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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

When I first heard the premise of this novel “Love, Lies and Mistletoe” – let’s face it, I immediately was drawn back to why I love to binge Hallmark Channel or Lifetime Christmas movies EVERY single year save 2020. I’m currently watching a few via Hoopla – though my favourite find was “One Christmas” which is about an autobiographical slice of life from Truman Capote! (see also this *thread | see also this tweet) The night before I saw a film by Lisa Durupt which sparked this *thread of tweeting!* as well. You could say it has been a Hoopla, Christmas binge!

The reasons I love Christmas films is they are generally set in places I’d love to relocate too – such as “Evergreen” – as who wouldn’t want to live in Evergreen? The whole community pitches in and they have the most #awesomesauce life experiences in that towne! Plus, I love the randomness of people coming together at the holidays – how sometimes there is a reason they have to cross paths – whether that is by grand design or by idle fate twisting things up a bit – the curious ways in which people find each other, better understand themselves and find truer happiness by the end of the film(s) or specials for the Christmas season are my kind of jam! I love finding the stories which are a cuppa of love & comfy respite – where you can soak into a world similar to our own but without a) the pandemic and b) the chaos of our everyday lives! Sometimes it is nice to see life as it should be lived rather than how it is more readily known and stuffed with the angst most of us regularly transition through as we live!

I love the fact this is a series – and the quirky titles which are a part of it – plus, of course, the fact “love & lies” is a part of all the titles – as that just makes you ponder the finer points behind the series itself – what sparked the coupling of the words, what truly motivated the series and what inspired the writer to enter into the series from the places she had!! I am hoping I can start to seek these lovelies out in the New Year but like most years of #blogmas, some of the stories are readily available in public libraries (either locally, regionally or through inter-library loan) and other times, the stories are either digitally released or lesser known and are not regularly stocked in public libraries. Hence why I am seriously underread in most of my #blogmas showcases these past three years!

Have heart though – eventually I’ll be gathering copies of them – for now, I have been contemplating the series whilst listening to Christmas Coffeehouse via #Spotify and feeling grateful there are authors out there who are creating these kinds of series for the Christmas Romance readers like me who are seeking their stories and are thankful they took part in a series of #blogmas promotions to get their stories in front of us and to give us a chance to ‘meet them’.

Curiously – What do you love most about small towne Romances and those which are set at Christmastime? Do you have favourite small townes in fiction? Romance or otherwise? I mean, I could relocate not just to Evergreen in those lovely Evergreen movies but I could also take up residence in Eden Lake which is where #MurderSheBaked is happily set and visually the kind of small towne everyone would feel #blessed to call HOME. Although Aurora Teagarden’s series has some serious EPIC visuals in the background – I mean, hallo British Columbia you’ve spoilt me on Western townes and natural landscapes!!

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One stolen kiss.

A little Christmas magic.

And the snowy inn where love stands a chance.

Interior designer Layla Dean can’t believe her good fortune at snagging the holiday decorating gig at Blueberry Point Lodge. And even though her fledgling business has a growing list of happy clients, her personal life isn’t filled with the same Christmas magic. She needs a man in her life like she does coal in her stocking. But tell that to Brant Johnsson.

Brant is known as the Twin Cities’ Master of Lights and Luminaria for good reason. His company oversees most of the downtown’s outdoor displays every season. But when a professional snag sends him reeling, he’s ready to quit the business. Until he runs into Layla again. Forgetting their awkward mistletoe kiss last year just isn’t possible, but she doesn’t share the pleasant memory. Now that they’re decking the halls together for the newly opened inn’s first Christmas, Brant hopes for a replay of their first encounter. And something more.

When a misdirected text message pairs them together for a fundraising event, Brant and Layla find they have more in common than just a flare for holiday decorating and one mistaken kiss. If Layla can overcome her sour first impression, Brant might get his very merry second chance.

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