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Book Blitz w/ Notes during #HistoricalMondays | Celebrating “The Golden Hour” (The Lady Evelyn Mysteries, Book Four) by Malia Zaidi

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Why I am spotlighting this during #Historical Mondays:

You might be curious why I hosting a book blitz rather than a book review during my feature for showcasing Historical narratives on Mondays? The keen reason for this today is the fact when I read the premise of this Cosy Historical Mystery series – I had a feeling I had stumbled across my next #mustread Cosy series and I wanted to take the chance to feature it during a #HistoricalMondays celebration ahead of being able to read it myself! A bit similar in a way to spotlighting and/or discussing books during #WaitingOnWednesday but this is strictly for the Historical narratives across genre which speak to my readerly heart and are the kinds of stories I am wicked thankful are being published for readers like me who can’t devour enough #HistFic!

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Book Blitz w/ Notes during #HistoricalMondays | Celebrating “The Golden Hour” (The  Lady Evelyn Mysteries, Book Four) by Malia ZaidiThe Golden Hour (Spotlight)
by Malia Zaidi

Lady Evelyn Carlisle has barely arrived in London when familial duty calls her away again. Her cousin Gemma is desperate for help with her ailing mother before her imminent wedding, which Evelyn knew nothing about! Aunt Agnes in tow, she journeys to Scotland, expecting to find Malmo Manor in turmoil. To her surprise, her Scottish family has been keeping far more secrets than the troubled state of their matriarch.

Adding to the tension in the house a neighbor has opened his home, Elderbrooke Park, as a retreat for artistic veterans of the Great War. This development does not sit well with everyone in the community. Is the suspicion towards the residents a catalyst for murder? A tragedy at Elderbrooke Park’s May Day celebration awakens Evelyn’s sleuthing instinct, which is strengthened when the story of another unsolved death emerges, connected to her own family.

What she uncovers on her quest to expose the truth will change several lives forever, including her own. With the shadow of history looming over her, Evelyn must trust in her instinct and ability to comb through the past to understand the present, before the murderer can stop her and tragedy strikes again.

Places to find the book:

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ISBN: 978-1543959499

Genres: Amateur Detective, Cosy Historical Mystery, Crime Fiction, Historical Fiction

Published by Self Published Author

on 26th March, 2019

This is a self-published series through BookBaby!

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A Poisonous Journey (book one)

A Darker Shore (book two)

The Study of Silence (book three)

The Golden Hour (book four)

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as well as #CosyMysteries and #HistoricalFiction

Available Formats: Trade Paperback and Ebook

I was overjoyed seeing this is a self-published series through Book Baby as I used to participate in the Book Baby Twitter chats about self-publishing through their platform. It was one of the platforms I felt next to LuLu which worked well for authors and over the years, I’ve been blessed to read a few releases by Book Baby. I was first introduced to Book Baby though through my admiration and love of #CDBaby which is part of the parent company.

About Malia Zaidi

Malia Zaidi

Malia Zaidi is the author of The Lady Evelyn Mysteries. She studied at the University of Pittsburgh and at the University of Oxford. Having grown up in Germany, she currently lives in Washington DC, though through her love of reading, she resides vicariously (if temporarily) in countries around the world.

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A Year of Re-Reading : A Reading Challenge where you elect to pick books to re-visit!

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The badge for this Reading Challenge disappeared when the blog was deleted. Originally the blog post was located here: http://www.caffeinatedlife.net/blog/2013/12/01/a-year-in-re-reading-a-2014-reading-challenge

{Official Rules & Blurb}

The (very brief) rundown to this challenge:

  • This reading challenge runs from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2014
  • You can join at any time
  • Any book is acceptable in this challenge so long as you’ve read it in the past; perhaps it was a DNF you wanted to revisit, perhaps it’s a book you’ve read and loved but don’t remember the details too much. It’s totally up to you how you want to define this
  • Linking your reviews to THIS POST (originally located: http://www.caffeinatedlife.net/blog/2013/12/30/a-year-in-re-reading-a-2014-reading-challenge-master-list) is optional but strongly recommended just so that we can share titles and thoughts with other bloggers, learn new titles out there and get to know each other in the process

Levels & Goals :

  • 1 – 4 books — Occasional re-reader
  • 5 – 9 books — Re-reading pro!
  • 10+ books — Re-reading champ!

{Reason for Participation}

The books I am outlining to re-read this year were books I made a bit of progress with towards completing prior to the challenge beginning! The total time I’ve attempted to read them goes back to 2009 and leads up until the close of 2013! A few of the selections I truly did read in full, enjoyed immensely, and am opting to re-read them in order to blog about my ruminations! Either that, or simply to visit once more with the characters! Others, I might have only had a nip and a nod of a glimpse into before they had to boomerang back to the library!

{Book Selections}

  1. The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly
  2. 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson
  3. The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson
  4. The Indigo Notebook by Laura Resau
  5. A Vintage Affair by Isobel Wolff
  6. The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick
  7. The Accursed by Joyce Carol Oates
  8. Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler
  9. The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe by Mary Simses
  10. The Golden Hour by Maiya Williams
  11. Fools Rush In by Janice A. Thompson

{SOURCE: A Year of Re-Reading Badge provided by Caffeinated Life and used with permission.}

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*+Bout Challenge!+* Bout Day, 4: Double Date Book Challenge!

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Bout of Books 9.0On Day 4, of the Bout, a wicked question was broached about pairing two books together which compliment each other and yet, are completely different from each other at the very same time! This particular challenge is entitled: Double Date Book Challenge hosted by Lori @ Writing my own Fairy Tale! This particular challenge appealed to me because there are oft-times I am settling into a book where I think another book might work well to read next, in fact, I mused about this earlier in the year {It truly ought to be rather elementary,…}, which proves that this particular topic has already filtered through my mind as one that would extend a rather curious conversation between readers!!

Atmospheric novels in particular, strike a bit of an accord in me to where I’d love to seek out titles of books which grant me the same feeling I gather inside as I settle into the narratives! The first book which comes to mind would be Kate Morton’s “The Distant Hours” which is a book I have borrowed through my local library on numerous occasions but have not yet had the proper chance to sink into the heart of its depth! I am always out of hours before the dear book has to ‘boomerang!’ back to the library! Oh, my! Stemming from Morton, I have noticed a bit of a shift in how I approach seeking out Gothic-bent stories in literature, as I am attracted to the traditional and non-traditional elements of the genre! I love the suspenseful play-on settings as much as the daring breadth of the synopsises are leading me to believe would be found inside! Likewise, as I disclosed I’m an Anglophile under “My Bookish Life“, the more curious bit to spotlight is my tendency towards growing into a bit of a Francophile! French literature has been attractive to me ever since I first started to ruminate about the French Revolution, and sought out fictional stories set in, during, and after the height of the Revolution! Which leads me to my first book pairing of this kind, except to say, I haven’t yet completed reading one of the books I’m going to mention but! I feel confident that the enjoyment of its conclusion will be an equal match to the first!

My entry for the +*Double Date Book Challenge!*+

The Golden Hour by Maiya Williams + The Skin Map by Stephen R. Lawhead
{my partial review, of The Skin Map}

The main reason I am choosing both of these books is due to the fact they are both focused on two areas of literature which makes my heart smile: time travel & visiting the historical past! In this instance, the height of the French Revolution in Paris (The Golden Hour) matched against the 17th Century of London! Each of the books has a very unique way of giving the reader a prominent experience in two major cities during historical periods of delight! From what I have read of The Skin Map I have already noticed not only the appreciation for the world-building set against the realism of modern science, but the delivery of the setting, the action, and the truism of having the characters wholly realised in the world by which they are entering! Likewise, in The Golden Hour what swept me inside the story the most was the ability to let go of reality and suspend it to include the probability of traveling via the route expressed into play as the novel diverges its secrets! Each are hinged to quantum mechanics and quantum physics theories of how to bend time and reappear ourselves into a different ‘place’ other then we ‘currently’ are. The backstories are lit alive at such a riveting pace you barely can breathe! Part of my Re-Reading Challenge via Caffeinated Life will include both of these titles! As I would love to know how The Skin Map resolves in this Part I of an on-going series, in as much as remember how closely knitted together the climax of The Golden Hour as it was also a launching into a series! I originally lamented to dear friends, that I would pair The Golden Hour alongside The Sixty-Eight Rooms by Marianne Malone, which I still stand-by as a declaration, however, as I was sorting out in my mind tonight about a ‘double date’ choice, especially if to take into consideration two separate books which could run the gambit of being parallel to each other yet completely individualistic at the same time; then you see, my only choice is the one I have given! IF you want an extra answer to this paradoxical riddle, one ought to read my ‘double date book’ choice before sinking into The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil Frankweiler prior to reading The Sixty-Eight Rooms! As I recollect that is the original ‘pair’ of novels I have given to my bookish friends to enjoy!

Stephen Lawhead on “The Skin Map”, Bright Empires Series #1

by Thomas Nelson featured on the ChristianBook channel

I wonder what other books are being matched, paired, and set off into the world on a ‘double date’!? I’ll have to try to visit the other Bout’er blogs as soon as I have a free moment to do so! As once I post this, I’m wrapping up my Day 3 of the Bout, as I want to soak into the book I broached open on Day 3 a bit more before all time is lost on Day 4! Ho hey! Off I go!

{SOURCE: Bout of Books Badge created by Jorie in Canva to give readers & visitors who come to her blog a way to know of its existence and therefore increasing the mystery & lore surrounding it!! The book trailer featuring Stephen Lawhead by Thomas Nelson via Christianbook.com had either URL share links or coding which made it possible to embed this media portal to this post, and I thank them for the opportunity to share more about this novel and the author who penned it.}

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