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16 responses to “Top Ten Reasons Why “Pride and Prejudice” never fails to win a reader’s heart even as its respun: this #TopTenTuesday | a special vlog response by the JA after canon novelist Elizabeth Adams

    • Hallo, Hallo Susan,

      Ooh! I definitely agree with you on this!! Interestingly though it was how she approaches writing her variants that I found wicked interesting because she talks about how she unearths these hidden doors to open – where new tangents of interest and enquiry into these characters’ lives still exist and where with the creative interest of a writer, anything is quite plausible to be explored further!! Thanks for swinging by my blog and sharing your thoughts on this post – as I love what it is celebrating: Jane Austen, respun memes and my absolute JOY in having a vlog interview from an author I love conversing with ahead of reading her stories!! Have a lovely weekend and I will be visiting with you soon!

  1. Hi Jorie!!! I don’t read a lot of comedic books either, but I’d like to (and this topic gave me ideas!). Anyway I like how you spun this. And I didn’t know Letters from Skye was an early review of yours! It was for me too. I read it and even got to meet the author right after I had started my blog- good timing! :)

    Anyway this is a wonderful interview. I’ve often been fascinated by Pemberley since seeing the 2005 film- wherever they filmed that I want to go. :) Never read the books but love the adaptations I’ve seen.

    • Hallo, Hallo Greg!

      Ooh! I am a bit jealous now – you’ve met one of the authors I’d love to meet myself!! Did you catch my review of “Woman Enters Left” from 2017? I was able to read Brockmole’s latest release and offered more thoughts and insights about why I enjoy her stories? At the bottom of the post, I shared the tweet convo I shared with Ms Brockmole and by way of Twitter, I’ve had the chance to interact with her but I’ve not yet had the pleasure of physically meeting her as yet – perhaps one day! Isn’t that a lovely coincidence? We both had one of the same early reviews? I might need to go chase after yours if its still on your blog! Would love to know you said about Skye.

      Thanks for the lovely compliments on this post and for enjoying my respun memes! It continues to give me a lovely little challenge to develop new ways of participating on days where the topics aren’t my cuppa or give me the chance to flex my meme skills in new directions. Its good to switch things up every so often!! I definitely understood you wanting to watching adaptations over reading original canons! Do you realise I’ve read more after canon literature for Jane Austen myself than I’ve read her originals? It boggles my mind how I’ve let that happen!! lol One of these days I’ll remedy that error! However, whichever way you personally enjoy the stories being seen and heard is the best route to enjoy them. Even if you don’t read the books themselves, keep watching the adaptations if those are your personal preference. After all, most of them are so keenly invested in paying homage to the original stories it is like they took the book and literally adapted word for word into film!!

      You are right too — I do want to seek out some lighter reads eventually I get so caught up in dramas I sometimes forget to find the comedic ones! I look forward to seeing what you did today on your blog. Thanks for swinging by for a visit. By the by, this Sunday Post I’ll be doing a blog and life update – whilst recapping Jan-Feb overall as a reader, blogger and the newly returnt to work wheren my work/life balance is still in the throes of being resolved! Ha!

    • Hallo, Hallo Amy,

      Isn’t it just the most fantastical!? As soon as I started the playback I was in AWE. She really dug into my questions and layered her responses in such a way as to uplift the topics within the questions for any Janeite to discover new gems of enquiry from the canon! Plus, she also flipped the script a few times on my own impressions and memories of PRIDE as much as how you can re-invent/interpret these characters’ lives!! Honestly – one of my top favourite blog tours I’ve hosted and love, love how animated she was as she talked!! Felt like such an up close and personal convo as if we were all sitting with her and having this grand ole discussion about why we’re all passionately hungry for more Jane Austen inspired stories!!

      Bless you for giving me this interview spot!!

    • Hallo, Hallo Steph,

      Bless you for blessing me with this lovely s/o of JOY!! I was mesmorised watching her reactions to my questions and intuitively learning more about the characters I already love whilst finding out about “Persuasion” too! Plus… gosh, you said it best “love!” is the top response for me as well!!

      Thanks for visiting with me today – you left me curious – which character and story is your favourite of JA?

    • Hallo, Hallo Cholla,

      YES!! You definitely should – not that I’m bias or anything — lol — as a self-declared girl whose claimed Mr Darcy as her one and only book boyfriend! lol If you ever get the chance to read it – swing back and let me know your first impressions!!

      Will be visiting your blog lateron after work.

    • Hallo, Hallo Ms Adams,

      *waves!* I am wicked thankful you loved how I arranged this post – I love giving a bit of insight into why I’m hosting authors or featuring stories in my top anchour sections whilst I love to respond to vlog interviews in a journalled style to make the whole feature cohestively connective together. Thanks for being such a wonderful guest as I truly was grateful for the time you gave me and my readers!!!

    • Hallo, Hallo Lydia,

      I’ve missed it – I confess! I just haven’t had a lot of work/life balance lately and that is something I’m blogging about this forthcoming Sunday for a new Sunday Post – where I’ll also be recapping how January & February were low yields on my current reads and what I am looking forward to this Spring. I’ve just started watching Christmas films this month – as we never had a proper Christmas this year due to Mum’s crazy shift schedules as she was the fill-in girl.

      Bless you for loving my showcases for Top Ten Tuesday and my deviations as well like today!! :) Will be visiting with you lateron tonight after work. Have a fab Tuesday!

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