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#Blogmas | feat. #CleanRomanceForChristmas showcases | “Love, Lies & Mistletoe” (Blueberry Point Romances, Book Two) by DE Malone

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

When I first heard the premise of this novel “Love, Lies and Mistletoe” – let’s face it, I immediately was drawn back to why I love to binge Hallmark Channel or Lifetime Christmas movies EVERY single year save 2020. I’m currently watching a few via Hoopla – though my favourite find was “One Christmas” which is about an autobiographical slice of life from Truman Capote! (see also this *thread | see also this tweet) The night before I saw a film by Lisa Durupt which sparked this *thread of tweeting!* as well. You could say it has been a Hoopla, Christmas binge!

The reasons I love Christmas films is they are generally set in places I’d love to relocate too – such as “Evergreen” – as who wouldn’t want to live in Evergreen? The whole community pitches in and they have the most #awesomesauce life experiences in that towne! Plus, I love the randomness of people coming together at the holidays – how sometimes there is a reason they have to cross paths – whether that is by grand design or by idle fate twisting things up a bit – the curious ways in which people find each other, better understand themselves and find truer happiness by the end of the film(s) or specials for the Christmas season are my kind of jam! I love finding the stories which are a cuppa of love & comfy respite – where you can soak into a world similar to our own but without a) the pandemic and b) the chaos of our everyday lives! Sometimes it is nice to see life as it should be lived rather than how it is more readily known and stuffed with the angst most of us regularly transition through as we live!

I love the fact this is a series – and the quirky titles which are a part of it – plus, of course, the fact “love & lies” is a part of all the titles – as that just makes you ponder the finer points behind the series itself – what sparked the coupling of the words, what truly motivated the series and what inspired the writer to enter into the series from the places she had!! I am hoping I can start to seek these lovelies out in the New Year but like most years of #blogmas, some of the stories are readily available in public libraries (either locally, regionally or through inter-library loan) and other times, the stories are either digitally released or lesser known and are not regularly stocked in public libraries. Hence why I am seriously underread in most of my #blogmas showcases these past three years!

Have heart though – eventually I’ll be gathering copies of them – for now, I have been contemplating the series whilst listening to Christmas Coffeehouse via #Spotify and feeling grateful there are authors out there who are creating these kinds of series for the Christmas Romance readers like me who are seeking their stories and are thankful they took part in a series of #blogmas promotions to get their stories in front of us and to give us a chance to ‘meet them’.

Curiously – What do you love most about small towne Romances and those which are set at Christmastime? Do you have favourite small townes in fiction? Romance or otherwise? I mean, I could relocate not just to Evergreen in those lovely Evergreen movies but I could also take up residence in Eden Lake which is where #MurderSheBaked is happily set and visually the kind of small towne everyone would feel #blessed to call HOME. Although Aurora Teagarden’s series has some serious EPIC visuals in the background – I mean, hallo British Columbia you’ve spoilt me on Western townes and natural landscapes!!

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One stolen kiss.

A little Christmas magic.

And the snowy inn where love stands a chance.

Interior designer Layla Dean can’t believe her good fortune at snagging the holiday decorating gig at Blueberry Point Lodge. And even though her fledgling business has a growing list of happy clients, her personal life isn’t filled with the same Christmas magic. She needs a man in her life like she does coal in her stocking. But tell that to Brant Johnsson.

Brant is known as the Twin Cities’ Master of Lights and Luminaria for good reason. His company oversees most of the downtown’s outdoor displays every season. But when a professional snag sends him reeling, he’s ready to quit the business. Until he runs into Layla again. Forgetting their awkward mistletoe kiss last year just isn’t possible, but she doesn’t share the pleasant memory. Now that they’re decking the halls together for the newly opened inn’s first Christmas, Brant hopes for a replay of their first encounter. And something more.

When a misdirected text message pairs them together for a fundraising event, Brant and Layla find they have more in common than just a flare for holiday decorating and one mistaken kiss. If Layla can overcome her sour first impression, Brant might get his very merry second chance.

Add to LibraryThing | ISBN: 978-1951516055

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Blueberry Point Romances:

Love, Lies and Lavender by DE MaloneLove, Lies and Mistletoe by DE Maone

Love, Lies & Lavender (book one)

Love, Lies & Mistletoe (book two)

Love, Lies & Fireflies (book three)

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#Blogmas | feat. #CleanRomanceForChristmas showcases | “The Promise of Miss Spencer” by Sarah L. McConkie

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

When I used to be a blog tour hostess for Cedar Fort Publishing & Media, I loved their *Pure Romance* imprint of Historical Romances – each of them were a warm and cosy story within a genre I personally love to read and each other choose how to approach writing their #HistRom’s a bit differently from one another. When the blogging program discontinued I started hosting Cedar Fort’s blog tours with Singing Librarian Books until Sydney decided to close her touring company late this Summer, 2020. Therefore, I wasn’t sure if or when I’d get the chance to hear about forthcoming and new titles by Cedar Fort for awhile as most of their authors are in charge of their own marketing and publicity online or otherwise. Happily I found Ms McConkie was part of the Clean Romance for Christmas showcases via Prism Book Tours which is why I am celebrating her latest release with you today!

I originally read “Love and Secrets at Cassfield Manor” wherein I had this to share about the story:

What kept me grounded in the narrative though is the intricate natures of all the characters – their queues of moving in and out of the foreground, the flashbacks to yesterday where other truths are letting out their angst(s) of revelations and where, everyone is moving ‘towards’ each other and towards a larger moment of revelation. Each of them are acting on what they know or their instincts; some are making hard choices to thrive out of the necessity of choosing someone to walk through life together granting a better balance of equity and stability of accounting whilst your simply hoping those of whom have a harder road ahead of them have the courage to overcome the odds they never knew they had to face.

There were the usual hang-ups – the bloke who is a twin and whose business affairs on the surface look nefarious but what if the suppositions against him are the workings of a rumour mill? The girl who feels she has everything (Ivory) but longs to have the self-confidence to believe in herself? The quiet soul (Meg) who doesn’t seek for much and humbly accepts what comes her way. Whilst the bloke who has the most to gain, may or may not be the best of characters to trust? As you vacillate between which of the gentleman (Robertson or Davenport) are the better match for any girl who fetches after them with an open heart, you start to see the larger picture unfold through how McConkie draws you closer to where she wants you to walk past your assumptions and truly see her characters as the flawed individuals they always were but of whom could hold a few redemptive qualities within themselves.

Ms McConkie has writ an intricate drama – where the lives of four girls’ lingers in the balance against the men they choose to feel is their rightly match in life, love and a continuance of wealthy gains. Such was the hour of enlightenment in the Regency – girls’ were meant to marry well and secure their futures and the futures of their families. The men had a bit more flexibility but only justly so as everyone was under the same pressures and reputation had a lot of do with everything when it boiled down to marriage, matches and fortunes.

One of the pluses to reading this story is the ways in which the intrigue steps out of the shadows of a traditional scene of the Regency. Finding new entries into the romance and the courtship is a nice discovery to be made – for me, what I love most is how McConkie doesn’t let you rest on the laurels of what she discloses per each of her characters’. She wants you to think about everything that is happening in the story whilst countering that knowledge with the hopefulness she has etched into the path each of the girls’ are walking towards their own personal destiny. They each have different personalities with different goals – some are taking life as it comes, others are trying to curate the path they wish to walk and the others, wells, I think they are halfway between the duty and obligation of marriage and the carefree joy of youth.

I was blessed Singing Librarian Books had the blog tour – whilst I am now thankful to be hosting this spotlight for Prism as I hope more Cedar Fort authors might consider moving their tours to be hosted by Tressa @ Prism Book Tours as she has such a wonderful way of hosting, organising and featuring the kinds of stories and genres Cedar Fort is known for in the reading community.

Likewise, I look forward to adding this lovely release to my list for stories I want to be reading in 2021! It is nice to revisit an author you’ve previously read – seeing the changes in their style and voice as a writer since you’ve last read them whilst continuing to see how they’ve developed their niche within the craft of storytelling. I happen to love complicated love stories and this one – as it begins on the auspicious premise of a deathbed promise sounds like a lovely one to dive inside because what the heart wants and what is once promised could become two very different things!!

Curiously – what draws your eye into reading #HistRom’s? Do you like the lighter side of the Historical Romance genre wherein you’re either reading releases by publishers like Cedar Fort and/or through routes which feature INSPY narratives OR are you a bit more traditional seeking mainstream Historical Romances? Which eras are your preferred timescapes to explore and which authors would you recommend to me?

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MISS SUZANNA SPENCER has successfully avoided marriage,
waiting for love and equality in a husband of her choice.

Yet when her father suddenly becomes ill, she agrees to his dying wish—to marry Mr. Lacy and secure her future. Cast suddenly into a mourning period, Suzanna and Mr. Lacy agree to keep their engagement a secret until the proper six months have passed. But when Suzanna and Mr. Lacy find themselves thrown together with Miss Grysham and her handsome uncle Lord Haversley, everything becomes complicated. If only Lord Haversley didn’t expose his true bravery.

If only there wasn’t so much more to him than a gaudy Lord in Parliament. If only he would leave Suzanna alone. As the threat of smallpox looms close, all four friends must work together—and apart—to save the lives of those they love. Forced into keeping a promise, or securing the promise of her future, Suzanna must reconcile her obligations with her heart as she searches for a love she never had.

Add to LibraryThing | ISBN: 978-1462135806

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#FuellYourSciFi Book Spotlight | The Flyght series by S.J. Pajonas with the author discussing how she’s included Sign Language into the series!

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

When I first signed on to this blog tour, I wanted to host a guest feature in order to delve a bit more into the series and to seek out a bit more information about how the author approached writing it. Uniquely, the author had a few topics already in mind and one of them stood out to me because I have been wanting to become more fluent in Sign Language since I was in high school. I first learnt my ABCs in ASL (ie. American Sign Language) off my classmates and from there, I learnt more signs through a church program to teach limited conversational sign language when I was in my early twenties. I was a quickstudy and thinking this was a blessing it turnt out to be a hardship as I wasn’t able to stay in the class. I apparently learnt the signs and conversational combinations too fast for the class to keep up with me!!

I did try to seek out private instruction and tutors – however, in my local areas and regions, I couldn’t find a teacher willing to teach me to where I could be conversational fluent including seeking out resources for the deaf as apparently if you didn’t immediately know if you wanted to be translator and/or seek a University degree in Sign, you weren’t able to study it. I still have the passion for signing and I can get by a bit by what I originally learnt but it always has bothered me I never could take the short skills I had and develop them into being fluent in a language outside of my own.

Linguistics was a field I felt I would go into as an adult as I loved hearing different dialects and I felt learning languages would be wicked fun as a learner who likes to challenge herself. However, the one key issue I never felt I’d have as a roadblock is being dyslexic and finding that language itself was an uphill climb throughout all the years I went to school. Even as a writer, I had to develop my own short-cut through a written style wherein I combine certain language usage and phrases from both American and British origins – to where I call this mash-up AmeriBrit.

Thereby, when I saw the author had written about her own history with Sign Language and how this plays a strong role in the series she’s written, I knew this was the guest feature I was meant to share for the blog tour! It simply spoke to me and I wanted to share it because even in my early forties, I still hold out hope I’ll be able to master the art of ASL and become better prepared to converse with those who are deaf or partially deaf as I am only able to do so now in limited capacity. I hope you’ll enjoy this guest feature as much as I did and perhaps it will give you a reason to seek out the series to read!

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#FuellYourSciFi Book Spotlight | The Flyght series by S.J. Pajonas with the author discussing how she’s included Sign Language into the series!First Flyght
Subtitle: The Flyght series
by S.J. Pajonas

Her future is brighter than the stars. But one betrayal will change everything…

Vivian Kawabata can’t wait to claim her privileged destiny. But when the heir to the family agricultural empire finds her bank account empty while shopping for expensive shoes, she’s horrified to discover that her own brother has financially stabbed her in the back. To stand a chance of restoring her rightful place in the universe, the honest and rule-following Vivian may have to break a few intergalactic laws.

After securing an old ship from her aunt, Vivian takes on two new roles: a sexy heiress collecting eligible husbands and a hard-nosed captain rebuilding a lost fortune by any means necessary. Completely out of her depth, she’d be sunk without the help of a relationship broker, a handsome ex-boyfriend, a hacker with a heart of gold, and the other potential partners she meets along the way. With a business that runs the razor’s edge between trade and smuggling, can the former high-society socialite get the money she needs or will her brazen ambition lead to a deadly crash landing?

FIRST FLYGHT is the first book in the Flyght Series of sci-fi reverse harem romance. If you like action-packed space operas and a universe full of twists, then you’ll love S. J. Pajonas’s interstellar adventure.

Note: This is a slow-burn romance series!

Genres: Feminist Science Fiction, Romance Fiction, Science Fiction

Places to find the book:

Add to LibraryThing

ISBN: 978-1940599571


Published by Onigiri Press

on 6th September, 2019

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→ IF you can read ebooks, check out the SURPRISE announcement the author kindly shared with me about how to get a digital copy of “First Flyght” on the 16th of December!! ←

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About S.J. Pajonas

S.J. Pajonas

Stephanie (S. J.) is a writer, knitter, amateur astrologer, Capricorn, Japanophile, and USA Today Best Selling author. She loves foxes, owls, sushi, yoga pants, Evernote, and black tea. When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing or spending time outside, unless it’s winter. She hates winter. Someday she’ll own a house in both hemispheres so she can avoid the season entirely. She’s a mom to two great kids, one feisty dog named Lulu Ninja Assassin, and lives with her husband and family outside NYC. When it comes to her work, she writes about everyday women and uncommon worlds.

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