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Book Spotlight: “A Flower for the Queen” by Caroline Vermalle by German publisher Bastei Lübbe!

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Book Spotlight

I am highlighting a novel I would like to read in the future which is being released by a new-to-me German publisher, Bastel Lübbe! I came across this lovely publisher through one of the tour companies I work with regularly (JKS Communications), and ever since I marked myself down to host for this blog tour, I’ve been wholly consumed by the publisher’s listing of historical fiction novels found over here on their Foreign Rights Page. I’ve even resorted to ‘stalking’ Barnes & Noble’s website in the pure wish of finding either this novel or the one I am going to be highlighting next a bit lateron in September! I found two delightfully intriguing novels which whet a thirst of interest to read, yet it is quite unfortunate the only copies available to read on the tour were digital / ebooks. I am therefore in hopeful anticipation for a print book to be released and one day I’ll be able to drink in the narrative which has enchanted me!

Book Synopsis:

Flowers for the Queen by Caroline Vermalle & Ryan von RubenOriginally written in English, this adventure story is about the venturesome life of a planthunter set in the South African tropical forests. It combines the thrilling hunt for a precious flower with unique characters, a cunning intrigue and a heart-rending love story.

Read an Excerpt of the Novel:

“If I write one more obituary, I swear it will be the death of me,” said Jack Grant, the corners of his young, purple-lipped mouth turned downwards in a petulant frown.

The travelling coach and its team of horses rumbled and snorted in reply to the coachman’s whip, ripping a tear through the bleached silence of a November morning on the road from Montréal to Pointe-Claire.

The coachman, sunk down in his greatcoat, watched the road for potholes and signs of ice whilst his two passengers buried themselves in their blankets and mufflers, the interior of the coach offering scant protection from the Canadian winter outside.

Jack gazed across at his father, trying to measure his mood and wondering just how far he could press his point.

Title in German: Eine Blume Für Die Königin

Written by the Author Team: Caroline Vermalle & Ryan von Ruben

Caroline Vermalle & Ryan von Ruben

{ an expanded synopsis is on Riffle }

Author Connections:

Caroline Vermalle: Site | Blog (in French)| @cvermalle | Facebook | YouTube

{ I highly encourage you to visit her YouTube page! I love watching her videos even though there are posted without English sub-titles and I’m at a loss to know what she is speaking about directly, but she has such a vibrant energy about her; she’s filled with the light of a creative who is happy in their art and represents their joy of what they create by the pulse of energy and passion in their voice! Brilliant! }

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Publisher: Bastei Entertainment, an imprint of: Bastei Lübbe (@bastei_luebbe)

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 Genres: Historical Fiction | Adventure | Romance

An interview with the authors @ Novelicious (@novelicious)

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What drew my eye into this particular novel and the offerings of the German Publisher:

Being that I am always *excited!* to discover something new in the literary realms, I wasn’t just keen on reading “A Flower for the Queen” but other titles like this one: The Song of the Waterfall *of course its a trilogy, so it would have to be read in order! I was as giddy as a child let loose in a candy shoppe – all the lovely choices of wicked historical stories with heart, depth, and world-building narratives that felt as real as the any lived experience you could hope to alight on your journey! I loved the diversity of choices, the engaging premise per story which gave me an feather of an inkling of what was inside them, and the surge of excitement for finding a new publisher who was contributing the wicked sweet quality of story I find so exhilarating to read! Ironically or not, a lot of their titles were originally published in English, yet scour the internet as much as I do, I’ve yet to find a ‘book shoppe’ on this continent or another who has any copy of these novels in English! Outside of the few I’ve found on the forementioned Barnes & Noble website! I even tried to find them at Powells (my favourite Indie online)!

Here is my initial reaction in a nutshell: I am encouraged finding out about this publisher! Wow. How did we not know about them sooner in the States? Books from England are imported all the time, it is like a hidden well of literature! :) Do you know which online bookshoppes will carry the titles in print? Powells or Barnes & Noble perhaps? I wonder if my library could order them in print!? Apparently in Germany my favourite category is “Landscape Novel” which I think is their equivalency of our ‘epic saga’ or ‘historical fiction’!? 

I was thrilled to peach pie I could offer a small ‘excerpt’ of A Flower for the Queen, as I have dreamt of what I’d find inside the pages of the novel for months now! Within this small section of the novel itself, I found myself wanting so much more of where the story is heading and where this excerpt aligns — is this the opening chapter or towards the middle!? And, ooh what delightful fancy – it is set in Canada! I have been wanting to seek out novels set in Canada for a long while now, and this one happily has found my interest!

The Book Cover Art: has such a measure of eloquence and artistry attached to it that I cannot help but gather the sense the heart of the story inside its covers not only matches the artwork but the artwork is a symbol of what a reader can find inside the novel itself! An unexpected grace and expedition of literary delight not always found in the historical fiction genre! 

My journey towards securing this novel I’m highlighting today, and the one lateron this month continues! Until then, I hope I have inspired another reader to seek out their mirth of narrative and the joyous discovery of finding ‘new’ historical fiction authors emerging out from a publisher we might never have known about previously!

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Video about Bastei Lubbe as a Publisher (in English)
Bastei Lübbe – Wir stellen uns vor by Bastei Lübbe

Inspired to Share: I am always most happy to find a curious & cheeky video uploaded on YouTube by book shoppes (such as the one I shared previously for an Indie in Canada), as much as I’m rather keen to find a publisher creatively using visual media to explain their mission and their publishing interests such as the one Bastei Lübbe has produced here! The vibe in the video is set to the bookishly happy and the quirky bits add a bounce to the publisher’s intent. I might be a traditionalist as far as reading print books in lieu of jumping on the bandwagon for digital, but even I have to give them merit for creating such a gem of a film that introduces English speakers to their publishing house! Cheers, to Bastei Lübbe!

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Reader Interactive Question:

Have you ever stumbled across an author OR publisher whose first language is not your native one and therefore it provides a bit of a language barrier? I remember when I first signed up for this blog tour, I contacted the author & the publisher via Twitter. I had not realised at the time the author spoke primarily in French, and of course, I knew the publisher was German, yet I had hoped one or both of them might know a bit of English and/or have a translator to help them with English-speaking readers contacting them. I never before felt my desire to become fluent in German was ever more important than facing an incompatible way of communicating with a publisher of whose titles I most want to read!

Alas, for French, I might one day learn to interpret the words audibly but to speak French? *le sigh* A feat my dyslexia shall not allow to be! I have an easier time understanding German and learning how to pronounce the words than I do French. French blessedly is a Romantic language and thus, a bit out of reach for me to learn! 

Secondly, if I were to learn to ‘read’ in French & German, I could simply order copies of their books in either language and *celebrate!* What blessed joy the day shall be if I reach that point of understanding! Is there a language you read regularly other than the native language you grew up using the most!?

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