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#Blogmas | feat. #CleanRomanceForChristmas showcases | “The Marquess Meets His Match (Veteran’s Club series, Book One) by Julie Coulter Bellon

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

Today’s featured book is a special one for me – as this year, during my favourite INSPY reading event (which occurs annually during the Summer) the Christian Fiction Reading Safari – I had the chance to win some INSPY and/or Clean Romance novels by #newtomeauthors, which is fitting because guess who won today’s featured book this past August!? Ooh, yes! I did!! And, the event itself gave me back a lot of the joy I had lost throughout the previous eight months when it came to ‘reading’.

This year I felt was one of the hardest years to find joy in reading – not just due to the pandemic & all the changes it effectively brought into our lives but I felt 2020 simply had a difficult beginning all the way round. From how the wildfires in Australia were raging out of control at the start of January to the earthquake which hit Puerto Rico to every month which seemed to bring something ‘else’ to worry over and/or give us a sombering glimpse into how the year was going to become one of the more memorable ones of the recent past. Each month, I admit, I struggled with reading – to connect to the stories and to find joy in the height of reading the books I had slated to be read.

I had certain moments of where I could settle into a story and find myself completely entrenched inside its pages but overall? I felt this year was one of the harder years to be a reader as every month just felt as oppressive difficult to get through as the one before it. Which is why I am thankful this story is part of the showcases for Prism this December as I haven’t even had the chance to look over the books I won in August – I unpacked them all (to ensure they arrived) but I just haven’t felt very motivated to ‘read’ them. I’ve been looking forward to reading a story by this author for quite a long while as I hosted her featured novella during 2019’s #blogmas!

If you struggled with reading this year yourself – what did you do to work through the harder hitting weeks/days/months you were unmotivated to read? Did you participate in any book blogosphere events, reading challenges or other monthly OR themed bookish events to help you realign back into reading and the joy of discovering stories? I’d be curious to know what you did to reset yourself back into books as I found events helped me but I still struggled to find my bookish and readerly mojo to tell the truth.

How wicked lovely then to be able to feature an author I won a book by this year and to know it is the first of a series. I look forward to queuing the book into my New Year’s Reads and delighting in the joy of a fresh start after the 1st of January to begin a new journey into the world of books, stories and the authors who pen them. For now, I am enjoying #blogmas as a bit of a precursor of what I want to seek out in the New Year and which stories caught my eye to feature this December. Thanks for continuing to take this journey with me!!

Curiously – have you participated in any readathons or reading challenges wherein you had the chance to win a book during the course of the event!? My favourite one for INSPY & Clean Romance is the Christian Fiction Reading Safari hosted by Singing Librarian Books every Summer. This is how I came to win my copy of today’s featured book and I am very thankful to all the writers & publishers who give their books throughout the event. It is an added bonus to being able to read the books I most desire to become acquainted with throughout the thirty day reading challenge!

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A traitor with a deadly plan.

Two agents sent to expose his identity before he strikes.

But danger is closer than they think . . .

Lord Christian Wolverton―known as Wolf in a covert group operating during the war against Napoleon―has been called home from his military duties. For the moment, his family responsibilities require him to suspend his more clandestine activities. But information falls into his hands that a traitor will soon try to tip the scales back into French favor and Christian doesn’t have much time to stop it from happening.

Going to the one person who can help him, the powerful Duke of Huntingdon, Christian comes face to face with Lady Alice. She’s a beautiful member of the ton with a very big secret―she’s also a trained agent and already on the case. Forced to partner with her to lure the traitor out of hiding, Christian wants to quickly close the case himself, before Lady Alice is more closely involved. But Lady Alice has ideas of her own and she’s going to prove her theories correct―with or without him.

Danger is closer than they think, however, and it’s a race against time to expose the traitor’s identity before British lives are endangered. Both Christian and Alice have strong opinions on who he is, but which one will be proven right?

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Veteran’s Club series:

The Marquess Meets His Match by Julie Coulter BellonThe Viscount's Vow by Julie Coulter BellonThe Highlander's Hidden Heart by Julie Coulter Bellon

The Marquess Meets His Match(book one)

The Viscount’s Vow (book two)

The Highlander’s Hidden Heart (book three)

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#Blogmas | feat. Sweet Romance stories for the romantic reader | “Truth or Dare” (novella) by Julie Coulter Bellon

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

I had fully intended to have a mixture of reviews and #blogmas spotlights running throughout the first week and a half of December – however, when your struck down by a naughty Wintry cold and your father is having some serious health issues with his BP levels, it gives you a bit of a pause for knowing what you can juggle, handle and execute! Therefore, a happy switch of sails right now – as we move into the latter half of my featured spotlights spilt between Fantasy & Sweet Romance authors – you’ll start to see reviews and perhaps a few memes or features pop up amongst the #blogmas posts as we tuck closer to Christmas!

Especially considering I can *finally!* find a comforting break from sneezing & coughing (or rather, hacking my lungs into oblivion!) fits of discomfort where reading is once again a pleasurable joy and where blogging isn’t broken by the cold’s influence! Hence why I was more of a turtle in her shell recovering than trying to face being online whilst consumed by the cold itself! Some days and weeks you just have to throw in the towel on your plans and resume them as soon as you’re well again.

Which brings me to my first featured spotlight for the *Sweet Romances!* event hosted by Prism Book Tours! This is the first year I remember they hosted an event like this one – although, I could be mistaken? What I like about the allure of ‘Sweet Romance’ are a few things really – one, it could be a nod towards an INSPY novelist or story-teller if they are writing shorter form fiction (ie. short stories, novellas, etc) or it could be a mainstream writer who wants to exclude explicit and graphic content from their realistic Romantic stories (ie. no stong language, graphic violence, etc) which parlays into my own readerly interests as that is a heady topic which I regularly explore through my ‘Fly in the Ointments’ sections! lol

I admit, I prefer Romance to be on the ‘cleaner’ side of the ledger as per what the publishing industry is disclosing as being a Clean Read or a Clean Romance or in this instance what they denote being a ‘Sweet Romance’. I don’t need all the details of the bedroom explored on-scene nor do I flinch if there is a bit of heat in the sequencing either – I’d rather have a nice balance of romantic overtures & encounters but *nothing!* which suggests a romance is moving into the headwaters of the ‘other side’ of the genre either! Hence why I happily host @SatBookChat featuring the kinds of Women’s Fiction & Romance novels, novellas and short stories I personally love reading and cheerleading for in the bookish community of the twitterverse!

This is also why I’ve been championing & celebrating hosting for Prism throughout the past few years as they helped me *discover!* the Harlequin Heartwarming imprint of stories as I had previously already fallen in love with their Love Inspired Suspense (& the ill-fated Historical imprint) stories. Heartwarming is truly the kind of sweetened romance you can curl up inside even within a realistically convicting narrative and find the kind of romance your bookish heart can celebrate as being lovingly focused on relationship-based romance! As those are my preferences of what I regularly seek out myself!

Thus, today marks the first day where I am featuring #newtomeauthors of *Sweet Romance* story-tellers who are giving me a lovely curiosity to start seeking out their stories in either print or audio formats throughout the New Year of 2020! Join me for the next 11 days I see which of their stories resonates with me and how their stories become ‘introduced’ to us all as their featured spotlights run on Jorie Loves A Story! Join the celebration, shall you?

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Truth or Dare by Julie Coulter Bellon

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Published by: Stone Hall Books

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Published: 5th October, 2018 | ISBN: 978-0999794623

After a year of recovery, wounded war veteran Jonah Harrison comes home for Christmas. No longer the outgoing high school track star, he just wants to be left alone, away from well-meaning friends and neighbors. But when a blizzard strands him withKami Jackson—the girl who once knew him best—he can’t hide anything from her, no matter how much he wants to. Kami has a wounded heart of her own, though, and it might take a miracle—or at least two matchmaking dogs—for them to find the healing they both long for and the courage to reach for a chance at love.

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