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On why I created this special niche of bookish joy:

I was visiting my friend Maggie’s blog for her 30 Days of Thankfulness posts (November 2013), of which, I happily consumed today in earnest! When I noticed that she had a curious header on her blog that mentioned: Events & Read-A-Longs! I was thinking for while now that I should have a place where I could filter all my read-a-long and reading challenge posts but how to do it and how to organise it felt a bit daunting! Therefore, I am thankful she lead the way! I am going to move them away from my “Joyfully Absorbing Lit” page and store them here instead! :) You will still find my personal reading challenge for Inspirational Fiction, & the Classics Club List all have their own pages! Cheers!

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Read-A-Longs (RALs), Readathons,
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2018 Reading Challenges & Readathons

~ let the journey begin! +

I cannot say the years of 2013-2017 yielded the best results for what I was hoping to accomplish per reading challenge I attempted, but throughout my eagerness to read new authors & stories, I had the best of intentions at heart. I simply ran out of the hours necessary to complete the challenges per month and whilst I had twelve months in 2014 to play with, I must confess they evaporated before I could even pick up a farthing of the stories I aimed to have read! Therefore, I am re-defining this section of my blog as re-focusing on personal reading challenges with a few added challenges which truly interest me!

tCC | the Classics Club

tCC | the Classics Club

Host: The Classics Club
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5 January, 2014 — 5 January, 2019
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  1. The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton by Edith Wharton

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I’ve been tracking how much #HistoricalFiction I am reading on Jorie Loves A Story for a few years now, however, I haven’t had the joy of participating in this challenge directly until now. I am sharing my reviews as they alight on my blog through the monthly link exchange via passagestothepast.com whilst following behind those shares with my own visits to the book bloggers and readers who are sharing their insightful Historical ruminations on the stories they are reading themselves. I look forward to seeing what everyone else is reading and getting to visit bloggers I might not have visited if we hadn’t participated in the same challenge.

On a personal note, I hadn’t realised how much Historical Fiction I read per year until I became a book blogger as I noted I truly do feel these are the stories I am most addicted to reading! There is something to be said for disappearing through time – travelling through countries and eras, alighting where a writer’s character has taken us to traverse and seeing the world a bit differently for our time spent with a character whose journey is moving alongside History’s known time-line.

2018 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

Host: Passages to the Past
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Kindly visit with me this year, as this list of stories populates & share your comments & thoughts with me as I continue to discover the Historical authors I love reading! I also shared a few of my upcoming Historical readings per a recent Top Ten Tuesday – perhaps we have a few in common?

  1. The Captain's Disgraced Lady by Catherine Tinley
  2. The Woman in the Camphor Trunk by Jennifer Kincheloe
  3. The Woman in the Camphor Trunk [audiobook] by Jennifer Kincheloe
  4. The Mariage of Miss Jane Austen by Collins Hemingway
  5. House on the Forgotten Coast by Ruth Coe Chambers
  6. The Lost Season of Love and Snow by Jennifer Laam
  7. A Looming of Vultures by Richard Storry
  8. The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley
  9. The Storm Sister by Lucinda Riley
  10. Kiss Carlo by Adriana Trigiani
  11. The Shadow Sister by Lucinda Riley
  12. The Pearl Sister by Lucinda Riley
  13. The Secret Life of Mrs London by Rebecca Rosenberg
  14. The Forgotten Girl by Heather Chapman
  15. Sherlock Holmes in a Reflection in Evil by William Todd
  16. The Phantom's Apprentice by Heather Webb
  17. Dante's Gift by Aubrey Wynne
  18. The Darling Dahlias series Novels 1-6-7 by Susan Wittig Albert
  19. In Spite of Lions by Scarlette Pike
  20. The Breedling and the Trickster by Kimberlee Ann Bastian
  21. Ain't Misbehavin' by Jennifer Lamont Leo
  22. Esctasy by Mary Sharratt
  23. A Cowboy of Convenience by Stacy Henrie
  24. The Widow's Redeemer by Philippa Jane Keyworth
  25. The Underground River by Martha Conway
  26. Trial on Mount Koya by Susan Spann
  27. The Secret of Haversham House by Julie Matern

I’ve read approx. 23 books thus far – July 2018 – there is a glitch somewhere!

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70 Authors Challenge Badge created by Jorie via Canva. Photo Credit: Unsplash Photographer Brigitte Tohm. (Creative Commons Zero)

I started working on my reading list for this INSPY Fiction Challenge in [2013] however, I haven’t made much progress with my readings until now. I went conservative and approximated I’d read [210] novels by the authors I’ve chosen to read as some of their stories are short stories in anthologies and not every author will have five novels published. Therefore, I estimated I might be able to read [three] novels per each author on my List. I might read more by some of the authors or less if there are only a few published whilst I’m focusing on their back-list and front-list releases.

70 Authors Challenge

Host: Jorie Loves A Story (personal challenge)
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6 August, 2013 — 6 August, 2019
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I’m still sorting out what I want to do throughout [2018] in regards to RALs and Challenges overall – as I tried to participate in several during [2017] finding the hours ran out before I could address them properly. Therefore, this is an evolving list of the challenges I’ll be participating in as I am truly trying to focus on my main three interests this year: Classical Lit, INSPY Fiction and Historical Fiction. There will be a few overlaps between them, I am sure, however, these are the stories which interest me the most to focus on this year in-between the rest of the stories I’ll be drawn towards reading outside of these concentrations.

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