintana The continuing saga of Jace Vega started inside the page-turner “ERUPTION”!Reclamation
Subtitle: Foreknowledge is power
by Adrienne Quintana
Source: Direct from Publisher

Sequel to Eruption, A Technothriller Exploring the Power of Foreknowledge and the Dangers of Technology Dependence.

When Jace Vega wakes up three years after the eruption of Mount Hood, her life is in turmoil. The future seems to match the images on the tablet, but Corey is missing, and nothing about her relationship with Damien feels right.

As Victor Trent continues to amass power, using information terrorism to make the world dependent on Omnibus technology and his private military force, Omnibus Global Security, Jace knows she doesn’t have much time if she’s going to stop him.

Jace’s reawakening begins a race to the place where it all began: the Point of Origin.
If she can only remember where it is.

Genres: Science Fiction, Techno-Thriller, Time Travel Fiction

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ISBN: 9781523772148

Also by this author: Eruption

Series: Eruption Duology

Also in this series: Eruption

Published by Pink Umbrella Books

on 13th September, 2016

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 295

Published By: Pink Umbrella Books (@PinkUmbrellaBks)
Available Formats: Paperback, Ebook

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About Adrienne Quintana

Adrienne Quintana is the second of nine children born to professional oil artist, John Horejs, and his wife and business partner, Elaine. She spent her early years playing on the banks of the Snake River in southern Idaho while her father built a geodesic dome house. When the family wasn’t traveling around the country to art shows, Adrienne spent many happy hours reading in her unfinished, tent-like bedroom. Love of reading soon blossomed into a desire to write. If the family’s antiquated computer could be resurrected, a collection of short stories involving local characters and their epic battles with fire-breathing dragons would be sure to entertain.

After completing high school via correspondence, Adrienne studied Music Education at Mesa Community College. She took an 18 month break to serve a church mission in Montreal, Canada, where she gained invaluable life experiences and a few pounds from the local delicacies. After the completion of her mission and a month abroad in Europe, Adrienne moved to Utah with the intention of continuing her education at Brigham Young University, but these plans were short-lived when she met her husband-to-be while working at an investment company. Soon after their marriage, the Quintanas packed up and moved to Minnesota, where Adrienne worked while her husband earned a Law degree.

After four children and a move to Arizona, Adrienne completed her Bachelors of Science and Communication at the University of Phoenix. In the throes of housekeeping, potty-training, and carpooling, Adrienne discovered that she could find time to accomplish her goals—often in the quiet hours after the children were in bed. Since her graduation in 2012, those quiet moments have been used to fulfill a life-long dream of becoming a writer.

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on re-aligning into the mind Of Jace:

I posted my review of ERUPTION on the 31st of January, 2015 and this September, 2016 I re-read the story in order to better re-align myself inside the mind of Jace Vega!

Memory is both elusive and ironic – I remember the feeling of urgency when I first read ERUPTION. The irony is that I feel like I’ve lived a lifetime since I read this story – yet it was only one year and nine months ago! I’d equae that to how I felt picking up The Clan Chronicles after nine months! There are moments where we place our memories on pause – especially those attached to stories, to the lives of characters we connect too – and then, someone encourages us to resume where we had left off.

I felt like Jace – I knew I had read these opening sentences where we find her jogging ahead of her work hours in the morning but it wasn’t until she reached for the discarded tablet that the pieces of her story started to ‘re-align’. Similar as said to the Clan – memories you etch into your heart, leave imprinted data and blessedly we can return to where we were originally. Yet, sometimes I like to humour my curiosity and re-read the familiar yet not altogether remember the passages before resuming a series or in this case a duology (two stories anchoured and aligned together). Jace in ERUPTION felt intense waves of deja vu where she would automatically feel as if she were re-living sequences of her everyday life and/or that  portion of her life was bleeding into the future or the future was blending into her present, depending on how you perceived her story as it unfolded.

If only I could remember the colour code I had used to mark specific passages – red & hot pink (coordinated with the cover-art) which are still peppered through the novel til page sixty-eight! I can only presume after that marked page, I was too engrossed to continue to use the book flags to block out what I felt was pertinent to the evolving story and the suspenseful nature of the arc about to hit it’s climax. Readers who blog – we’re such complex characters of habit and yet, sometimes time can erase what we’ve left behind for ourselves to re-find! Life is full of such ironies…

One of the reasons I wanted to re-read ERUPTION is because of the curious feeling I had reading Jace and Damien were closely connected in RECLAMATION (courtesy of the synopsis); I knew this was setting off an internal alarm – a hidden memory a bit of out of focus which I wanted to re-focus and unearth the back-story once again to draw fuller into the foreground of my current memory what was most immediate of importance in Jace’s world. Upon his introduction in ERUPTION, I knew he wasn’t one of the good guys but it was a conflict of my readerly perception – because was Damien as bad as his name implied? or was he a product of circumstances spun out of the madness choking a hold upon his father’s mind? Depending on your references – Damien can translate to ‘demon’ or ‘demonic influence’ but in this instance I felt like he was a harbinger of his father’s sins against humanity, time’s continuum synchronicity and the dividing line between ethics, religion, technology and Science. His father has scruples that ran far deeper than the superficial focus of his conglomerate company would pretend to have interest. It was also partially observed out of his behaviour as Damien did not yield to insta-trust due to how he had questionable values and personal loose morals (at least by appearance) which spoke to his influenced character on behalf of his father and the company he kept. You had to sit and question what were Damien’s ulterior motives? What did he want to accomplish (long term) in regards to the accelerated growth of Omnibus (the company without boundaries) where technology and information were their most coveted commodities.

One of my favourite cross-overs between the two installments is the rooting out of the intellectual puzzle that is at the heart of the duology core narrative! This is what I had to say about it during my readings of ERUPTION:

It is an interlocking puzzle — one of my favourites to find inside any story of this kind, but it is how Quintana stitched the individual pieces together that I appreciated most! She gave keen thought to each step of the puzzle itself, how the pieces would fit together and how what would become revealed by having those pieces necessary to understand ‘what’ and ‘how’ as it pertains to the suspense Jace has become caught up inside! Riddles you need to needle out through logic and thoughtfulness about clues that are hidden within your own mind or life, are some of the best to write. It gives the reader insight into how to change their own perspectives on what they observe and/or remember; to twist the angle on what is known and offer a new point of view that could be more telling.

In the beginning of Chapter 6 – I vaguely remembered thinking “Reclamation Day Celebration” might be a foreshadow of importance (a bookish kernel of a clue) to come into play lateron (i.e. in the sequel). Although as Corey and Jace were getting to the crust of why the tablet was placed in Jace’s path, I had overlooked this marker of novel insight! Not completely, mind you, but to see how Corey viewed the tablet and it’s content vs. how Jace had viewed them. He had more information – the coded clue involving the pocket watch for instance (as seen on one of the photographs stored on the tablet) was something that I enjoyed finding because I love these kinds of technothrillers! They become a sophisticated thriller set against a high octane story arc that is constantly evolving and re-consolidating against each new ‘ripple’ of change that constantly sets the stage to ‘change’ or alter as time shifts forward. The kind of bookish puzzle your mind loves to latch inside because it gives you something wicked to noodle out and piece together right in pace and step with the lead characters!

On the flipside, I love finding these kind of technothriller / Alternative History timelines in motion pictures and tv serials as viewed in the extremely short-lived Anthony Edwards serial “Zero Hour” (of which is or was available via subscription on HuLu but I’m being stubborn hoping for it to release on DVD!). My new hope debuting this Autumn, where a new series of this nature which caught my eye of interest ( TIMELESS ) has a better chance of longevity in an era of television where the industry is beyond fickle and constantly crushing the hearts of viewers whose shows are no longer safe in the uncertainty of network changes each quarter and especially each Spring, Autumn and Mid-Winter! Such is my leftover angst from earlier this Spring where nearly each and every series I loved watching was axed! At least, I had a brilliant conclusion to Rizzoli & Isles, as I did not fair as well with Castle nor Mysteries of Laura (save the tweet ending epilogue on behalf of Josh Lucas and Debra Messing).

Concurrent to all this, the beauty of Quintana’s eye for continuity is the cutting edge focus on the following:

Nanotechnology and microchip sensors carrying data are part of how this story reveals a piece of our own ominous future, as there is a blurred line between what is ethical and what is moral regarding the technology.

Quintana like a songwriter had let little clues behind and nudged her readers towards the second half of this duology’s story-line within the first half. Not an easy feat to accomplish – where the continuity of the story within the first half is perfectly streamlined and continuously interconnected wherein the action of the moment and the heightened uncertainty of the unknown danger is equally thwart with suspenseful arcs of acceleration leading into the dramatic conclusion! In this case, how the foreshadow of the future would be explored inside the second installment and why such foreknowledge is what empowers Jace Vega.

The hardest realisation at the end was why the future needed to be manipulated in the first place? What was so dire that required a future structured and organised to include certain pairings of couples and certain events to take place to secure Reclamation? In other words, who was deceiving whom? Jace’s father or Damien’s father or were all three men (including Damien) hiding something untoward that had not yet bubbled to the surface!? How did the triangle of men (Admiral Vega, Victor Trent and Damien) execute their own projection of a future that was individually conceived by the precognitive skills of a a young girl named Jace? How did Jace and Corey fit inside a future that was revolving and expanding with each event that off-set the balance of time? Were Jace and Corey pawns in a scheme to secure a future one man wanted to invent into reality and if so, where did a person’s own free will fit into the restructuring of the world at large?

My review of Reclamation:

Jace had awoken inside the horror of her nightmares – to be living a life she had not fully been responsible to chose and with an unspoken (unremembered) mission to change her own living history! Talk about a heavy depth of being to be awakened too after finding yourself hospitalised in a foreign city (here, Montreal) recovering from an emergency C-section whilst finding the man you’ve married is the other guy and not your beloved Corey! Damien plays his role in this sequence quite well as he’s the air of calm and reveals nothing except in small quieted whispers in Jace’s ear when the hospital staff is elsewhere. You start to see Damien in a different light right from this new beginning and in many ways, you are emphatic towards him because his role in Jace’s story was a pawn of his father’s ill will to re-write history.

It was irrelevant to Jace that she had arrived ‘back’ in her body fully aware of herself and of the recent past (shy of three years) – what she cared about most in that particular instant was why did she personally choose this course of action? That’s the question of the hour and one that she would take a considerable amount of time to address as it was the underpinning issue of RECLAMATION. How do you reclaim your past or affect your future for the good if you cannot even sort out the present time you’ve lived where the hours are erased on your re-emergence? Who do you choose and how do you proceed!? Quintana never lets up on questioning her readers to consider the angles of her thriller – to crossect what they knew previously with what is being revealled now. How time and memory consistently re-arrange themselves and become a bendable part of her continuity whilst seeking to find the answers that even Jace is anxious to uncover.

This duality brewing inside Jace is how she reminded me the most of Sira; both women had a plan and both chose to forget everything they developed into action to safeguard their future selves and the future they were envisioning out of the chaos of the past. I think what was disturbing Jace even more was the level of biomedical progress (i.e. faster rate of healing of wounds), the streamlined technologic social engagement protocols of everyday life (everything was automated to stream data constantly), and the implication of biochip technology. The latter is a working thesis of caution in the other half of the story merging into this installment whilst being parlayed through other mediums of the craft of story-telling in our modern world. Case in point on an earlier note of this nature was the film The Net (starring Sandra Bullock) which projected the reality of having everything in our lives digitalised to the brink where nothing was held in hardcopy and the method of access was beyond the rate of stability of security.

In this projected future, Jace is quickly learning how Technology has overtaken humanity and not in the methods for improvement but for a standard of control and monitoring.  A lesson that is fitting for our contemporary lives technology continues to outpace our humanity and our understanding of it’s reach and the implications of what technology is erasing from our humanistic journey. How much of our life is shared digitally and how do you draw boundaries between your plugged-in life to the mainframed grid (internet) and the life you live in the real-world disconnected to the hive? Do you separate the two or do you shift towards a streamlined presence that increases your digital footprint and blur the edges?

As Damien reacquainted Jace with the safe house (in Montreal) – including the two members of staff blinked out of her memory, she was full of new anxiety as nothing in this ‘setting and time’ felt familiar. It wasn’t so much that her memories were missing – it was how she no longer felt she had lived here in this time and in this moment of now. Little nudges of truth were nibbling their way towards her conscious as her subconscious fought to re-gain control over her mind; where truth and lies and the gray areas where others were influencing how she processed her living hours were in direct conflict. She was elusive towards ‘why’ this was her new experience of ‘here’ but something made her stay on edge, on guard and alert. She wasn’t completely fooled by her absent memory but by how she ‘felt’ whilst being re-introduced to this chapter of her life; almost as if she were suspended above this Jace and was observing her walking through a life that was simply not her own. The gravity of how much she felt disconnected and removed from this Jace was alarmingly realistic as she was truly unsettled in her own skin! Even returning to this living environment which should have prompted memories of knowledge of this portion of her life, she was trying to battle down the fuelling fears that were overtaking her ability to downplay everything she felt in front of those people she questioned if she should trust.

Talk about pressure! Not only did Jace slam back inside her future, but she was expected to know exactly what she had planned to overtake Victor Trent’s master plan to affect the world’s living history and distort how everything had been lived prior to his tampering with the continuum of time! Quite impressive if she had experienced an erasure of three years of her living memories! Everything inside her was jumbled – even the memories of Corey she instinctively knew were altered as she had maintained the memories of her hours prior to the eruption but nothing after it, at least nothing that would point her towards understanding why Damien was professing his undying love to her and trying to reassure her this was the future she knew all along as played out in the photographs on the tablet she found in ERUPTION. One worrisome wrinkle is how Mirlarde was acting towards her with a frosty glare and an unkindness that felt unfounded or justified. Jace wasn’t able to uncover her issues until they went out for a run and Mirlarde disclosed to Jace her closeness and sisterly bond to Jace (prior to her reawakening) which was part of the divide now emerging between them; Mirlarde did not recognise this Jace. The women had a complicated truce for the rest of the story, but I wasn’t entirely sure if Mirlarde ever recovered the loss of the Jace she felt was her kindred sister in spirit and heart.

When it came time for Jace to take direct action towards doing something to stop Trent, she turnt to Dr Watts, who openly discussed her options on how her memories could be recovered. In this, the process of memory extraction, retention and recovery was most fascinating especially how it was followed up in latter chapters by a secondary character named Sheila who played an interesting role in Jace jarring herself out of her empty well of splintered memories whilst being able to re-assemble enough clues to recognise the greatest threat to her life and the future of humanity was placing her trust in the wrong people at the right time in which she needed results not supposition. Those principles of stimuli and light affecting the mind of Jace are plausible as there are certain techniques that can re-draw the mind to regress and digress itself through it’s passages of memory – both the memories that are remembered and/or forgotten in the present. The greater concern though is that her memories were regenerating on their own, through an accidental re-genesis Jace was providing for herself without direct understanding of ‘how’ til she re-crossed paths with Sheila.

Adding further suspense to the evolving plot, is the realisation Damien’s mother Claire was involved in this variant of the future and how elusive Corey was as he was never in sight but only mentioned in flashback sequences that were not quite the living memories Jace shared with him. Corey was the one Jace loved most and he never faltered in his love of Jace, but what was pitted against the couple is the father of Damien who sought to involve himself in each vein of where the future merged out of the past – this included in superseding their own projected path to be a couple. His plans are revealled and they are most vile but you can see how far his madness took over his mad – his pursuit for power and control was bourne out of lust and greed. He wanted to have it all and it didn’t matter what he sacrificed to gain what he felt he was entitled to own; sadly this meant his soul as well. His crimes were multi-lateral and dimensional.

Quintana leaves enough of a window of doubt to circle through her stories to allure to question and analyses each choice she is making as she tells Jace’s story. Almost as if you can affect the outcome simply by the perception you have on the events and timeline as it was disclosed to you. In part, this is accurate as each story written is re-interpreted by the reader who is seeing the story through a different vision than the author might have intended; sometimes the reader is on the same wavelength as the writer and sometimes the reader changes the perception of the story by what they bring into their readings of core of intention. Everything is evolving forward and re-directing you backwards to re-consider what is known or re-appearing to be authenticated now in the moment that is currently being played forward. This is a thinking man’s novel where you are co-participating in the conclusion of it’s climaxical end.

Hidden clues inside Instagram accounts return as the key threadings of how Jace uses her mental dexterity to unwind the lies and fuse herself back into the main dialogue of where this thriller is leading us to venture with her on the heels of Victor Trent. This was the message system that Corey and Jace had developed in ERUPTION and part of the cipher they would use to send each other updates whilst realising all of their actions were being watched, monitored and recorded. The cat and mouse dance between reality and the future were omnipresent as well. How many turns of a Rubix cube does it take to win out the solution that matches all sides of it’s perceived dimensions? So, too, dose Jace try to re-dip into her mind, ferret out the internal signals and regain her instincts that are buried below the surface of her memory.

Remembering how well trained Jace is to be both agile in mind and physicality (influenced by her father) you can theorise the best conditioning of surviving biotechnological experimentation (such as the kind presented in this duology) is the active mind who refuses to be subjected to manipulated data and conflicting evidence of where truth and lies co-merge into a new stream of conscious awareness and thought. Jace’s greatest skill is how she has the ability to shift through what is presented to her as ‘reality’ and see the truth from the lies she’s being fed. To stay one second ahead of those she can only suspect are working against her due to their own beliefs that their way is best and even willing to put her life on the line to realise their end goals (of which is kept in the dark, allowing you to guess alongside Jace what is truly going on).

Quintana has written a well-conceived technothriller where truth, memory and love interplay into a concern to protect the free will and sanctity of human life. Where greed, power and technology overreach into our personal lives and pit truth, lies and the perception of reality against what is readily accepted as our living history. Through faith and time itself, Quintana uses her creativity to spark a working conversation on what we should draw caution to concern our minds about when it involves the advancement of Technology, Science and the progress of biotechnology that could circumvent our lives in ways that have dangerous effects on a future that we never allowed to grace our realities.

On a satisfying conclusion:

The last takeaway I had whilst reading ERUPTION was this thought:

Part of me was a bit more curious about the intentions behind Damien and Damien’s father for the experiment itself, and what that would lead to next. The most haunting aspects of Eruption are singularly how far one man will go to succeed at a mission he’s taken on that is against humanity. The most compelling part is finding out how strong Jace and Corey were to attempt to cut him off at the pass! I am uncertain where the second half of this installment will lead the reader, but I know this much: Quintana has given a story that gets you thinking about what is perceived, what is understood, and where illusion can circumvent logical memory.

The eclipse of time between Reclamation and Eruption is a faint whisper – you can transition into the second half of this duology with a fever of anticipation that reaches a pitch of thrilling suspense at the end of the first installment! In many ways, the ending is the beginning and the beginning is the end but only if you perceive how an end can begin and how a beginning of a journey can be renewed by it’s ending! There are parallels of thought coursing through the duology – where Quintana wants you to move past your conventional wisdom and off-set it against a proposition of a theory of where Technology, Information and Science can become co-dependent on our future if we allow our humanity to take a backseat to where progress is leading us forward. This isn’t a story that hasn’t been told before as I know a lot of stories are out there right now that touch on this projection of the near-future, but what differs here is the methodology of how Quintana has told her story – making it cross-accessible to readers of all ages! To me, this isn’t  a story limited to being classified as Young Adult – to me it reads as an adult technothriller where the edgy bits pave a road towards an incredible cautionary tale about what man dares to accomplish and forsake the greater good.

You knew the next scene would include the birth of Jace’s daughter but similar to a recent film I watched About Time (starring Bill Nighy and Rachel McAdams) what you did not realise in this re-emergence of the story is how time travel can have negative effects on your own personal time-line and how the birth of your children is counter-dependent of your choices within the living sphere of your own living history. The calamity of Jace’s choice to marry Damien is something that takes time to peter out throughout this installment, but what is compelling about this place of entrance into her current time-line (three years since Mt Hood erupted at the conclusion of ERUPTION) is as extraordinary to consider how Sira first met Morgan in The Clan Chronicles; on the level, both women had made sacrifices on their own person and identity without the remembrance of those acts because they were seeking the greater good out of the events that affected a large scale of the populace. If I hadn’t read the eight novels I did in the The Clan Chronicles I might have viewed this duology differently, but having hugged so close to Sira after leaving Cersi behind, I had a newfound respect for how memory, time and personal free will can dramatically effect everything. I also mused on the recent disclosure I made on my review of The Art of Rebellion on the guided sequencing of our readerly lives – as one story co-merges to have new revelations on another story we pick up lateron.

If memory can be tempered with and altered (with or without consent) than who can argue the fact that the individual can harness a will to sabotage the effects of this intrusion on personal privacy? Science and Technology can only take the mind to one level of belief – yet the depth of the altered state can and should be controlled by the person whose strength to protect its own mind would be greater than any chemical interference to contradict it’s control. Of course, the greater question is how far should Science go to manipulate any result if the end is to transport thoughts and memories through time? To re-direct an end result that was not realised in one time continuum but could be proved to exist in another if the continuance of time’s arrow is disturbed and redirected outright?!  At what cost then would anyone (including Jace) go to disconnect that sinister plot against living history and humanity whilst replacing it with a different trajectory of intention altogether!? How do you choose when everyone’s living history would dissolve into a new thread of memory and time?!

Perhaps, like Sira, Jace will simply have to live a bit as the version of herself she’s been re-introduced inside in order to recover the plan of action she endeavoured to execute to stop the nefarious intentions of others. In this regard, she wants to circumvent Victor Trent, the man behind Omnibus, the company whose monopoly on the world’s markets and commodities truly knows no bounds and whose reach is growing exponentially each time Jace checks in on his progress. If she could prove that her father had set into motion the responses that were indicated through the precognitive knowledge his daughter had as a young child, then you could see the supposition of urgency to re-erase the cause and effect on the time variables that Victor Trent was trying to implement. If foreknowledge is power and it’s power is harnessed to re-direct the future either through a portal to the past or a re-alignment in the present, than how secure is anyone’s path to move forward rather than to re-trace their steps through someone elses version of their reality!? What becomes shared reality vs conjoined living history?

On the writing style of Adrienne Quintana:

Quintana’s skill in creating a technothriller duoloy is self-evident by her bookended releases. She even maintained the fluid nature of the flashback sequences to keep pace with the moving narrative, where you, the reader can retreat with Jace as her mind and memory try to right themselves out of the muck that has become the present. Of greater concern of course is the underlying concern for every reaction there is a consequence which in the time travel paradigm there is a new reaction; the pieces foreseen of where the future changes to re-assimilate to it’s new alignment.

Like moving pieces on a chess board, if you alter one event or memory, it’s a house of cards where everything is disrupted, constantly trying to re-align or is discarded outright, purged through a new living history of hours never lived but rightly justified as having been real to the person whose memory is subjected to a ‘new’ testimony of their lived life. The reason for this being plausible is because time is temporal and consistently in motion. Nothing is ever set in stone (not really) except the past where everyone continues to pace out their ‘current now’ whilst they are presently in the future of their past as we walk towards the future of our tomorrows. The future then is constantly being developed on the footprints of where we are in the present and the choices we’re consistently making that detract and add to the future that is not yet known. Yet what if someone attempts to change the wheel of how time is disrupted and history can become re-distributed through thoughts forced into action by someone who wanted not just to alter living history but to pre-determine how history would play out on all fronts? This isn’t just a question Quintana has pitched to her readers – it’s where Alternative History, Technothrilers and Science Fiction ask of their audiences to generate a working thesis of what man should or should not tempt fate to include on the timeline of our conjoined histories.

Blessedly a lot of this is presented by Quintana to Jace in Chapter 8, however my mind prescribed to the theorem of the duology long before it was presented to the reader.

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I conceptionalised the term ‘Fuell Your Sci Fi’ as a way to re-integrate more science fiction back into my reading life as it’s the genre of choice when it comes to my personal writings inasmuch as one of the first genres that truly had me awestruck as a child! I heart Science Fiction yet I do not feature enough of it on my blog or take enough time to explore its worlds as much as I truly should! I tend to get smitten by Historical Fiction! Therefore, if you see #FuellYourSciFi winking on Twitter, you know I’m fuelling my own heart’s curiosity and expanding my horizon with wicked good reads within the sci-fi realms!

I am also exploring personally selected topics in Science through non-fiction releases that warm my sci-fi bookish heart as they parlay into topics & subjects explored regularly in Hard Sci-Fi which is where my addiction thrives in science fiction as I love the creativity of where hard SF authors take us visually within their brilliantly crafted worlds! Of this group, Julie E. Czerneda re-set the standard for me!

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