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Book Review | #ChocLitSaturdays (a feature of #JLASblog) | “Up Close” by Henriette Gyland A Romantic #Suspense you tuck inside and do not want to step outside it’s world.

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Acquired Book By:

I am a ChocLit reviewer who receives books of my choice in exchange for honest reviews! I received a complimentary copy of “Up Close” from ChocLit via IPM (International Publisher’s Marketing) in exchange for an honest review! I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein. 

Why I love reading Romantic Suspense:

Don’t get me wrong — I love curling inside a lovely light and sweet Romance (although at first I took grievance with the ‘term’ Sweet Romance) yet there are moments where I like a bit of mysterious suspense underwrit into the Romance itself! I like feeling my heart pulse, my breath catch, and that sense of urgency — is whichever ‘something’ going to be found, caught, discovered, uncovered, or overcome? One of my favourite Romantic Suspense novels was actually a bit of an experiment for the writer herself, as she teamed up with a bloke who enjoyed writing traditional psychological suspense (to be honest, this is the category I am akin to myself!) whereas she appreciated writing stimulating INSPY Historical novels for modern women who wanted ‘a different turn of the page’ to traditional INSPY offerings. I’m referring to Deeanne Gist’s Beguiled which left me wanton for more!

I had the chance to enquire if there would be more books of this nature alighting on shelves in the future from her (as I used to take part in the author to reader conversations by live streaming video on YouTube and/or direct to author reader phone conversations by landline! via the now defunct and dearly missed BookTalk Nation!) to which she remarked she wasn’t quite as keen as I was to walk down that road again. She took me by surprise (not just in the reply but with the book itself!) as previously it was Dee Henderson who wrote psychological suspense with romantic undertones that gave me just enough ‘chill for me bones’ to keep me glued to me seat and the page whilst not growing hypersensitive about the nature of the story I was reading!

I’ve attempted to read mainstream Romantic Suspense novels (outside the INSPY world) but too oft-times I find myself pulling back — either from the dangerous vortex of ‘living too close to the action’ of the characters themselves or feeling a bit overcome by the story to where the joy factor left to read it. Then I discovered ChocLit’s method for publishing Romantic Suspense — and I must say, it’s now perking my appetite for what I appreciate!

Why do I love it as much as I do? Hmm, why did Helen want to go with her husband on a mission in True Lies? I think sometimes you want to break up the ruts you fall into during the patterns of your reading wanderings — mix it up, try something completely outside your level of comfort or go for the pulse of an adventure you can safety survive without having to leave your house! I’m sure even Jason Bourne wishes he hadn’t left the house sometimes!

Book Review | #ChocLitSaturdays (a feature of #JLASblog) | “Up Close” by Henriette Gyland A Romantic #Suspense you tuck inside and do not want to step outside it’s world.Up Close
by Henriette Gyland
Illustrator/Cover Designer: Berni Stevens
Source: Direct from Publisher

Too close for comfort…

When Dr Lia Thompson’s grandmother dies unexpectedly, Lia is horrified to have to leave her life in America and return to a cold and creaky house in Norfolk. But as events unfold, she can’t help feeling that there is more to her grandmother’s death than meets the eye.

Aidan Morrell is surprised to see Lia, his teenage crush, back in town. But Aidan’s accident when serving in the navy has scarred him in more ways than one, and he has other secrets which must stay hidden at all costs, even from Lia.

As Lia comes closer to uncovering the truth, she is forced to question everything she thought she knew. In a world of increasing danger, is Aidan someone she can trust?

Genres: Romance Fiction, Romantic Suspense

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Also by this author: Blueprint for Love, The Highwayman's Daughter

Published by ChocLitUK

on 7th December, 2012

Format: Paperback

Pages: 369

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Published by: ChocLitUK (@ChocLitUK)

Formats Available: Paperback, Audiobook, Large Print, & Ebook

Converse via: #ChocLit & #HenrietteGyland

Cover Art Design by: Berni Stevens @circleoflebanon | Writer | Illustrator

About Henriette Gyland

Henriette lives in London but grew up in Northern Denmark and moved to England after she graduated from the University of Copenhagen. She has worked in the Danish civil service, for a travel agent, a consultancy company, in banking, hospital administration, and for a county court before setting herself up as a freelance translator and linguist.

Expecting her first child and feeling bored, she picked up the pen again, and when a writer friend encouraged her to join the Romantic Novelists’ Association, she began to pursue her writing in earnest. Her debut Up Close won the New Talent Award in 2011 from the Festival of Romance and a Commended from the Yeovil Literary Prize.

Novels: Up Close, The Elephant Girl, Blueprint for Love & The Highwayman’s Daughter

On how beautifully lovely this is bang-on brilliantly British:

I have blogged about my affection for British phrases and turns of speech, inasmuch as my particular penchant for British words in the more general sense as being the bits of language and speech I become quite giddy over discovering anew in the past. Yes, except, this novel (and there are a few before it too!) by Ms Gyland has truly lit up my eyes with such a delish array of *new words!* and small inklings of how to express oneself if you were bourne in Britain rather than an American bourne British descendant thrice over (such as I) to where you can start to piece together a patchwork of modern British vernacular! Read More


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And, then she returned!

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Parajunkee DesignsFull Disclosure by Dee Henderson
Published By: Bethany House Publishers,
October 2012.
Page Count: 480

Acquired Book By: Winning a contest adverted through “Shelf Awareness for Readers” bi-weekly newsletter, October 2012. I received the complimentary copy of the book direct from the publisher {Bethany House Publishers} without obligation to post a review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts herein.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com“Full Disclosure” Book Trailer, by Bethany House Publishers

Inspired to Share: When I realised that this is on the level of a wicked sweet indie film or regularly airing series that engulfs your full attention and doesn’t quite let go when the end of the reel concludes! Ever since I saw the cover art, I was especially keen to know a bit more about the ‘characters’ as seen slightly in and out of frame. Unless I am gravely mistaken, I believe the actors who were photographed also appear in this lovely book trailer!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

I wasn’t sure what I was going to expect whilst I pulled up this book trailer, as I am a bit new to the phenom around them,… I must say, I wasn’t expecting a full-fledged jolting into a snapshot of name your favourite mystery or police procedural series on air that pulls you into the heart of an agent’s quest to get to the heart of the investigation! Whoa! I was most impressed by the publishers’ ability to turn a ‘book trailer’ into a must-see trailer that feels and looks more like a mini-film or television episode! They whet your thirst for what this book could be if it were taken out of the context of the book and properly situated into a motion picture!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comRead an Excerpt of the Novel:

Full Disclosure by Bethany House Publishers

{Bit of a Spoiler Alert}
And, then the puzzle dissolves and the full picture emerges into focus: I sort of struggled to get into the pace of the novel, not because of how it was laid out to form, but because I was still shaking off the memory of Nana and I reading the “O’Malleys” together! I knew she would have been absolutely thrilled to have the ‘next installment’ in this particular series, as we had long talks about the characters and how the series was stitching together. The very premise was what drew each of us into the storyline,… which why by page 80, my heart, my spirit, and my being “relaxed into Full Disclosure”,… it was the ‘disclosure’ behind “Full Disclosure” that allowed me a moment of paused relief! I am not even certain why I felt I could enjoy the story a bit more at this junction rather than full-on when the opening sequence began,… yet. I think it has to do with new beginnings and closures,.. the human heart and mind is a quirky thing to understand at times, but on page 80, I smiled knowingly that Nana was with me, rather than absent. Which brings me back to when I first learnt I had won this novel,… all I could feel inside was her  presence guiding over me, and sending me a nod and a wink from Heaven. This was our series afterall, the one we read and spoke about together, and the one we felt museful about where future stories could take us! And, all of this fused together in my mind on page 80, when it’s first revealed at the writer behind the O’Malley’s is Ann Silver, a special kind of cop who investigates homicides with connections that would draw a pause and a hitch to anyone who first hears her friends’ names! The direct inclination is that she wrote the O’Malleys and the Uncommon Heroes series as a note of gratitude to her cherished and close friends who make her world livable and special. As those pieces start to unravel, you get to *see!* the characters step out of the veil of the previous novels and see their ‘true’ counterparts step forward through the world of “Full Disclosure”. In this way, I think Ms. Henderson created something quite special for her readers,… its an unexpected twist that warms your heart and wishes you hadn’t packed up most of your personal library during storm season 2004! Oy.

Read More


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