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8 responses to “+Author Interview+ Conversing with Lynn Cullen about her historical novel (#histnov) “Mrs. Poe”; and the ‘real’ Edgar Allan!

    • Thank you, Lianne!

      :) I had a feeling a lot of readers might have already read “Mrs. Poe” before I had the opportunity on the tour, but what I appreciated through the interview is learning a bit more clarity about Poe himself and of how impressive it was about Frances Osgood’s presence in his life. The story was so extraordinary for me on so many levels, and despite the fact they were involved in an adulterous affair, it was how he is now portrayed wholly true to his own nature vs history’s awkward misrepresentation that delighted me.

      I was smiling seeing that you enjoyed my interview because I am always striving to ask questions that might not have been thought to be asked previously! :)

  1. Jorie, thank you so much for hosting me on your blog. I really appreciated your in-depth questions. They showcased important aspects of the book and greatly helped in my mission to correct Poe’s image. Many thanks!

    • Hallo Ms. Cullen,

      I am so sorry it took me quite a bit of time to get a reply back to you! Between life and dearly extreme weather patterns, I have not been able to have an active presence online this past fortnight as I would have preferred! I am thankful to have had the opportunity to talk to you about Poe and about the novel that stirred my interest in seeking out his writings at long last! I appreciated yielding to your knowledge and research whilst presenting such an extraordinary insight into who he was when he lived.

      I am thankful I could be a part of the change and mission of your novel! We are each full of gratitude for the other! As I found a new author whose writing style is one I want to seek out as her new books arrive on the scene! And, likewise I hoped when my review posted my words honoured your story as it truly touched my heart.

    • Thanks for your wicked sweet and cheery reaction! I am always curious how readers react to the interviews and guest posts I am posting as I do strive to seek out new information or pertinent knowledge of the story at hand or of the author directly. Awesome reply!

    • Ms. Covella,

      I am thankful you enjoyed reading the interview on behalf of “Mrs. Poe”! I was curious, were you always a reader of Poe? Did you find the difference in who he was in reality a bit of a surprise or did you come into this novel like I am without any foreknowledge of Poe?

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