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Parajunkee DesignsFull Disclosure by Dee Henderson
Published By: Bethany House Publishers,
October 2012.
Page Count: 480

Acquired Book By: Winning a contest adverted through “Shelf Awareness for Readers” bi-weekly newsletter, October 2012. I received the complimentary copy of the book direct from the publisher {Bethany House Publishers} without obligation to post a review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts herein.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via“Full Disclosure” Book Trailer, by Bethany House Publishers

Inspired to Share: When I realised that this is on the level of a wicked sweet indie film or regularly airing series that engulfs your full attention and doesn’t quite let go when the end of the reel concludes! Ever since I saw the cover art, I was especially keen to know a bit more about the ‘characters’ as seen slightly in and out of frame. Unless I am gravely mistaken, I believe the actors who were photographed also appear in this lovely book trailer!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via

I wasn’t sure what I was going to expect whilst I pulled up this book trailer, as I am a bit new to the phenom around them,… I must say, I wasn’t expecting a full-fledged jolting into a snapshot of name your favourite mystery or police procedural series on air that pulls you into the heart of an agent’s quest to get to the heart of the investigation! Whoa! I was most impressed by the publishers’ ability to turn a ‘book trailer’ into a must-see trailer that feels and looks more like a mini-film or television episode! They whet your thirst for what this book could be if it were taken out of the context of the book and properly situated into a motion picture!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comRead an Excerpt of the Novel:

Full Disclosure by Bethany House Publishers

{Bit of a Spoiler Alert}
And, then the puzzle dissolves and the full picture emerges into focus: I sort of struggled to get into the pace of the novel, not because of how it was laid out to form, but because I was still shaking off the memory of Nana and I reading the “O’Malleys” together! I knew she would have been absolutely thrilled to have the ‘next installment’ in this particular series, as we had long talks about the characters and how the series was stitching together. The very premise was what drew each of us into the storyline,… which why by page 80, my heart, my spirit, and my being “relaxed into Full Disclosure”,… it was the ‘disclosure’ behind “Full Disclosure” that allowed me a moment of paused relief! I am not even certain why I felt I could enjoy the story a bit more at this junction rather than full-on when the opening sequence began,… yet. I think it has to do with new beginnings and closures,.. the human heart and mind is a quirky thing to understand at times, but on page 80, I smiled knowingly that Nana was with me, rather than absent. Which brings me back to when I first learnt I had won this novel,… all I could feel inside was her  presence guiding over me, and sending me a nod and a wink from Heaven. This was our series afterall, the one we read and spoke about together, and the one we felt museful about where future stories could take us! And, all of this fused together in my mind on page 80, when it’s first revealed at the writer behind the O’Malley’s is Ann Silver, a special kind of cop who investigates homicides with connections that would draw a pause and a hitch to anyone who first hears her friends’ names! The direct inclination is that she wrote the O’Malleys and the Uncommon Heroes series as a note of gratitude to her cherished and close friends who make her world livable and special. As those pieces start to unravel, you get to *see!* the characters step out of the veil of the previous novels and see their ‘true’ counterparts step forward through the world of “Full Disclosure”. In this way, I think Ms. Henderson created something quite special for her readers,… its an unexpected twist that warms your heart and wishes you hadn’t packed up most of your personal library during storm season 2004! Oy.

Why I am excited over this new adventure: Once the O’ Malley’s take a stronghold in your heart and mind, its difficult not to want to know ‘more!’ of their lives! I must admit, that the O’ Malley’s were the first family to carve out a niche in my heart long before I met the O’ Connor’s {Daughters of Boston by Julie Lessman}. What always inspired me the most about the O’ Malley’s was their non-traditional upbringing and the way by which they became a family: as they chose each other rather than being placed together. Adoption and children growing up without families is a crucial central role in the underpinnings of the story arcs. Which is one reason I was not surprised to have learnt that Paul Falcon was adopted!

To be given the opportunity to re-visit old friends as met through the previous installments of the O’ Malley series is a pure joy for me! IF you haven’t already read the original stories, these are the ones you want to read prior to “Full Disclosure” otherwise you’re going to be in the middle of a larger story that has already evolved into being!

  • Danger in the Shadows {prequel: Sara & Adam’s story}
  • The Negotiator {Kate & Dave’s story}
  • The Guardian {Marcus & Shari’s story}
  • The Truth Seeker {Lisa & Quinn’s story}
  • The Protector {Jack & Cassie’s story}
  • The Healer {Rachel & Cole’s story}
  • The Rescuer {Stephen & Meghan’s story}
  • Full Disclosure {Ann Silver & Paul Falcon’s story}*
  • Jennifer: An O’ Malley Love Story {Jennifer & Tom’s story}

Throughout “Full Disclosure”, these stories and the lives of the characters in them are revived and brought back to life! You get to interact with them, seeing how far forward their lives have come, and how inter-connected the O’ Malley’s have remained! In many regards, the Falcon’s of this story, are every inch as close-knit as the O’ Malley’s! My memories of their stories are not as fresh as they were when I had first read them, but the essence of their lives never left me, and in that way, I felt I was safe to move forward with this story which I had read somewhere was hinting at “a prequel of sorts that rounds out the broad scope of the O’ Malley’s yet goes forward in a unique way”. I could not agree more with that sentiment!

I want to borrow a copy of “Jennifer” through the library, as I want to read her story next, ahead of any other releases Ms. Henderson might have in store for us, because knowing how prolific she once was, I can only suspect she will continue to be now!

There are mentions of the military series, “Uncommon Heroes” threaded throughout the story as well, which is why I do believe reading these prior to “Full Disclosure” might be a good idea! These were the books I never had the pleasure of reading ahead of time, but do have copies stored in a box! In particular, “True Honor” would be one to read if you cannot read all of them! I speak on knowing the relevance after having read this book! Trust me! I felt a ping of guilt realising how much I was missing by not putting these books into que at the library!

  • True Devotion
  • True Valor
  • True Honor {Darcy St. James & Sam’s story}
  • True Courage {re-titled: Kidnapped}

This was one series of novels that I shared with my grandmother before she passed which led to heartfelt moments speaking about what we each enjoyed inside the novels of the O’ Malley’s. I do believe she read the Unspoken Heroes novels. She was a prolific reader and to be able to find something that we could each enjoy, as I was in my early twenties and she was in her late eighties is remarkable in of itself! Between Dee Henderson, the Left Behind series, and Mitford, we had quite a heap to discuss and muse about! I wasn’t sure how I would feel once I resumed reading these stories, but I can say with assurance that time heals everything, including the anxiety of picking up the pieces of a series that were hinged to a loved one who has since passed.

I felt her smiling at me from heaven when I learnt that I had won this book, too! We always shared such a strong connection and the fact, that “Full Disclosure” was the very first book I won in a “Shelf Awareness for Readers” contest felt like it was written somehow to occur! A hug from above, if you will!

An intricate serial murder investigation with a twist: I’ll admit that I knew! that there was something rather odd about the VP in the story, as I couldn’t quite place my finger on what made him stand out to me as hiding the truth, but I knew at some point Ann and Paul would surmount the mystery by investigating their way to what was not yet known!  Over and beyond the fact that this is a inside look at the life of FBI Agents and of a special cop on call {ie: the MHI}, is the subtle back-stories of Ann Silver and Paul Falcon! I loved how Ms. Henderson gently guides the reader through each character’s history and uses that history to explain how they function in the present!

Ann is a bit more complicated of the two, but I appreciated the realism of grounding her in her work: giving her writing the center balance of her life, and her companion dog Black the loving attention all humans crave. Her internal life was even more fascinating than her external one, as this story speaks about the walk of one woman’s faith with God. Ms. Henderson always had a calming way of describing faith where you see glimpses of what it undertakes to play a central focus in a person’s life without having it circumvent the plot OR become a seemingly typical injection like some inspirational books make the error in doing. I like the character-driven revelations of a spiritual life rather than the nuts and bolts of religion always being rudimentary described.

Ann is a bourne survivor which hearkened me back to remembering my admiration of the O’ Malley clan! I could see how she could easily shift and fit into their world. She is a woman of tremendous strength and courage, but doesn’t like to focus on herself or on her accomplishments. She’s highly introverted which I picked up on in her mannerisms and in her ways of not speaking everything that is on her mind, but rather talking in conversations more about what is on hand to know. She someone you have to be patient to warm up too, because her instincts are to hold you at bay until she has a measurable line of trust.

Paul on the opposite side of the ledger is from a large family, boisterous and witty as much as they are each others’ sounding boards and rock! He’s meant to inherit the family business empire that his father built. The responsibilities of such a daunting task looming in front of him is deftly described and understood! What I like about Paul, is that he isn’t quick to judge a woman by what she says or does, but rather through her close relationships to people. He appreciates the trust and valor in being a person to turn too.

I liked seeing the world inside the Bureau too, as you get to walk in right past the walls and see into what an Agent goes through from the originating pieces that put the puzzle of an investigation to center stage straight-through to serving the warrants and wrapping up the legal side of things. I did notice that there is a lot of waiting where everyone is a bit fit to be tied as to know what to do with the empty hours whilst the pull and push of awaiting further developments on each case they work on.

The best part, is that this is a romance of two people who never expected to find each other nor expect to find someone who instantly understood the dynamics of who they are. I think that is a central theme for all singletons who are actively seeking OR actively hoping to find the one person they’re meant to be married too. I still find myself walking back through the passages of this novel, sorting out what my favourite bits are and what it was exactly that had me fully contained in the narrative!

The best I can give at this point in time, is that Ms. Henderson has given all us a hearty piece of story to chew and reflect on until her next novel drops and begins the whole process over again!! She’s always a pleasure to soak your heart and mind into due to the care she takes to realise the world she creates. I decided to to even hint at what the ‘twist’ involves, or even how it’s really two twists for the price of one! Truly, somewhere towards the middle of the book I felt like the dueling investigations were secondary to Ann and Paul’s romance!!

{*NOTE: {*} Where I think “Full Disclosure” fits within the time frame of the O’ Malley’s.}

{SOURCES: Both the excerpt from Scribd and the book trailer by Bethany House Publishers had either URL share links or coding which made it possible to embed these respective media portals to this post, and I thank them for this opportunity to share more about this novel and the author who penned it. Book Review badge provided by Parajunkee to give book bloggers definition on their blogs. Post dividers by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Pure Imagination.}

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