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+Book Review+ Moments in Millennia: A Fantasy Anthology edited by Penny Freeman

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Moments in Millenia edited by Penny Freeman
Artwork Credit: Dale Pease (of Walking Stick Books)

Published By: Xchyler Publishing () 11 February, 2014
Official Editor WebsitesSite | Facebook | Twitter
Converse via: #MomentsInMillennia
Genres: Time Travel | Alternative History | Dystopian
Available Formats: Trade Paperback and E-Book
Page Count: 234

Acquired Book By: I contacted Xchyler Publishing about receiving books in exchange for honest reviews and was asked to pick the two books I’d like to request. Moments in Millennia was my second choice, as my first choice was A MidSummer Night’s Steampunk. The main reason I selected this anthology is due to my continued appreciation for being introduced to new authors through their short story contributions. I received a complimentary copy of Moments in Millennia in exchange for an honest review direct from the publisher Xchyler Publishing. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

A note about Xchyler Publishing:

I have been quite impressed with my interactions on behalf of Indie Publisher: Xchyler! They have been quite forthcoming and open to suggestions, ideas, and for a book blogger to not only host their editor & author on my blog, but to be open to giving me press materials to incorporate into my posts. I have enjoyed getting to know Ms. Freeman through my interview with her about her editing, writing, and reading experiences as much as I had the honour in getting to know a bit more about the genre of steampunk through her brother fellow author Scott E. Tarbet.

I am hopeful I can continue to work with them in the future, as they are one of the Indie publishers who has a distinctive eye for creating books which give a reader a lift of spirits to read. The attention to detail in their books is quite bang-on from editing, copy-editing, cover-art design, and by giving some of their books a lovely book trailer presentation that borders on motion picture adaptation! I have enjoyed getting to learn a bit about their process as a publisher as much as learning key behind-the-scenes into the writing of the novels through one of their authors.

Editor Biography:

Penny Freeman

Author and editor, Penny brings to Xchyler thirty years of wordsmith experience, with emphasis on historical fiction, business writing, and journalism. She also serves as assistant public affairs director of a large organization, and has extensive experience in social media and Internet advertising. Literature, history, and storytelling are her great passions, although the technical aspects of the language arts satisfy her compulsion for order. 

Anthology Synopsis:

Travel with seven talented authors as they glimpse through time into Humanity’s future. Will mankind blossom and flourish, conquering the stars and time itself? Or, with selfishness, greed, and just plain bad luck send us all to the brink of destruction?

The Cartographer by Samuel A. Mayo: Destined to chart the stars throughout the aeons, a team of novice map makers are thrust into a conspiracy to control the universe and time itself.

Author Connections: Site | Twitter | Facebook

Fairykin by Ben Ireland: In a world where nature has ceased to exist, a tribe of fairies on the brink of extinction must fight for survival itself. But who will bear the ultimate cost?

Author Connections: Site | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

Time out of Mind by Michael Cross: One young girl’s cosmic connection to her grandfather’s tragic past brings life and hope to the blackest days of the Holocaust.

Author Connections: Site | Twitter | Facebook

The Hawkweed by Candace J. Thomas: Consumed with guilt, one girl fights to solve the riddle of her friend’s murder and the disappearance of his brother—unaware of the price on her own head.

Author Connections: Blog | Twitter | Facebook

Spaceman in Time by Fischer Willis: Victor seizes the chance to return to the past and right a terrible wrong. Will he have the strength to do what he must, or will history repeat itself?

Author Connections: Twitter | Facebook

Human Era by Neal Wooten: Two grad students hurl themselves into the past with their wormhole technology. Their modern skills make them heroes, but do they truly know where they are?

Author Connections: Site | Twitter | Facebook

Black Ice by S. P. Mount: Men have become mindless drones controlled by chip implants and a master satellite. Can one serial killer imprisoned for a thousand years give them the will to truly live?

Author Connections: Blog | Twitter | Facebook

{ full author biographies : on Xchyler Publishing }

My review of Moments in Millennia:

{ am electing to highlight the stories within the anthology which piqued my interest the most out of the seven offered inside }

| Time Out of Mind by Michael Cross |

From the moment I entered this short, I felt a direct pull into the story-line as Cross singularly chose to focus on the aspect of love and how bound we can become through love where time disintegrates from view. Love is an unlimited gift where time and distance do not affect its full measure of containment. By arching the story into a military dialogue of a grandfather’s selfless acts towards gaining the freedoms of others, whilst the granddaughter struggles to understand how her heart can entwine, through time was a very enchanting pull at the very jump-start of a story!

I believe the main reason this particular story held such a heart tug for me, is due to the fact I come from a very close-knit family. I oft talk (on Jorie Loves A Story & regular blogs I visit) about my adventures in uncovering my ancestral past as Mum and I resume the search after a bit of a long hiatus to uncover the missing gaps and links on both sides of our family. And, of how through these historical adventures the connections we find become stitched into our family’s tapestry is a bit like the discovery of the coin inside Time Out of Mind. You find a tethering to one moment nestled into the past which brings the past forward and the present backwards. We create connections due to our distinctive nature of not only wanting to belong but to become understood. To understand not only where we originated ancestrally but to understand who we are and what our purpose is whilst we journey through life.

The nexus of the portal which opens through the coin brought me startling back to Somewhere in Time, which is one of my favourite all-time romantic motion pictures despite the gutting ending and the reprieve that is bittersweet. The bending and yield of the fissure points held within the mechanisms of how time is wielded and kept is always an interesting theory to pursue.

As I read this story with a thirst and appetite of anticipation,  my heart willed me to press the pages apart and see what the author would reveal on the next page, the next paragraph, the next sentence. It held my attention longing to know as Chantel did the fullness of the story she was tipping herself into on behalf of her grandfather’s legacy. He gave her a unique gift at the turning point of his exit from life, and it’s how she’s meant to follow his guidance that gave my heart a pulse-jump.

Cross pursues the theory of history and time being of temporal constant travellers of each other, where in order for our present to be in our reality, the past which has already occurred is still on-going as it had once lived. The present therefore gives us a way into the future, but whilst in the present we can stumble into the past and the past into the present at junctions of arrival we might not be aware of crossing over. In this, he held my complete attention.

Shedding my own tears as I turnt the last pages on this lovely short story, I felt compelled to see if Cross has published other stories such as this one or on parallel themes. He is intuitive about a woman’s heart and mind, as much as he understands the fractures of our hearts when we are left without the connecting pieces to puzzles. Living histories and historical artifacts help us all engage in the conversation of our shared reality. We gain compassion and empathy simply through the acknowledgement of who traversed before us as much as giving proper honour to those who died for a cause greater than we can all fully contemplate in one sitting.

Michael Cross is a debut author getting his wings in the publishing world from what I can gather off his website! How splendidly wicked news is this?! To have alighted on his first published short story and its the very one within this anthology which held my breath and heart in equal eclipse!? I cannot wait to read more of his writings, and am hopeful he is in development of a novel or novella which will be released in print form so that I can partake of reading it! Dear hearts, if he continues to write on the breadth of what I’ve just completed reading in Moments in Millennia – I dare not emerge until the last page is consumed! He has a gentleness and soft grace in writing a story with this thematic and character point of view.

| Human Era by Neal Wooten |

When I was younger I was especially intrigued by the motion pictures “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “2010”. Stemming out of those initial stories of how futuristic reality and past reality can become altered or perceived differently given the chance to change the perception of how time is analysed and accepted. I garnished an interest in “Planet of the Apes” except to say I never had the proper chance to watch the Roddy McDowell editions opting inside for the Mark Wahlberg remake when it was available to see on the silver screen. Cautionary tales of how future societies and future living realities can become transformed by interference and by curiosity.

Within the short contributed by Wooten, I had a foreshadow knowledge that their adventure ‘through time’ would end in a shocking conclusion. Not the kind that would be overtly traumatic or psychological disruptive to their well-being, but the shock that comes from discovering the unexpected truth of their actions. And, how best to continue forward in their own ordinary lives after having lived through the experience. I was not disappointed as they jolted through their time machine crossing through their homemade wormhole straight into a medieval time period fraught with war and unimagined terror of epic scale.

The more they explored the less they understood, because everything they could observe, sense, and be aware of was telling them they hadn’t traversed very far at all. If anything, they appeared to have travelled to their own world yet a step out of time or place from any map which could guide them. I loved the layers Wooten added-in to the narrative and the heart of the character of Ash, who I wish could have been developed and explored further past this initial foray. Ash is the type of character you could rally behind and see grow in the role of a mentor for the young lads who recklessly pursued technology they had little understanding of past its conception.

What I appreciated the most is how thought-provoking the capsule of the tale is for generations who are pursuant towards science explorations and experimentation. There is always a nod towards knowing how to balance the joy of discovering a new ‘acting theory’ of science within the realms of what is plausible and safe to explore. When we tip the balance into pursuing elements of science which lead us down corridors of heightened danger – it’s best to pull back and reconsider what the consequences might incur for everyone rather than the few who are involved in the experiment. It would have served well to have an epilogue on this one to see what the lads had learnt from their wormhole trip through time and how effectively they forestalled the events yet lived.

Neal Wooten is a huge appreciator of The Walking Dead which I found unique on the level that it’s the very last television series I would even dare contemplate viewing! It is interesting then that it’s his short which drew my eye to mention in my review of Moments in Millennia as I drew a connection to both of these stories (his & Cross) moreso than the others! I would not have felt that possible had I known ahead of time he was into Zombies & Horror, as his short is such a far cry from both genre exploits! This story appears to run in a side vein of what he normally writes and for that I appreciate the chance to sample his writings! I wonder if he could expand on the theory he set forth in this short and encourage out a novel?

My closing thoughts are ones of gratitude to Xchyler Publishing for giving me the honour of reading two of their books and being in a position to ask for Interviews on behalf of those who create and/or oversee the creation of the stories they publish. I am going to seek out an Interview for the two writers who inspired me whilst I read “Moments in Millennia” and I hope to provide those for you to read in forthcoming weeks. I was swept away by the depth of the story Cross conceived as from the initial moment I started to read his contribution to the very closing paragraph I dare not lift my eyes for fear of not returning to the narrative and the journey in which Chantel embarked on to find the truth etched in the past.

Stories which stir our imaginations and our hearts yield the best reading pleasure and joy; hence why my reader’s heart is full of gratitude at having been given such an extraordinary introduction to the works in which Xchyler Publishing produces and gives to readers everywhere. Again, I hope that I will be able to work with them again, and I do hope you will re-visit me this Thursday as I give my thoughts and observations on behalf of Scott E. Tarbet’s Shakespearean Steampunk debut!

Moments in Millennia : A Fantasy Anthology Book Trailer by Xchyler Publishing

This book review is courtesy of:

Xchyler Publishing

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Previously I lamented about my appreciation for anthologies!

Dear hearts, I extend the conversation now to you,… what do you appreciate about anthologies which feature upcoming OR established fantasy writers? Which thematic do you find yourself attracted to the most out of: time travel, alternative history, and dystopian? The two I featured fall under the first two categories! Have you stumbled across a new-to-you author by reading a fantasy anthology and then longed for new material by them to read next? What elements make a short story endear you the most? And, what do you think is the hardest part on behalf of a writer of a short story to convey to their readers!?

{NOTE: I am enjoying the “Just Write” edition of writing blog posts in WP! This is my first post to be completely written inside this new format of ‘white board’ free writing – where you can focus on composing your thoughts without the interference of the menus & columns of the regular view inside of a browser. Quite a bit more enjoyable for me!}

{SOURCES:  Moments in Millennia Book Cover, synopsis, Editor photograph & biography were provided by Xchyler Publishing and were used by permission. Book Review badge provided by Parajunkee to give book bloggers definition on their blogs.  The book trailer by Xchyler Publishing had either URL share links or coding which made it possible to embed this media portal to this post, and I thank them for the opportunity to share more about this novel and the author who penned it. Tweets are embedded due to codes provided by Twitter.}

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*SFN* | Favourite Top 30 Sci-Fi Motion Pictures of All-Time!

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SFN_TopFilmsI felt a bit betwixt knowing which motion pictures to focus on whilst I created my Top List for SFN! On the same vein of thought as my previous Top List for Sci-Fi Serials, as I always struggle to denote which selection I am making would belong placed on a “top list” of recommendations!! You see, I tend to love more than I dislike when it comes to these things, and I’m always worried I am inadvertently going to leave something ‘off the list’ that I had meant to include! Therefore, in absolute no particular order here are my ‘most beloved’ science fiction motion pictures! A lot of these films I would see over and over again on “VHS” not! “DVD”!! Yes, I am that young to remember videotapes! :)

  1. Star Trek: The Undiscovered CountryAs previously stated, this particular motion picture is held in rather high esteem for me, as my journey towards become an appreciator of Trek is shown in my first feature for SFN. As much as my declaration of why this particular Trek film holds a special place in my heart was outlined directly in my previous Top List for SFN! I will simply say, I could never tire of seeing this film!
  2. Star Trek: The Voyage HomeLong before I watched “7th Heaven“, I knew of Catherine Hicks in her role as a marine biologist who helped save the whales (and humanity!) in this installment of Trek on the silver screen! My heart swelled with emotion during this film as I have a soft spot for marine mammals! I love every inch of this film and it will always be in my top 2 as I cannot help but watch this before &/or after The Undiscovered Country!
  3. Star Trek: InsurrectionTechnically speaking, I’m a big fan of all three of the Next Generation films under Roddenberry’s vision (Generations, First Contact, & Insurrection), however, this one stood out to me from the pack (even though I tend to watch them back-to-back!) due to the unique story-line and the fullness of the heart behind the characters. You get to see the crew of the Enterprise in a new light, as well as in a whole new setting! I truly loved this start to finish!
  4. Star Wars: (Original Trilogy)I honestly cannot separate the original trilogy, because each of the films is half of the story you find in the next one that comes after it &/or before it depending on your preference of viewing! I inherited my love of Trek & Star Wars, and equally for me, both film series are over. I will always re-watch everything that has been made thus far without feeling I need to move forward.
  5. AvatarI could not literally take my eyes off the screen when I was in the theater watching this première! The fullness of the depth of story was simply awe-inspiring! I have come to realise that my favourite fantasy are epic story arcs and this is a prime example of how readily that is true! Pandora left quite the impression on my heart and I could seriously take up residence there! I am forever hopeful the next installments will be released as their ready for an audience because I am hopeful this was non a one-off but rather the first of either a trilogy or a sequence of films!
  6. Superman (Original)Christopher Reeves is ‘my’ Superman, I must confess! Aside from Dean Cain and George Reeves of course, on the small screen! In motion pictures, hands down there is no one who can compare to Christopher’s version of Clark Kent! At least for me this is true! Again, this is case of where I am not following the crowd nor the film into its new incarnations but rather opt instead to see the original(s) indefinitely!
  7. Somewhere in TimeCould there be a more heart-breaking romance ever made than this one!? I had not one dry eye watching this film originally! The science involved was pristine as well, because at first your not even sure what is happening! I won’t spoilt it if you haven’t yet seen it, but for me, Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour did a fantastic job of turning me into a ‘believer’ that love can be found anywhere in time!
  8. Back to the FutureI nearly put all of the trilogy in this spot, but truthfully, Part II isn’t my favourite one if I had to pick between Part II & III, the third one will win hand’s down! However, without Part I, we wouldn’t have had any of the sequels, which is why I sided with Part I! I cannot even begin to explain how important this film was for me, as it started to get me thinking about special effects as much as Star Wars first encouraged me too! In another lifetime, I would have become a special effects artist, for sure! I love the time travel aspects of this film, as much as the connection between Marty & Doc Brown! It served as an introduction to Lea Thompson as well, and I continued to follow her career afterwards.
  9. Titan: AE This was a rather inventive film for its time, as I went to see it with my Da! It was one of the few times where we could steal away some father and daughter time together due to his hectic schedule with work! What impressed both of us was the format in which the story was told as much as the clarity of the story as it was told! I always earmarked this one as a film a bit ahead of its time!
  10. 2001: A Space OdysseyI am not entirely sure how I stumbled across this tape in our media library at the young age that I had (I was in middle school), but I remember being enraptured by the sounds of it and the storyline in general! Not that I fully understood everything until my second viewing, because it was unlike any other film I had seen up until that point! The sequel was seen after I felt I had a handle on the first one, and the two combined became ready favourites! Although, I must confess, I have never come across another who claims the same!? Usually I get the response, ‘you actually liked them?’ Sighs.
  11. Batteries Not IncludedWho can not fall in love with this film!? No seriously, who cannot fall in love with this film!? Breaks my heart but I always return back to it after a time has passed because of the endearing quality of the story! I am going to be reviewing this film for SFN, so stay tuned!
  12. GattacaUnfortunately, I remember very little about this particular film, as unlike the others on this list, I only saw this one ‘once’! Imagine!? I know! Which is why I marked myself down to review this for SFN! I wanted to re-visit this film for such a long time, and it felt like it would be right to do it for this event! I can say, that despite the uniqueness of the story (at least to me, I remember this being true!), I was able to get into the heart of it and could not take my eyes off the screen!
  13. Tron: LegacyI honestly should have seen Tron prior to seeing the sequel (as not only is that logical, but it would have helped!), yet, off I went to see the sequel because this was seriously one of the most spoken about films during my childhood! I’ve always been surrounded by sci-fi geeks which is probably why I haven’t used that term to describe myself until SFN popped up and I noticed a few of the participants were saying we’re the SFN Geeks! Laughs. I heard the story of Tron so vividly that I suppose I always felt like I had seen the original! Therefore, I was so wrapped up in this sequel you wouldn’t have been able to pull me out of the theater unless the power went out during a freak thunderstorm! Thankfully, that was not the case! I saw it in full when it premiered! For a gamer, who wouldn’t like Tron!?
  14. The RocketeerI am not even sure if this will be considered a sci-fi film but for me, it has a major element that border lines the ‘science’ into the ‘fictional realm’! How else do you describe being able to strap a rocket onto your back and fly!? This was always one of the endearing classics my parents and I liked to watch every so many years due to the uplifting nature and spirit of the story overall! It has its dramatic bits yes, but ooh, the ending is the best!
  15. Memoirs of an Invisible ManThis is another film that my Da first introduced me too, as he had shown it to Mum who had completely fallen in love with the premise! I remember when I read the backside of the tape to see what it was all about only to have Da whisk it away from me saying the allure of watching it is not knowing what it involves! I couldn’t surmise much from the title, but after the story started to unfold before me, I sort of ‘fell into’ the mystery of the Invisible Man as much as his heart! Loved it instantly at that point!
  16. ConeheadsThis is another family classic for us! Enough said!
  17. ET: the Extra-TerrestrialI believe next to Annie, this is seriously one of the first motion pictures I went to see and it was beloved from the very first showing!
  18. Flight of the NavigatorI remember flipping channels on tv one day as a young child and stumbling across this strange silver ship with a kid on board! It took a few random viewings on tv to see it from start to finish, but I had already appreciated it enough to know I liked it! The odd bit is that no one ever talked about it!?
  19. Honey, I Shrunk the KidsAgain, I am not sure if this is straight up sci-fi or not, but for me it has enough science elements inside of reality to make it as such! I cannot even tell you how many times I have seen this film! Laughs.
  20. I-RobotI was torn if I wanted to see this film when it first premiered or if I wanted to wait to see it on dvd after I could read through the books that inspired it! My curious heart won out and I saw it on the silver screen! I was taken with the sincerity of the story and the manner in which everything was revealed! It made me want to read Asimov’s works evermore readily!
  21. Independence Day [I-D4] Yes! I really was one of those millions of people who crowded into a theater the opening July 4th weekend this film premiered! And, what a blast it was to see it at that particular moment! I even remember the I-D4 advert campaign and all the excitement that was swirling around this film leading up to seeing it live in person! It was the sort of film you ‘experience’ with the audience as everyone is reacting and being vocal about certain scenes and moments all at the same time! The fact we all were standing, clapping and celebrating at the end was icing on the cake! I love being in an audience like that!
  22. ContactI cannot remember how I first saw this film, but I was entranced with the story to the brink that I knew I wanted to add Carl Sagan onto my TBR List! It is one of the stories that leaves you museful after you watch the film as well!
  23. The PostmanHere’s a more unique story of how to see a film! At the time I saw this film (late 90s) we had a sat dish that would get feeds from both the West Coast and the East Coast, so in theory, you would never miss ‘any show or film’ you wanted to see as long as you could handle the time differences and air dates! I was up late one night unable to focus on whichever project I was working on at the time, so around 9p or so, I came across this film! Although I didn’t realise it was this particular film until a full hour and a half had gone by and I realised it myself! When the credits rolled I was feeling as though I had missed out on the best bits of the film! I quickly scanned to see if it was going to re-air and sure enough! It was! Clearly not the most logical idea I ever had as the end-time for the re-airing was well past 3am! I simply could not think straight afterwards, I was that inspired and intrigued! Loved it! Which was a bit of a surprise, really!
  24. Bicentennial ManI knew going in that this was going to be a highly emotional film for me to see and I was not disappointed!
  25. Galaxy QuestI honestly shouldn’t love this one as much as I do because I am into Trek, but what can I say!? They handled it well and the cast play off each other in such a clever and fun way, that I find myself wanting to watch this on a rotation to where it’s never far from sight! Except to say the last several years I haven’t seen it as readily as I had in the past! Laughs.
  26. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within I consider this a landmark film on so many levels, which is why I am reviewing it for SFN! A friend of mine gave me the dvd for Advent Children which is the sequel as she didn’t like it at all. I couldn’t understand why until she told me how she felt about the original. Clearly we were not matched in the film department! Oy! I am going to be watching both of them and doing a double-feature review! I cannot wait!
  27. ClockstoppersWhat can I say!? I adored this film! Cheeky humour and all!
  28. Zathura: A Space AdventureLoved the creative edge to this film, but then, I adored Jumanji!
  29. The Last Mimzy I could not literally stop thinking about this film after I saw it in the theater! When I found a copy of it on dvd at a library bookshop on sale for less than $3 I nearly thought my vision field was misreading the label! I couldn’t sort out how no one appreciated this film!? Maybe it was too sophisticated!? Not sure. If I have time, I want to review this for SFN!
  30. Wall-ESimply one of the best films ever for creating such a positive representation for being a steward of the environment as much as being a community rather than a numbing society where no one knows anyone else! Loved it!

I look forward to seeing comments populate to see if I have selected any that are warmly regarded by you, dear hearts! At least we have been given a wide choice of what we can watch, eh!? IF you would like to create your own blog post that speaks about your own Top 10 or Top 20 List of Favourite Science Fiction Motion Pictures of All-Time, I encourage you to drop back and share the link of your post here on Jorie Loves A Story! As always, I encourage you to remember to link directly to your post and not your homepages! :)

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