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Blog Book Tour | “Because of Love” by Shauna V. Brown an inspiring short story to encourage your heart & spirit into the joyfulness of the season!

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Because of Love by Shauna V. Brown

Published By: Sweetwater Books (@SweetwaterBooks),
an imprint of Cedar Fort, Inc (@CedarFortBooks)

Available Formats: Paperback, Ebook

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I am a regular tour hostess for blog tours via Cedar Fort whereupon I am thankful to have such a diverse amount of novels and non-fiction titles to choose amongst to host. I received a complimentary copy of “Because of Love” direct from the publisher Sweetwater Books (imprint of Cedar Fort, Inc) in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

Interest in Reading:

One of my favourite sub-genres within literature are holiday stories, specifically those stories which take place around Thanksgiving to Christmas! I love being caught up in the happy joy of mirth the holiday season can bring, as much as it lends itself to an inspiring time in the year, where stories can help brighten up your day, as much as invigorate your soul! I love curling into the holiday films on Hallmark Channel throughout the season (although this year I think they are starting a wee bit early on Halloween!), because I know I’m going to be in for a season of surprises, goodwill, good hearted celebrations, inspiring stories of triumph over adversity, and a heap of joy! I love the simplicity of seeing how traditions and cultural differences intermix during holiday celebrations as much as I appreciate seeing historical and contemporary based stories as well.

I have always read quite a heap of holiday stories, focusing primarily on Christmas ever since I was a young girl – in fact, it was the Christmas novella collections put out by some of today’s beloved Romance writers that captured my heart the most as they were set during the Victorian age, where families still gathered together in such a joyfully big way that the traditions and rituals that went along with their family’s celebratory cheer felt comfortable and welcoming! A dash of romance never hurt, either! Short stories interested me back then, but it took fantasy to bring me back to the short story as a length of story I would enjoy reading more regularly!

When I first saw Because of Love go on tour, I thought to myself this would be the perfect keepsake short story to read, cherish, and start to get into the holiday spirit! I had no idea of course, my fortnight leading up to my tour stop would be full of technical woes and the day of my stop would be consumed by a migraine! Let me simply say, that as I read this short story ahead of posting this review, aside from the cinnamon toast and the peppermint tea to forestall my migraine from thundering back to me, this short not only uplifted me on a day I felt a bit consumed, but it re-affirmed the happiness the season we’re all about to walk into brings to each of us.

Blog Book Tour | “Because of Love” by Shauna V. Brown an inspiring short story to encourage your heart & spirit into the joyfulness of the season!Because of Love
by Shauna V. Brown

All Phoebe Brown wants for Christmas is three pairs of beautiful, high-button brown shoes - one pair for each of her daughters. But her husband Byron is sure their basic heavy boots are fine. With a little money to spare, Phoebe launches a secret plan to earn the shoes herself. What follows is a season of surprises for the whole family!

Inspired by real pioneer events, this heartwarming holiday tale is the perfect stocking stuffer to share with your family and friends. Touching and tender, it will remind you that the best gifts come wrapped in ribbons of forgiveness, understanding, and a true change of heart.

Genres: Christmas Story &/or Christmas Romance, Inspirational Fiction & Non-Fiction, Short Story or Novella

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Published by Sweetwater Books

on 14th October, 2014

Format: Paperback

Pages: 96

About Shauna V. Brown

Shauna V. Brown

Graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in speech and drama, communication, has provided Shauna V. Brown with many opportunities to use her talents. She has written and directed original plays and presentations for church and community. She has shared her musical talents, numerous scripts and presentations with pioneer trek groups for the past eighteen years. Shauna has equally enjoyed being a guest speaker and presenter at BYU Education Week, women’s conferences, firesides and community presentations.

Shauna and her husband, Rick, are blessed with six children and fourteen grandchildren. For the past twenty-two years, Shauna has written an original Christmas story as a gift to neighbors and friends.

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My Review of Because of Love:

The story opens on the cusp of a mother finding out one of her young daughters is being bullied and harassed by school children, who for whichever reason felt it necessary to devise a song to sing about her physical appearance and condition of her boots. The vexation of her mother brought me back to my own childhood, where I too, was regularly bullied and went in search of my Mum to not only temper the emotions that would swirl inside me but to sort out why children have to behave so unjustly to others they barely know but choose to attack. Josephine is a young girl of seven years, when her classmates start to torment her about the how her legs are off-set against the heaviest of her boots. A simple observation and yet a devastating one if turnt ugly out of spite.

Her mother, and sisters (Sadie and Ida) sat with her in the field grass as they listened to the story their Mum shared from her own past, where forgiveness wasn’t as easily given but truly the only way to set one’s heart and mind free. Misunderstandings are just as easily hurtful as outward spite and the cruelty of childhood bullies who never realise the irksome turmoil they inflict because they are too consumed by focusing on what they feel is right in the moment. Their mother was trying to point out a lesson from the experience but not to distract her daughters from the difficulty of finding bravery in the face of meanness.

I started to reflect on watching Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons as I loved both programmes equally for how they shined a positive light on community and family values. They also dealt with bullying behaviour and the aftereffects it can have on children of different ages. I think it is always a lesson that needs to be presented in different ways through different stories, because in today’s world being bullied has taken on new definition and has caused more than spilt tears.

The parents of the children have two distinctive points of view on the topic of which type of boot or shoe their three daughters should wear to school. For the father, Bryon he’s most concerned about superficiality on appearance being attractive to his daughters where pride could take their central focus over being humble. Whereas their Mum Phoebe simply wants to find a balance between what is practical (the clunky heavy boots) and what is considered a feminine option for women. They are approaching the topic from two separate schools of thought, and what had me winking out a knowing grin, is that both of them were right but for different reasons!

I was caught up in the blissitude of watching Phoebe earn her keep towards surprising her girls and Bryon at the same time for Christmas; whilst the family started to settle into the joy of having family coming round with the tree! Tree trimming was always one of my favourite times during December, as it always brought back a swirl of memories; most of which were happy but on the years of loss being sustained a bit bittersweet as well. Needless, a tree needs to be trimmed before Christmas is welcomed in and the act of unwrapping the ornaments both store bought and handmade was always a conversation waiting to expand into a recollective memory we could all share together! I loved reading the simple joys of homemade crafting and homemade cooking, warming not only the spirits of her loved ones as Phoebe created her gifts out of love but instilling her passion into her joys and keeping a firm warmth around her loved ones. It is love that stitched itself throughout this short story, of a two parents who would move the earth itself if it meant giving a small seed of faith and hope to their daughters. I hope that everyone who picks up this story this holiday season will be renewed in spirit and have a happy flutter of a dance of light in their eyes as they read one family’s story of fortitude and blessed thanksgiving of family.

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