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10 responses to “Author Interview | Lynn Carthage {on behalf of her debut novel “Haunted”}

  1. What a great interview! Definitely gave us an insight into the book while not revealing too much and I certainly share the author’s fascination with English manors! Thanks for the share ladies!

    • Hallo, Hallo Gina!

      You’re compliments on behalf of my interview with Ms Carthage is a happy note to find tonight! I haven’t had the pleasure of being online as much lately due to my illness, which is why I am responding a bit late. I had such a lot of wicked joy seeing Ms Carthage’s responses to my enquiries, especially when I realised she was remarking about how insightful I had been on an element of the book’s hidden history! I also was appreciative in hearing you liked our exchanges back and forth, as I continued the conversation. I never want to ‘over share’ about a book — either for an interview, guest post, or a book review, but rather instead, help encourage readers to make up their own minds whether a book or author can resonate with them directly by what I am choosing to share on their behalf. In this, I am thankful you dropped by and shared your joy in reading this interview! Blessed.

      *On English manors — I definitely agree with you, there is this magical allure to them for us all! Which stories do you like that take place on English estates!? You had me curious! :)

      I look forward to visiting with you again. Drop by soon.

  2. So neat to see all your responses…you spent as much time on this as I did! Much gratitude to you for featuring me today and for your kindly interest in a book you cannot read! ;) Great ruminations, Jorie!

    • Hallo, Hallo Ms Carthage!

      It was my honour to host you! :) As you can see, I loved every second of our conversation and am thankful I could delight my readers with the knowledge there is a new Cosy Horror book out that which might entice them to pick up! Thank you for letting me get to converse with you and get inside your head a bit as we did! You truly put a lot of heart and thought into your writings, and for this, I appreciated getting to know you a bit better! I love responding after the initial questions, as it helps keep the conversations fluid. You made me happy knowing you’ve enjoyed the second half since you saw the first!

      Blessed day!

        • *Cosy Horror – I hadn’t thought of it in that way, but yes, your quite right about it! I like putting words together to describe things, especially when it comes to literature, and this was a plumb accident during Horror October 2014! It was almost like having worked on a puzzle for a long while and you finally start to see how the pieces are lining up where the picture emerges into focus, rather than the disconnected state it was in originally? To me, ‘Cosy Horror’ fit the type of stories that do not quite belong to Gothic Lit nor Psychological Suspense or Paranormal Suspense/Romance; they are a bit more definitive than that, yet they are not graphic. It’s all imagined or psychologically stimulated, and thereby, the ‘genre name’ came to me! — I loved working with you on this blog tour! I look forward to keeping in touch with you; the joy was definitely doubled and shared!

    • Hallo!

      Thank you for your visit and for appreciating the interview! I hope it has inspired you to pick up the book or at least get to know the author behind the story a bit better! I appreciate your response! Visit again soon.

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