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Blog Book Tour | “Beneath Creek Waters” by Jason L. Bradshaw #Hisfic adventure to find the hidden treasures of the past buried underwater!

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An interesting story about how this novel came into my life: I originally found out about the book via Kate Tilton’s Book Bloggers wherein I received a complimentary copy of “Beneath Creek Waters” direct from the publisher Smooth Sailing Press, in exchange for an honest review. Between life and circumstances that arose since I received the novel itself, I was hoping to post my thoughts on behalf of this novel sooner rather than later. When I saw the blog tour upcoming from Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours I requested to be placed on the tour, as  I felt it would be a nice gesture to not only find more readers who might be as curious to read this novel as I was originally but also, to have the chance to host a guest author feature. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

Why historical adventures interest me:

Adventure fiction is a bit of a departure of my normal bookish tendencies to soak inside a Romance novel or to pick up a traditional historical fiction novel. Although I love most branches of literature, there is one curious branch that has held my attention with a bit of trepidation (moreso than Mystery & Suspense) due to never knowing how far the writer would take the elements inside the narratives and if the action involved were on a level I could not only appreciate but handle reading about! Adventure fiction is the full gambit of being an exciting story rooted on the thirst for uncovering something quite extraordinary and the opposite end where it’s such a narrowing gutting emotional ride towards an ending that may or may not break your spirit by the time you reach it! Therein, of course, lies my interest – to see how an adventure can be knitted together where it’s equally enjoyable to ride on the coattails of the characters as they take their journey and to feel fully satisfied in the concluding chapters to know that everything happened as it should have whilst giving you a measure of closure.

I picked up my first adventure novels when I was younger, even though it was the spin-off Indiana Jones novelisations that truly whet my thirst for a bit more intense drama than what I had traditional picked up to read! I liked the archaeological approach to rooting a suspense plot out of the historical past where artifacts and quests for treasure were key driving forces behind the intensity of the plot! Who doesn’t like a wicked good mystery surrounding artifacts? This was in part due to my curious attachment to the fields of archaeology and anthropology whilst I was growing up as originally I had felt they would have been a good niche for me to take-on professionally. I resolved that I prefer to read the stories left behind than to navigate the murky waters of academia and research.

When I discovered Gigi Pandian’s series involving Jaya Jones, I knew I was starting to take a full step out of my childhood wanderings and finding new series as a book blogger I might have missed otherwise! Finding out that another Indie Publisher was on the brink of encouraging another new series to step forward was quite encouraging! As you will find the author’s (Jason L. Bradshaw) tweet s/o about what comes next past Beneath Creek Waters at the bottom of this post!

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 Blog Book Tour | “Beneath Creek Waters” by Jason L. Bradshaw #Hisfic adventure to find the hidden treasures of the past buried underwater!Beneath Creek Waters
by Jason L. Bradshaw
Source: Direct from Publisher

In 1845 200 gold coins were minted to commemorate Texas’ entry into the United States. Slated to be given to all major players that helped Texas into the Union, the coins were loaded onto a wagon on a rainy night, near Dallas, Texas and never seen again. Over a century later, traces of the coins resurface, after a couple of kids stumble upon what appeared to be one, in a Southeast Texas creek.

News of the find reach Parks Leslie and Stan Atcher, treasure hunters and historians, always looking for their next big find, and long-time seekers of these coins. Parks and Stan’s interest proves to be an unexpected journey, tangled with blood history ties, new friendships and near-death experiences, calling for sacrifices no one could have predicted.

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Series: Beneath Creek Waters,

Genres: Action & Adventure Fiction, Historical Fiction, Western Fiction

Published by Smooth Sailing Press

on September 2014

Format: Paperback Edition

Pages: 245

Published By: Mystic Harbor Press

{an imprint of} Smooth Sailing Press (@SmoothSailingP)
Available Formats: Paperback & Ebook

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About Jason L. Bradshaw

Jason L. Bradshaw

Jason Bradshaw has had a passion for adventure, history and writing for most of his life; culminating in the writing of his first novel, Beneath Creek Waters. Besides writing numerous articles for various newsletters and publications, Bradshaw is currently completing his second installment to his novel series, titled Beneath Gulf Waters, after which he will begin work for a new series, The Hobbyist, to be completed in 2015. Bradshaw has also co-written two screenplays in conjunction with Todd Rodgers, titled Red Eye and Shadow Ops.

Bradshaw is an avid diver, enjoys flying, hiking, surfing and has a general love for the outdoors. He currently resides in Texas with his wife and two young sons.

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  • 2015 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

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Book Review | “Meant To Be” by Jessica James A military romance

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I was selected to review “Meant to Be” by JKS Communications: A Literary Publicity Firm. JKS is the first publicity firm I started working with when I launched Jorie Loves A Story in August, 2013. I am honoured to continue to work with them now as a 2nd Year Book Blogger. I received my complimentary ARC copy of Meant to Be direct from JKS Communications in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

On reading military fiction:

I have blogged off and on about my appreciation for military fiction, especially when I have picked up a military-based novel; the stories which still stand out to me the most will be included in a link section below this review. If you visit one of those reviews, I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts on those pages as much as seeing your reactions to this review in the comment threads. I definitely encourage commentary on my bookish blog, as conversations are the heart of what makes reading such a wicked awesome adventure! Sharing our thoughts and collectively conversing about topics within the stories is part of the happiness I’ve had throughout my reading life.

One thing that has stood the test of time for me, is how harrowing a life the servicemen and women face each day they are deployed and protecting us back home. They have a self-sacrifice approach to service, whereupon they put the lives of the rest of us ahead of their own. In my own family, I have had great-grandfathers serving in the Civil War and throughout the 20th Century I have had either a grand-parent serving overseas or family members who took up civilian service to help those back home. Including an Auntie who was in the USO and I followed her legacy by giving back to deployed soldiers via Soldiers Angels between 2011 and 2013. I would like to pick up where I left off and become active with Wounded Warrior Project as well as local charities helping veterans.

I appreciate reading the stories writers are giving to us to read where honour, trust, and a truism of voice is being given to the servicemen and women in their narratives. Before I found Jessica James, I became familiar with Jocelyn Green‘s collective works on the Civil War, wherein I decided not to read her novels because of following her blog visits during 2013 and 2014, I noticed the medical bits were a bit too much for me to handle. My admiration for her work did not falter, as she’s a lovely woman to speak too at these online events and showcases. Another author I found in the INSPY world of military fiction is Ronie Kendig, of whom I am hoping to start ILL’ing (inter-library loaning) lateron this year.

Through my own personal readings about the Civil War via the blog tours I’ve been participating in or books which I have sought out on my own — I have a newfound respect for my great-grandfather who took up the courage to fight with the Union Army at a time where he was just starting to settle into life in America. Every family in America has a different immigrant story to share, a different lifepath that might have cross-sected with our American History at war and a new connective thread which starts to unite all of us together. Except of course, for those families of our Native Americans of whom were here before we were.

When I have the opportunity to pick up a narrative set within the historical past or the contemporary world during our current timescape, I appreciate seeing how writers knit the heart of the military into their stories. I don’t have to have a story so full-on in truism to be graphic nor vulgar (i.e. language), but it is nice to see people you can relate too in the novels. To have empathy for what they must face everyday they serve and to see a small fraction of how their lives are affected by their duties. This is one of the motivating reasons I wanted to read Meant To Be; however, the greater reason is because when the publicist at JKS pitched me the book, I felt as if she had not only read my Review Policy to such a level of insight and understanding, but that she knew *exactly!* where my readerly heart lies to travel.

I hand-selected to post my review on Flag Day,
to celebrate the Birthday of the Army,
and the sisterly holiday for our 4th of July!

Book Review | “Meant To Be” by Jessica James A military romanceMeant To Be
by Jessica James
Source: Publicist via JKS Communications

A chance encounter on the beach and a magical 24 hours transported Lauren Cantrell from thoughts of her deployment—and her secret life. She didn’t think she would see Michael “Rad” Radcliffe again—until another chance meeting half a world away reveals that she isn’t the only one with a covert career. Now they must decide: What do you do when the person you most want to protect is the one risking everything to make sure you survive?

From the sandy shores of Ocean City to the rugged terrain of Afghanistan, this transformative tale of romance, espionage, and perseverance takes readers on a spellbinding journey into the covert lives of our nation’s quiet heroes.

Sweeping and timely, it celebrates the dedication of our military, the honor and sacrifice of our soldiers, and a relationship that is tested and sustained by powerful forces of love, courage, and resolve.

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Series: For the Love of Country,

Genres: Action & Adventure Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Military Fiction, Romantic Suspense, War Drama

Published by Patriot Press

on 6th of June, 2015

Pages: 320

Genre(s): Military Romance | Romantic Suspense

Contemporary Rom | Espionage

Published By: Patriots Press

Available Formats: Paperback and Ebook

Converse via Twitter: #Meant2B and #JKSLitPublicity

About Jessica James

JESSICA JAMES is an award-winning author of military fiction and nonfiction, ranging from the Revolutionary War to present day. She is the only two-time winner of the John Esten Cooke Award for Southern Fiction, and was featured in the book 50 Authors You Should Be Reading (2010). James is a member of the Romance Writers of America, the Military Writers Association of America, and Christian Fiction Writers.

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Blog Book Tour | “Ian Quicksilver: The Warrior’s Return” (Book No.1 of the Ian Quicksilver series!) by Alyson Peterson! #FosterKids in #YALit starring in an adventure seeking honour & redemption!

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Ruminations & Impressions Book Review Banner created by Jorie in Canva. Photo Credit: Unsplash Public Domain Photographer Sergey Zolkin.

Acquired Book By: I am a regular tour hostess for blog tours via Cedar Fort whereupon I am thankful to have such a diverse amount of novels and non-fiction titles to choose amongst to host. I received a complimentary copy of “Ian Quicksilver: The Warrior’s Return” direct from the publisher Sweetwater Books (imprint of Cedar Fort, Inc) in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

My connection to the author: Underneath my review, I talk about what I appreciated about the tone of “Ian Quicksilver” wherein I disclosed I had a conversation with the author whilst I was writing this post. The only part of the novel I spoke about was about appreciating the tone, as we talked about our mutual compassion for foster children and other things that two like-minded souls can talk about when conversing together. I didn’t feel the convo was a conflict of interest even though I was still writing up my review. If anything, it felt quite lovely to have the chance to talk to the author about unrelated subjects and finding that we had a bit in common. In other words, the conversation did not influence nor affect this review.

Interested in Reading:

On one level I wanted to read this novel because I’m a Prospective Adoptive Mum (who wants to adopt a sibling group of boys) and thereby, I am quite curious how foster children will be represented in fiction and as a whole how their inclusion will be handled throughout the novel itself. Equal to that curiosity, I happen to love YA Fantasy! No more apparent than if you read my Serial Overview of the Leland Dragons series by Jackie Gamber (or caught my 100s of tweets recommending it to everyone on Twitter!) Let’s face it, some series endeavour themselves into your soul, and Leland Dragons for me is one of those series!

I have taken up a small residence inside Children’s Lit for several moons now, as I do blog about my re-entrance back into Children’s Lit each chance I get. It is my hope after my relocation I can spend more time on devouring the Middle Grade and Young Adult authors I’ve been selecting as my own personal batches of choice for ‘next reads and must reads’ alike! Some of them I want to sample to see if I can fit inside part of the realm of where YA & MG readers regularly hang out OR if I truly am a bird of my own feather who likes to dig inside MG & YA by stories that might go overlooked by the masses. I tend to yield to thinking I’m the latter — let’s face it, I’ve never read what was popular, I’ve held myself to seeking what felt favourable to me to want to experience rather than opting for a book everyone else was already jonsing to flirt over. (in other words, I’m not a ‘fangirl‘)

I decided to take a chance on Ian Quicksilver (as I previously took a chance on An Uncommon Blue) because I keep trying to find more Literature for Boys, as it would be nice to know some books to tell my future sons about which books they might enjoy reading. I’ve found a few, but I know I’ve only just begun to uncover what they might gravitate towards!

I admit, I haven’t read the Percy Jackson series, mostly as I was considering reading it, the films came out and the trailers alone scared me silly! lol

One series I am eager to introduce to one of my nephews (as he’s Middle Grade age) includes “The Dragon in the Sock Drawer” and “The Dragon in the Driveway”, which are part of an inventive dragon series by Kate Klimo. I also read the first book in the time travel museum series that starts with “The Sixty-Eight Rooms” by Marianne Malone. I love reading Children’s Lit, and dedicated a page to it on my blog, where I highlight books I read during my own childhood as much as books I am discovering now.

Finding wicked quality stories who are fused with characters both the child and the Mum can rally behind is a bit of a quirky balancing act, but this future Mum and present day Auntie is attempting the impossible because her parents instilled such a catapult of readerly joy in her own childhood, she wants to give her own (future) children the same benefit of bookish explorations she was given herself.

Blog Book Tour | “Ian Quicksilver: The Warrior’s Return” (Book No.1 of the Ian Quicksilver series!) by Alyson Peterson! #FosterKids in #YALit starring in an adventure seeking honour & redemption!Ian Quicksilver: The Warrior's Return
by Alyson Peterson
Source: Direct from Publisher

Skinny nerdy foster kid Ian Quicksilver from Puckerbrush, Nevada, has just discovered an unsettling truth - he is the last warrior prince of Bankhir. And the fate of his home planet - and the entire galaxy - depends on him. Well, him and Arianna Hernfeld, the hottest girl in school. He needs her help and her magic to stop a sociopathic magician bent on galactic domination.

The problem is, Arianna doesn't remember anything about their past, and all of this galaxy-saving, spell-breaking stuff has to happen by Ian's sixteenth birthday. Which is only five days away.

Get ready for an action-packed, laugh-out-loud book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Witty and perfectly paced, this is one adventure story you'll have to read to believe.

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Also by this author: The Cursed Dagger, Author Interview (The Cursed Dagger)

Series: Ian Quicksilver

Also in this series: The Cursed Dagger

Genres: Action & Adventure Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Sci-Fantasy, YA Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction

Published by Sweetwater Books

on 12th May, 2015

Format: Paperback

Pages: 320

Jorie Loves A Story Cuppa Book Love Awards Badge created by Jorie in Canva. Coffee and Tea Clip Art Set purchased on Etsy; made by rachelwhitetoo.

Published By: Sweetwater Books (@SweetwaterBooks),
an imprint of Cedar Fort, Inc (@CedarFortBooks)

Available Formats: Paperback, Ebook

Converse via: #IanQuicksilver

About Alyson Peterson

Alyson Peterson

Alyson Peterson lives in a mountainside gully –of all places– in northern Utah with her neurotic, shed-tastic dog, two ninja kids, and superhero husband. She spends her time painting, breaking bones at her Martial Arts class (mostly her own) and reading as many books as she can get her hands on.

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