#WaitingOnWednesday No. XI | Celebrating the news of the next “Ella Shane Mystery!” whilst reading and listening to the first novel!

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a word about ‘waiting on Wednesday’:

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I have decided to start participating in this book blogosphere meme with a few small changes of how it’s regularly blogged about by my fellow book bloggers. I will either be introducing my current reads of upcoming releases as I am in the process of reading them and/or I might be releasing a book review about a forthcoming title by which I had been blessed to read ahead of publication. The main purpose behind the meme is to encourage readers and your fellow book bloggers to become aware of new books being released which caught your eye and which held your interest to read. Sometimes if your still in the process of reading the books, its the titles which encouraged your bookish heart. I look forward to spending the next seasons of the year, talking about the books I have on hand to read, the books I’ve been reading and the books I might not even have a copy to read but which are of wicked sweet interest to become a #nextread of mine.

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

I am wicked thankful to bring news about a sequel for a series I am still wickedly absorbing through the first installment wherein I have the most delightful joy in both reading the story and listening to the narrator narrate it in my ears! However, I am getting a bit ahead of myself! Let me first explain how this series [the Ella Shane Mysteries] came to alight on my bookish path and how delighted I am to be championing the author behind them as I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know her better in the weeks & months since she first guested on my @SatBookChat!

Ms Kalb sought me out to be a guest on my bookish chat which celebrates Romance & Women’s Fiction (how I founded the chat) whilst throughout 2020 I have expanded on our roots to now become inclusive of all genres which represent strong female characters and/or Feminist Lit. It is a merger of change which better represents the stories I am most intrigued to be reading myself a a reader whilst continuing to offer a bridge of focus between my blog Jorie Loves A Story and my chat @SatBookChat. The reviews are generally featured during my #SaturdaysAreBookish featured showcases running on Saturdays but sometimes if I fall behind schedule, they are re-funnelled into other showcases I have such as #RomanceTuesdays and/or #HistoricalMondays depending on the genre in which the stories represent within them.

I was so dearly thankful Ms Kalb had found my chat and wanted to become a guest – as most of this past year of 2020, the chat itself has been organically knitting itself together with guest authors & stories to discuss as it was one year where I had intented to give it my all to help grow the chat and also help re-direct it further from where I had regenerated it in Autumn, 2019. This year just felt a bit more oppressive than others personally and having authors step forward to query me about the chat was an unexpected blessing of grace and it allowed me to continue hosting without feeling the guilt of not being able to send as many queries out myself.

What struck my interest about this Cosy Historical Mystery series is how it takes place in the world of theatre and is set during the 19th Century Gilded Age! A place in history that I am most curious about exploring further and one I do not always get the chance to read about myself. As you will see, I am already fully anchoured into the story and the narration by Ms Bentley for this first novel – I am hopeful she will be the narrator for the sequel but I haven’t heard the news about whose narrating book two as of yet.

Today, I wanted to help shine a light on this series and also to give a few early glimpses into my reactions to reading “A Fatal Finale” whilst championing the announced release of the sequel “A Fatal First Night”!! If you haven’t seen this series on your Cosy Historical Mystery radar – be sure to follow the links to the archives of #SatBookChat, as we happily discussed the series and the author’s style of writing it in full detail.

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#WaitingOnWednesday No. XI | Celebrating the news of the next “Ella Shane Mystery!” whilst reading and listening to the first novel!Series Spotlight w/ Notes: Ella Shane Mysteries
by Kathleen Marple Kalb
Source: Direct from Author
Narrator: Amy Melissa Bentley

A FATAL FIRST NIGHT opens with a murder in Richard III’s dressing room after the premiere of the Ella Shane Opera Company’s new production, The Princes in the Tower . Ella and friends aren't at all sure about their colleague's guilt -- even though it seems obvious. Meanwhile, newspaper reporter Hetty MacNaughten has finally escaped hats to cover a sensational murder trial. Before it’s over, the cast will have to sort out several interlocking mysteries, welcome an unexpected visitor…and find another Richard III. Will everyone survive to the final curtain?

Genres: Amateur Detective, Cosy Historical Mystery, Crime Fiction

Places to find the book:

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ISBN: 978-1496727244

Published by Kensington Books

on 27th April, 2021

Format: Paperback ARC

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The Ella Shane Mysteries:

A Fatal Finale by Kathleen Marple KalbA Fatal First Night by Kathleen Marple Kalb

A Fatal Finale (book one)

A Fatal Finale introduces swashbuckling Gilded Age opera singer Ella Shane, best described as part Beverly Sills, part Anne of Green Gables, and part Errol Flynn.

Ella, an Irish-Jewish Lower East Side orphan made good, is singing Romeo when her Juliet dies onstage after drinking real poison. The girl’s cousin, a genuine British Duke, comes to New York to investigate and immediately insults Ella – who schools him in a fencing match.

Still, Ella, her “confirmed bachelor” former boxing champ cousin Tommy, and a colorful cast join in the case. And Ella and the Duke find they have an undeniable and quite possibly unresolvable attraction. No spoiler (just tease!) it all culminates in a catwalk duel with the killer – with Ella handling swordplay while the Duke waits in the wings.

A Fatal First Night  (book two)
← forthcoming release: 27th April, 2021!

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Published by: Kensington Books (@KensingtonBooks)

Converse via: #SaturdaysAreBookish + #HistoricalMystery
and/or #CosyMystery/ies or #CozyMystery/ies as well as #EllaShaneMysteries

Available Formats: Hardback, Audiobook, Paperback & Ebook

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It should be noted: I received a complimentary copy of “A Fatal Finale” direct from the author Kathleen Marple Kalb in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein. The following is an early glimpse into my forthcoming review which I am looking forward to sharing this September.

Kalb addresses the trouser roles in Opera immediately after beginning her novel A Fatal Finale wherein she has her lead singer Ella Shane describing what it is like to observe the obstacles of the theatre (wherein finding the right Juliet is far more dramatic than the play) whilst also owning to the fact that whatever an audience might pre-conceive on her behalf doesn’t affect her personally. As there is a wicked wonderful line in the first pages of this novel which talks about owning your own identity and understanding yourself in ways that cannot be contested. It is a wicked start to the story because Ella Shane wants to assert her reasons behind her choices and how those choices do not compromise herself in the process of pursuing a role.

I clearly LOVE sassy heroines who own their lives and boldly live their truth!

You have to love a cheeky entrance by an even cheekier parrot (herein: Montezuma!) who flaunts himself King of his house and finds himself endeared to Ella Shane; not his first owner but the one who inherited his caretaking responsibilities! His personality befits the era but also, the setting of the theatre and Opera; as parrots are notoriously amusing in how you’ve never quite able to deduce what they shall say until it is actually said! His presence was a breath of fresh air as I love seeing animals as companions in stories but sometimes, I do hope for an animal which isn’t necessarily one you’d immediately think might be inclusive of the story. Thus, Montezuma gave me a heap of lovely smiles and a lot of smirks!

-quoted from my forthcoming review of A Fatal Finale

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It was quite extraordinary to start reading this novel via the ARC I received by post and then to carry-on with the story whilst reading & listening to the audiobook; first found via Scribd and then borrowed through my library’s CloudLibrary for audiobooks. For me, having experienced too many migraines from May-Aug, of which had a clustering of at least 4x from mid-to-late July into early August – I found the audiobook necessary in order to find myself able to re-attach into the storyline. Sometimes after such supernova migraines I struggle with attaching into stories. Audiobooks allow me the grace to resume where I left off with a lot of ease similar to why I like to read either Harlequin Heartwarming and/or Love Inspired Suspense novels after those kinds of migraines as those stories are available in larger print; it helps me with the transitions out of the migraines where I can enjoy reading once again.

I found that the audiobook heightens the experience of understanding this story – to give you a glimpse into my notes on behalf of the audiobook let me share a bit about the individual characters being narrated:

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Ella Shane: I loved the cool confidence Ms Bentley oozes out of Ella Shane but also the tendency to have her a bit snarky round the edges of where she has a playful humour about life, theatre and opera. She has a certain cadence in her voice as well which I think was induced more by how Bentley interpreted her character than the source material – as she has wonderful depth to her voice and how she switches how the tone of her voice can sound depending on what is being said or expressed. In other words, you definitely sit up and listen when Ella Shane is in-scene!

Gilbert Saint Aubyn, Duke of Leith: He has such a confounding presence when we first see him interacting with Ella Shane. He has this air about him that he has come with a mission in mind and that he isn’t going to distract himself from that set goal. He’s rather obtuse and dearly droll in how he is partially predictable in how he’s choosing to first interact with Ella Shane. He comes across rather posh and a snob but he also had this surprising quality about him where he showed a bit of mercy in his heavy-handed approach to seeking the truth about his deceased cousin.

Secondary Characters:

MontezumaThe parrot has one of those tones of voice which keeps you in full laughter and owns to the fact that you are never quite certain what a parrot is going to say! I liked Bently’s impression of the parrot and how whenever you heard his squawk and voice, you knew he was about to impart a bit of cheek on those who could hear him!

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As you can see I am enjoying myself quite well! I had a few disconnects when I first started reading the story & it took me a bit of time to get into the rhythm of the plotting as we discussed during #SatBookChat, some of what has previously been stated about the ‘mystery’ and crime bits taking a bit longer to come into fuller view of the story I felt rang true but what endears me to the storyline & to the series is Ella Shane herself! She’s quite the interesting woman and what I love most about her is her resourcefulness and her moxie! She’s not one to back down without a fight and she has some wonderful lines in this series, too!

I cannot wait to continue to see how this whole affair wraps up and where it shall leave us before we enter into the sequel “A Fatal First Night”. One thing is for sure – Ella Shane is going to entertain you and I love the cosier appeal of how this Mystery is told.

This Waiting on Wednesday, I hope I’ve enticed you to consider giving this series a whirl for yourself and see if Ella Shane makes a similar impact on you! Let me know if I’ve tempted your TBR and/or if you’ve already begun reading “A Fatal Finale”!!

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This Book Spotlight & Announcement is courtesy of the author:

About Kathleen Marple Kalb

Kathleen Marple Kalb

Kathleen Marple Kalb grew up in front of a microphone, and a keyboard. She’s now a weekend morning anchor at 1010 WINS New York, capping a career begun as a teenage DJ in Brookville, Pennsylvania. She worked her way up through newsrooms in Pittsburgh, Vermont and Connecticut, developing her skills and a deep and abiding distaste for snowstorms. While she wrote her first (thankfully unpublished) historical novel at age sixteen, fiction was firmly in the past until her son started kindergarten and she tried again. She, her husband the Professor, and their son the Imp, live in a Connecticut house owned by their cat.

#SatBookChat logo badge created by Jorie in Canva.

Ms Kalb was a guest of #SatBookChat

She guested on the 11th of July, 2020

You can read transcripts of her convo via Moments: Part I, Part II and Part III

Follow @SatBookChat, tweet during our chat using our tag #SatBookChat!

Keep apprised of our full guest schedule of chats!

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    • Greg!

      I was so happy I could post this today, as I’ve been wanting to share my expanded review for the novel but with everything going on since the author was featured during #SatBookChat, I simply haven’t had the chance to fully finish reading and listening to the story!! I’ve heard enough to know how I feel about the character and the world in which the author’s built for us – which is what inspired what you read today. I’m hoping to post my review within the next week *fingers crossed!* and you’ll gleam a bit more about why I love it as a Cosy series. Sometimes it is nice to retreat into the cosier side of Mysteries – which is why I’ve binge watching “Hart to Hart” recently as well. Roku has been rotating the seasons in recent months and I am thankful for it. Comfort series on tv are just as lovely as comfortable mysteries to read.

      Thanks for dropping by and finding this post!

      • I feel like in these days cozy is good. We need that comfort sometimes. I have fond memories of shows like Hart to Hart and would like to watch more of those old favorites. :)

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