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Cover Reveal | A debut novelist via a wicked sweet competition of whom I happily found via Twitter ahead of this Reveal! Romantic Suspense intermixed with Alt. Historical Fiction is a *new!* discovery of interest!

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If your a regular reader or frequent visitor of Jorie Loves A Story, you know I’ve been smitten with the novelists who publish their relationship-based Romances with ChocLitUK for a good two years now! I love being on the cusp of learning about a ‘new release’ whilst I remain patient to see if the Digital First new ChocLit novel will make it to a print release further down the road of it’s lifetime. I don’t mind the gaps between the ebooks and the print editions – as it’s always given me the pleasure of balancing my ‘next ChocLit reads’ to include both Front List and Back List offerings. Thus, I am enjoying being a member of the Reveal Team at ChocLit whilst it gives me a chance to introduce my readers to a variety of sub-genres within Romance I appreciate picking up to read!

On my new position as a ChocLit Star member: Whilst I am part of the ChocLit Reviewers having brought reviews & guest author features to Jorie Loves A Story for the past two years, I have recently become a part of the Cover Reveal Team, as disclosed when I hosted the first Reveal on behalf of Sheryl Browne’s ‘Learning to Love’. This new team works with ChocLit providing honest feedback on ‘projects’ such as title & book cover design choices as well projects in development on behalf of the publisher. I accepted being a ChocLit Star as I felt my love of the stories would be a good fit to give in-depth responses to the projects pitched to the Stars. Therefore, when I blogged about the cover for “Revenge is Sweet” it was the first reveal where my input as a ChocLit Star helped the reveal become possible!

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On 18 June #ChocLitSaturday celebrated ChocLitUK’s 7th Birthday with an open topic of delightful joy wherein ChocLitSaturdayers joined the ChocLiteers for a lively celebratory bash where the convo happily alighted a spirit of joy in our hearts! Ms Stacey dropped in on the chat, too! She was quite keenly excited about her upcoming Reveal for this novel, and I was quite delighted for her in that regard! Seeing your debut go live must be a wicked stellar #awesomesauce moment!

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