Jorie Loves A Story, An Introduction!

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Jorie Loves A Story

Jorie Loves A Story, is a blog that was inspired into creation due to a reader’s love and passion for the written word. She reads bookish industry newsfeeds, keeps a pertinent eye on newly published authors, is readily eager to book travel to independent book shoppes, athenaeum libraries, historical landmarks of literary interest, and book festivals, conventions, or symposiums; absorbs herself into the written word, cherishing each book she comes across that has the ability to transport herself into another time, place, and world. This is her journey, as she uncovers one book at a time that leaves her musefully happy for the discovery.

In order to best expound on what I am referencing above,… I need to first articulate the fact that I am very much a girl whose always been curious about books! Inasmuch, as the book trade itself! Everything tends to excite me, from the cover art layouts to the words that writers use to engage their readers into their narrative prose. Even the style of typography, differences in bindings, texture of paper, and the hearty girth of the book itself intrigues me readily!

I am a traditional reader, in the sense, that despite the technologic shift into digital reading platforms, I am a girl who harkens back to the age of hardback and trade paperback editions! I love the excitement of finding the small edition hardbacks at used book shoppes that were all the rage two centuries ago! Portable, compact, and delicately published whereupon each page turn made you want to hold your breath as your fingers move the text forward!

I tend to move like a dancer through genres, as what motivates me is the inertia of magnetism that draws my eye, heart, and mind into a particular setting, time period, locale, and character sketching… that vortex of suspension in-between first finding a book that whets your fancy and drinking in the words that will either leave you blissfully entranced or ruminative about where the writer was intending to take you.

Not every book I consume will be featured on Jorie Loves A Story, as I am hand selecting each book that settles itself into my mind’s eye whereupon it fixated itself and has become a part of me. Rendering a new chapter of my collective memory, a story by which has etched itself a remnant piece of my journey as I continue to make an onwards advance towards my next literary find. The books featured here are the ones that left me with a hitching in my chest, a murmuring in my soul, and a thankfulness in my heart. Books like these are to become the cherished friends that sit upon a bookshelf ready for a second conversation and visit.

I have no compass point to guide me, as I wander and find that internal spark of light igniting inside me the flutterment of bliss, as I am about to partake in an adventure filling the shoes of someone not yet known, but will be fully acquainted with in the end.

Each of my posts will contain the merits of expansion on three keynotes that I think are in accord with how I absorb what I read. I will start by expressing what first inspired me to pick up the book and led me to want to read it. Shifting into my opinions and observations thereafter, and concluding with what I took away overall.

And, yet,… this is only half of the story of which will be featured on this blog! By extension of the obvious observations of books I will be reading, I will regularly be making enquiries into each element of interconnection that crosses my mind to encompass the literary world. The essence of what I share is not only to engage my readers in my literary wanderlust, but to readily engage myself into bookish culture of which I am continuously on a quest to discover! An element of mystery to lend you a bobblement of surprise upon each visit!

I am a girl named Jorie who loves a story!
I am a bookish library girl on a quest for literary enlightenment!
I am predominately self-taught and library educated!
I am Mademoiselle Jorie!
Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Jorie Loves A Story

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About jorielov

I am self-educated through local libraries and alternative education opportunities. I am a writer by trade and I cured a ten-year writer’s block by the discovery of Nanowrimo in November 2008. The event changed my life by re-establishing my muse and solidifying my path. Five years later whilst exploring the bookish blogosphere I decided to become a book blogger. I am a champion of wordsmiths who evoke a visceral experience in narrative. I write comprehensive book showcases electing to get into the heart of my reading observations. I dance through genres seeking literary enlightenment and enchantment. Starting in Autumn 2013 I became a blog book tour hostess featuring books and authors. I joined The Classics Club in January 2014 to seek out appreciators of the timeless works of literature whose breadth of scope and voice resonate with us all.

"I write my heart out and own my writing after it has spilt out of the pen." - self quote (Jorie of Jorie Loves A Story)

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Posted Sunday, 31 March, 2013 by jorielov in Jorie Loves A Story

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8 responses to “Jorie Loves A Story, An Introduction!

    • Thank you for visiting my book blog!

      I was most delighted to find this lovely new comment on one of my very first posts! :) This is why I’ve kept the comment threads open for new visitors who find my blog to respond to earlier posts – I wanted everyone the chance to interact with me, pause over something I’ve said or share a part of their life which cross-applies to something I’ve blogged. The way in which you’ve articulated your own reading life was wicked brilliant as it is a keen match to my own! Here’s to being time travellers through the portals stories allow us to traverse inside! I hope you’ve returnt and found a few new authors to pick up and read from what I’ve shared about them? Let me know which ones if you have and what your thoughts were afterwards. Many blessings to you!

    • Thank you for this kind observation and note of gratitude! I do appreciate your feedback! And, yes, I will be writing for quite a long time into the future! I have found my niche with my blog & I cannot wait to see where it takes me next! :)

  1. Cham Cuartero (@chamcuartero)

    “… move like a dancer through genres.”

    Same thing with me. That’s why I can’t really answer people right away when they ask me what my favored genre is… Hihi

    • Hallo Cham!

      Your the first to find a ‘quote’ on my blog that resonated with you! Thank you so much for stopping by and relating to me on such a wicked sweet way! Yes, I know what you mean! I do struggle to answer that question in a simple way, as it always provokes a more complicated answer! Cheers!

  2. First off, thank you for your great comment on my review of Finnikin of the Rock! I’ll just repeat here that I really hope you enjoy it and that it makes it to your blog as a review! I love the idea that your blog will be for books that really resonated with you, it’s a great way to have a blog really represent yourself! I look forward to reading your posts! I have added your blog to my bloglovin feed. :)

    • I want to express my gratitude for letting me know that you decided to follow my blog via bloglovin’ because I have joined myself today! I discovered that I have *two!* followers to my blog, which is now reflective on the bottom of my sidebar! So, yes, thank you indeed!!

      I appreciate your feedback on how I have set up my blog and the direction I want to take it! That truly warms my heart to no end! Likewise, I am following you via bloglovin’ but have added you to my Regularly Read Blogs here as well! If your review of Finnikin of the Rock is any indication of how you compose your musings, I know I will find more than one book that appeals to me!! I will surely keep you updated on when I read it!!

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