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#ElizabethGoudgeDay 2018 | Announcing: read along with Jorie – “Towers in the Mist” by Elizabeth Goudge whilst I’m co-hosting this year’s event celebrating the author with Jean @ Howling Frog Books!

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Towers in the Mist Readalong hosted by Jorie for Elizabeth Goudge Day 2018. Badge created in Canva.

Last Spring, I stumbled across Lory @ Emerald City Book Reviews showcase on behalf of Elizabeth Goudge. She was hosting a series of posts celebrating the written works by an author I never had the pleasure of hearing about until then, whilst finding myself drawn into wanting to know more rather instantly! There was a bookaway being held during the event itself – wherein, I received quite the unexpectedly cheerful news I had won a copy of “Towers in the Mist”.

I was immediately looking forward to my participation this annual event in 2018, until I realised [2017] might be the last time Lory would be hosting the event for awhile. I had crossed paths with Jean @ Howling Frog Books round the same time, wherein we found we both have an equal love of reading and sharing our ruminative thoughts on the stories which interest us to be read – similar in vein, to how I loved visiting Lory’s bookish blog. The three of us share something else in common – our personal lives have their fair share of nuanced trials, tribulations and strife but somehow, we all come back to the heart of why we blog: the connections to other bookish souls who are equally ruminative about their own readerly lives.

I hadn’t realised Lory was taking a hiatus from blogging but I understood her reasons without knowing the fuller details. Sometimes you have to do what is right for you – especially if it’s a labour of love such as book blogging – I wish her well and I do hope whatever is happening will once again re-settle to the point where she can re-engage with her readers with the same joyfulness she had in sharing her bookish life previously. I am regretful due to my personal health being afflicted this past March and some personal strife of my own at the end of [2017] and the beginning weeks of 2018 – I was delayed in putting this event together with Jean.

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I am still hosting the Elizabeth Goudge Readalong – wherein we are reading ‘Towers in the Mist” – the breakdown of which will be as follows:

Week One: 24th of April til 1st of May – the first half

Week Two: 1st of May til 8th of May – the second half

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Towers in the Mist by Elizabeth Goudge


“One was born a certain sort of person, and though by ceaseless struggle one might become as nice as that sort of person ever is, one could never become as nice as a nicer sort of person.” —Elizabeth Goudge, Towers in the Mist

It is late sixteenth-century London when awkward teenage Faithful travels to Oxford to study in England’s great university. When Canon Leigh takes him in, Faithful enters into a family as exciting and educational as the university itself.

Woven into the narratives of Faithful and the canon’s daughter Joyeuce is Oxford during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I with the pomp and sordidness of the spectacular era of England’s Golden Age. Not only a historical journey, Towers in the Mist is also a coming-of-age tale of young love and hope.

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