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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

Each year for the past three years, I’ve been showcasing spotlights on behalf of #newtomeauthors who are writing the stories of Fantasy Fiction I am most eager to be discovering. This felt like an unexpected gift each December to feature the authors but also, to notice how curiously diverse and expansive Fantasy is for a reader like me whose constantly finding it challenging to find Fantasy authors she loves to read and series she can truly sink her teeth into reading. The one exception to the rule is that I have the tendency not to read as widely into Dark Fantasy except for the Gifted and the Cursed series by Marcus Lee which truly took me by complete surprise within the first novel “Kings & Daemons” and continued to smitten me with exploring in the sequel “Tristan’s Folly”.

Ever since I first started blogging on Jorie Loves A Story, I have endeavoured to curate a path into reading more intuitively and more widely through the realms of either Indie or Self-Published works of genre I personally love to read. This has evolved to becoming a ready appreciator of the world of Indie Fantasy and the Self-Published authors who have been giving me such wicked good joy in reading their stories and/or showcasing their stories on my blog. During this year’s #WyrdAndWonder, I was able to highlight and focus on an Indie publisher from New Zealand (Odyssey Books) throughout May wherein I hosted guest features for their authors and/or was able to read and review their books. You can view the archives of those featured posts via my posts for Odyssey Books directly.

As a reader it is taking me a bit longer to acquire the stories I want to be reading in Fantasy – as this was the first year my local library enacted a freeze on purchase requests and my regional library dropped patrons outside their immediate area which put a bit of a damper on my library requests this year as much as the fact inter-library loan was also locally overhauled and spilt into two different routes of requests. Overall, my reading habits this year were struck down by circumstance and health afflictions wherein I read far less than I usually do and I found reading was an uphill battle overall. I had hoped to read quite a few of the titles I’ve previously showcased during #FantasyForChristmas but I have had to push forward those goals into 2021.

Thereby, as this marks my start of hosting the event for my third year – I look forward to seeing which authors & their stories resonate with me this year as much as I look forward to hearing if any of these authors are on your own bookish radar as well! What a lovely month to celebrate & champion Speculative Fiction authors and their stories as Winter has always brought such a renewing spirit within its folds.

Curiously – what do you enjoy seeking out when it comes to Fantasy and the worlds being left for us to discover them by the authors who are writing Indie & Self-Published Fantasy stories and/or series?

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To save her people, a wingless girl must learn to fly.

As a piskey girl born without wings and raised underground, Ivy yearns for flight almost as much as she misses her long-lost mother. But the world outside the Delve is full of danger, and her dreams seem hopeless until she meets a mysterious faery who makes her an enticing offer: If Ivy helps him escape the Delve’s dungeon, he’ll teach her how to fly.

Freeing Richard could cost Ivy her reputation, perhaps even her life. But when her fellow piskeys start to disappear and her beloved little sister goes missing, Ivy has no choice but to take the risk.

Deadly threats and shocking revelations await Ivy as she ventures into a strange new world, uncovers long-buried secrets about her family’s past, and finds that no one—not even herself—is entirely what they seem.

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The Flight and Flame Trilogy:

Swift by R.J. AndersonNomad by R.J. AndersonTorch by R.J. Anderson

Swift (book one)

Nomad (book two)

Torch (book three)

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