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This Spring, I have the pleasure of joy to be reading a select sequencing of stories writ by the lovely Ms Anna J. Stewart – of whom, I first became introduced to whilst reading the #BlackwellBrothers series via Harlequin Heartwarming! Whilst continuing to get to know her further through her guest appearances on @SatBookChat (the Saturday chat I’ve hosted since 2014 celebrating Romance, Women’s Fiction & Feminist Lit). You’ll find me reading selections from her Romantic Suspense stories for Harlequin as well as her wicked lovely series ‘Butterfly Harbour’ which is a celebration of family, community and new beginnings!

Hence why I’m calling this special featured showcase of reviews:

Celebrating Spring whilst reading the stories of Anna J. Stewart!

Acquired Book By: Whilst speaking with Ms Stewart about being a guest on @SatBookChat in the New Year of 2021 – as this conversation we shared was in late 2020 – I realised there was a whole series of stories by her I haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading! The first series which charmed my heart was Butterfly Harbour – which we happily discussed during #SatBookChat in January, 2021. She mentioned to me she also writes for Harlequin’s Romantic Suspense line and I was quite curious about those stories as I regularly read their Love Inspired Suspense novels. The key difference between the two is that Love Inspired is their faith-based imprint and the Romantic Suspense stories are Contemporary and mainstream. I tend to be a hybrid reader of both mainstream and faith-based markets which is why I agreed to reading 3x of her Romantic Suspense releases.

This is one of two reviews which features the Coltons – a very large series of novels spilt over different mini-series and settings throughout the Romantic Suspense line of novels by Harlequin Books. The two stories I am reading are rooted inside the Colton 911: Chicago series and The Coltons of Roaring Springs – both of which were discussed today (27 March, 2021) during #SatBookChat to celebrate the March 2021 release for “Undercover Heat” which is the third novel in the Colton 911: Chicago series.

I received a complimentary copy of “Undercover Heat” direct from the author Anna J. Stewart in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

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a notation about reading Harlequin Romantic suspense novels:

My first foray into reading the Romantic Suspense line of stories by Harlequin was through their Love Inspired Suspense imprint! However, as those are faith-based stories rooted in the cosier side of suspenseful storylines – I hadn’t had the chance to cross-over into reading their mainstream Contemporary Romantic Suspense novels until Ms Stewart brought these lovelies to my attention!

Reunited with the P.I. by Anna J. StewartGone in the Night by Anna J. StewartGuarding His Midnight Witness by Anna J. Stewart

I started by requesting her Honour Bound series (see the full list via Fantastic Fiction!) via interlibrary loan wherein I was able to read the first novel More than a Lawman and most of the second Reunited with the P.I. – both of which are deftly told and eclipse the pulse of what you expect out of a Romantic Contemporary Suspense novel! I was on pins reading those passages and in many instances could not turn the pages quick enough to know how things resolved! Quite a chilling read all the way round – whilst happily I noted that even if I hadn’t had the chance to read all the stories in the series, Stewart gave you the impression you already knew the details! 

She’s written two Colton novels for the Romantic Suspense imprint at Harlequin and happily she was able to send me both novels for review consideration! And, these are the stories I read after the Honour Bound series! I had to withhold my review for the latest Honour Bound series release “Guarding His Midnight Witness” as I hadn’t had the chance to finish reading it as I was still hoping my library could have fetched a copy of Gone in the Night. Thereby I shifted gears and read about the Coltons and will be revisiting the Honour Bound series next whilst reading Butterfly Harbour!

Colton on the Run by Anna J. StewartUndercover Heat by Anna J. Stewart

The first novel she wrote for this imprint was “Colton on the Run” which is part of the Colton’s of Roaring Springs series whilst “Undercover Heat” is part of the Colton 911: Chicago series! Both of these lovelies are actually two of many mini-series which are inclusive of the Colton ‘series’ if you will as it is quite an expansive set of stories featuring the same family of characters and/or different relatives and relations therein from what I’ve gathered reading about the larger scope of the ‘series’ online.

I decided to read and review “Undercover Heat” first – as I admit, it was an easier story for me to soak inside as it involves cooking whilst set at a highly popular restaurant with a lot of drama percolating in the background with a potential underworld plot! The other novel “Colton on the Run” is dearly intense the moment you pick it up and doesn’t let you breathe until you know the conclusion of it – which is why I focused on this one first! I loved the respite it gave me from my new work life as much as it was a sweet transition back into reading as I’ve been struggling to read Historical Fiction lately and finding Contemporary stories are a bit easier for me to digest!

Thus I’m reading copious amounts of Harlequin stories of late – from these Rom Suspense novels to the Harlequin Heartwarming series and authors I have been championing a passion for since 2016!! I find these authors are giving me the kind of story I can sink my teeth into whilst allowing me to take a hiatus from my new schedule of working as well. It is always hard to shift gears in life and I’ve found that fatigue of my new job and the angst of Spring’s allergy season thrust upon me two months earlier this year than normal has caused an issue in my readerly life!! Thereby I am wicked happy Ms Stewart sent me her stories as I’ll be reading, reviewing and featuring them throughout the last months of Spring (ie. April-May!).

The key difference between the Romantic Suspense imprint and the Love Inspired Suspense imprint is that you know going into a LI:S story being faith-based their going to keep the romance and the crime bits on the cosy comfortable side of the ledger. Similar in tone and strength as you would expect out of a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries series. Whilst with the Contemporary mainstream Romantic Suspense line you have to brace yourself because you get more of what you’d expect out of a regular hard-boiled crime drama and is more akin to say “NCIS” or “Crossing Jordan”. (which of course were two of my favourites when I regularly watched them!)

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#CrimeFicFridays | featuring Harlequin Romantic Suspense novel “Undercover Heat” (Colton 911: Chicago series, Book Three) by Anna J. StewartUndercover Heat
Subtitle: Colton 911: Chicago
by Ms Anna J. Stewart
Source: Direct from Author

When her life is upended, a detective goes undercover to save it…

After tragedy strikes, chef Tatum Colton buries herself in her job. Detective Cruz Medina soon rocks her world once again, claiming criminals are using her restaurant as a front for nefarious activities. Cruz needs Tatum’s help to go undercover as her sous-chef, putting them both in the line of fire. But when things get hot in and out of the kitchen, can Cruz protect Tatum and their growing bond?

Genres: Contemporary (Modern) Fiction (post 1945), Crime Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense

Places to find the book:

Borrow from a Public Library

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Heat Factor for Romance

ISBN: 978-1335628855

Also by this author: Colton on the Run, Gone in the Night, Recipe for Redemption, Guarding His Midnight Witness

Setting: Chicago

Published by Harlequin Romantic Suspense

on 9th March, 2021

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 288

NOTE: I felt this was a wonderfully written romance – in fact, it was one of those slow burning romances you instantly want to see happen for both lead characters because of how emotionally attached you’ve become to them during the course of the story. However, it is also a very ‘heated’ romance in regards to how the romance is explored and definitely has more heat in it than most of the romances I regularly read by Harlequin because this series and imprint is different than the others I read – especially for content inclusions. Thereby if you’re new to this imprint just know this is writ more like a traditional Contemporary or Historical Romance. I nearly gave it 4 flames but we spent so much time with the characters outside of their own pursuit of a relationship, I felt 3.5 was more aptly accurate!!

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The Colton 911:  Chicago series:

The Secret Network by Marie Ferrarella (book one)

Unlikely Alibi by Lisa Childs (book two)

Undercover Heat by Anna J. Stewart (book three)

Soldier’s Return by Karen Whiddon (book four) *April 2021

Hidden Target by Colleen Thompson (book five) *May 2021

Guardian in the Storm by Carla Cassidy (book six) *June 2021

Secret Defender by Marie Ferrarella (book seven) *July 2021

Temptation Undercover by Jennifer Morey (book eight) *August 2021

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comView the full sequence of the series via Fantastic Fiction!

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Published by: Harlequin Romantic Suspense (@HarlequinBooks) | imprint of Harlequin

Converse via: #ContemporaryRomance, #RomanticSuspense

as well as the series tag: #Colton911Chicago

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on the author’s note:

loved how Ms Stewart admitted she’s a Great British Bake-Off addict and could cycle through their seasons on autoplay!! I fit into this category of a fan myself – though one step further, I’d LOVE to learn how to do some of those more complicated *bakes!* myself!! I have loved to bake since I was quite young as baking came easier to me than cooking. In my late twenties, just ahead (in years) to Julia Child herself I finally caught onto cooking and experimenting with recipes and ingredients. Still my love and passion for baking hasn’t left me – I itch to keep watching those episodes for Bake-Off via NetFlix whilst I also loved their new series which takes place in a garden setting where everyone competes to make different dishes for judges. For the life of me I’m forgetting the name but its also a NetFlix series!!

I, too, am always trying to better myself in the kitchen which is why during Autumn 2020 and into nearly January 2021 – I sorted out how to use Self-Rising Flour and create my first batches of homemade biscuits and scones! The latter of course was the hardest for me to sort out as for years now I’ve found them to be harder to bake than anything else I’ve attempted! I loved hearing little bits about Ms Stewart’s adventures in the kitchen and how we’re both ready watchers of Food Network shows – as I love their competition series, too! Such as the newest one where they have to beg bags of groceries off customers to create their challenge dishes in the parking lot of the stores? Such wicked good fodder and drama, that one!

I also love seeing cooking and baking themes in stories or movies – which is why I have a penchant for the Hallmark Channel and why this novel felt right up my alley the moment I learnt the premise!

my review of undercover heat:

You easily feel caught into the excitement of Tatum’s kitchen as you peer into her world as she cooks and prepares food for her customers. One of the reasons I love to binge watch cooking and baking series on television is for this exact reason: to catch an inside glimpse into how food is prepared, what ingredients are chosen and each individual cook’s personality as they cook the flavour and taste into their dishes! This of course is why I easily felt attached into Tatum’s world – as it is a world I love to regularly visit myself as much as I love to experiment with my own recipes at home. I’m definitely more of a home cook and baker than I am a professional but evenso, what I love about food is how universal it is to all of us and how we all share a mutual passion for where food can take us on culinary adventures!

Uniquely, I was curious how the detective was going to take his entrance into the story – Stewart happily surprised me by placing him at the bar awaiting word with Tatum and giving us a different angel to her restaurant; wherein not everyone feels as comfortable as the rest of the patrons being in a higher class restaurant but still finding a way to make the best of their time spent there. Cruz himself was an interesting bloke – he was critical of the restaurant through the lens of being a cop but he was personally curious about the food and the allure of the atmosphere of the place, too! He was one of those complicated blokes who only shared a small bit of himself whilst remaining fully on the job and not allowing himself to deviate too far afield from his agenda.

I admit, I loved whenever I dined in a restaurant where the chefs and/or owners would spend time with the customers! It definitely left an impact of a personal approach to curating an experience the customer wouldn’t forget and more oft than not, it also allowed the customers to have a more dynamic connection to the restaurant! Seeing how much this kind of interpersonal interaction meant to Tatum herself brought back loads of lovely memories of my own experiences and it was a lovely addition to the plot as Stewart created an ambiance of True (the restaurant) which embodied why all of us love to find these lovely places to eat wherein its more about the experience than just the food.

The gull of this detective was not lost on me! He has this particular way of ribbing you under your skin in all the wrong places! He has a job to do that much is obvious but its his tactics which could be altered a bit because he comes off so dearly strong in his assertion that just because he’s asked nicely others will simply give him the response he’s seeking! And, that of course is only part of his arrogant approach to trying to charm his way into the life of Tatum! I admit, it would be a hard roll of dice for him – does he want to fully put himself out on a limb and trust his instincts Tatum is in the clear or does he walk the line between trusting what he believes he knows of the situation and still broker a way to become a part of the restaurant to ferret out the rest of the truth?

And, yet, the bigger reveal is how Tatum turned the heart of Cruz! I was so caught in his thoughts, I’d forgotten how I had felt just as angry as Tatum had by his accusations! I loved the taut way in which Stewart was writing this story – how she tucked in all the smaller details readers itch to find inclusive of stories like this one and how given the ways in which she approached building the climax of the mystery set behind the romance – there are many wicked good scenes and bits of dialogue to dissolve inside! Seeing Cruz tempted to consider more than just his job was the kind of folly I love finding as well. Especially as generally speaking detectives in his position get a bit hardened in their personal lives – unable to commit or connect to anyone outside of the job itself. Thereby seeing how Tatum gave him something to consider that wasn’t attached to the job was brilliant!

Coming from a close-knit family, I happen to have a penchant for stories which are family-centred – even if those families are different from my own, I just love seeing families represented in the stories I’m reading. In this case, getting to spend time with Cruz’s parents was heartwarming because it showed a different side of the detective you might not otherwise have known. It is such a sweet sequence because of how Cruz knew he could go ‘home’ late at night and find his parents willing and able to talk things over with him. Likewise, when Stewart shifted back into Tatum’s morning with her Mum and Aunt; it was the kind of homespun insight into these characters I hadn’t realised I was craving to see on the page! These are the scenes that make you want to hug the book your reading and I was wicked thrilled to have such a lovely introduction into their lives outside of their careers.

Guilt and remorse can wreck a guy – which is why I felt sympathetic to Cruz’s internal struggles in being Tatum as she was giving him a reason to question everything in his life. From the choices he was making about his personal life to the choices he was making about how he was able to function after the losses he’s sustained; the one thing he never seemed to give himself was the freedom to live. He was constantly awash with memory and trauma to where it was hard for Cruz to separate the past and the present. Something Stewart did a smashing job at showing as she built his character inside and out. She painted in the rougher bits of his personality with a rock solid passion for law and justice whilst tempering it with family and the compassions of a bloke who cares about his community. In essence, Cruz was a complicated character with a past which was trying to overtake his future.

Tatum on the other hand was raised to rise through her adversities and to seek a way to stabalise her present without forsaking the future. You could see the differences in their personalities almost immediately as for Tatum, her love of cooking and feeding people outweighed the hurt of her own losses. She wanted to move forward as a mark of honour rather than to avoid what she loved most in life. For her, moving forward meant a way of giving peace to her heart and a way of finding a way to continue to celebrate the persons she had lost. Whereas I felt Cruz wanted to punish himself for things he needed to forgive himself for rather than carry on the load of anguish he was supporting on his shoulders.

This novel is definitely for anyone who gets caught inside the movement of a service at any restaurant they dine as Stewart has created such a lively environment for us to explore! From how the staff interacts with each other to how they put the food out the kitchen; all those details you ache to know about whenever your eating out is included. Whilst it also gives you the strong impression that all kitchens big or small should operate on the efficiency and expedited scale as True! (big smiles) However, its not without its hidden dangers and bouts of suspenseful shock which make you itch to turn the pages! Especially when Stewart conceived of the idea for the refrigerator scene – she definitely knew how to stop your pulse for a few beats!

There is something wickedly brilliant about how a character can be surprised by her mother and Aunt! I loved how Stewart placed Tatum in a situation which tested both her patience and her sense of humour – especially considering how humourous Cruz felt the situation was for them both. Her Mum and Aunt ware good-natured and truly care about Tatum but to say they have tact and respect for her privacy is asking a bit too much from them! Laughs. I felt it was all in good folly but the reaction of Tatum put it all in a different kind of perspective because I think she likes to keep this part of her life separate from the eyes of her family; at least until she’s ready herself to share the details and that in of itself is what I felt ribbed her the most from the intrusion.

The scene where Tatum is fondly remembering her father whilst surprising Cruz with an unexpected foodie experience was one of my top favourite scenes. There was such a stirring of heart and emotions in this scene – where you could see Tatum in a different ray of light than the one she presents to her colleagues and for Cruz, I felt it was humbling for him to realise why she had brought him to that place on that particular night. Tatum was definitely her father’s daughter – she wanted to nurse the emotional wounds she couldn’t fix any other way with a meal which would warm the soul and then soothe the heart. There is something to be said for that kind of nurturing instinct and I loved how the scene played out.

From this moment in the story until the very last page, I was completely glued to the pages!! I loved how Stewart kept this centred on Tatum and Cruz; how she pulled us emotionally through the hurdles of an undercover investigation and how even at the end – I wasn’t sure I was prepared to see how this would conclude! Tatum and Cruz were both put through the ringer for different reasons – each of them, putting their personal and professional lives on the edge of what they felt they could handle in order to secure the truth. And, even then, I am not sure either of them were ready for what was revealled! It was one highly suspenseful romantic story which leaves you aching for more by Stewart! I’m not sure if this storyline can become revisited in a future installment of this particular series, but I’d love to know what ‘came next’ for Tatum and Cruz after this part of their story concluded.

The scenes with January (Tatum’s sister) were well timed as well. Tatum had a very close relationship with her family as much as Cruz did himself with his and it was great to have those extra moments hugging close to their families during quieter moments in the story itself. Most of this novel is set at such a high octane pace of delivery, you barely get to rest on the joys as their arriving into the scenes because something ’round the corner’ is going to be affecting the well-being of the characters you feel so close to as if they were already in your life!

The dizzying effect of unravelling the plot right alongside Stewart was brilliant on the part of how tightly she wound the suspenseful mystery behind the restaurant and of whom she put into position to have the great effect on the reader once the truth let out! I was beyond captivated by the plot and the persons she ferreted out at the end. It is definitely the kind of police procedural you hope to find and one that you love afterwards for having read. The ending of course was a complete nail-biter and I loved reading it because it was such a fitting conclusion to the story!! Definitely an #unputdownable read!!

Equality in Lit: The Justice System

With a hot topic which has been circling through our lives since we first arrived, its hard not to seek out more about the topics which affect our lives. In this case, the injustice of the justice system and the systematically inequality which exists therein. I felt Stewart offered a keen insight from both the young man who served time and the detective who hoped to make a difference being a man whose cultural heritage was not the same as most of his peers. It speaks to a very contemporary issue and similar to how All Rise is addressing this topic in their second season this 2021 – it also is imperative to find this topic being explored in genres of fiction where it can be applied. The more people are talking about it – the greater hope we all have for actual change in the future.

on the contemporary romantic suspense styling of anna j. stewart:

Part of me instantly remembered why I was enjoying binge watching the NetFlix series Sweet Magnolias whilst part of me loved how Stewart created this wonderful vibe and cookery world of her own! I have a hankering to seek out any fictional world wherein there is a restaurant or bakery – hence why I ached over the loss of new Murder She Baked episodes via Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Whilst at the same time – I love whenever a plot of Romance or Romantic Suspense also takes up the lead in the plot to curate this lovely world of culinary pursuits and delights! It is an insta-love of mine and being a part of this world and story Stewart created was PURE JOY for me! Especially after working long hours at my job and having less time for reading – soaking into this novel and the other Colton novel she’s penned for us was the kind of decompressed respite I needed after returning to work after a week of suffering through extreme Spring pollen allergies!

I positively loved how Stewart wrote the reaction of Tatum to Cruz on their first meetings! She is all full of bluster and anger and she convinces you of her innocence right there on the spot! Especially since half of what he’s accusing her of makes no sense if you factor in what we were already told about Tatum and the reasons why this restaurant of hers is an anchour in a sea of chaos which has become the full of her life now. Just to see them spar with each other and to see how they both want to assert themselves as having the ‘upper hand’ in the circumstances which threw them together is the kind of wicked folly you love to read in a Romantic Suspense novel! All fire without the ice!

And, of course being a police procedural, murder mystery and dramatic crime drama addict such as I am – I LOVED all the pop cultural references Stewart included which of course referenced the series you’d expect her to mention which are super popular on television! I definitely knew why she said what she said on their behalf because it fit so well into the aesthetic of what those series entail!

I particularly liked how this started out as a novel set in a restaurant and how the entire plot revolves around True. You feel as if you’ve lived every inch of those days at True yourself – getting to know the people in the kitchen and the ways in which True itself is a destination for foodies who want to experience their food on a high level of execution which True provides. It is a family in of itself where everyone connected to the restaurant truly feels a familiarity with each other and has a legacy of protectiveness about the place which even Cruz couldn’t deny himself. I loved this aspect of the novel and as you peel back the layers of the suspense brooding and building in the background – you see the incredible breadth of story Stewart gave us all.

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I look forward to reading your thoughts & commentary!
Especially if you read the book or were thinking you might be inclined to read it.
I appreciate hearing different points of view especially amongst
readers who gravitate towards the same stories to read.
Bookish conversations are always welcome!

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We happily discussed the components of this novel and “Colton on the Run” as these are two novels within the larger network of mini-series and stories attached to the Colton family. It is an ongoing sequence of stories and series within the Harlequin Romantic Suspense line. Similar to how I can sometimes read stories out of sequence for Harlequin Heartwarming and/or Love Inspired Suspense – I was able to attach myself into “Undercover Heat” without having read the first two novels of the series – which I fully credit to how Ms Stewart approached writing her installment. As I loved how she wrote her first novel in the Blackwell Brothers series – marking my first foray into reading multiple author series with Harlequin Books and finding that I LOVE how their written!

I originally wanted this review to be featured before our chat with the author or the day of the chat, however, I came down with my first migraine of Spring shortly after the chat concluded and realised I needed a bit more time to finish writing down my thoughts on behalf of the story. The archives for the #SatBookChat featuring this discussion will be completed before my 8th Blogoversary on the 31st of March, 2021.

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This review is part of my #CrimeFicFridays showcases:

#CrimeFicFridays banner created by Jorie in Canva.

This review for #CrimeFicFridays is part of my featured selections of reviews & stories which align directly with my passion for reading Mysteries, Suspense & Thriller novels; wherein this is one part of a two-part series of reviews for Harlequin Romantic Suspense. The second novel being featured by Harlequin Romantic Suspense will be “Colton on the Run” which is part of ‘The Coltons of Roaring Springs” series! I wanted to read and review these stories close together given the fact both stories feature Coltons and are part of a wicked engrossing series by the publisher. Expect the next review to run next Friday for #CrimeFicFridays, too!

I’ve been unfortunately sitting on this review for too long now to share with my readers – between life and health afflictions keeping me offline and out of books, its been a real struggle these past several weeks to feel reconnected to the stories I had started reading and had intended to review shortly thereafter. It is a sweet bit of joy I can finally share this review and let my readers find out why I love this novel as much as I do!!

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whilst courtesy of the author:

About Ms Anna J. Stewart

Anna J. Stewart

USA Today and national bestselling author Anna J. Stewart writes sweet to sexy romance for Harlequin's Heartwarming and Romantic Suspense lines as well as ARC Manor. Early obsessions with Star Wars, Star Trek, and Wonder Woman set her on the path to creating fun, funny, and family-centric romances with happily ever afters for her independent heroines and the men who love them.

A former RWA Golden Heart nominee, Anna’s books have finaled in the Daphne DuMaurier and National Reader’s Choice awards. Her sweet romance RECIPE FOR REDEMPTION was recently turned into a holiday movie for UPtv (A CHRISTMAS RECIPE FOR ROMANCE) which aired during the 2019 holiday season.

Since her first novella with Harlequin in 2014, Anna has written and published more than forty romances in multiple sub-genres. Anna lives in Northern California where she deals with a serious Supernatural and Jason Momoa addiction and two slightly nutty cats named Rosie and Sherlock. When she's not writing, you can find her cooking and baking, binge-watching classic TV and cooking shows, attending fan conventions, or heading to the movies.

You can read more about Anna, her books, and the writing workshops she offers on her website linked in this biography.

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{SOURCES: Cover art of “Undercover Heat” and “Colton on the Run”; as well as the covers for the Honour Bound series “Reunited with the P.I.”, “Gone in the Night” and “Guarding His Midnight Witness”; synopsis for “Undercover Heart” as well as the author’s photograph and biography were all provided by Anna J. Stewart and are used with permission. Post dividers by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Pure Imagination. Tweets embedded by codes provided by Twitter. LibraryThing banner provided by librarything.com and used with permission. Blog graphics created by Jorie via Canva: #CrimeFicFridays, #SatBookChat badge, Celebrating Spring reading Anna J. Stewart stories banner and the comment box badge.}

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