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Book Spotlight | Featuring notes by Jorie and an extract from “A Mother’s Secret” by Minna Howard

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

I am wicked delighted to be featuring a lovely #newtomeauthor today – as I recently had the chance to select quite a few Head of Zeus and Aria Fiction novelists to be spotlighting throughout the Spring months this year – wherein I was rather delighted finding so many keenly interesting stories to start seeking out to read! These are stories which dance between Romance & Women’s Fiction – from Contemporary to Historical settings. Being an avid reader of these genres I couldn’t miss the chance to bring the JOY of discovering these lovely authors to my readers of Jorie Loves A Story!

It is my intention to start requesting these novels via my local library if they are not available in audio formats via Scribd. At the moment my library is experiencing an unprecedented sabbatical on requests which put me in a bit of a pickle as I’m an active patron whose constantly requesting purchases every month – which is why I’m simply saving my queue lists and will turn them in once the services resume. For now at least – I can champion the discoveries and the joy of finding the stories whilst hosting the blog tours!

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Why I wanted to host a spotlight & extract for “A Mother’s Secret”:

As the founder and host of @SatBookChat – I am constantly seeking to find new stories featuring strong women in the centre of Romance & Women’s Fiction. I read an equal amount of Contemporary and Historical stories within these genres of interest whilst encompassing all the lovely sub-niches of their literary styles as well. This New Year 2020 I am also seeking out Feminist Lit which celebrates the kind of stories I am enjoying to discover as well. All of which I try to champion and showcase in the chats I host on Saturdays – wherein writers, readers, book reviewers, book bloggers and the rest of the bookish community on Twitter get to engage with one another. Thereby as a regular reader of these stories I was delighted to find a #newtomeauthor to start seeking out to read!

I love finding unconventional family plots in Contemporary Women’s Fiction – where you alight in a person’s life whose believed their life to have had this set trajectory and path to follow and then *something!* gives them a bit of a right turn and *everything!* just switches out from under their feet from that moment forward. When I first read the plot of “A Mother’s Secret” this felt like the kind of novel where you are going to be at odds with yourself about whom you’re going to rally behind and where your own opinions will settle as you read through the storyline.

Stories about identity and parental origins are some of the trickier ones to read and I would imagine to write because you want to see a believable case for the plot to organically fall together in the narrative. Whilst at the same time – there is drama there – threading behind the revelations of the unknowns and a pot boiler of emotions, too. How will the ‘other side’ of the reveal react to the announcement and what will that mean for the everyday life and world of all the characters!?

This is what was going through my mind as I contemplated the story and it is why I am truly itching to read “A Mother’s Secret” to see how Ms Howard pulled the threads of her story together and had us volleying between two different perspectives: Verity’s and Saskia’s!

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Did I grab your eye and attention?

Sound like the kind of bookish read you’ve been needing?

Be sure to brew your favourite cuppa and enjoy this extract from the novel.

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Book Spotlight | Featuring notes by Jorie and an extract from “A Mother’s Secret” by Minna HowardA Mother's Secret
by Minna Howard

Verity seems to have it all. A beautiful home, two grown-up sons and a husband who has always been her rock. But one day, the doorbell rings. And it changes Verity's life forever.

Saskia has nowhere else to go. Before she died, her mother left her with her father's name and nothing else. The only way for Saskia to take care of herself – and her unborn baby – is to find the father she never knew. And the family that didn't know she existed.

This family secret means the end of everything they've ever known. But could it also be the chance for a new beginning?

Genres: Contemporary (Modern) Fiction (post 1945), Women's Fiction

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Published by Aria Fiction

on 5th March, 2020

Published By: Aria Fiction (@Aria_Fiction)
a Digital First imprint of Head of Zeus (@HoZ_Books)

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