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*SFN* | Bingo Reading Challenge returns for #RRSciFiMonth 2014! New card! New Choices!

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OOoh my dear wicked sweet ghouls!!

I was quite literally stalking this main page of yours — I was so seriously committed to getting the new Bingo card you have NO IDEA!! The joy this gave me is beyond Jupiter’s moons!! Bless you! :)

And, guess what?! CA Gray’s Piercing the Veil series is not only Sci-Fantasy (a genrebender between science fiction & fantasy) but it will be marking off my FIRST square: parallel universe! Wicked awesome!

– Jorie commenting on the official posting of this year’s BINGO CARD!

SFN Bingo Reading Challenge - hosted by Oh! the Books

This lovely card was created by Asti @ Oh! the Books

Let the Reading Challenge Commence!

B1 – Steampunk:
B2 – Superheroes:
B3 – Teleportation: time travel via teleporation (A Stitch in Time)
B4 – Invisibility:
B5 – Shapeshifters:
I1 – Absent-Minded Professor:
I2 – Apocalypse or World Wide Disaster:
I3 – Colonization of Other Planets:
I4 – Drugs and Medication:
I5 – Parallel Universe: modern England & Arthurian parallel world (Intangible)
N1 – Space Opera:
N2 – Mind Control:
N3 – Free!
N4 – Virtual Reality:
N5 – Domed City:
G1 – Immortality: the Shadow Lord takes centerstage (Invincible)
G2 – Lost Civilizations:
G3 – Human Zoo: Mutants living in captivity who were once human (King of the Mutants)
G4 – Mad Scientists:
G5 – Award Winning:
O1 – Floating City:
O2 – Sci-Fi Classic:
O3 – Alien Invasion:
O4 – Resizing:
O5 – Military Sci-Fi:

SFN Reading List: [combination of scheduled & alternates]

  1. Intangible by C.A. Gray (review) YA Fantasy
  2. King of the Mutants by Samantha Vérant (review) MG Fantasy | the reason I selected this for the ‘Human Zoo’ category is because of the fact the mutant children are different species of animals as you might expect to find in a traditional zoo
  3. Invincible by C.A. Gray (review) YA Fanatasy
  4. A Stitch in Time by Amanda James (review) Time Travel Romance
It will be a wondrous mystery to me to see which elements of these books will enter into the formation of the Bingo card’s taken spaces! I am certain that if I can read the # of books I scheduled to read this month, it will be quite the feat in of itself! I am not curating a list ahead of time but rather will see where my reading journeys take me on the card this year!

Stay tuned!

Rock on, dear hearts!

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SFN 2014 Participant badge created by Jorie in Canva

{SOURCES: Asti at Oh! the Books made the SFN Bingo Card for SFN 2014 participants to take part in the joy of an undisciplined reading challenge! The Bingo card is used with permission. Sci-Fi November Badge created by Jorie in Canva.}

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