Audiobook Review | “Keep on Believing: A Cinderella Story by Marie Higgins, narrated by Paula Slade

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Acquired Digital Audiobook by: I am a new blog tour hostess with Audiobookworm Promotions wherein I have the opportunity to receive audiobooks for review or adoption (reviews outside of organised blog tours) and host guest features on behalf of authors and narrators alike. I started hosting for Audiobookworm Promotions at the end of [2016] during “The Cryptic Lines” tour wherein I became quite happily surprised how much I am now keen on listening to books in lieu of reading them in print. My journey into audiobooks was prompted by a return of my chronic migraines wherein I want to offset my readings with listening to the audio versions.

I received a complimentary audiobook copy of “Keep on Believing” via the publicist at Audiobookworm Promotions (of whom was working directly with the author Marie Higgins) in exchange for an honest review. The difference with this complimentary copy I received is I had a 90 day window to listen and review the book whilst given a soft deadline where I could post my ruminative thoughts at an hour which worked for me on the day the review was due; this differs from a blog tour which has a more set schedule of posting. The audiobooks are offered to ‘adopt’ for review consideration and are given to readers to gauge their opinions, impressions and insight into how the audiobook is resonating with listeners. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

NOTE: I had fully intended to listen to Keep On Believing somewhere between mid-to-late December and mid-to-late January; both months proved to be quite intense, most of which I recently blogged about on my latest #StoriesOfJorie. February proved to be an upturnt month for me – I simply couldn’t motivate myself to read nor blog. As such, I am running into my deadline to post my review for this adopted audiobook rather than being ahead of it.

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What initially prompted me to listen to Keep On Believing:

One of the joys of being a book blogger is discovering new niches of literature – in this particular case, I have come to appreciate ‘Fairy Tale Re-Tellings’, which I feel this qualifies for as it’s a spin on the traditional ‘Cinderella’ story, which of course, is amongst my top favourites for seeking out. I wasn’t sure if this one would be a good fit for me, but I had hoped it might be enjoyable to listen too. It’s hard to find the type of fairy-tale re-tellings I enjoy most, but as my Story Vault reflects, I do find one every so often.

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Audiobook Review | “Keep on Believing: A Cinderella Story by Marie Higgins, narrated by Paula SladeKeep On Believing
by Marie Higgins
Source: Audiobook via Audiobookworm Promotions
Narrator: Paula Slade

Taking some of the family's jewels, Ella Spencer and her brother left the kingdom in the dead of night, escaping the clutches of their evil stepmother. Ella realized they need a different life than one of a servant. Now living in a new kingdom, Ella believes this is where they can start over again. So far, it's working - until her brother's school teacher starts poking his nose into their business. Ella cannot tell him the truth, yet deep down inside, she feels that he might be her Prince Charming after all, and be the one who will save her from danger.

Christopher Morgan is hiding secrets that he never plans to divulge. The sister of one of his students intrigues him, and he can't keep from wanting to know more about her. When a man comes around asking questions, Chris fears Ella is not safe and he needs to protect her. But he finds that he is the one in need of a dream-come-true. Can he hope that Ella will be the one to rescue him out of his life before these secrets destroy him?

Genres: Contemporary (Modern) Fiction (post 1945), Contemporary Romance, Fairy-Tale Re-Telling

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Published by Marie Higgins

on 14th November, 2016

Format: Audiobook | Digital

Length: 6 hours, 16 minutes (unabridged)

Where Dreams Come True Series:

No.1 The Witch Hunt

No. 2 Her Own Fairy Godmother

No.3 Champion

No.4 Keep On Believing

Marie Higgins | GoodReads | @mariehigginsxox | Facebook

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my review of keep on believing:

Ella and Billy make a desperate break from their step-mother’s grasp – by escaping under the cover of darkness, to seek a better place to live out from under her control.  Their only hope for survival is to flee and to re-start their lives where they are not as well known as they are here. It is emotionally difficult to separate their love for their father and their home from the angst of dealing with their step-mother but their forthcoming inheritance is helping a bit to calm their fears. If Ella turns 25 or Billy turns 18, they will fair far better than they are now, but they must risk the inheritance if only to seek out a way to truly live with the freedom the deserve. Everything had changed when their father died – their status as servants in their own home did not sit well with either sibling.

The irony of course, by their direct absence from their step-mother’s life, it impeded the plot of their step-mother to marry; something she would not take lightly. She quickly tried to find someone who could track down the errant step-children, even though in her heart she couldn’t care if they were ever found; but appearances were most important. If her soon-to-husband wanted them found, then she would do everything in her disposal to find them. The only thing that irked her the most is that the siblings took the family jewels in order to stay liquid during their haste to get away. This bothered their step-mother because it meant she would inherit less than she would expect to have as the rightful heir since her husband died. All she cared about is marrying into wealth and power – which shows how superficial her alliances can be bought.

I started to find myself pulling out of the story as it was being narrated – except in this case, I applaud the delivery of Ms Slade’s narration as this time around, I noticed I liked her performance moreso than I had during ‘His Trophy Wife’. No, the problem lies in this story not being a good fit for me – similar to the other story, something just didn’t work for me. This story had more promise of working for me, as I love fairy-tell re-tellings but somehow, the way in which the story was built simply did not interest me. I do like traditional or even re-invented Cinderella stories, but this one felt a bit disjointed at times and at others, it felt like there were two different threads of the same story vying for attention. For whichever reason, I simply grew bored awaiting this to inspire me forward as I did not have interest in the plot as it was being spoken. I sometimes find certain stories are just not my cuppa and this is clearly one of the ones I will not finish.

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specifically in regards to the audiobook:

As I am relatively new to reviewing audiobooks and listening to them with a greater frequency than of the past, I am appreciative of Ms Jess providing a cursory outline of how best to articulate my listening hours on behalf of this audiobook and the others I shall be blogging about or reviewing in future. I’ve modified the suggestions to what I felt were pertinent to respond too on my own behalf as well as keeping to the questions I felt were relevant to share.

Listening Habit:

As disclosed on my first audiobook review of The Cryptic Lines (narrated by Jake Urry), I find colouring whilst I am listening to audiobooks to be a great benefit for being able to find the right catalyst of focus to soak inside the narrations.

As a bit of a New Year surprise – Mum found this wicked awesome boxed set of colouring books by Leisure Arts which happily included a box of coloured pencils, markers and a lovely enclosed pencil sharpener! (the stories I could tell you about using a rinky-dinky sharpener where everything just drops in place?) As I looked over the five new colouring books – the designs within “Wonders of Extreme: Color Art for Everyone” is what struck a chord with me to ‘play’ with whilst listening to Keep On Believing.

Number of Times I’ve heard the Narrator(s):

This is my second time listening to Paula Slade.

Regards to the Narrator’s Individual Character performances:

Ella is portrayed rather well as is her brother Billy; you can feel a connection to Ella simply through how Ms Slade added in the emotions which worked well with how the siblings first escaped their step-mother. You felt empathy for their plight and thereby felt connected to what was happening to them.

How the Novel sounded to me as it was being Read: (theatrical or narrative)

This narration by Ms Slade was more enjoyable to listen too, as I didn’t quite get enthralled by ‘His Trophy Wife’. The reason this one seemed to flow better is how she approached the characters themselves; the pacing was executed well and the way in which she did not overly try to bring each character into the foreground worked better – as you could tell which bits were narrative and which were character-driven. I enjoyed her approach on this one even if I drew bored listening to the plot.

Preference after listening to re-Listen or pick up the book in Print?

Honestly? I couldn’t keep interested in the plot. So the answer is neither, sadly.

In closing, would I seek out another Paula Slade audiobook?

After listening to two of her novels, I found her style of narrating improved with this one or rather, perhaps I liked her approach to this project moreso than I did on ‘His Trophy Wife’. Either way, I might consider another one but at this time, I think I’ll just take a break from seeking her titles out as it’s two for two where I felt disappointed.

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 This audiobook review is courtesy of Audiobookworm Promotions:

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