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In JULY 2018, I decided to resume this challenge as #20BooksOfAutumn due to the insanity of electrical storms last Summer which took the JOY out of reading these lovelies. Due watch my Twitter @joriestory for updates and reading queues for which story is being read next!

I created a new badge for this redemptive attempt to read *20!* specific books for *20!* unique reasons of interest throughout one Season of the Year. The first review will be the wild card selection “Like There’s No Tomorrow” by Camille Eide (as it replaced the previously inclusive “Ignoring Gravity”) before the schedule I set forth on this challenge commences from how it was meant to begin – where the following stories will be featured back-to-back:

As Death Draws Near | Allie & Bea | Worthy

Join me on the Autumnal Equinox 2018 : 22nd of September until 21st December.

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In the interest of the challenge, I should mention this is one reading challenge I have wanted to join in on the bookish fun since I first started blogging in [2013] similar to how I was most anxious to join #AustenInAugust when coincidentally, this blog went LIVE in August 2013. This year, I had projected to participate in a variety of reading challenges (see Challenge List 2017) however, I ought to have known it was going to be a ‘unique year’ once my Spring allergies took such a lockhold of me to where I was unable to read nor blog; much less tweet to my bookish heart’s desire.

I was wicked enthused finding out about the challenge (see this tweet) even if I wasn’t fully able to devout any attention to creating my own #20BooksOfSummer List until two days before the month of June concluded! Ironically or not, I might be late to the party, but I am wicked excited about my selections – which is why I am posting this List on my blog and Riffle.

DUE NOTE: all the books featured on my #20BooksOfSummer were books sent to me for review consideration at some point or another over the past few years. The exception being ‘Memory Box Secrets’ of which was a purchase of my own and ‘Allie and Bea’ which I received as a bookaway. Ergo for one reason or another all of these lovelies were TBR in the most humblest of ways: books ‘to be read’ and quite wickedly itching with curiosity by the reader whose about to broach into their folds!

I have been working earnestly towards erasing my backlogue (of reviews) for almost a full year and this challenge is helping me to become re-inspired to read after two seasons of personal angst. Let’s face it – JUNE was a wash-out. It barely blinked into view before it extinguished out of sight – and I barely posted anything during it’s duration. The one thing I did accomplish is finding a way to bring ART back into my life and to resume KNITTING giving myself a way to put some Zen into my downtime. Especially imperative as I was ill more than well this Spring. As the monsoon Summer rains start to begin now as we enter into JULY, I am most hopeful my seasonal allergies will start to relent and give me back the clarity of calm I’ve missed all SPRING.

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The exact order of how I will be reading these stories is UNKNOWN except for the first three selections which will be the following: WORTHY | As Death Draws Near | Allie and Bea.

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Interestingly enough, for those of you curious how we order things without thinking specifically about how we want to sort the books we’re reading, here is the organic nature of how the books were stacked as I sorted out which books would make into this challenge list:

  1. As Death Draws Near by Anna Lee Huber | Synopsis
  2. Inconceivable by Tegan Wren | Synopsis
  3. Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica | Synopsis
  4. Pretending to Dance by Diane Chamberlain | Synopsis ← re-reading
  5. Deadly Proof by Rachel Dylan | Synopsis
  6. Fatal Mistake by Susan Sleeman | Synopsis
  7. Memory Box Secrets by Brenda S. Anderson | Synopsis
  8. Ignoring Gravity by Sandra Danby | Synopsis ← (see also Review) guest feature forthcoming!
  9. Dear Carolina by Kristy Woodson Harvey | Synopsis
  10. The Promise of Dawn by Lauraine Snelling | Synopsis
  11. A Lesson in Hope by Philip Gulley | Synopsis
  12. True Believer by Nicholas Sparks | Synopsis
  13. A Saint in Graceland by Deborah Hining | Synopsis
  14. Just the Facts by Ellen Sherman | Synopsis
  15. Worthy by Catherine Ryan Hyde | Synopsis
  16. Allie and Bea by Catherine Ryan Hyde | Synopsis
  17. Satisfaction by Andee Reilly | Synopsis
  18. Rooville by Julie Long | Synopsis
  19. The Last Letter by Kathleen Shoop | Synopsis
  20. Twain’s End by Lynn Cullen | Synopsis
  21. Like There’s No Tomorrow by Camille Eide | Synopsis | to replace Ignoring Gravity

| by the numbers |

2 rescheduled blog tour books | 2 LibraryThing books | 1 bookaway | 7 BookSparks Reading Challenge Books

7 postponed reads = 17 books erased from my Book Blogger’s Backlogue

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Concurrent to reading these twenty books, I am showcasing #ChildrensLit (read why I love reading these stories!) this Summer as well – reading a mixture of #MGLit and #YALit with a few extra surprises in-between! I’ve assembled this second Summer Reading List on Riffle and will be following it with a dedicated post the first week of JULY. Stay tuned! Now then, let’s move on to why I’ve chosen the books I have and why each book is one I am dearly excited to be reading right now!

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As Death Draws Near – is the fifth #LadyDarby novel, the only one I haven’t yet read (aside from the novella which involves Keira and Sebastian’s wedding I am still a bit miffed about missing as it’s strictly digital) as my heart was broken last year whilst reading the series. I had attempted to read this as Autumn progressed forward, however, by the time I was able to re-pick up the series, my father was hospitalised for stroke and I was not in the right frame of mind to read this novel. Ergo, it has been a constant presence on my shelf and one story I dearly want to read as I have a delightful special edition: it’s a pocket book! To find out what I think about the Lady Darby series, you can read all my reviews ahead of time!

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Worthy and Allie and Bea – are two releases by Catherine Ryan Hyde, of whom I have appreciated reading since I first discovered her writerly style whilst on the blog tour for The Language of Hoofbeats (see also Review) which I quite regularly mention on Twitter as being one of my favourite stories for Adoption | Mumhood | Foster Care subjects inasmuch for a pro-positive story for LGBTQIA+. The story never quite left my conscience either – it’s one of those wonderfully written gems you simply are full of gratitude for having found come across your path. I’ve been planning a marathon read of Hyde’s novels for lateron this year, however, this Summer it will be a special treat to read the book which I never had the pleasure of reading from BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge in 2015 and her latest release from 2017.

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Seeking out stories of Mumhood | Fatherhood | Adoption & Foster Care Children & Youth

As a Prospective Adoptive Mum (see also Review) I appreciate seeking out not only Children’s Lit but also stories in fiction which broach into mumhood / fatherhood story-lines of families from a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. Although I do not always prefer to seek out stories of infertility or issues of conception therein, there are a few writers who have tempted me with their stories (such as Claiming Noah). Generally speaking, I appreciate seeking out the stories involving Adoption and Foster Care children and youth or traditional families through biological conception as these are the stories I can relate to the most. We each walk a different path in life and sometimes our reading lives match our paths and sometimes they are step outside our comfort zone. It just depends really on the story and how we feel inspired to read what we discover along our readerly adventures.

This Summer I decide to read the stories I’ve been itching to read which parlay into these subjects of interest.

Inconceivable – I stumbled across the publisher of this novel via Twitter or they found me; it’s up in the air truly who found whom first, however, when I visited their publishing website, this novel stood out to me from the pack of new releases. I decided to query to see if they were seeking reviewers, as at that point in time I truly thought I could read and review this title soon after I received it. As previously explained on my Book Blogger’s Backlogue List there are moments which arise which take us out of the path of a story. What impressed me most was how Wren was approaching the topic to discuss – how a couple who wanted children had the added pressure of producing an heir as the husband was a Royal. What was interesting in the time since I first receive this novel is how I learnt for the first time in the history of England, the Queen would have been agreeable to an adoption of a first heir if Kate hadn’t conceived George.

Memory Box Secrets this is the third book in a series I’ve been enjoying by an author I had the pleasure of finding in the book blogosphere ahead of being a book blogger myself. Her path as a blogger and mine as a writer mirror each other; as we both blogged about stories which excite us and affect our bookish heart before we pursued a publishing career. You can find my previous reviews on behalf of this series: Chain of Mercy (see also Review) and the prequel Pieces of Granite (see also Review). Following close to when I read this novel will be the fourth and final novel in the series: Hungry for Home. I am on the author’s Street Team but I fell behind reading the Coming Home series since they first published. Ergo, it’s been a joy to soak inside each novel as I’ve been able to dedicate time to reading it. This Summer, I am re-reading the first two novels before moving into the third and fourth; as way of championing her craft but also, of honing in on the series in order to find the best way to ‘say’ good-bye to the characters who have meant so much to me. In the Autumn, I will be shifting my focus to reviewing her new series: Where the Heart Is (as a new book is about to release!). Ms Anderson is renown for realistic story-lines which deal with real-life adversities and how to triumph through them with lessons learnt and a thread of Hope. This is why I love reading her stories as much as I do! In this particular installment, Richard’s wife Sheila is withchild – to say more would to spoilt the joy of reading the series for you! It’s intensive and wickedly full of depth, centred on the characters and their families.

Ignoring Gravity a few years ago I stumbled across a new publishing platform in the UK (@BNBSbooks) where readers could help writers get published by showing dedicated interest in their stories. The first novel which I felt had the best chance of resonating with readers was this one – there was something about the premise and the way in which the story itself spoke to me, I felt it had a winning chance of finding traction in today’s reading audience. My first attempts to host guest features by these authors or have an active role in showcasing their efforts to publish fell through in the planning process. It wasn’t until after a period of time went by where my path re-crossed with the author wherein I had the opportunity to receive the book to review! Whilst getting the chance to interview her about the story / series as well. I was overjoyed! Then, as fate would have it – my life ebbed and flowed away from reading, to where it’s literally one of my most curious reads I’ve had awaiting me on my shelf! The story itself is about Adoption and the secrets kept from the adopted child – in some regards, I can see why it appealed to me as I recently (Spring 2017) watched Philomena starring Dame Judi Dench about the woman who searched for her child who she was forced to place for adoption? Talk about a gutting story-line which has a punching twist inside it and a compellingly brilliant ending. As you can see – I am drawn to these kinds of stories quite a lot!

Dear CarolinaI was truly excited to be contacted by Ms Harvey round the time of her debut novel was set to publish – however, for the life of time, I am forgetting the circumstances which took me away from reading this story! I’ve had situations arise over the past four years I’ve been a book blogger which at times, have delayed my reviews or forced me to re-schedule but there were others which fell onto my Backlogue and simply staid there; unread until now. This one sadly was one of those – I wanted to read it in tandem with Memory Box Secrets and Ignoring Gravity originally but then, Inconceivable and Pretending to Dance crossed my path. In the end, they all fittingly go together! This one is similar in vein to Claiming Noah as the story revolves around a baby girl rather than a baby boy. I cannot wait to see how the author treated the subject!

Pretending to Danceback when I was participating in BookSparks blog tours and attempting to participate in three of their reading challenges: the Summer Reading Challenge of 2015 spilt between the Adult & YA Fiction choices and their Fall Reading Challenge of 2015 – I simply lost my traction. Some of the reviews made it onto my blog, as did several of their blog tours – however, overall, I have a healthy backlogue of titles from BookSparks which I have chosen to place on my #20BooksOfSummer list as a personal quest to get into their stories! Life and tide can take us out of reading but it’s how we choose to put ourselves back inside them which counts more in the end. Rather than never reading the stories at all which fell by the wayside during a period of personal strife. This one involves Adoption and the secrets kept from a husband by a wife who doesn’t want to dive into the details of her past, which I thought might prove to be an interesting read especially in regards to how it all knits up in the end!

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The Book Sparks Reading Challenge Books:

One thing I purposefully did whilst choosing the books I wanted to receive for these reading challenges were to find books which might take me a full step outside my comfort zones – including trying new authors and new ways of approaching writing a story. I feel I have already succeeded in doing this as I was able to post a few reviews from my original commitment before moving into the ones which remain. I have more books to read outside of these, which I will be following up with after this challenge concludes in the Autumn. To gain an idea about the kind of stories I selected kindly visit my reviews for the following: The Grown-ups by Robin Antalek (see also Review); Wishful Thinking by Kami Wicoff (see also Review); Blonde Eskimo by Kristin Hunt (see also Review); all in her head by Sunny Mera (see also Review) and Vote for Remi by Leanna Lehman (see also Review).

Just the Facts (#SRC2015 No.5) – truly love finding coming-of age narratives and this one had the added benefit of being in the field of journalism. I liked the moxie of the character – how she came across as being a strong female lead and of whom had a story to tell which captialised on the confidence of believing in yourself long before you make it in your field of choice. The length of the story surprised me – as I know I will be ploughing straight through this one and perhaps in the end, wish for extra chapters!

Satisfaction (#SRC2015 No.6) – road trips are the best way to travel – not only because flight is less than stellar in today’s era, but because of the freedom of being on the road! There is a certain genesis of independence and the serendipitous nature of finding one’s route as you travel the highways which cannot be experienced from the seat of a plane. This one particular nod in the story is what first caught my eye – the fact it is also about chasing after the musicians you love to listen too seemed to make it sweeter somehow whilst realising she also needs to sort through a heap of emotional angst!

Rooville (#SRC2015 No.7) – this one is interesting because I researched places to visit or quirky places to travel in the USA – finding an entire city rooted around Transcendentalism and Meditative practices similar to Rooville’s premise, actually! I love finding quirky new voices in fiction but I also like exploring alternative lifestyles and lifepaths through characters who are strong and have a unique voice of their own in which to tell their story. This one is one of those books you simply look forward to diving inside and hoping you can rest your mind long enough to appreciate where it takes you!

Pretty Baby (SRC2015 No.8) – I left this one off my list of stories about pregnancies and adoption, as I felt the Suspense is the heart of the story-line rather than a young Mum getting back on her feet again through the kindness of a stranger; of which the synopsis eludes to being the crust of the matter at hand. For me, this was definitely a ‘step outside Jorie’s comfort zone’ as I wasn’t sure if the intended Suspense elements would push me ‘too far afield’ or if they were within the outer boundaries of where I could traverse. If anything, I’d like to finally attempt to read this one and sort it out at long last!

+ The Last Letter (not part of #SRC2015) – a first novel in a series – wherein the second novel was a part of the BookSparks Challenge! The author kindly sent me a lovely bundle of her novels – of which I have been trying to get inside ever since they arrived. I’ve had a lot of personal adversity to overcome since I received her author #bookmail and this Summer felt like a fitting time to dig into her novels as honestly, I don’t want to wait any longer to do so! Similar to why I’m starting to read Ms Czerneda’s Fantasy novel ‘A Turn of Light’ this Summer as well! Sometimes you simply want to read the stories which itch at you the most to read – to sort out why they interest you as much as they do and why you’ve been left so dearly curious about their plots!! I’ve been a correspondent for most of my life – the past decade or so, I haven’t been as active writing letters as I would have preferred but there is still a very tangible and emotional connection to the art of writing letters and of having friends who write letters back to you. This series felt handmade just for my eyes and I cannot wait to read it! Even though I know the ‘letters’ are not as benign as friendship letters, as I know there is a roving layer of Suspense or Intrigue if you will – I am still just as charmed to read the Letter series as I was back in 2015!

After I read ‘The Last Letter’ I will be following it with ‘The Road Home’ which is the second novel in the Letter series and coincidentally will be (#SRC2015 No.9).

*Worthy & Pretending to Dance, forementioned

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The LibraryThing books:

*These were available as publisher bookaways, thus my reviews will be cross-posted between my blog and LT as it’s a similar programme as LT: Early Reviewer wherein my reviews first post to LT directly and/or are dual posted between LT and my blog. It depends if I expand my thoughts on my blog whilst reviewing the books on LT or if I read the book initially for the LT: ER programme and then, re-read the book lateron to expand my ruminative thoughts. In this particular case, I am reading and reviewing both books on my blog and LT.

Deadly Proof – as I am relatively new to using LibraryThing, it took me a bit to get involved in their bookaway programme for bloggers (their ER programme) inasmuch as understand their author/publisher bookaways, too. The concept is fairly similar to Blogging for Books and I have found I am enjoying it. Therefore this Spring, I attempted to participate in the ‘other side’ of LT bookaways – the authors / publishers side of it, wherein I was most surprised by the books I had the chance to read! Two selections are from the INSPY line of publishers and I could not be more thrilled! This one is the start of a Rom Suspense series wherein it’s courtroom drama mixed with detecting out the truth! I haven’t read legal dramas in years (not since John Grisham) even though I watch legal dramas on television; the latest of which I have enjoyed this past season is BULL which I stream via #CBSAllAccess.

The Promise of Dawn – personally love INSPY Historical Fiction and when I saw this is the first story in a series, I figured it was a good entrance into reading the author’s collective works as her name comes up on my Next Reads radar quite frequently! Although I haven’t honestly had the chance to read one of her novels, this felt like a good place to start!

*interestingly enough, I am also reading 1777 (Synopsis) for LT as a publisher bookaway. To follow the reviews I’m writing as an early reviewer for LibraryThing please visit my LT Profile.

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Fatal Mistake – this is one of my fiction selections from Hachette Books (via their inspiring imprints: FaithWords & Center Street) wherein I was seeking something slightly different than I normally would gravitate towards! This is one blessing for having the chance to browse a publisher’s catalogue and find both fiction + non-fiction selections which truly get you excited for what is upcoming! Then, this arrives and I was a bit jolted as it’s far more INTENSE of a story than I first read it as being! I’m going to be on a nail-biting read as soon as I duck under it’s covers — ooh, dear! Help! lol Leave it to me to get into a bookish pickle! I am just thankful this is an INSPY Thriller / Suspense – if it’s similar in vein to Dee Henderson (see also Review) and/or Deeanne Gist’s Beguiled, I’ll survive!

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A Lesson in Hope – I cannot even stress enough how much I am in LOVE with this book series! It’s quirky, it’s light-hearted and yet despite the humour it has a compelling serious angle to it, too! It’s everything your seeking in Realistic INSPY on the opposite ledger from Brenda S. Anderson – as this is set in one of those small towne communities where everyone knows everyone else and where life revolves round their Pastor! This is about the Quaker faith, the commitments you make to your neighbours and how living in a small towne has it’s own share of quagmire situations you’re not entirely expecting to be possible! I just love how the author pulls the life lessons together with the mirth of joy of being in a place where you not expecting to fit in nor find your niche in life! (see also Review – of the first in the series – I am totally gushing over it FYI!)

*Shortly after I read this novel, I will be reading ‘A Gathering in Hope’ which is the next book in sequence of the series.

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True Believer – would you believe despite having seen several of Nicholas Sparks films (ie. The Notebook (absolutely gutted me; can never re-watch), The Lucky One, The Last Song (didn’t finish; too sad), A Walk to Remember and Message in a Bottle (crushed my heart! it’s that good!) – I haven’t honestly READ his novels! Somehow the premise of these films enticed me to see them and originally, in regards to Message in a Bottle I hadn’t realised the story was based on a novel ahead of time. When I read about this one, I felt it would be a good place to start reading his novels.

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A Saint in Graceland – this is the second half of a duology (see also Review) – I remember I had trouble alighting inside this world initially but there were other things going on in my life which took me outside reading the series. It’s one of those books which was placed on my shelf and simply haven’t returnt back to read – until now. Sometimes I find my reading life is quite serendipitous – sometimes books arrive to us at the wrong time to read them and sometimes they arrive right in line with when we’re able to dig inside them with mirth. It just depends. I never fathomed I’d have a backlogue but one thing I have learnt about it, is letting ‘go’ of the guilt and simply finding a way to move forward and re-alighting inside the stories. The stories matter more than the circumstances which drew me outside them.

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The re-scheduled blog tours:

Twain’s End – I am unsure what happened to this blog tour – however, I did contact the publicist and was going to re-schedule my review on my own time shortly after finding out it was cancelled. Then, life interrupted my plans and hence, it ended up on my backlogue list rather than being consumed. I was completely blown away by Ms Cullen’s writing whilst discovering a new side to Poe (see also Review). I was quite excited for this novel – as I have a special niche of love in my bookish heart for Biographical Historical Fiction. I love to dig into the heart of a living person’s life through the unique centreing of their lives through the tales writers are showcasing in this special niche genre of interest! Being in a position to finally pick up this novel and see what’s inside awaiting me is going to rock!

*As well as the forementioned ‘As Death Draws Near’, the difference between the two is Cullen’s book was never fully re-scheduled and I postponed Huber’s novel until now. Coincidentally, I am reading ‘Enemies of Versailles’ which I had to re-schedule this Spring (due to extreme allergy attacks) and I am awaiting the new blog tour schedule for ‘Who is to Blame?’. My current blog tours and bookish events are on my blog’s calendar!

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As you can see, I might have been drawn away from reading these lovelies (most of them; only a handful are #currentreads) but my interest in reading them never wavered. One nice thing about Summer is giving ourselves a renewal of a chance to re-discover the authors and stories which leave an itching curiosity to read! I cannot wait to see where these literary adventures take me! Thank you for listening to my journalled ramblings of how each of these books came across my bookshelf and a bit about why I wanted to read them. I’ll be exploring the impressions they imprinted on me as I read them – follow the reading tweets as they populate my Twitter feeds and/or stay tuned to my blog for the posts which will be generating after each book is read. I am going to do what the others are doing on Twitter: numbering the books as I read them (ie. No1 of #20BooksOfSummer) and visiting with others who are reading and blogging their #SummerReads! Here’s to those of us re-focusing our reading lives!

Likewise, at the end of Summer I am going to take stock of what I’ve read this year and see which stories will be qualified to check-off my List of Reading Challenges and which categories I could potentially find a story to read before the close of the year. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments. Otherwise, I want to know your thoughts about the stories on this #20BooksOfSummer list and/or if you’ve read them yourself!

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If your taking part in #20BooksOfSummer and/or another #SummerReads challenge, kindly let me know what your current reading + if you have a List of books your trying to read through before Summer ends and/or round the 4th of September!

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Jorie visits blogs for #20BooksOfSummer

Whilst finding ways to cheer on these book bloggers via Twitter

This section updates daily/weekly.

Be sure to check back to see where my adventures have taken me.

The bloggers on this List are linked on the Linky for the Challenge. I went blog by blog seeking to find the bloggers reading stories I’d be keen to learn more about and/or find bloggers I felt I had a connection with by how they blog and/or how they were writing their list of what to read for the challenge. I fully intend to keep visiting them as I read each of my own. The sweetest surprise were finding people I follow on Twitter and/or know in the book blogosphere in the Linky!

Initially I went searching for bloggers | out of 76 of us, these were the bloggers whose reading books I felt I’d enjoy reading myself and thereby might be the books I place on my #20BooksOfSummerTBR List!

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The tweeters I found via Twitter

  • List to become generated

Then, as I read my stories on the shelf, I went in search of others reading theirs

  • List to become generated

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Convos about #20BooksOfSummer via Twitter

Reading this book contributed to these challenges:

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10 responses to “#20BooksOfAutumn 2018 | #JorieReads twenty books which dance through genres and timescapes | *re-attempted Autumn, 2018!!

  1. I have actually never heard of any of these titles, so thanks for introducing me to some potential additions to my own reading list. Pretty Baby and Inconceivable sound particularly good. I’ll be looking forward to your reviews as you move through your list. :)

  2. Your list looks like it’ll be so much fun to read! I had to add a bunch of your picks to my own tbr. I have yet to read any Nicolas Sparks books either. But since I’m starting to read more adult fiction again after years of only reading YA, I think he’ll be a good starting point. Or at least that’s what I hope.

    Thank you for mentioning my blog in your post. I hope we both eventually read and enjoy Everything, Everything, Illuminae, and The Unexpected Everything. :)

    • Hallo, Hallo Emz!

      Wouldn’t that be grand!? If we truly embrace & love what we find inside those three lovelies!! I am hoping for this as well! One of the early blessings of #20BooksOfSummer is getting to meet new bloggers (like you!) and finding I share a fierce love of mutually enjoyable stories! Ooh! You have me wicked curious!! Which stories did you add to your TBR off this List!?!? Yes, I think he might be a good segue – at least, based on a viewer of his film adaptations, which I know run close to the truth of his novels (from what I’ve read) you should find yourself captured by his stories of focus! I’ll have to remember to let you know what I felt about this one!

      I’m honestly thinking – by mid-Autumn / early-Winter I can start to read the stories I find via our conjoined bookish adventure this Summer! It would be nice to read the stories I feel inspired to read only a season away from adding them to a list of rec’s by the other readers I’m enjoying to visit! Generally, I find a heap of stories I want to read in book blogosphere events but I tend to table them for ‘some day in the future’ rather than hone in on them sooner! Trying to switch-up my habits! :) :)

      Blessed you’ve dropped by and shared your thoughts!

    • Hallo, Hallo Jean!!

      :) Writing this post was a cathartic release for me!! :) I’ve come through a lot of health adversity these past eight months and to think I’m on the verge of re-acquainting myself with the stories I’ve ached to read is truly a blessing!! I love blogging about what drew my eye into stories; I used to do this a bit more regularly ahead of actually posting my ruminations – both for #MailBoxMonday or #WWWWednesday or #BookishNotBookish. A girl can only do so much when her plate is stacked as much as mine had been – this was a step forward not only to sort out the stories I wanted to curate as my #SummerReads (Part I) [as the YA/MG ones are Part II] but as a segue back into blogging posts inbetween scheduled reviews and/or guest features. I love blogging in length – it is a good way for me to personally look back at what inspired me into a story whilst giving my readers a bit of a clue into my process as a reader who is particularly particular about what she selects to read. (esp for review consideration)

      Yes! I definitely think a heap of us this year in #20BooksOfSummer are seeking the same: a way to rejuvenate our readerly lives!! Isn’t it grand we get to walk through the adventure, together!? I find it a very supportive group! I wish the same for you, dear friend!

    • Hallo, Hallo Ms Harvey!

      I hadn’t had the proper chance to let you know I was reading Dear Carolina this Summer! I only posted my lists just the other day – whilst I was going to personally contact each author I’m reading as I get to their stories. Thank you for the surprise of seeing your comment, tonight! I am so wicked excited about all the stories I’ve found which interconnect on a topic which is quite dear to me! You’ll be seeing me tag you on Twitter as I get into the book – blessed you found my List! Especially as I can see I made you smile!

    • Hallo, Hallo Jamie!

      Thanks for visiting me and encouraging me!! :) I’m going to dive into Worthy this week and Summer by Summer which is on my companion MG/YA #SummerReads personal challenge (link is sticky under my banner) as well. You left me so curious : which of the books on my list whet a thirst of interest!? I’d love to know! I’ll be sure to let you know how I’m getting on with them!! Truly appreciated your comment!

      • It’s no problem Jorie, thank you for stopping by my blog as well. ^_^ Of the selection I’m most interested in Pretending to Dance, it sounds so mysterious and I love stories with complicated family histories, and it’s just an interesting concept with her past being dug up while trying to adopt.

        I’ve also been really digging mystery this year, especially psychological thrillers, and Pretty Baby sounds right up my alley! I haven’t ready any historical mysteries yet but I’m thinking I really should since it would combine one of my favorite topics (history, I studied it for my degree) with my new favorite genre, so I’m putting it on my to-do list to check out the Lady Darby series.

        It looks like my library has all 3 of these books in, so maybe if I get ahead on my summer reading I can do a read-along with you later this month or early August. :) Right now I’m just trying to finish some library books I checked out and trying to get ahead on my summer list. XD I got side tracked last month and read a few extras that I hadn’t planned. Definitely let me know when you decide to start them / write your reviews!

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