Author: Jennifer Butenas

Whispers of Thoughts and Memories,… captured in time by way of a photographical legacy…

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A Moment in Time by Jennifer Butenas

Acquired Book By: Winning a contest adverted through “Shelf Awareness for Readers” bi-weekly newsletter, December 2012. I received the book direct from the author/publisher {The Perfect Moment, LLC} without obligation to post a review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts herein.

“A Moment in Time”  Book Trailer by Jennifer Butenas
{writer, publisher, promoter}

Inspired to Share: What an ingenious way to introduce someone to the creativity inside of a picture book, than to produce a book trailer to make its arrival that more special! What I adored about the trailer is that it captures the very heart of the story!! Press play, you’ll be thankful you did!

My original lamentations about the premise:

I could not agree with you more! My father’s job runs on a 24/7 clock, and its due to my Mum’s insightful fortitude to carve out niches of family time amongst the chaos of his job that became the excitement and joy of my childhood! You see, it wasn’t simply going out for dinner or catching an evening movie, it was somehow more than all of that combined. My family’s greatest joys of memories are the times where we spontaneously walked out the door or met up with each other… trying something new for the first time, meeting up with my grandparents, or engaging in conversations we weren’t expecting to have that day. Little road trips on the weekends (now infamously called ‘one tankers!’), or little discoveries in neighbouring townes, or walking down a boardwalk,… all of it was in an attempt not only to be together as a family but to encourage and there by inspire me to appreciate the art of everyday discoveries.

Life is a brilliant journey, and I happen to adore photography, as one way my parents encouraged me to ‘log’ my experiences (as experience itself was always pertinent to them to give me) was to always have a camera in hand and at the ready!

What wonderful whispers of thoughts and memories your little blurb erupted inside me! Everything that I want to pass on to my own future children, and give them the playful, whimsical, humourous, joy-filled childhood that I had! A family can endure loads, but its the core of their bond and connection that lasts long after the bursts of delightful memories!

 I must confess, I am a

After reading the story, I walked away with a sense of: rhymatically pleasing rhyme! Ms. Butenas has a clever way with igniting words with a musical note as they ease off your tongue and into the air, they float and drift and swirl around you injecting you straight into the story of a family enjoying the fresh air! There is an older brother walking with the tunes in his head, his younger sibling completely unaffected by time and only wants to sip his soda pop, whilst their father takes the time to catch a few flies, and the mother notices how perfectly sublime her family truly is! She fetches her camera and snaps the shot! Why alter the photograph when their individually enjoying their time!?

Mindfulness is etched into the heart of this delightful story, full of colourful illustrations that dance alive in your eyes! Children will vie for storytime to arrive! I always struggled to get the tone and the pulse on reading aloud, but if I were to find more picture books such as this, I simply might have found the key to unlock the mystery!

Don’t delay one instant, find a copy of this uplifting book to set yourself straight on a course of spontaneous joy! Capture what you can by camera in hand and smile knowing your one of the lucky ones who takes a pause out of the rush of the days to appreciate the essence of being alive!

A Moment in Time
by Jennifer Butenas
Illustrator/Cover Designer: Charlotte Cheng
Source: Direct from Publisher

Genres: Artistic Adaptations &/or Picture Books, Children's Literature

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Published by The Perfect Moment LLC

on 1st January, 2012

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 40

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