#WaitingOnWednesday No. XII | Harlequin Heartwarming Series Announcement | Sequel series to ‘Return of the Blackwell Brothers’ – get ready for the ‘Blackwell Sisters’! feat. stories by Carol Ross, Anna J. Stewart, Melinda Curtis, Amy Vastine and Cari Lynn Webb

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a word about ‘waiting on Wednesday’:

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I have decided to start participating in this book blogsphere meme with a few small changes of how it’s regularly blogged about by my fellow book bloggers. I will either be introducing my current reads of upcoming releases as I am in the process of reading them and/or I might be releasing a book review about a forthcoming title by which I had been blessed to read ahead of publication. The main purpose behind the meme is to encourage readers and your fellow book bloggers to become aware of new books being released which caught your eye and which held your interest to read. Sometimes if your still in the process of reading the books, its the titles which encouraged your bookish heart. I look forward to spending the next seasons of the year, talking about the books I have on hand to read, the books I’ve been reading and the books I might not even have a copy to read but which are of wicked sweet interest to become a #nextread of mine.

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

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If your a regular reader of Harlequin Romances or their other imprints, I look forward to your comments – seeing what you love to read by Harlequin and of course, if you know of any mini-series or authors I might enjoy seeking out – kindly let me know! My local library has a hearty collection of their stories and I love finding new Harlequin authors to read!

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The series that started it all:

Return of the #BlackwellBrothers:

The Rancher’s Twins by Carol Ross → my review
The Rancher’s Rescue by Cari Lynn Webb → my review
The Rancher’s Redemption by Melinda Curtis → my review
The Rancher’s Fake Fiancée by Amy Vastine → my review
The Rancher’s Homecoming by Anna J. Stewart → my review

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& #ReturnOfTheBlackwellBrothers

Published by: Harlequin Heartwarming (@HarlequinBooks) | imprint of Harlequin

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I have a lot of fond memories of reading through the Return of the Blackwell Brothers series as this is a series which is full of heart, family, community and the brilliant backdrop of a Western Romance series set in the heart of the Rockies. You immediately connect to the characters, feel caught in the dramas of their lives and quite soon after you’ve met them – become one of their cheerleaders, hoping to seek the redemption and the turning tides you feel they deserve.

Through each installment of this series, we have the added benefit of ‘switching’ voices & styles of the series vision per each author who is penning the installments – they all collectively have given us such a tome of #bookjoy to discover and through their collaborative efforts the Return of the Blackwell Brothers and now the newely released #BlackwellSisters series is a wicked good treat of loveliness for today’s Contemporary Western Romance reader!

I had the pleasure of being on the review tours for the Return of the Blackwell Brothers – dipping in and out of this series with renewed affection for the characters and the curiosity of intrigue set round ‘Big E’ and the devious nature of how he was affecting the lives of his relatives by his quirky antics and his unorthodox choices on behalf of their lives. Through each installment you only gathered a snippet of clues towards understanding his methods and of knowing where in the world he actual had set his hat throughout the series itself. In many regards, this unknown fact about ‘Big E’ is what enouraged me onwards deeper into Return of the Blackwell Brothers because point of fact, he was enabling them to either sink or swim on their own. And, there was a strong allure within me as a reader to see how those boys would handle their adversities and work through the challenges facing them in the wake of Big E’s disappearance.

Fast forward – as I was reading the series itself – I was hoping there would be a ‘sequel’ series – never realising until Ms Webb revealled the news in the comments of one of my reviews for her novels there was indeed a sequel series forthcoming in 2020 and through my conversations with Ms Stewart I was able to set-up a date where *all!* five authors will be chatting LIVE during @SatBookChat on the 14th of November!! I cannot even describe how thankful I am to the authors – for giving us this new series and for giving me the joy in hosting them in a live Twitter chat this month!

Today, I am helping to announce both the series and to shine a spotlight on Carol Ross’s installment of the Blackwell Sisters series – which is ‘Montana Match’. As you might have noticed, Ms Ross kicked off the original series with ‘The Ranger’s Twins’ and within those pages of the very first novel I read about the Blackwells – you could say I became smitten for life about the family, their community and the ways in which you find yourself rallying behind them.

It is feel-good Western Romance – the kind of stories you could see as a sequence of Hallmark movies and/or a Hallmark series – wherein similar to Chesapeake Shores or NetFlix’s Virgin River or Sweet Magnolias – you can see yourself settling into the setting, the towne and re-falling in love with the characters as they shift off the page to the screen. I am not sure if these series will make that leap but if they do it would be wicked good news for all of us who’ve taken their journey with them through the pages of the novels these lovely five women have given us to enjoy.

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Blackwell Sisters series collage of covers provided by Anna J. Stewart and is used with permission.

The Blackwell Sisters series:

Montana Welcome (book one) by Melinda Curtis

Montana Wishes (book two) by Amy Vastine

Montana Dreams (book three) by Anna J. Stewart

Montana Match (book four) by Carol Ross

Montana Wedding (book five) by Cari Lynn Webb

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Ahead of speaking to each of these lovely authors on Saturday, 14th November –

I am happily shining a light on the fourth novel within the Blackwell Sisters series:

Montana Match by Carol Ross

Thanksgiving in Montana
Is about family—and love!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for Fiona Harrison to turn her life around. And she is sure finding a suitable husband will please her newfound family in Montana. When a dating app sends her every dud in town, handsome bartender Simon Clarke offers to be her matchmaker. If only Simon fit her criteria… Learning the truth about the twinkle-eyed charmer could change everything—but for better or worse?

I was slightly delayed getting started to read this lovely series due to illness and migraines – however, the joy of November for me is being able to share my thoughts and reactions to the series as I finish each of the stories – as I will be releasing them starting this week. To find a series of authors who have such a wonderful balance of vision and of collaborative fusion of ideas is such a wonderful experience as a Contemporary Romance reader. I have truly loved noticing their personal instincts for what to root out of the characters’ lives, how they each handled the incredible deft hand in continuity for the series and as I move into the Blackwell Sisters stories – to knit together my thoughts from the Blackwell Brothers and merge those memories into what I am now discovering of the series where it is today.

About Carol Ross

Carol Ross

USA Today bestselling author Carol Ross grew up in small town America right between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains, in a place where you can go deep sea fishing in the morning and then hit the ski slopes the same afternoon. The daughter of what is now known as free range parents, she developed a love of the outdoors at a very early age.

As a writer, Carol loves to breathe the life she has lived into the characters she creates, grateful for the “research material” that every questionable decision, adrenaline-charged misstep, and near-death experience has provided.

It is a true honour to give a boost of joy and #booklove to these lovely authors – whilst celebrating Ms Ross on her blitz this week as she was the first author who introduced me to the world of the Blackwells and gave me such a wicked good foundation of entrance into their lives which has remained one of my top favourite series by Harlequin Heartwarming and one of my top three Western Romance series overall.

This November – do yourself a favour – give the Blackwells a chance to charm your bookish heart with their humour, their dedication to family and let the close-knit community they live in attach itself into your memories. These are stories which are wickedly uplifting to read and give you just the right amount of Western life to satisfy your imagination for a life out West.

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For those who are unfamiliar with Twitter chats – you are all welcome to join us on the 14th for #SatBookChat – simply search for our tag, make sure you are viewing the ‘latest’ tweets and the chat will flow onto those feeds. It is easier to use TweetDeck by creating a column for our tag #SatBookChat – however, whichever way you join us on the 14th make sure you add the tag to ALL your tweets in order for the convo to *thread properly online. I will be getting the convo started for a pre-chat bit of engagement at 10:45a NYC whilst the chat and main discussion of the series will begin at 11a NYC. The differences in time zones are explained at the end of this post. Kindly leave me a comment on this post if you have further questions about the chat and how to join us during it and/or tweet or DM me on Twitter for assistance as well.

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This Book Spotlight & Announcement is courtesy of the Blackwell Sisters authors:

Anna J. Stewart, Cari Lynn Webb, Carol Ross, Amy Vastine & Melinda Curtis

as well as the promotional book blitz via Prism Book Tours.

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Be sure to click the banner to find out about the giveaway on the Blitz:

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Join us 14th November, 2020

@ 11a NYC | 4p UK | 8a LA

We’ll be discussing Western Romances,
Return of the Blackwell Brothers & Blackwell Sisters series!

There is a beautiful giveaway up for grabs by these authors for two lucky chatters!

Follow @SatBookChat, tweet during our chat using our tag #SatBookChat!

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