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Non-Fiction Book Review | “The Full Tank Life: Fuel your dreams, ignite your destiny” by Ben Tankard Find out more about the girl behind the blog whilst seeing how this book inspired her to re-examine where she is on her life’s path.

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Acquired Book By: I am a new reviewer for Hachette Books and their imprints, starting with FaithWords which is their INSPY (Inspirational Fiction & Non-Fiction) imprint of releases focusing on uplifting and spiritual stories which are a delight to read whilst engaging your mind in life affirming and heart-centered stories. I found Hachette via Edelweiss at the conclusion of [2015] and have been wicked happy I can review for their imprints Grand Central Publishing, FaithWords & Center Street.

I received a complimentary copy of “The Full Tank Life” direct from the publisher FaithWords (an imprint of Hachette Book Group Inc.) in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

Why I felt reading The Full Tank Life would be a good idea:

I’m not the kind of girl who regularly seeks out ‘self-improvement’ non-fiction releases, as there are some of us who gravitate towards these kinds of books on a regular basis and then there are those of us (like me) who are quite selective in what they are looking towards finding inside them. When I first read the synopsis for The Full Tank Life, I was happily surprised by what Mr Tankard was eluding towards being revealled inside his inspiringly motivating guide towards self-actualising your own destiny.

One of the things I do not regularly share on Jorie Loves A Story is my personal life, as I have become in the habit of separating my personal life with my online life ever since I first started blogging. This doesn’t mean to say I’m not personally revealling certain bits of my life spilt into the book showcases and author interviews I’m featuring on my blog or in convos I’m happily engaging in on the twitterverse,.. it simply means that I found a balance between what I wanted to share on a public platform and what I wanted to keep private. Part of my choice to do this is because I knew one day I would become a published author, and I felt it was best to practice the duality of my reality early-on rather than wait til the day arrived and I was fully unprepared how to tackle being online in a world that craves insta-information on everything!

The reason I am bringing this to your attention, is because like most people in today’s socioeconomic uncertain world of stability and longevity of personal sustainability, my own path has taken it’s fair share of detours towards the realisation of my own personal life goals. Part of the reason I wanted to start my blog Jorie Loves A Story is to firmly take a full step forward into my future by starting to focus on the authors I enjoy reading whilst re-developing my own appreciation for literature. I was looking for a segue out of the stagnancy of where my hours were yielding back then, to where I was not exactly moving ‘towards’ where I wanted to be but I wasn’t exactly in the middle of a black hole either!

I have been a seeker all of my life, and one of the things I have sought the most is to find a way to carve out my own destiny towards realising my dreams. I have happily lived a non-traditional unconventional life by today’s standards (i.e. school, career, marriage, children, etc) wherein I’ve been blessed to re-focus on my developing my writer’s craft and sorting out what truly inspires me to create my own stories. In the background, I’ve taken the less travelled route to help my family during difficult times, including though illness and death.

The past three years I’ve been a book blogger haven’t quite been the easiest by half, but they have led to such an incredible girth of self-awareness and self-development, I can honestly say my blog started off being my saving grace through the tides of where life can take you before developing into a platform of where I can leave notes of gratitude or criticism to authors whose stories alight in my hands to read. I started off Jorie Loves A Story as a reader’s blog without realising all along it’s a writer’s blog full of the beautiful joy of serendipitous discoveries wherein the ‘writer’ behind the blog has sought enlightenment through the craft of stories but has become enlightened through the journey itself!

This month (August, 2016) marks my 3rd #blogbirthday where I launched Jorie Loves A Story *live!* a handful of months prior to joining the world of tweets and real-time conversations in November of 2016. As soon as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Day, 2016 I sensed this might be the year where I undertook a Renaissance on Jorie Loves A Story, where the reader embraces her writerly path and where the blog re-focuses it’s shift of purpose spilt between continuing the foundation of where it began but increasing it’s outreach to include secondary modes of expression and communicating the path a girl in process of realising her writerly dream can endeavour to step out of it’s original roots.

On that vein of thought, I’ve been in transitional flux on a personal level, where it’s one thing to believe in yourself and the path you’ve set out to walk but sometimes it’s absent of the particulars that tie together your present with your future. This is why I sought out reading The Full Tank Life because for three years I’ve been running Jorie Loves A Story on half a tank and would love to one day  say I’ve accomplished the balance I was seeking whilst anchoured in the faith to understand the journey I had to take to realise it. All of what you have read and have seen on this blog has been a walk of faith and the future of where Jorie Loves A Story is moving next is wicked exciting but the girl behind the blog is patiently awaiting the hour where prayer and actuality coincide to manifest her path in the way she had endeavoured to see into fruition.

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Non-Fiction Book Review | “The Full Tank Life: Fuel your dreams, ignite your destiny” by Ben Tankard Find out more about the girl behind the blog whilst seeing how this book inspired her to re-examine where she is on her life’s path.The Full Tank Life
Subtitle: Fuel your dreams, Ignite your destiny

Modern-day Renaissance man and star of Bravo's Thicker Than Water Ben Tankard offers powerful motivation and practical tools to empower readers to find their destiny and create an action plan to unlock it.

As a pastor, pilot, motivational speaker, bestselling Gospel/Jazz musician, and reality TV star, Tankard has a lot of experience with both success and failure. He has learned that our greatest opportunities often come from our greatest disappointments. Today, he is doing what he was born to do, and he knows it didn't happen by accident. Tankard encourages readers to examine seven key elements-Dreams, Environment, Subconscious, Time, Inspiration, Network, and You, sharing his life-tested secrets to help readers find their own way. Including fresh insights on familiar Bible passages, wisdom from Tankard's own setbacks, and laugh-out-loud stories, Tankard shows readers that they too can have a "full tank" life.

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ISBN: 9781455538294

on 30th August, 2016

Pages: 208

Published by: FaithWords (@FaithWords)
an imprint of Hachette Book Group, Inc. (@HachetteBooks) via Hachette Nashville

Formats Available: Hardcover, Audiobook & Ebook

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About Ben Tankard

Ben Tankard Photo Credit: Ben-Jamin' Universal Music

BEN TANKARD is the godfather of Gospel/Jazz music and has sold over 4 million copies of his award-winning instrumental albums.

He and his family star in NBC/Bravo's Thicker Than Water--The Tankards, which was the network's highest rated freshman reality show with over 14 million viewers in its first season.

A true Renaissance man, he also serves as a motivational speaker for the NBA, designs a line of men's clothing, and pilots his own plane. Together with his wife Jewel, he pastors a growing church outside of Nashville, TN.

Photo Credit: Ben-Jamin' Universal Music

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